Book 6, Chapter 54: The Decisive Battle Draws Near

On Forever Clear Island.

Within the Boundless Sect’s Palace.

Su Chen glanced inside the long case and found a bone inside, glowing a blood-red color.

The Blood Fiend’s Bone.

After gazing at it in silence for some time, Su Chen sighed. “Many thanks, General Liu, for your hard work.”

General Liu replied, “Sect Master Liu, a little bit of this Blood Fiend’s Bone has been taken off.”

“Hm?” Su Chen glanced at Liu Sitong.

Liu Sitong replied, “The missing portion was sent to Lin Mengze.”

Su Chen was taken aback. “Why did he do something like that?”

“So that he could continue to live,” Liu Sitong replied. “Lin Zuiliu sat and watched General Liu die, refusing to help. His goal is to easily seize power after Lin Mengze dies...... But how could I allow him to get what he wants so easily?”

The person Liu Sitong hated the most for Long Pojun’s death wasn’t Lin Mengze. That grudge was already as deep as it could go, so there was no need to further exacerbate it.

However, Liu Sitong was infuriated by the fact that Lin Zuiliu had merely stood to the side and watched Long Pojun die.

As such, not long after Long Pojun died, Liu Sitong decided to help Lin Mengze live for just a bit longer.

He wanted to make trouble for Lin Zuiliu, or at least make it so that Lin Zuiliu wouldn’t be able to take control of Long Sang so easily.

Su Chen was rendered speechless by his actions.

“But if you do that, Lin Mengze will be able to live for a few more years.

Liu Sitong replied, “Sect Master Su, letting Lin Mengze die like that is too light of a punishment for him. Those of us who served under General Long are all hoping to watch his kingdom come down around him and drag him off of his throne, then cut him apart ourselves to get revenge for General Long. But we don’t have the strength to do so......”

Su Chen understood his intentions. “So you want me to do it for you?”

Liu Sitong lowered his head. “General Long told me about what happened to the Boundless Sect. Now that Lin Mengze has already provoked the Boundless Sect, the Boundless Sect will have to retaliate sooner or later.”

Su Chen thought for a moment but said nothing more than, “I understand.”

“Sect Master!” Liu Sitong cried out.

Su Chen ignored this plea and said faintly, “If the Boundless Sect is to grow stronger, we will need the strength of many talented individuals.”

Liu Sitong understood in his heart. “Sitong is willing to join the Boundless Sect and become one of its disciples. If Sect Master is willing, Sitong will return to Long Sang and recruit my former subordinates.”

Su Chen said nothing more and motioned for him to leave.

Liu Sitong retreated, leaving Su Chen alone within the main hall.

Su Chen stared at the Blood Fiend’s Bone inside the case for a long time, completely silent.

After a long time, he said, “Attendant!”

One of the Boundless Sect’s disciples entered. “Sect Master!”

“Send news to the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain. Inform Lin Shaoxuan...... that Long Pojun has been killed in battle.”

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

They had been in the Abyss for five years.

In five years’ time, the fleet had gone through all kinds of battles and skirmishes, and slaughtered countless Sea Beasts.

In fact, they were even able to establish a new trade route from the Abyss to the mainland, facilitating trade in the area. This was virtually an unprecedented miracle amongst the human race.

During this period of time, changes had occurred in the other regions of the continent as well.

First of all, the Ravagers.

Danba had won.

A year ago, Danba had led his armies into Gullan Castle, personally slaying the Crazed Emperor and taking Eketala Palace for himself.

From that day onwards, the Inferno Tribe’s thousand-year rule over the Ravagers came to an end. The Gravel Lizard Tribe came to power.

The civil war was still brewing within Long Sang Country.

This battle took place with quite a few twists and turns.

Originally, Lin Mengze had been close to death, but Liu Sitong’s revenge had given Lin Mengze an opportunity to deal a serious blow to Lin Zuiliu.

Lin Zuiliu had waited around for a long time to hear news of Lin Mengze’s death but never got it. Instead, he missed his opportunity, and Lin Mengze managed to gather his troops and teach Lin Zuiliu a serious lesson at the Heavenly River Plains.

The giant army that Lin Zuiliu had built up over a long period of time was completely defeated by the imperial army. Just as they were about to be annihilated, the Boundless Sect attacked from behind and gave Lin Mengze quite a bad shock. This ended up creating an opportunity for Lin Zuiliu to escape.

Lin Mengze was enraged and turned his sights to the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain.

Lin Shaoxuan led the Boundless Sect’s disciples into hiding.

The two sides were locked in a bitter battle of tug-of-war for more than half a year.

Roughly two years ago, Lin Mengze had personally laid an ambush for a branch of the Boundless Sect’s elite disciples. Just as they were about to exterminate their opponents, however, a group of incredibly powerful soldiers suddenly appeared out of nowhere. After attacking the Long Sang troops and sending them into disarray, they disappeared.

Lin Mengze searched far and wide but couldn’t find any information on this group of soldiers.

This matter had remained suspended for two years, and news that the Boundless Sect possessed a secret battalion began to spread.

However, no one knew any further details about this group of soldiers.

Even though Long Sang’s troops were thwarted again and again, they were able to rise again and again with the backing of the imperial family. For the rebellion’s troops, however, a single serious defeat was enough to knock them down once and for all.

A year ago, Lin Zuiliu’s greed gave Lin Mengze an opportunity to teach him yet another harsh lesson. The advantage suddenly swung in Lin Mengze’s favor, and the situation began to play itself out.

During that final year, Lin Zuiliu had basically been chased permanently by Lin Mengze.

Lin Shaoxuan harbored quite a grudge against Lin Zuiliu because of what had happened to Long Pojun. At the beginning, he had saved Lin Zuiliu out of necessity, but this time there was no need for him to act.

Because he knew that soon this old man would have already played his part to the end.

Once the five years had passed, Lin Zuiliu had basically been backed into a corner by Lin Mengze.

He sent the Boundless Sect countless letters asking for aid, but Lin Shaoxuan pretended not to notice and settled in to watch a good show.

Lin Zuiliu cursed angrily, “If I go to the grave, the Boundless Sect will be next.”

Lin Shaoxuan’s expression remained calm. “If you calculate the time, it’s about time for them to start......”


The low croon of the conch shell could be heard yet again.

The fleet began to gather once more.

Even though they had gathered countless times throughout the past five years, something seemed different this time.

The massive palace flew into the air, flanked by the eight dragon boats.

The countless frigates and battleships bobbed up and down on the water. Every one of the soldiers wore a serious expression on their faces.

Today was the day.

Three days ago, all of the soldiers had been notified that this moment was coming.

Su Chen stood in front of the palace and gazed down at the people below him. His voice boomed like thunder, rolling into the ears of each soldier.

“It has been five years since we first gathered. After five years of bloody battle, five years of research, five years of waiting, the day has finally arrived. Yes, we are going to the Abyss to destroy those Sea Beasts and wipe out the nightmare that has plagued the Oceanids for tens of thousands of years once and for all.”

“This battle will be fierce and bloody!”

“It is true that I have made many discoveries and solved many problems in my research these past five years. However, I must admit that there are still some problems that I was unable to fix. Even so, we are at war, and we cannot wait until everything is in our favor before striking. In addition to our military strategy and preparations, we also need an abundance of strength, faith, heroism, and a spirit of self-sacrifice.”

“I am grateful that I see no trace of fear on your faces despite the fact that you do not know what power we possess nor how much confidence we have in being able to win this battle.”

“This is our alliance! You are our cultivators!”

“In you, I see not only strength and power, but the future of the entire human race.”

As Su Chen spoke, a smile appeared on his face.

He paused for a moment before continuing. “It is time for me to tell you now what power we possess and what we will be facing.”

“The Sovereigns in the Abyss have grown extremely powerful by relying on the Deep Sea Sorrow. Today, however, I have discovered a way of divesting this strength. The preparations I have laid in the Abyss are coming into effect right now, and today is the day that we reap our harvests. I have researched a medicine that will weaken the Sovereigns, and we will be able to kill them. However, there is a time limit on what we can do.”

Su Chen raised a single finger. “An hour! We only have an hour’s worth of time. Once that time passes, the Sovereigns will recover.”

“As such, it is as I said. Even though we have medicine that can suppress our opponents’ strength, the true key to our victory is still our courage!”

“It is our bravery that makes us fearless; it is our bravery that will allow us to press on relentlessly; and it is our bravery that will allow us to laugh in the face of death.”

“Today, we are going into battle against the Sovereigns in the Abyss.”

“Today, we will destroy the Abyss once and for all, and turn it into a piece of ancient history!”

“Today, we will accomplish a miracle for the human race!”

Su Chen roared.

“Destroy the Abyss, accomplish a miracle!”

“Destroy the Abyss, accomplish a miracle!”

“Destroy the Abyss, accomplish a miracle!”

All of the soldiers began to yell.

“Move out!”


The conch shell lowed yet again as the massive fleet began to head for the vortex of the Abyss once again.

This was going to be their final battle. Either their enemies died, or they did.

But just as Su Chen had said, the fleet was completely fearless.

This situation had repeated itself many times before in the storied history of conflicts between humans and Beasts. Today, a miracle was truly about to take place.

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