Book 6, Chapter 43: Counterattack

“Wenchang is gone.”

Su Chen sighed as he stood near a railing on Forever Clear Island.

Behind him were Li Chongshan, Shi Kaihuang, Chu Yingwan, Cheng Tianhai, Jin Moxie, and Lin Xuanshao.

Given that one of the Heavenly Might Battalion’s former heroes had died, it was impossible for Su Chen not to inform them.

The news came so suddenly that everyone was immediately stunned.

Shi Kaihuang trembled as he asked, “How did he die?”

Su Chen replied, “He died while fighting the Crown Prince’s man, Shen Junan.”

“The Crown Prince...... I’ll kill that bastard!” Cheng Tianhai began to exude a strong killing intent.

He didn’t claim that he was going to go and kill the Crown Prince immediately, demonstrating his growth, but even so the hatred and anger that he felt didn’t diminish in the slightest.

“We will. But before then, we need to fulfill the mission before us,” Chu Yingwan said.

She knew that there were some things Su Chen couldn’t say, so she helped him say them.

Cheng Tianhai’s eyes were bloodshot. “How much longer must we wait?”

Chu Yingwan was unable to provide an answer to this question, and could only turn to look at Su Chen.

Su Chen replied, “Three years.”

“It’s going to take three more years?”

“We’ve already reached this point. Why do we need to wait for three more years?” Shi Kaihuang couldn’t resist asking. He knew how much progress Su Chen had made. recently, and that at his pace, three years was a bit of an overestimate.

“Because that’s the date I agreed upon with Eternal Night,” Su Chen replied.

“Must you use all the time that he has given you?” Lin Shaoxuan couldn’t understand this rationale.

What was the point in wasting more time?

“Yes!” Su Chen replied. “I must use it all.”

He didn’t explain himself, but everyone gradually realized the implications of this decision.

In Su Chen’s mind, the true opponent was Eternal Night, who was also the only one who had ever defeated him.

For this reason, Su Chen needed to use every second that Eternal Night had given him to its fullest potential.

Jun Moxie said, “How is the Boundless Sect?”

“The sect won decisively and annihilated our opponents. Only Wenchang ly Wenchang sacrificed himself.”

Everyone sighed.

This was just Guo Wenchang’s personality. He was willing to sacrifice himself in order to ensure that the overall losses would be minimized.

Li Chongshan said, “Since the sect has completely annihilated our attackers, I don’t think that Long Sang will let this matter go unpunished.”

Ignoring the matter of taking revenge, Long Sang’s pride and prestige had taken a huge hit, and they were now on openly hostile terms with the Boundless Sect already. If they stopped fighting now, they would be idiots.

Su Chen replied, “Yes, that’s why I’m planning on sending Shaoxuan back to manage the overall situation.”

Lin Shaoxuan was widely considered by most to be Li Chongshan’s successor. His wisdom and cultivation base were both exceptional, so sending him back to manage the overall situation was a very good idea.

Chu Yingwan, however, frowned. “Are you only planning on sending him back?”

“Of course, I’ll have him bring some gifts with him as well,” Su Chen replied.

He hadn’t sent reinforcements during the first round because Long Sang had no idea how strong the Boundless Sect was and wouldn’t send nearly as many soldiers. But now that they had suffered such tremendous losses, their next attack would definitely be far stronger. If the Boundless Sect didn’t send reinforcements this time, they probably wouldn’t be able to hold on.

“Don’t worry. We’ve prepared a big present for them. The Lin Clan is going to have an opportunity to drink their fill.” As Su Chen spoke, he dragged his finger across the stone railing, leaving behind a deep gash.

Since Long Sang had killed Guo Wenchang, then more blood needed to be spilt as a sacrifice.

That night, Lin Shaoxuan returned to the Boundless Sect.

At the same time, news of the deaths of Shen Junan and the Imperial Guards began to stir up quite the clamor.

Shen Junan had died?

The three thousand Imperial Guards had been killed?

None of the twelve Spirit Burning Realm or dozens of Light Shaking Realm cultivators had returned?

The entire army was lost?

How could this be possible?

If the full-strength Boundless Sect had been able to accomplish this feat, that would have been somewhat understandable. After all, the strength of the Boundless Sect was not a secret; the only thing people didn’t know was exactly how strong the Boundless Sect was.

However, the nearly empty Ten Thousand Swords Mountain had somehow managed to destroy an army led by a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator. This was almost unexcusable.

And the ensuing commotion was predictable and obvious.

The strength that they had lost was not a small force. Those soldiers were more than capable of overturning a large province.

In particular, a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator could be considered a pillar amongst a Bloodline Nobility Clan. Now, one of them had been lost just like that.

And even though the three thousand Origin Qi Scholars that were part of the Imperial Guard seemed like they were just low-layer cultivators, they were the most loyal to the imperial family, given that they were the Crown Prince’s personal guard.

Now, his personal guards had been evaporated.

How was he to explain this to others?

His face had been slapped to the point of bruising.

Immediate retribution was necessary so that they could regain the former glory!

The Boundless Sect was growing too powerful, and pursuing peace was better than going into battle!

Two different kinds of ideas emerged.

Amongst the imperial court, the hundreds of officials argued and fought with each other incessantly.

However, those clamoring for battle slowly but surely began to take the advantage.

They would not stop until they reached the Yellow Springs. First of all, the loss of face that the officials had experienced was unacceptable and needed to be won back. Second of all, the Boundless Sect’s existence was always a stumbling block to the Bloodline Nobility Clans. Su Chen’s bloodline-less cultivation techniques were shaking the foundation that these Bloodline Nobility Clans had created for themselves. As this shaking only grew more intense, their tolerance of Su Chen’s activity would decrease slowly but surely.

In other words, the ensuing battle was inevitable in some sense.

Whenever a new power arose, the older powers would attempt to defend their positions. It was almost guaranteed that a battle would unfold.

The only reason it was happening now was because it was the most suitable opportunity for those older powers.

The motion for battle was quickly passed, and orders were issued as the soldiers began to mobilize. However, the larger an organization was, the lower their efficiency would be.

Even though Long Sang was very powerful, centralizing all of their troops and mobilizing at once would take a very long time.

While Long Sang was still in the process of mobilizing their troops, an old man and three younger individuals had already come to Long Coiling City.

“Hey, old man, can you move a little more quickly?”

Night Demon impatiently beckoned. Not far behind her, an old man was strolling leisurely. This old man was precisely Lin Zuiliu.

How nostalgic! I feel homesick,” the old man muttered as he strolled. “I just wanted to do my research in peace, but now that kid Su Chen has tossed me over here. Once he learned my bloodline mixture techniques, he just threw me aside. Outrageous, I tell you! Outrageous!”

The old man spoke as if he was a young maiden that had been abandoned.

Chang He chuckled. “Forget about it, old man. Who are you kidding? We all know that you were ecstatic that Sect Master gave you this opportunity. The King of Chaos has always stirred up winds and waves wherever he goes. If you didn’t get an opportunity to stir up some chaos this time, how could you be worthy of your title? Haha!”

“You talk too much.” Ye Fenghan smacked him on the back of the head.

In front, Night Demon gestured. “Hurry, hurry! My branch of the Immortal Temple is just ahead.”


We’re still in public, Young Miss! Even though it’s late and there is no one on the streets, do you have to be so ostentatious about everything?

Even though they were used to Night Demon’s behavior, the three of them still couldn’t help but glance at each other, totally speechless.

“It doesn’t matter. Anyways, it won’t be long before the Immortal Temple will be able to appear in public anyways,” Night Demon replied.

“That is indeed the case.” At that moment, a person stepped out of the alleyway and appeared in front of Night Demon. His expression was filled with gratitude as he said, “Good thing I stood against the opinions of the masses and sent you on this mission. You were able to succeed in two years, after all!”

Night Demon had come looking for Su Chen on Shi Mingfeng’s orders.

Shi Mingfeng had been a big proponent of turning the Immortal Temple from an underground terrorist organization to one that could operate openly and brazenly.

However, the prejudice that the other countries held against the Immortal Temple were too great. They didn’t even get a chance.

To resolve this issue, Shi Mingfeng had turned his attention to the Boundless Sect. After discovering that Su Chen was going on an expedition to the Abyss, the Immortal Temple had hoped to openly provide support so that the Immortal Temple would have space in which they would be able to operate somewhat openly.

However, Su Chen was not willing to offend Long Sang for the Immortal Temple, so he had refused to even meet with Night Demon. Even after Night Demon had caught up to him, Su Chen still refused to give an answer.

This time, however, Su Chen had finally agreed.

Lin Wenjun’s taking action against the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain had completely torn down the friendly relations between the two parties. Su Chen had nothing more to fear, and now it was time for him to rope in any groups that he could rope in.

The Immortal Temple didn’t want to hide in the shadows any longer?


Su Chen immediately recommended them a person.

That person was Lin Zuiliu.

When Shi Mingfeng saw Lin Zuiliu, he suddenly felt a sense of incredible danger fill his heart.

Even though this sensation disappeared a moment later, Shi Mingfeng immediately realized who the old man was and bowed. “Greetings, King of Chaos!”

Lin Zuiliu chuckled. “It seems that the kid has already gotten in touch with you. That’s good. That way I don’t have to waste my time beating around the bush. I came this time precisely to drag Lin Mengze off that throne of his. If the Immortal Temple wants to become the loyal subjects of the dragon, how many soldiers can you provide me with?”

Shi Mingfeng wiped the sweat from his brow. Even though his subordinates had locked down the entire street, talking about starting a rebellion in public was still very hard for him to get used to. As such, he could only laugh along and say, “This is a serious matter. Why don’t you come with me and we can discuss it further?”

“Hmph! What is there to fear? I can even sense how many bugs and snakes are nearby. But you might not be completely aware of the situation, right?”


Shi Mingfeng was stunned.

Lin Zuiliu gestured. A shadow suddenly flew out from nearby into Lin Zuiliu’s hands.

When Shi Mingfeng saw this person, his expression drastically shifted. “This is not a person who belongs to the Immortal Temple.”

“Of course not, but it seems that this concealed branch of yours is not actually that concealed,” Lin Zuiliu chuckled as he placed his palm on the person’s forehead. “Consider yourself fortunate. I am making my comeback and am lacking suitable subordinates. I will give you the opportunity of becoming one of my pawns.”

As he spoke, a wave of energy surged from his palm into the person’s forehead. The person jerked and thrashed about for some time before his movement began to gradually subside. Finally, after he had stopped jerking around, the person knelt on the ground and said, “Greetings, Master!”

Consciousness control?

Shi Mingfeng hadn’t heard of the King of Chaos possessing these kinds of skills.

Night Demon rolled her eyes and said, “Hmph! Su Chen only created a limited amount of pills from the elevated Zhu Clan bloodline, but you aren’t using them sparingly at all! Why waste them on such weak small fry?”

Lin Zuiliu’s attempt to appear imposing had failed, and his shame gave way to anger. “What do you know? This person was extremely skilled at hiding himself, and he was able to discover the Immortal Temple’s rendezvous point. He must be an incredibly skilled tracker. You cannot evaluate people merely based on their physical strength. Right now, I need people who specialize in all kinds of different......”

Night Demon left without even listening to his explanations.

The King of Chaos could afford to act all high and mighty around others, but he lost to Night Demon every time.

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