Book 6, Chapter 27: Obedience

Chapter 27: Obedience

At the same time that Gu Qingluo took her medicine, Su Chen also made his move.

He flew towards Gu Qingluo, and when he reached her, he said, “Since you’ve made your move, then it’s only right that I do my part as well.”

Gu Qingluo smiled faintly. “I’ve been waiting for you to show off.”

Su Chen raised his hand.

With a mere move from his hand, a violent windstorm began to surge as the Windbite’s image appeared.

However, in addition to its four faces, the current Windbite also had a large swath of clouds floating above its faces.

The clouds revolved, gathering behind Su Chen’s body as they merged into his Aspect.

Su Chen’s Aspect was no longer an individual entity. Instead, it appeared to have melded with the sky itself, as if the Windbite was now merely a component of the sky rather than a distinct Aspect.

Actually, at the boundary between this Aspect and the sky, it was possible to see faint flashes of lightning, rippling waves, and burning flames.

The waves were below, its rippling motion mimicking the ebb and flow of the ocean.

The flames were above, burning like the sun in the sky.

And in the center was the Windbite, still facing all directions. Lightning flickered across its faces from time to time, creating quite an awe-inspiring sight when combined with the violently howling wind.

At the same time that Su Chen’s Aspect appeared, the Shining Dragon image behind Gu Qingluo appeared to fade ever so slightly. But another powerful aura once again burst forth, shocking the tens of thousands of Sea Beasts as it enveloped the Shining Dragon in a shroud of clouds. This image seemed to show the Shining Dragon breaking through the clouds in the sky.

“What is that?”

Everyone began to animatedly discuss this turn of events amongst themselves.

“So Sect Master’s Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect has finally reached the stage of small success,” Li Chongshan chuckled.

“Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect?” Jiang Xishui felt his heart tremble violently at the implications of that name. “Are you saying……”

“That’s right. Su Chen created this aspect by combining the seven Desolate Beast bloodlines into one,” Shi Kaihuang answered in a low voice.

How could Su Chen not take some benefits for himself when researching for ways to improve the Seven Kingdoms’ bloodlines? Since they had voluntarily given it to him, it was only natural that he would develop a method to extract their Aspects to increase his own personal strength.

“Unfortunately, this path is quite arduous, and Sect Master doesn’t have that much time to conduct research, so he has only reached the stage of small success,” Chu Yingwan lamented with a sigh.

“If only Lin Zuiliu were here,” Li Chongshan said.

Lin Zuiliu had researched the art of merging bloodlines for many years now. With his experience and Su Chen’s intellect, it was guaranteed that Su Chen’s Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect would reach new heights. This was one of the reasons why Su Chen was so dead set on finding Lin Zuiliu.

Unfortunately, after Lin Zuiliu had failed his coup, he had run off somewhere that not even Black Flame could find, even if they were willing to let bygones be bygones.

But even though Su Chen’s Aspect was only currently at the stage of small success, its might was extraordinary.

In particular, after it merged with Gu Qingluo’s Shining Dragon Bloodline, its strength had increased even further.

A ball of fiery red energy appeared from within the Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect before wings began to sprout from the main body. It was Su Chen’s Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art.

However, this Flaming Phoenix was obviously different from any previous use. When it unfurled its wings, its wingspan stretched out tens of thousands of meters, covering up a large part of the sky. Its connection to the Shining Dragon Aspect gave it an aura that was even stronger than before.

Su Chen had named the Flaming Phoenix a Theurgy Art. At the time, however, its power had not lived up to its name because of his own limited strength. He hadn’t opened his Divine Palaces then, so he had been incapable of bringing out the full might of the Theurgy Arts.

As implied by its name, the Theurgy Arts used divine power to unleash magic.

Without a vast base of consciousness power, how could Su Chen possibly unleash the full power of the Theurgy Arts?

But after reaching the Spirit Burning Realm and opening his Divine Palaces, he had finally gained the ability to finely control his consciousness power, and the true power of the Theurgy Arts was finally able to be manifested.

When he had been in the Light Shaking Realm, Su Chen had still been in the stage of accumulating experiences. Now, he had finally reached the point where he could fully use everything that he had learned.

When the Flaming Phoenix appeared, all the observers felt like another powerful Demonic Beast with the might of an emperor had appeared.

However, this was merely the beginning.

Others’ Aspects typically involved an illusory projection of a real object, Beast, or even element.

However, the Seven Bloodline Aspect created a microcosm, an ethereal realm of sorts.

It bore some similarities to the Lord of the Dreamrealm’s Dreamrealm, which also involved the control of an illusory realm.

Luo You was the water, while the Flaming Phoenix served as the sun. This was how the picture of the microcosm was formed.

At the same time, Windbite was creating clouds of fog, shrouding the microcosm in mystery.

The microcosm depicted in the Seven Bloodline Aspect displayed the majestic beauty of nature.

Many people present hadn’t even seen an Aspect before, so this sight was particularly stunning to them, and they felt as if their horizons had been broadened.

And this Aspect was also amplifying the power of the Shining Dragon Bloodline.

The Shining Dragon specialized in fire, and one of the innate, foundational Origin Skills it possessed was called Night Illuminating Candlelight, referring to its ability to burn brightly even in the dark.

Even though that sounded commonplace, it actually carried connotations of being eternal and everlasting, as well as the ability to drive out darkness and bring in the light.

Given all of these attributes, the might of this foundational Origin Skill was evident. Even when used by an illusory image, its power was undeniable.

As such, the sun rising over the sea burned even more brightly due to the influence of the Shining Dragon.

Under these circumstances, the inferno that the Flaming Phoenix unleashed was staggeringly powerful.

Not to mention that, at the same time, the Boundless Sect’s disciples formed a hand seal. Even though the seal appeared quite simple, concealed within were innumerable profundities.

The wave of flames had already descended. The surface of the sea began to sizzle and boil, and the Sea Beasts within howled bitterly with pain. White steam billowed off the waters.

The area of this attack was so great that it actually enveloped the entire battlefield, and all of the Sea Beasts were wrapped up inside it.

Frostpoint, Zhong Zhenjun, and the others were all stunned.

Zhong Zhenjun immediately said, “This is Spirit Burning?”

Even though setting a hundred kilometers of ocean on fire didn’t seem like such a big deal, it was actually powerful enough to cause a calamity. If Su Chen were to do this a number of times in rapid succession, he would probably be able to raze an entire country.

This kind of destruction was not something that even an Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator like him could pull off.

Even the Gu Clan’s Ancestors, who were much more proficient in the use of fire than he, had never been able to achieve such incredible results.

Shi Kaihuang chuckled slightly, “It’s just a coincidence. This is not the strength of a single person.”

Yes, it was true that this was not Su Chen’s individual strength. He also had the support of the Shining Dragon Bloodline and the Boundless Sect’s disciples.

Even so, it was obvious that Su Chen was far more powerful than any of them had given him credit for.

The flames burned brilliantly for some time before finally extinguishing. By the time Su Chen stopped unleashing the skill, the ocean was already littered with burnt corpses, and the air was filled with the smell of charred flesh.

Even though there were still a few stragglers left, dealing with them was inconsequential.

Now that the Sea Beast Wave had lost most of its numbers, it was completely incapable of resisting the dual-pronged attack and was completely destroyed.

Even though the Sovereign was extremely powerful and had managed to resist Su Chen’s attack, it couldn’t handle Zhong Zhenjun and the others’ combined attacks. Eventually, it was slain as well.

This was the inevitable outcome for every Sovereign living in the Abyss.

A fierce battle had concluded just like that.

The Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect disappeared along with the Shining Dragon image, and Su Chen and Gu Qingluo slowly descended from the sky.

Everyone’s gaze towards Su Chen was completely different from before. They were filled with respect, awe, admiration, and jealousy.

The Boundless Sect’s disciples mostly looked at Su Chen with adoration, the Subdued Sea branch and Oceanids with awe, and Zhong Zhenjun’s camp with envy.

It was a bit embarrassing for an Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator to be envious of a junior, but Su Chen’s performance had completely stunned him.

Perhaps Su Chen would be able to accomplish this in the near future without any help. Zhong Zhenjun couldn’t help but think of this possibility.

If that was the case…...

He didn’t dare to think about what might happen next.

If someone had told him a year ago that it was possible for a single person to achieve this kind of result, he never would have believed it. However, Su Chen’s performance today made it impossible for him to question that truth.

When faced with a person with so much latent potential, there were two possibilities: either you killed him now, or you got on good terms with him now.

Killing him was not an option. There was no way he would be able to deal with the Boundless Sect’s tens of thousands of cultivators, not to mention that he was still dependent on Su Chen to take care of this problem.

A moment later, Su Chen had only just descended when Zhong Zhenjun rushed over to greet him, a wide smile on his face. “Brother Su, you are truly incredibly strong! What an extraordinary Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect! My horizons have been broadened today. Amazing!”

At the beginning, he had called Su Chen Sir Su, and then Sect Master Su. Now, he was even referring to Su Chen as Brother Su. In terms of status, the first was the most respectful, but it was also the most distant, while the last was the least respectful but also the most intimate. It was clear that Zhong Zhenjun’s attitude had changed.

Su Chen didn’t pay this change in appellation much mind and said with a smile, “Commander Zhong is quite graceful. Actually, if it wasn’t for your help in stopping the Sovereign’s advance, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to show my full strength either.”

Su Chen knew exactly how much face to give Zhong Zhenjun, making Zhong Zhenjun quite happy.

However, Su Chen was willing to give out polite words, but the same did not hold true for the division of spoils.

Su Chen said, “The Sovereign was killed by you, Commander, and the Oceanids, so I think it’s safe to say that they belong to you.”

Him giving the Sovereign to Zhong Zhenjun was equivalent to claiming the rest of the spoils for the Boundless Sect.

There was nothing to be done. After all, the Boundless Sect had once again done the lion’s share of the work.

Of course, Su Chen wasn’t actually planning on taking it all for himself. However, anything he did give would be due to his generosity, given after the division of spoils had been taken place. This would make it so that everyone else was grateful towards him.

Before, Zhong Zhenjun might have subtly jabbed at Su Chen, but his attitude had completely turned around. He smiled and said, “Many thanks, Brother Su, for your generosity.”

He had tacitly agreed to Su Chen’s distribution method.

This was one of the benefits of openly displaying one’s strength.

In this age, where strength was everything, people would always listen to the person who was strong rather than the person who was intelligent.

There were many reasons that Zhong Zhenjun wasn’t convinced by Su Chen, but the most important reason was because of his strength.

Now that his assumptions had been overthrown, his attitude had naturally changed to one of acceptance and submission.

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