Book 5, Chapter 163: Arrival of a Visitor

Chapter 163: Arrival of a Visitor

When faced with Su Chen’s question, Golden Blaze hesitated for a moment, as if he wanted to say something but didn’t have the courage to do so.

When Su Chen saw this, he understood and said, “It’s ok. I wasn’t expecting Deep Blue Flame to leave much for me anyways. Tell me what he does have and that’s good enough.”

“Yes, sir,” Golden Blaze replied obediently. “His Majesty Deep Blue did have some personal wealth, but there is no way it will be enough to satisfy you, sir.”

“Hm? You mean to say that this guy doesn’t have a secret treasure stash for no reason except that he is incredibly poor?”

“Well…… Yes, that’s correct,” Golden Blaze replied.

Upon hearing Golden Blaze’s reply, Su Chen realized that Deep Blue Flame was actually having quite a hard time in Harpy territory.

Because of Sky City and the other Floating Points, the Harpies were lacking in offense but more than capable in defense. If they couldn’t expand their influence outward, they could only crack down in their own territory. The Harpies were also quite mobile, allowing them to sweep through the country day after day. Deep Blue Flame really had a hard time eking out a living. Unlike Kelesda, who had the protection of the Thousand Poisons Mountain, the Beasts in Harpy territory could only hide and scatter like rabbits.

Under these kinds of circumstances, it was only natural that Deep Blue Flame didn’t have much of a treasury to speak of. Of course, he wasn’t completely destitute - most of his riches came in the forms of Demonic Beast Origin Crystals and a few rare Origin Skills.

When he heard about the Origin Crystals, Su Chen’s eyes lit up.

He didn’t care about Origin Tools at all at this point. All he lacked was Origin Crystals. Deep Blue Flame was a Demonic Emperor, so it was only natural that he had an abundance of these Origin Crystals.

“Where are these Origin Crystals?” Su Chen asked.

“In…… Forest…… Forest Overlook Mountain. Yes, Forest Overlook Mountain,” Golden Blaze confirmed.

“Give me a more specific location.”

“On the western side of Forest Overlook Mountain is a bluish-green pool. The treasures are kept under that pool.”

Su Chen chuckled. “I think you’re carrying it on your finger, aren’t you?”

“What?” Golden Blaze was stunned and instinctively placed his hand behind his back.

“Don’t try and hide it. Just give it to me. Don’t worry, I will uphold my end of the agreement and help you escape.” Su Chen gestured.

Golden Blaze hesitated for a moment before taking off the Origin Ring on his finger and handing it over to Su Chen. “How did you know it was on my finger?”

“The lies you came up with were too stiff, and you also unconsciously glanced at your hand every time you talked about the treasures. You Beasts rarely use Origin Rings, and when you do, you usually use them to store your personal wealth, right? Unless you have too much.”

Su Chen opened up the Origin Ring and found it filled to the brim with Origin Crystals. There were two Demonic King crystals, seven Demonic Lord crystals, and a few plants. There weren’t many of them, but they were all quite rare.

Su Chen managed to harvest even more Origin Crystals from Deep Blue Flame’s Origin Ring than he had managed to take from the high-class region of Sky City.

“These crystals were originally going to be given to my father,” Golden Blaze muttered.

He had accompanied Deep Blue Flame on this expedition for this very reason. Unexpectedly, he had implicated himself in this situation.

“Pretty good!” Su Chen nodded with satisfaction. “What about Deep Blue Flame’s crystal?”

Golden Blaze unwillingly opened his mouth and spat out Deep Blue Flame’s Origin Crystal.

This Origin Crystal was both blue and red, and intricate carvings glowed on its surface. Obviously, it was in perfect condition.

“Very good!” Su Chen nodded with satisfaction

“I’ve given you the stuff now. When are we going to leave?” Golden Blaze asked.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Su Chen replied.

“What?” Golden Blaze began to grow agitated and he reached out to grab Su Chen’s hand. “You promised Deep Blue, and I fulfilled my end of the bargain. You can’t go back on your……”

Su Chen spun around and grabbed Golden Blaze by the throat, pinning him against a wall. “Kid, learn to be a little more tactful. I promised Deep Blue to save you, and I have every intention of fulfilling that promise. But when we leave and how we leave is up to me. Also, I need to remind you that I told Deep Blue that we humans and Beasts are always enemies first. I’m in a good mood today and want to keep my word, but if I wake up grumpy tomorrow, then I’ll just go back on my word once. It’s not a big deal. So…… make sure you don’t make me unhappy.”

Golden Blaze stared at Su Chen in a daze.

Even though he was a Demonic Beast, he was the son of a Beast Sovereign. Who would dare bully him? Who would dare deceive him?

But as soon as he left his father’s side, Su Chen taught him a good lesson.

When Golden Blaze saw Su Chen’s eyes, which were filled with killing intent, a wave of fear washed over him and he immediately nodded obediently, “Yes…… yes……”

“That’s more like it.” Su Chen patted him on his face. “Being more tactful will be good for you and me both.”

As he spoke, he turned around and left.

Anyone else probably would have been so scared that they lost their ability to speak. This Golden Blaze, however, was quite talkative and didn’t forget to ask, “So where are we going now?”

“Find a place and wait it out. We’re going to play a game of hide-and-seek.”


“Yes, hide-and-seek…… They’ve arrived, so it’s time for us to play the game,” Su Chen replied.

Golden Blaze had no idea what Su Chen was talking about.

“Your Majesty, all of the infiltrating Beasts have been killed, and the Thousand Poisons Toad has also been killed. We Harpies have managed to successfully destroy yet another Desolate Beast!”

Lonely Skyleap knelt before Eternal Night as he reported the situation.

“I saw,” Eternal Night said with no joy on his expression. “I’m more interested in our casualties.”

Lonely Skyleap’s exuberance was also extinguished. “We’re clarifying right now and haven’t been able to come up with an exact number yet.”

“Hm……” Eternal Night said, purposefully drawing out his words.

Lonely Skyleap’s heart trembled. “But the estimates right now are at least…… a hundred twenty thousand, perhaps more!”

A massive wave of pressure suddenly exploded forth in the room. Even Kelesda frowned, thinking to himself that this old man was truly frighteningly powerful, so much so that he was probably even more powerful than himself.

Eternal Night was in a terrible mood.

They should have been able to wipe out the Desolate Beast with only thirty thousand casualties at first, but the sudden change in situation at the Harpies’ southern border had caused this number to nearly quadruple. How could Eternal Night not be infuriated?

This number didn’t even include the Harpy civilians that had died due to the Beast invasion of the inner city.

These people were all Harpy elites. Such a significant loss would cause the sweetness of any victory to turn sour.

The Harpies would have a hard time recovering from such a massive loss. This would probably take hundreds of years before they could return to a similar level of strength. How could Eternal Night not feel hatred?

“Halcyon Wing Streak!” Eternal Night growled again.

He had no idea who the human was, so Halcyon Wing Streak’s name was being dragged through the mud, and the Halcyon Wing Clan had been completely wiped out during the battle to defend the city. A few of them had survived the battle, but Eternal Night had no intentions of taking things halfway and had the survivors executed to prevent any problems from arising in the future.

When Lonely Skyleap and Kelesda heard this name, they also itched with anger.

Eternal Night asked, “What about Deep Blue Flame?”

Lonely Skyleap replied, “Deep Blue Flame is dead, and Halcyon Wing Streak took his corpse. A three-legged golden bird was also with him. Based on our analysis, he could be Sovereign Inferno’s son.”

The pressure began to increase, forcing Lonely Skyleap prostrate on the ground.

Eternal Night’s voice was incredibly harsh. “Why would Sovereign Inferno’s son appear here? Why am I only hearing about this now?”

“We also…… just found out!” Lonely Skyleap stammered in response.

It wasn’t that he was careless. The battlefield was filled with countless deaths, so focusing on a small three-legged golden bird truly might have been a bit overkill. It was only after finding out about Deep Blue Flame’s movements that he was able to determine this.

To Eternal Night, the greatest loss was letting Golden Blaze escape.

He didn’t really care much about Deep Blue Flame’s corpse, since that was merely a matter of wealth. Golden Blaze, however, was a political figure of incredible importance.

Letting him get away was a huge missed opportunity. Eternal Night was having a hard time not blowing a gasket.

“You’re sure he’s in Halcyon Wing Streak’s hands?”

“Yes, sir!” Lonely Skyleap replied with a frown. He couldn’t actually confirm, but at that moment, he could only hope that this information was true.

Eternal Night thought for a moment before saying, “The three-legged golden bird being taken away by Halcyon Wing Streak is both a good thing and a bad thing. His teleportation skills will probably be incredibly limited now.”

He turned to face Kelesda. “Is Halcyon Wing Streak still in Sky City?”

“Yes,” Kelesda replied with a nod.

At this point, he was only able to determine whether Su Chen was within a certain location or not.

“Still here……” Eternal Night muttered. “It’s a good thing he’s still here. That means we still have an opportunity.”

After a moment’s thought, he said, “Night God Verdant.”

“Here.” Night God Verdant stepped out of rank.

“Go and ask the Origin Light Castle whether the guests we are waiting for have arrived yet. It’s about time.”

“Yes, sir!” Night God Verdant replied hurriedly.

Not long after he left, a Harpy official flew towards the palace at high speed.

“Sir Night Got Verdant!” the official greeted him respectfully.

“It’s you?” Night God Verdant recognized the messenger and said, “Do you have news from the Origin Light Castle?”

The official replied, “That’s what I’m here for. The guests have arrived.”

“Wonderful.” Night God Verdant was delighted, and he dragged the official back with him to the palace.

He charged into the palace and knelt before Eternal Night. “Good news, Your Majesty!”

Eternal Night was still looking through the reports and didn’t even lift his head. “The guests are here?”

“Yes. Your Majesty, please tell us how we should proceed?”

“Place them under house arrest at the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion and try to not let them leave. Have the pavilion’s owner ask them some questions about this fake Halcyon Wing Streak.”


“Find someone who has the gift of speech to meet with Halcyon Wing Streak and inform him that we have the Zhu Clan’s members in our hands. If he doesn’t want them to die, he must meet with me. As long as he is willing to hand over what he stole, I am willing to keep him alive. Remember, that person must do their best to lower his guard. All we want to do is talk with him; he can pick the location. Stall for time as much as possible. Before that happens, place a restrictive Origin Formation down where the negotiation will take place. We also need to confirm the fate of the three-legged golden bird……”

Eternal Night listed out his commands. In his mind, a web made to ensnare Su Chen was beginning to spread.

Even so, the spread of this web ran into problems almost immediately.

The officer responsible for locating Su Chen reported back: Halcyon Wing Streak had disappeared.

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