Book 6, Chapter 65: Void (2)

Experimenting with the void was the best way to comprehend spatial Method Power!

After all, spatial power existed everywhere in the void. And every strand of void energy was imbued with copious amounts of spatial Method Power.

Su Chen was just like a child in a toy shop. He furiously analyzed his surroundings, using his microscopic eye and consciousness crystal with wild abandon. This frenzied state of focus caused his consciousness power to drastically increase as he continued to experiment with the void.

Even Diomedes was amazed by Su Chen’s tenacity.

The Astrals were an incredibly studious race. They spent almost all of their long lifespan mired in research. However, the Astrals primarily studied the biological sciences and consciousness power. Their study of Method Power and physical properties was, by comparison, lacking.

Even so, their diligence and effort was the same. As such, Diomedes was reminded of his former self when he looked at Su Chen.

On this day, Su Chen continued to elevate his understanding of spatial Method Power just like usual.

At this point, just a bit less than half of his body could be extended out into the void, accepting the void’s baptism.

Unfortunately, he would need to withdraw very quickly after doing so.

And after returning to normal space, the parts of his body that had been destroyed by the void space would gradually begin to recover.

Diomedes said, “You’re advancing very quickly. I’m amazed that you’re already able to adapt to the void.”

Su Chen, however, shook his head. “It’s not fast enough. Diomedes, how do you think void creatures are able to survive in the void?”

“They were originally a part of the void in the first place,” Diomedes said matter of factly. “When flesh and blood is mixed with spatial power, it is officially ‘accepted’ by the void, which is why those creatures are not corroded by the void. You, on the other hand, are not a void creature, so the void does not recognize you. This is why the void saps away at your life until all that remains are the inorganic components that are allowed to exist within the void.”

Su Chen nodded in agreement. “That’s also what I think is happening. So another way to think about it is that there is some kind of unique substance that allows the void creatures to be accepted by the void, right?”

When the Void Seahorse, which wasn’t far away, heard Su Chen’s words, it suddenly straightened its neck out of curiosity.

After Diomedes taught the Void Seahorse how to speak, it was also capable of understanding their conversations.

Diomedes nodded. “Yes, but the prerequisite is that you can find it…… Oh, right. I forgot that you have the Arcanist’s eye.”

“I also have my entire research setup with me.” Su Chen turned to glance at the Void Seahorse and said, “How about we strike a deal? Let me borrow some of your blood.”

The Void Seahorse arrogantly spun around and ignored Su Chen’s offer.

The island was too small, and if they fought, it would definitely be destroyed. So since Su Chen couldn’t attack the seahorse, he could only try and resolve this issue peacefully.

He glanced at Diomedes. “Help me convince it.”

Su Chen had been mired in his research this entire time, causing him to ignore the Void Seahorse. Diomedes, on the other hand, had basically become the Void Seahorse’s teacher, so their relationship was not bad.

Diomedes chuckled. “Why should I help you?”

“You want to return to the real world sooner rather than later, right?”

“I want to be free,” Diomedes said.

“That’s impossible.” Su Chen immediately refused Diomedes’ request. “You would help speed up my research greatly, but you’re not irreplaceable. Without you, all it will mean is that it’ll take more time. If you help me, I can promise to plant you on the most beautiful peak of Ten Thousand Swords Mountain. You will be allowed to move as you please within the mountain range, but you will not be able to leave Ten Thousand Swords Mountain.”

“Well…… Fine, I accept.” Diomedes didn’t try to negotiate any further. He knew that Su Chen wasn’t wrong.

Diomedes then went off to convince the Void Seahorse.

After some time, the Void Seahorse finally agreed to let Su Chen extract a vial of its blood.

With the Void Seahorse’s blood, Su Chen’s understanding of spatial method power began to grow in leaps and bounds, and his strength along with it. Soon after, he was able to immerse his entire body in the void.

Even though he wasn’t able to remain in the void for long, he was strong enough to completely leave the safety of the island and circle it once.

He was like a castaway stuck on a deserted island who was furiously learning how to swim so that, one day, he would be able to swim across the vast sea and return home.

However, learning to traverse the void was many times more difficult than learning to swim across the ocean.

Today, Su Chen flew a couple of laps around the island before returning.

Upon reentering the island, Su Chen asked, “How long?”

Diomedes pointed at the hourglass and replied, “One flip.”

This hourglass had been constructed ad-hoc on the island and wasn’t very precise, but one of its flips represented roughly a quarter of an hour.

A satisfied smile appeared on Su Chen’s face.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to go somewhere further to take a look,” he said. “Tomorrow” referred to a hundred turns of the hourglass.

Diomedes wasn’t surprised.

The fact that Su Chen could circle the island comfortably meant that it was time for him to begin exploring further.

However, Diomedes still warned Su Chen. “Be careful. Don’t get too close to the chaotic flows of spatial energy. You aren’t capable of handling those yet.”

“I know.”

The next day.

Su Chen left the safety of the island, heading off into the void.

Void energy rippled over his body, causing it to faintly flicker.

The spatial Method Power that he had comprehended was currently protecting him from the destructive spatial power of the void. In addition, Su Chen’s research had reached the point where he could now produce a void Origin Substance that counteracted the fluctuations of spatial power that he wasn’t yet capable of handling otherwise. This was the Origin Substance that he had extracted from the Void Seahorse’s blood, and it helped disperse the frighteningly destructive power of the void space. But because he hadn’t yet managed to extract the bloodline itself, he was incapable of personally producing this Origin Substance. But with the Void Seahorse stuck in the island, Su Chen was able to get enough of the void Origin Substance by just refining its blood every so often.

However, this Origin Substance was incapable of completely dispelling the power of the void. The remaining energy still had to be personally dealt with by Su Chen.

The destructive influence of this void power continually shaved away at his vitality, causing his skin to take on an ashen color and his heartbeat to grow strained.

As long as he returned to the island before his body was completely petrified, Su Chen would be able to utilize his Origin Energy to replenish the vitality that had been lost.

Because this was his preliminary “expedition,” Su Chen didn’t dare to stray too far from the island.

Actually, he had only flown around the outer perimeter once, so his path was still centered around the island. In fact, he was able to see the island at all times.

But from that day onwards, Su Chen traveled farther and farther each day, and the time he spent immersed in the void grew greater and greater.

One day, as Su Chen was flying, he suddenly noticed a giant rock flying at him.

From time to time, strangely shaped rocks would appear around the island, and Su Chen had seen a few of them before.

However, this stone in particular seemed different. Even though it was a stone, it was shaped more like a giant shark. Its gaping maw was filled with razor-sharp teeth, and there were many sharp spikes were on its back. It was very similar to a Razorback Shark, an extremely vicious Sea Beast Sovereign. It was only natural that Su Chen wouldn’t recognize its image. 

But why was there a statue of a Razorback Shark floating through the void?

Su Chen was taken aback for a moment before he suddenly realized something.

This wasn’t a statue ⁠— it was a real Razorback Shark!

This void used to contain the Deep Sea Sorrow, after all, and it was the former home to many powerful Sovereigns.

And these Sovereigns had all been turned into statues under the influence of the void.

Sovereign statues?

Would they be useful in any way?

Once Su Chen realized this, he began to furiously fly towards the giant stone.

When he reached it, Su Chen first rapped on it with his knuckles. It felt like it was merely another common stone statue.

However, it had been a Sovereign in its past life. Would it really be useless even though it was dead?

Su Chen unleashed a punch at the statue.

Unexpectedly, this statue was incredibly solid, and Su Chen’s punch had seemingly no effect on it.

Even Su Chen was surprised by this. He pulled out the Lightless Blade.

The Lightless Blade easily penetrated the outer stone layer. In that moment, Su Chen felt an interesting sensation.

It was the sensation of the Lightless Blade informing him that it was hungry.

Su Chen was very familiar with this sensation.

This was the Lightless Blade’s unique attribute ⁠— ever since it had been permanently imbued with the Flowing Gold Blade Arcana Technique, it would react like way whenever it sensed something that it wanted nearby.

And the only thing that the Lightless Blade would ever want was metal.

Thus, there was metal within the stone!

Su Chen immediately understood.

He activated the Flowing Gold Blade’s absorption powers, and all of the metal within the statue began to flow into the Lightless Blade.

Soon after, the Lightless Blade began to glow brilliantly as its body began to expand once more.

Su Chen’s Lightless Blade was already quite impressive in size, and before absorbing the metal in the statue, it was equivalent in strength to a Grade One Origin Tool. After, it had actually reached the peak of Grade One Origin Tools, and it felt like it was about to break into the highest tier. However, it found itself just an iota short of doing so, which was why it wasn’t able to take this final step.

“It’s that powerful?” Even Su Chen was stunned by the results.

The Lightless Blade’s glow began to fade after finishing its meal. The void’s destructive power had no effect on it; instead, its body appeared to be much heavier and weightier than usual.

After a moment’s thought, Su Chen unleashed another fist strike at the statue.

This time, the Razorback Shark statue was blasted apart in one blow.

The shattered stone fragments flew everywhere. Su Chen casually reached out, crushed one of the pieces, and then used his microscopic eye to analyze its composition. There were some metal flecks that hadn’t been completely absorbed by the Lightless Blade, and under Su Chen’s incisive gaze, there was nowhere for them to hide.

Su Chen finally realized what this metal was.

“Void Starmetal? So it’s actually Void Starmetal!” Su Chen was stunned.

There were many different kinds of strange metals that existed in this universe. Of these, there were four particularly well-known ones. The first ranked was Refined Stargod Metal, which was refined to the point that it was nearly divine in nature. Unfortunately, it was so powerful that no one could really use it, and even now, the ingots that Su Chen had acquired were still lying around in his storehouses. The second ranked was Dark Prison Metal, which came from foreign lands and was hard to come by. This metal was what Titan-Class Puppets were constructed from. The fourth ranked was Cloudmother Metal Essence, which was even sturdier than Dark Prison Metal. In other words, its sturdiness was second only to Refined Stargod Metal. However, its Origin Energy conductivity was abysmal. Cloudmother Metal Essence could be produced on the Primordial Continent, and even though the production amount was pitiful, it was at least not impossible to find. Before Su Chen had gotten Dark Prison Metal from Eternal Night, he had been planning on using this Cloudmother Metal Essence to refine his Titan-Class Puppets instead.

And naturally, Void Starmetal was third in that ranking.

There were even some people who believed that Void Starmetal deserved to be ranked second, as it was more useful than Dark Prison Metal.

Void Starmetal was not necessarily any sturdier than Dark Prison Metal, and its Origin Energy conductivity was also significantly worse, roughly around the level of Cloudmother Metal Essence’s.

As such, any Origin Skills unleashed through an Origin Tool made with this metal would not have their effects amplified by much. This was one of the reasons why it was considered to be inferior to Dark Prison Metal.

However, Void Starmetal had one unique property, and that was it had intrinsic spatial properties.

Void Starmetal’s spatial properties were incredibly powerful. Origin Rings created with it would have much greater storage properties than without.

However, using this material to merely craft Origin Rings was a waste. There were many items that would benefit from improved spatial attributes, such as teleportation boots, spatial deflection on a suit of armor, or spatial powers on a blade ⁠— regardless of what it was used to make, this metal was incredibly useful.

However, the Primordial Continent didn’t produce Void Starmetal ⁠— it could only be found within the void. No one knew exactly how Void Starmetal was created.

That was, until now. Su Chen was finally enlightened.

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