Chapter 55: Beheading

Chapter 55: Beheading

As the long, blood-colored blade flew out, a headless corpse tumbled through the air.

Blood aura!

Su Chen’s move had been both vicious and accurate. First, he had used Wolf Blade as bait, attracting Madame Bai’s attention and blocking her line of sight. Next, he had suddenly launched a surprise attack, instantly beheading Madame Bai.

“NO!” Bai Fan let out a heart-broken yell.

He had never expected that his wife, who had only asked for Su Chen to let them go, would be greeted with such a violent tactic.

How could this person act this way? How could he do such a thing?

He was still feeling sorrowful when he saw Su Chen place his hand on Madame Bai’s chest, bringing her corpse with him as he flew towards Bai Fan. At this moment, Madame Bai’s head was still rotating in the air and had yet to hit the ground. Her eyes were opened wide, as if she had begun to realize something. When she saw Su Chen charging forwards with her own headless corpse, as if holding up a shield, she wanted to scream. However, she had no energy to do so, and her vision dimmed. Her last moment of realization faded into nothingness.

At the same time, Su Chen had already rushed to Bai Fan’s side.

At this moment, Madame Bai’s head was still flying in the air, and Bai Fan’s emotional state was not yet steady. He had yet to even experience much grief before Su Chen had already arrived in front of him.

Su Chen arrived fast as lightning.

In that moment of danger, Bai Fan hurriedly retreated out of instinct from his many years of experience. His speed was extremely fast, as he was actually an expert in body techniques and speed. Multiple afterimages appeared in his wake as he used his speed to avoid this blade strike.

Su Chen’s blade struck nothing but empty air, yet he did not stop. He raised his shoulder, then charged forwards. His speed did not decrease at all; in fact, he sped up, and with two loud ‘bang’s the two of them had broken through the wine shop and rushed outside.

As he was retreating, Bai Fan pulled out his sword and slashed out in the air, leaving multiple sword streaks behind in an attempt to slow Su Chen’s attack. In response, however, Su Chen unleashed an extremely powerful blade strike.

He had not activated the blood aura with this blade strike, but it caused Bai Fan’s long sword to be knocked aside, revealing an opening.

Bai Fan was greatly startled. In this critical moment of life-and-death, he did not even have time to feel sorrow nor rage. He focused all his energy towards his legs and his speed suddenly increased, as if some kind of lock had been broken in his body. Suddenly, a small issue that he had never understood before seemed to make sense to him. Even his strength had broken through along with this, and he began to fly like the wind.

Bai Fan was extremely excited. His mood could be described as grief and joy mixed together, but in the next instant his mood once again plummeted.

His sudden increase in speed had not shaken off Su Chen. Su Chen’s figure had simultaneously sped up. With the activation of the Snaking Mist Steps in conjunction with the Cloud-Stepping boots, Su Chen was actually drawing nearer to him.

How is this possible?

Even after breaking through, I have no way of being faster than him......

“NO!” Bai Fan let out a crazed yell.

A formless wave of sound rushed towards Su Chen at this moment. Bai Fan had unleashed a sound-attack type Origin Skill.

Su Chen’s figure flashed to the side as he dodged the attack. Bai Fan used this opportunity to hurriedly change direction, but at that very instant he suddenly felt faint. His figure instantly stopped, and with a few rumbles, the ear-shattering noise from an unknown object struck Bai Fan like thunder, causing numerous splashes of blood to fly out from his chest.

His speed greatly decreased.

Su Chen had already flown towards him.

Bai Fan finally began to panic. He regretted more than ever rashly trying to interfere and pissing off this strong individual.

He yelled loudly, “You cannot kill me, I am......”

The only reply he received was the flash of a cold blade.


Bai Fan’s figure that was moving at high speed suddenly swayed and stopped.

He lowered his head, looking at his midsection. A thin line of blood slowly began to widen. Bai Fan’s intestines began spilling out of his abdomen.

“What...... a powerful...... blade......” Bai Fan barely squeezed out.

“Since your wife is gone, why stay in this world alone,” Su Chen coldly replied.

The long blade once again slashed through the air.

This time, the blood of line ruptured vertically on Bai Fan’s forehead.


Bai Fan’s corpse hit the ground.

The people inside the wine shop had just rushed outside only to see that the two people who were battling had already finished. One of them had already toppled over.

Like lightning, Su Chen had emerged victorious after beheading two people in a row. All of the wine guests sharply inhaled.

This was very different from dealing with Wolf Blade and the others. This time, Su Chen’s execution of the Bai couple was pretty much as forceful as he could get. Although Su Chen had launched a sneak attack, to be able to kill two Origin Qi Scholars in such a short period of time was more than enough to demonstrate his strength. Especially when he was chasing and killing of Bai Fan, his speed, strength, and reaction all crushed Bai Fan’s.

As for the hidden weapon that he had used to injure Bai Fan, no one had seen it clearly. Regardless of what methods or weapons he had used, killing two people in such a short period of time was sufficient to confirm his strength. He was not someone to be trifled with.

If this person had someone directing them behind the scenes, then things would become even more complicated.

Nobody wanted to find trouble for themselves.

Thus, those who had eyed him with greedy expressions all reigned in their lust.

Since their target had displayed his own strength, everything should end here.

As for Wolf Blade, Bai Fan...... what kinds of existences were they?

They had no way of understanding, so everyone returned to their seats and continued to drink, as if nothing had happened.

Su Chen felt the corpse over, taking what he could take, then returned to the wine shop.

Red Eagle and Mountain Demon were still lying on the ground.

They had no way of fleeing. Their bodies had been poisoned, and their hands and feet had been broken so that they had no way of fleeing. They could only watch Su Chen with fear.

Su Chen looked at them, stowing Black Streak away. However, he then picked up the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade as he indifferently said, “I do not enjoy killing people. If it weren’t for that couple that was courting death, you probably would not have needed to die. But now that Wolf Blade has already died, there is not much point in keeping you alive anymore.”

Their expressions changed simultaneously. They wanted to plead for mercy, but Su Chen raised his hand, and a shapeless Qi flow had already plugged up their mouths. “I hear that there is a Wolf Soul inside the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade. Every battle, this Wolf Soul will appear to steal the souls of others. You two are Wolf Blade’s brothers, so I will send you on your way with this blade.”

As he spoke, he activated his Origin Energy. Indeed, the Wolf Soul emerged from out of the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade. It rushed towards Red Eagle with a roar, biting onto his neck. Red Eagle’s neck was bitten in half in an instant.

Su Chen then pointed the blade at Mountain Demon. The Wolf Soul changed direction and leapt towards Mountain Demon. Mountain Demon began to yell with fright, waving his broken arms to try and fend off the Wolf Soul. However, they simply passed through the Wolf Soul’s body.

The Wolf Soul was originally nonexistent. The only reason it could bite others was because it was formed from Origin Energy. It was actually just an Origin Skill. Unless one’s cultivation base was high enough, or one had a corresponding Origin Skill, it was very difficult to defend against.

In the next instant, the Wolf Soul had already latched onto Mountain Demon’s neck, killing him with one bite.

Su Chen’s arm no longer moved. The Wolf Soul floated around in a circle, then returned to the blade.

As expected, it was quite a good Origin Tool.

In terms of strength, the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade was far inferior to the blood aura. However, it was better in that one could continuously attack with it. As long as one continued to infuse the blade with Origin energy, the Moon-Devouring Heavenly Wolf could continue to do battle. Its only flaw was that its energy consumption was relatively great.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Black Streak Battle Blade exhausted so much energy, as a grade eight Origin Tool it would be much more superior to the grade nine Moon-Devouring Heavenly Wolf Blade.

Now, one could only say that both of them had their pros and cons. They could be considered complementary to each other.

He could use the Black Streak Battle Blade until he had no physical energy left. However, most likely he would still have some Origin Energy remaining, and he could continue to do battle just by switching out blades. His combat ability in extended battles would increase.

Not bad, not bad, Su Chen thought to himself.

Everyone watching felt envious. However, this Demon Face had extremely vicious methods, and he was also very strong. If they didn’t want to be made an example of, they could only give up on it.

The first person often died the quickest. This rule had just been proven a moment ago.

If there were no unexpected occurrences, no one else would try and create trouble for Su Chen anymore.

However, just at this moment another voice spoke up. “That is a good blade. Demon Face, you already have a blade. Why not sell that one to me?”

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