Book 6, Chapter 25: Shining Dragon Bloodline

Chapter 25: Shining Dragon Bloodline

Upon hearing Su Chen’s words, Gu Qingluo smiled slightly. She gestured with her hands, and her white robe fluttered gently in the wind, giving her a saintly appearance.

At this moment, the four different branches of the fleet were also in position. They were assembled like a pocket in order to try and trap the Sea Beast Wave inside.

However, even the most powerful pocket would have a hard time storing a mountain or a sea.

When facing this massive Sea Beast Wave, this pocket was obviously slightly weaker than it needed to be.

Gu QIngluo flew into the sky. She glanced at the Sea Beast Wave, then chuckled as she spread her arms wide. A profound, ancient aura began to disperse through the air.

This ancient aura carried with it a majestic energy and an immense amount of pressure.

It was as if some ancient, primordial beast had awakened and was simply unleashing its aura.

Even Zhong Zhenjun blurted out, “Shining Dragon Bloodline!”

The aura exuding from Gu Qingluo belonged to the Origin Beast Shining Dragon, without question.

Just as the Totems were to the Ravagers, or the Divine Feathers were to the Harpies, the Shining Dragon Bloodline was one of the human race’s most important trump cards. Every Gu Clan disciple with an awakened bloodline was seen as a powerful weapon to be used. Whenever a bitter battle needed to be fought, the Gu Clan’s disciples would always be involved.

The power of the Gu Clan’s bloodline far surpassed that of the rest, and they were considered amongst some of the strongest humans alive. They were more than capable of killing people at higher cultivation realms than them.

The Gu Clan’s disciples merely needed to consider how many realms they would leap instead.

Even so, using Gu Qingluo alone as a trump card sounded a bit too much like a joke.

They were facing a Sea Beast Wave!

Even if Gu Qingluo was incredibly strong and could handle an Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator on her own, so what?

Her strength was still nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

But as Gu Qingluo’s aura continued to skyrocket, the onlookers quickly realized that Gu Qingluo’s bloodline was exceptionally dense.

And as this aura continued to soar, a Shining Dragon image appeared behind Gu Qingluo. This massive image was nearly a thousand kilometers in size, as large as a mountain range. The onlookers were all stunned.

Jiang Xishui cried out, “Her bloodline purity has already reached 20%!”

Bloodline purity wasn’t related to cultivation base. Just because you had a high cultivation base didn’t necessarily mean your bloodline purity would be high as well.

Some people could be completely average when it came to cultivating, but their bloodline purity would be extremely high. Ji Hanyan, for instance, had managed to sweep the floor during the entrance examinations to the Hidden Dragon Institute because she had awakened the second layer of her bloodline before everyone else. In other words, her bloodline was five percent purer than that of the others.

Bloodline purity did affect combat strength. If two people had the same cultivation base, and their bloodlines were roughly equivalent in terms of strength, then a higher bloodline purity would result in more efficient use of that bloodline, so they would be stronger in a real battle. Of course, bloodline purity also aided in making breakthroughs, which was why all of these higher-layer cultivation techniques had relied on bloodlines. It wasn’t until Su Chen arrived on the scene that this reliance on bloodlines was taken care of.

Typically, a person’s bloodline purity couldn’t increase past fifty percent. It wasn’t impossible to go higher, but then the human bloodline would lose to the Beast bloodline, and a person would begin to irreversibly transform into a Beast.

However, different bloodlines would typically have different limits.

The limit of an Origin Beast Bloodline was not 50%; it was 30%.

Yes, 30% was the limit!

Origin Beasts were simply too powerful, so much so that when they reached thirty percent composition of a human’s bloodline, they would overpower the human component and begin to take over.

Of course, this was not to say that Gu Qingluo would become a Shining Dragon. This was simply impossible. However, becoming a Demonic Emperor with some attributes of the Shining Dragon was entirely possible.

Jiang Xishui was extremely clear about this, because the limit for Desolate Beasts was 40%.

But even at a purity of 30%, Origin Beast bloodlines were incredibly powerful.

Once a person’s bloodline purity reached 20%, they would be able to reliably reach the Ultimate Emperor Realm, and the same went for those with Desolate Beast bloodlines at a purity of 40%.

Those who possessed these two kinds of powerful bloodlines only ever needed to consider how to awaken their bloodline to a greater degree.

For those with Demonic Emperor bloodlines, even having a bloodline purity of 50% only guaranteed a 20% chance of success.

Those with Demonic King bloodlines probably only had a 1% chance.

Those with Demonic Lord bloodlines supposedly only had a 0.01% chance.

High-tier Demonic Beast bloodlines and below had no chance.

Jiang Xishui never would have expected that Gu Qingluo’s bloodline purity was already at 20%. In other words, she was already capable of walking down the road that led to the Ultimate Emperor Realm. All she needed to do was cultivate diligently.

But Gu Qingluo hadn’t even awakened her bloodline for a decade. How had she reached a bloodline purity of 20% so quickly?

That was three entire layers!

Jiang Xishui turned to look at Su Chen.

Indeed, Su Chen chuckled and said, “I’ve already improved the seven Desolate Beast bloodlines. It was high time for the Gu Clan to get some help as well.”

Yes, if the Su Chen had managed to improve the seven Desolate Beast bloodlines, there was no reason that he couldn’t do the same for an Origin Beast bloodline, not to mention that Gu Qingluo was Su Chen’s wife.

Given how in love with each other they were and how much time they spent with each other, it was only natural that she would eventually begin to reap the benefits.

However, Su Chen had never mentioned it, so everyone just wasn’t prepared.

“So Sir Su’s plan is to rely on the might of an Origin Beast to disrupt the Sovereign’s control?” Princess Westminster was already able to discern what Gu Qingluo was trying to do.

Oppose the Sea Beast Wave?

There was no way Gu Qingluo had that ability.

However, the aura of an Origin Beast was many times more imposing than that of a Sovereign. Its appearance would definitely shake the control that the Sovereign had on the other Beasts.

Sea Beast Waves were frightening precisely because all of these Sea Beasts were under the Sovereign’s control. However, this influence could be disrupted by the presence of a higher power.

Actually, from the moment that Gu Qingluo had unleashed her Shining Dragon aura, the Sea Beast Wave had already begun to grow noticeably more chaotic. A few of the weaker Sea Beasts even cried out in fear and slowed down.

The imposing might of a Shining Dragon was simply too frightening.

“Reaching 20% purity in the span of a few short years is indeed impressive,” Ding Feng, who typically kept his silence, suddenly said. “But that alone might not be enough.”

Even though the aura of an Origin Beast was far stronger than that of a Sovereign, an Origin Beast Bloodline was not the same as an Origin Beast.

Not to mention that Gu Qingluo was only at the Spirit Burning Realm. Even Gu Xinrong, an Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator who was more than qualified to grapple with one of these Sovereigns on her own, would not be able to wrest control of these Sea Beasts from the Sovereign.

After all, one was a Beast, while the other was a human. There were still intrinsic differences.

Even though the aura emanating from Gu Qingluo’s body was extremely dense, there was no way it was capable of suppressing this Sea Beast Wave.

Ding Feng’s pessimistic outlook was understandable.

Su Chen, however, smiled and said, “I never said that her limit was 20%.”

A moment later, Gu Qingluo’s aura continued to climb in intensity as the Shining Dragon image grew increasingly tangible. The earlier image had been blurry, but now it was coming into focus, and more and more of the details could be clearly seen as the Shining Dragon bloodline began to exert its pressure.

The Sea Beast Wave could sense the sudden increase in pressure. They howled simultaneously as they began to slow down.

“Thirty percent!” Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Gu Qingluo’s bloodline purity was already at 30%.

The last member of the Gu Clan to reach this state point had done so three hundred years ago. They were the youngest and most powerful Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator amongst the Gu Clan.

Gu Qingluo had actually managed to reach this level as well.

Jiang Xishui, however, was angry instead of happy. He turned to Su Chen and barked, “Su Chen, are you crazy? You should know that increases in bloodline purity occur by chance. Sometimes, it might increase when you don’t want it to. Now that you’ve brought her to the limit, what happens if she accidentally awakens her bloodline further? Won’t you have harmed her instead then?”

Most individuals from Bloodline Nobility Clans never raised their bloodline purity to the absolute limit for fear that they would accidentally awaken it sometime in the future.

No one had expected Su Chen to bring Gu Qingluo’s bloodline purity to the limit so early on. She was still very young, and if she was unlucky enough to awaken her bloodline further in the next few hundred years, it would all be over.

Su Chen, however, replied calmly, “Actually, her limit is not 30% either.”


Everyone was stunned.

Gu Qingluo’s aura began to surge once again.

As the ancient aura intensified, spilling over everyone present, the Sea Beasts began to howl with fear, as if they had encountered some fearful existence. Even the Demonic Kings were beginning to show signs of unrest.

“Forty percent! Forty percent!” Jiang Xishui and Ji Hanyan began to yell.

Even though they had never witnessed the strength of anyone with such a high Origin Beast bloodline purity before, the ancient aura evoked a kind of primal fear from deep within their being even though it was clearly being directed at the Sea Beasts. The only explanation was that Gu Qingluo’s bloodline purity was already 40%.

While the 20% purity had only been enough to slow the advance of the wave slightly, and 30% had caused some mild chaos, 40% was more than enough to slow the advance of the wave significantly and cause a medium amount of chaos.

As if planned, the Sea Beast Wave just so happened to be in the pocket created by the fleet at the same moment that Gu Qingluo activated her bloodline to its greatest extent.

At this point, almost all of the Sea Beasts below the Demonic King level were completely in a panic. Only those at the Demonic King level and above were able to maintain some modicum of intelligence. Even so, they were clearly uneasy.

And because this effect was magnified by distance, those closer were affected much more than those further away.

The closest Sea Beasts had basically slowed to a stop, while the furthest Sea Beasts were still squeezing into the pocket from behind.

Now that the situation had reached this point, no one actually had any idea what to do.

Su Chen said, “What are you waiting for?”

Frostpoint, Zhong Zhenjun, Jiang Xishui, and the others snapped out of their reverie and immediately began to issue commands to their subordinates.


Origin Energy began to scatter across the sky as wind, fire, lightning, and other Origin Skills and Arcana Techniques shot through the air, slamming recklessly into the Sea Beast Wave.

The Sea Beast Wave, on the other hand, was completely in turmoil at this point and had no strength to mount a counterattack.

Ji Hanyan, however, stared at Su Chen in rage. “Su Chen, are you willing to sacrifice Gu Qingluo just for the sake of victory?”

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