Book 6, Chapter 28: Bloodline Upgrade

Chapter 28: Bloodline Upgrade

The Sea Beast Wave disappeared.

That night, a giant celebratory banquet was held on Forever Clear Island.

It had been many years since the Oceanids had been able to celebrate like this.

Defeating the Sea Beast Wave was, in a sense, expected.

However, they had done so by paying the minimum price, and this was even without the support of Neptune’s Fort or the Thousand Illusion Island.

Su Chen had demonstrated to the Oceanids that there was yet another way that they would be able to much more easily deal with the onslaught of Sea Beasts.

The power of the Shining Dragon Bloodline.

The main reason that their offensive against the Sea Beast Wave had been so successful this time was in no small part due to Gu Qingluo’s efforts. Without her Origin Beast Bloodline, the Sea Beast Wave’s charge would not have been stopped, and they wouldn’t have been thrown into chaos. She had basically managed to replace Neptune’s Fort entirely on her own.

Of course, not every Gu Clan member was able to do this. No one amongst the Gu Clan had ever managed to achieve a bloodline purity of forty percent before.

The “Crazed Monarch”, or the Glorious Emperor, had apparently awakened his bloodline to a purity of thirty percent, which was what had made him so insane and bloodthirsty. However, there were also many people who believed that his descendants were merely trying to paint him in a better light, and that he was just naturally bloodthirsty and ruthless.

In any case, forty percent bloodline purity was an unimaginable number. And even though they knew that there was a way to achieve this kind of power, at the moment only Gu Qingluo was capable of this.

However, just because they had Gu Qingluo today didn’t mean they would tomorrow.

Su Chen’s purpose here was to create a miracle and then make it so that the miracle became commonplace.

After seeing Gu Qingluo’s exceptional performance, it was unavoidable that many people began to think this way.

The night of the celebration.

Everyone was gathered, laughing and celebrating with each other.

Zhong Zhenjun walked over to Su Chen with a cup of wine and said, “Brother Su, I offer this cup of wine to you as a sign of respect. I have never done this to anyone else before, so you are the first one.”

Su Chen chuckled and accepted the cup. “I don’t think I am worthy of such high praise, Commander.”

“Oh, but you are!” Zhong Zhenjun said. “You have made it possible for those without bloodlines to reach the Light Shaking Realm, and you have even elevated the powers of those with bloodlines. Your contributions to the human race are limitless. If it were possible for every human’s bloodline to advance another step…...”

Zhong Zhenjun sighed as a look of longing appeared in his eyes.

Su Chen understood his intentions.

Actually, he wanted Su Chen to help him increase the power of his bloodline as well.

Zhong Zhenjun’s bloodline was the Bloodhowl Bloodline, a Demonic Emperor Bloodline with incredible strength.

Zhong Zhenjun’s Bloodhowl Bloodline had already been awakened to the purity limit of fifty percent, which was part of the reason why he was so strong. When he unleashed his full strength, he was fully capable of assuming the form of Bloodhowl, which greatly amplified his strength. But for this reason, Zhong Zhenjun also couldn’t further awaken his bloodline. If he wasn’t careful and awakened his bloodline once more, he would turn into a Beast.

However, Gu Qingluo’s exploits had helped him realize that there were many limits imposed by nature that could actually be broken.

If Su Chen could raise Gu Qingluo’s limit, then it was only natural that he could do the same for him.

No matter how arrogant Zhong Zhenjun was, he had to bow his head deferentially when the benefits to be had were so important.

Su Chen chuckled, “It should be possible in theory, but it will take lots of time and energy. The current priority is the Deep Sea Sorrow. Before I find a way to deal with it, I will not be able to divert my energy to other focuses.”

Zhong Zhenjun immediately realized what Su Chen was getting at. “So you will do it after resolving the issue of the Deep Sea Sorrow?”

Su Chen lowered his head in thought for a moment before shaking his head and saying, “I don’t want to keep the truth from you, Commander Zhong. Even though this sounds like a simple matter, researching the bloodline-less cultivation techniques has some differences from researching how to upgrade an existing bloodline. The bloodline-less techniques are useful for everyone, but upgrading a bloodline requires a very targeted approach. There are almost too many bloodlines under the Heavens that each have their own unique attributes. In addition, even people with the same bloodline have some biological differences. It won’t be easy for me to study these people one by one.”

Zhong Zhenjun seemed to grasp what Su Chen was saying. “So Brother Su will choose a few people to give out special secret techniques to?”

“That’s exactly right!” Su Chen replied.

Did Su Chen really need to analyze each bloodline separately in order to upgrade it? Was there no common theme that he could rely on?

Not necessarily.

But Su Chen truly did not want to do that this time.

His goal of raising the foundation of the human race’s strength inherently carried some connotations of upending the monopoly that Bloodline Nobility Clans enjoyed.

Supplying a few Bloodline Nobility Clans with upgraded techniques to buy time for himself and to benefit both parties was a necessity. The Boundless Sect needed nothing other than time.

However, if he turned his focus towards upgrading the bloodlines of those from Bloodline Nobility Clans, he would have gone against his original mission.

Su Chen didn’t want to do that.

In the future that he dreamed of, bloodlines would only ever be supplementary power, not a main source of strength.

The Bloodline Nobility Clans would be allowed to continue existing, but one day or another they would lose their noble status.

In the Primordial Continent’s future, sects would dominate the cultivating world, not these Bloodline Nobility Clans.

This was a blueprint Su Chen had drawn up for the future, but there was no need for him to explain all this to Zhong Zhenjun.

Zhong Zhenjun, however, misunderstood and thought that Su Chen was asking for a price.

Without a unified method, the Bloodline Nobility Clans would need to get on Su Chen’s good side if they wanted him to provide them with specialized services. This was indeed much better than having a single unified pipeline.

In other words, as long as he supported Su Chen, Su Chen would definitely help him.

Zhong Zhenjun thought that he had seen through Su Chen’s plan and chuckled, “Brother Su is quite ambitious. This is indeed a good foundation to do business on. I am willing to support Brother Su with all my strength.”

Zhong Zhenjun had somehow gotten things all twisted up. What was the relationship between being ambitious and a good foundation to do business on? And he was beginning to refer to Su Chen even more casually.

However, the old man was just that shameless. This was how he demonstrated his attitude on the situation.

As long as you help me, anything is negotiable.

Su Chen accepted it. Even though Zhong Zhenjun wasn’t a good character, there was no need for Su Chen to play the vigilante. There was no reason for him to refuse someone who was willing to submit to him - and an Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator at that.

The two of them quickly settled the matter over their conversation.

After a conversing for a bit longer, Zhong Zhenjun turned around and found Jiang Xishui waiting there already. He chuckled, “It appears that someone is waiting for my spot. I won’t waste your time any longer.”

He cupped his hands and left.

Jiang Xishui and Ji Hanyan watched him leave before taking his place.

Ji Hanyan said, “Su Chen, why didn’t you tell us earlier that you could raise the limit of someone’s bloodline purity? Tell me what you’re going to do about mine and Xishui’s bloodline.”

There was no treating of Su Chen as an outsider.

Su Chen chuckled. “Things haven’t even really begun yet. Qingluo was able to succeed because I have been researching her Shining Dragon Bloodline for a long time, and she is also my wife. I probably wouldn’t even be able to replicate my success on another member of the Gu Clan at the moment.”

“So this method isn’t generally useable on the members of the Gu Clan?” Frostpoint suddenly interjected.

He and Jiang Xishui and Ji Hanyan were on quite good terms, so Frostpoint hadn’t shied away just because Jiang Xishui was present. After all, they both had the same goal - it was just the fine details that differed somewhat.

Zhong Zhenjun only cared about himself. As long as his own bloodline was upgraded, he couldn’t care less about what happened to the rest of the Zhong Clan.

Ji Hanyan and Jiang Xishui were obviously hoping to not only upgrade their own person bloodlines but the bloodline itself as a whole.

Frostpoint was an Oceanid. They had their own cultivation system, so the power of bloodlines was completely useless to them.

However, the ability of a forty percent purity Shining Dragon Bloodline to suppress a Sea Beast Wave was exceptionally useful.

Frostpoint didn’t dare ask that Gu Qingluo remain at Neptune’s Fort indefinitely, but he was hoping to at least be able to invite a Gu Clan member to stay at the fort as an esteemed guest.

If he succeeded, then even if the plan to deal with the Deep Sea Sorrow failed, the Gu Clan member would likely be capable of helping them out significantly.

However, there were two prerequisites: first of all, there needed to be someone in the Gu Clan capable of reaching similar heights; second of all, that person needed to be able to leave Empty Mountain.

Only Su Chen was capable of fulfilling both of these conditions at the moment.

This was why Frostpoint had asked this question with such anxiety.

Su Chen chuckled. “It seems that Prince Frostpoint isn’t too confident in my abilities to deal with the Deep Sea Sorrow after all.”

Frostpoint’s expression reddened.

Yes, the Oceanids had never really placed their hopes on Su Chen actually accomplishing what they were asking of him. All they hoped was that Su Chen would be able to discover a way to suppress the effects of the Deep Sea Sorrow in the process, so that the Oceanids would be able to secure better living conditions for themselves. And Su Chen had demonstrated that he was more than capable of accomplishing something like that.

Su Chen was not upset at being underestimated by Frostpoint and said, “Qingluo was only able to succeed because of a number of external factors. Without these factors present, very few people from the Gu Clan, if any, would be able to replicate her success.”

“What factors?” Frostpoint and Westminster asked simultaneously.

Their attitude was obviously that these external factors needed to be resolved at any cost.

Su Chen smiled slightly. “The blood of a Desolate Beast and the essence of an Origin Beast.”


The two Oceanids felt as if a bomb had just detonated in their brains, and they went slackjawed.

“Desolate…… Desolate Beast’s blood?” Frostpoint asked, his voice trembling violently.

“Origin…… Origin Beast Essence?” Westminster’s figure swayed.

Su Chen had given them quite a bad shock.

Even so, Su Chen was not lying.

How could Gu Qingluo’s strength have risen so quickly otherwise?

Su Chen had obtained the Desolate Beast’s blood from Scarlet Heart, while the Origin Beast essence had come from the Metal-Devouring Ape. These two were key to Gu Qingluo’s breakthrough.

The red liquid that Gu Qingluo had drank earlier was diluted Desolate Beast blood.

Without these two, there was no way Gu Qingluo’s strength would have risen so quickly…… There were some problems that simply being fearless about wouldn’t be able to resolve.

Of course, Su Chen hadn’t given Su Chen all of the Origin Beast essence or Desolate Beast blood to use. Even so, there was no way that most people would have access to these kinds of resources.

Even though the Oceanids had built up quite a treasury for themselves, and they did have some Desolate Beast blood on hand, they had no Origin Beast essence in their presence.

And even if they did, the quantity would have been limited. There was no way they would use such precious materials on a member of a different race.

So was their target still Deep Sea Sorrow?

The siblings sighed.

“The power of an Origin Beast bloodline is extremely difficult to raise, but the further you descend, the lower the cost and difficulty will be……” Su Chen said to Jiang Xishui and Ji Hanyan.

Jiang Xishui and Ji Hanyan glanced at each other.

Ji Hanyan smiled. “So this low-quality bloodline of mine still has some uses? But who knows what kind of level you’ll be able to raise it to.”

Su Chen chuckled. “It should be more than enough for you to suppress Brother Jiang and show him your ferocity.”

Ji Hanyan clapped her hands and laughed, “I like the sound of that!”

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