Chapter 54: Interference

Chapter 54: Interference

One of the unique properties of the Qi Obstructing Powder was that only upon attempting to use Origin Energy would one noticed that they had been poisoned.

This property of the poison made it so that many people would have no way of knowing that they had been poisoned until they tried to make a move.

Wolf Blade’s bigger mistake was that he had greatly underestimated Su Chen.

He never expected that Su Chen would actually dare to poison his wine. After all, Su Chen was still someone who was running a wine shop. Giving a customer poisoned wine from his own store, was this some kind of joke? Did he even want to continue doing business?

It was this common way of thinking that had trapped Wolf Blade.

He never thought about how different the wine store that Su Chen had opened was from anyone else’s.

The Halcyon Gorge only had this one wine shop. If you didn't want to drink here, you would need to find another place first.

Besides, this matter had been incited by Wolf Blade in the first place. Su Chen was only defending himself. Although this method of self-defense and counterattack was slightly taboo, it was understandable.

His current Scarlet Punishment only lasted a hundred days anyways. He had no need of considering too carefully what would happen in the future.

Most importantly, the enemies had already bullied their way to his front door. What was more important than surviving?

The restriction of this train of thought made it so that Wolf Blade was not prepared for Su Chen’s methods at all. By the time he had discovered that he had been poisoned, it was too late.

Both he and his two brothers had all been poisoned. The three of them had eaten and drunk countless quantities of “free” meat and wine. The Qi Obstructing Powder that they had ingested was more than enough to prevent them from using Origin Energy for at least two days and two nights.

Without Origin Energy, they were just regular people, and their strength was not much greater than that of regular martial artists.

Su Chen had already slowly walked out from behind the bar counter. “A thousand five hundred and seven Origin Stones. Please pay up.”

“Like hell I'll pay!” Wolf Blade’s brother Mountain Demon reacted first. His brain seemed to be somewhat slow as he continued to yell and rushed at Su Chen.

Su Chen’s figure blurred. He sent out a flying fist, then grabbed onto Mountain Demon’s arm and pulled backwards. With a ‘crack’, Mountain Demon’s arms with unparalleled strength had been broken by Su Chen. Next, Su Chen’s leg flew out, landing on Mountain Demon’s leg. With another ‘crack’, Mountain Demon’s leg had also fragmented. He instantly fell to his knees.

“Mountain Demon!” Wolf Blade cried out in sorrow and anger as he rushed forwards.

However, he did not have any Origin Energy, and as such had no way of raising his speed or his strength. Even the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade had become just an ornament.

Su Chen’s figure once again blurred, as he easily sidestepped Wolf Blade’s attack. He then grabbed Wolf Blade’s wrist and pulled backwards breaking it. He then struck at Wolf Blade’s abdomen, causing Wolf Blade to double over in pain. Su Chen then backed up, dodging Red Eagle’s attack. He manifested his body technique’s full speed, causing his figure to become a blur. He unleashed a flurry of attacks as he flew between the three of them, creating a symphony of ‘cracks’.

When everything had quieted down, Su Chen’s afterimages disappeared and he once more appeared in everyone’s view. Wolf Blade, Red Eagle, and Mountain Demon all swayed before falling to the ground, unable to stand.

It turned out that their hands and feet had all been broken by Su Chen. They were no longer able to stand.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone felt fear in their hearts.

This Demon Face not only had an insidious personality, but his methods were similarly vicious. Evidently, he had never intended on letting Wolf Blade get off lightly.

“A thousand five hundred and seven Origin Stones. If you can't pay up, I will take it myself.” Su Chen had already felt out the pouch that was on Wolf Blade’s body.

Inside was the starsilver that Wolf Blade had gathered over a long period of time.

Upon opening it and taking a look, Su Chen casually withdrew his hand and said, “Only so little? I’ll take this for two hundred Origin Stones.”

Wolf Blade glared furiously at Su Chen. His pouch contained ten kilograms of refined starsilver, roughly equivalent to two thousand Origin Stones. However, Su Chen had cut its price down to only two hundred. However, this was not too much when compared to his Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade which was cut from a price of nearly ten thousand Origin Stones to only five hundred. Unfortunately, even his chin was being forcefully held by Su Chen; he wanted to speak but could not, and could only let out muffled yells.

Su Chen didn't pay any attention to him. He continued to search the pouches of Red Eagle and Mountain Demon. He found four and three and a half kilograms of starsilver as well, respectively, and these were also taken by Su Chen for one-tenth of the usual price.

The three pouches also contained a few other things, but Su Chen pretended as if they did not exist. Naturally, he just assigned them a random price.

“Adding on this blade, this is a total of a thousand Origin Stones. You still owe me five hundred and seven.” Su Chen stowed the blade away, then patted Wolf Blade’s face as he said, “You still haven't come out yet…… Li Shu.”

“This little one is here.” Li Shu had already ran out.

“Take them away for me. In the coming days, make them work here until they can repay their debts.”

“Yes, Sir.” Li Shu stepped forwards to take them away.

“Demon Face, isn’t this a little too extreme?” a voice suddenly spoke out at this moment.

Upon turning his head around, Su Chen saw a male-female pair sitting not far away from where he was.

Su Chen recognized this pair. They were a married couple; the male was called Bai Fan, and they were both Origin Qi Scholars in the Qi Drawing Realm. The one that had just spoken was the female. At this moment, she was staring at Su Chen as she said, “All they did was eat some of your meat and drink some of your wine. Just that blade is enough to buy more than ten of your wine shop, and yet you still want them to serve you as slaves? Isn’t this too extreme?”

“Oh? Is that so?” Su Chen glanced at that woman. “So Madame Bai can no longer stand by without interfering?”

“I’m just trying to say what is right,” the woman replied steadily.

Su Chen laughed, but because his demon mask covered his face, no one could see his grin.

Su Chen then said, “I didn’t know that Madame Bai was someone who was so chivalrous. Why didn’t such a chivalrous person speak up when these three were unwilling to pay for the meat and the wine that they had consumed?”

Madame Bai’s face instantly reddened. “Isn’t it just some wine and meat? Is it worth haggling over?”

Su Chen nodded his head. “So that’s how it is. Then according to Madame Bai, I should just release them?”

“You already took the money and the blade. Shouldn’t releasing them be reasonable?” Madame Bai countered.

Su Chen didn’t speak, but the killing intent in his heart surged.

Everyone knew that Wolf Blade and the others were subdued not because they were inferior in skill but rather because they had been poisoned.

Releasing them was equivalent to releasing a tiger back into its habitat. They would be back before two days to kill him.

No one wanted this kind of conclusion. The best way to deal with the situation would be just to kill them, completely killing off any future troubles that might occur.

But Su Chen hadn’t killed them. He had enlisted them as slaves instead.

Although they would suffer a little and they might be offended or lose some face, they at least would not die.

Not all of the guests in the wine shop understood Su Chen’s intentions, but those who had accumulated a sizable amount of worldly experience all understood that Su Chen was actually saving their lives.

Now, for Madame Bai to request their release, this was no longer a matter of saving people; this was a matter of killing people!

This was a proxy killing!

Either Su Chen would kill Wolf Blade.

Or Wolf Blade would kill Su Chen.

Su Chen did not know if this Madame Bai had intended it or not, but her actions had exceeded Su Chen’s bottom line.

Su Chen’s gaze landed on Bai Fan. He saw that Bai Fan had not moved at all.

Instantly, he understood.

The other party had done things on purpose.

Although Su Chen had taken care of Wolf Blade and his lackeys, he had used a cheap trick to do so.

Because it was a cheap trick, not everyone was satisfied, and so new people could easily jump out.

This was the difference between using force and using cheap tricks.

Only strength could satisfy everyone!

Others had also recognized this. Thus, they waited; they continued to watch from the sides

‘It seems that no matter what, I will need to kill some people today’, Su Chen sighed in his heart.

Then he said, “Okay, since that’s the case I will give him to you.”

With a kick, Wolf Blade was sent flying towards Madame Bai.

“That’s only proper,” Madame Bai laughed as she reached out for Wolf Blade. The instant that she grabbed onto him, her husband suddenly yelled out with panic next to her, “Wife, be careful!”

Madame Bai was startled.

All she saw was a dazzling blade light appear in front of Wolf Blade’s chest, shining as if it were a silver moon.

So pretty! She thought.

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