Book 5, Chapter 144: Mutual Scheming

Chapter 144: Mutual Scheming

After dealing with the opponents in the main hall, he was just about to step outside when he saw a bunch of Mother Goddess Sect disciples pouring in his direction.

None of them belonged to the group that Serene Dream Lotus Crown had taken with her. They were merely Harpies who happened to be nearby and had heard the commotion.

When he saw that it was just a bunch of random individuals, he paid them no mind and flew off into the distance.

He needed to leave quickly. Serene Dream Lotus Crown and the others could return at any moment in time. Even though Su Chen had already left a clone outside and could teleport as he pleased, it was better if he didn’t use that have to use that skill. As long as he wasn’t in a dire situation, Su Chen would rather have remained in Sky City for a bit longer.

Yes, he wanted to spend as much time as possible in Sky City, wreaking havoc and robbing the place as much as he could.

Humans and Harpies had never been on good terms. As long as the circumstances allowed for it, both parties would do their best to sabotage the other. This was not only a selfish matter but a matter that involved the survival of a race.

As such, Su Chen’s actions might have seemed evil in the sight of the Harpies, but humans would undoubtedly view it as good.

A great good!

What an enemy considered good was undoubtedly bad for you, and vice versa.

Su Chen wasn’t the Mother Goddess. He had no heart for tens of thousands of races or to try and create everlasting peace. If possible, he would rather unite the entire Primordial Continent under a human banner.

If one day this really happened, Su Chen was willing to consider sparing some resources to help those from other races.

For this reason, he needed to take advantage of any opportunity he was given to cause damage.

Weaken the opponent and strengthen himself.

Even that Desolate Beast had been drawn over by Su Chen’s clone.

Without question, the Desolate Beast would create the most destruction, which would also create the most opportunities for him.

Su Chen’s plan was to use Kelesda to deal with the Mother Goddess Sect and the Desolate Beast to deal with Sky Country as a whole.

If he had no assistance, he would create it. The people chasing him had become his helpers.

In that moment, Su Chen had basically managed to achieve the impossible.

Su Chen left the temple and flew out a ways.

But as he flew along, he began to wonder why he wasn’t seeing any commotion off in the distance. A battle between two legendary opponents should have been heaven-shaking.

In other words, they hadn’t started fighting yet?

A trace of uneasiness surfaced in Su Chen’s heart.

Su Chen had managed to use Kelesda to completely loot the Mother Goddess Sect. However, his primary goal was to use the Mother Goddess Sect to finish off Kelesda.

He had managed to achieve his auxiliary goal, but his primary goal hadn’t been achieved. In that sense, Su Chen’s plan had failed.

This frustrated him immensely.

If Kelesda didn’t die, that would mean that he needed to constantly run and hide.

Even so, no plan would go smoothly one hundred percent of the time. Accidents were bound to happen.

The creator of a plan could only control the direction of a situation, not the details.

Su Chen didn’t know that it was precisely his drawing of the Desolate Beast that caused Serene Dream Lotus Crown to hesitate killing Kelesda - Su Chen could use the Desolate Beast, but so could Kelesda. After all, Kelesda wasn’t an idiot either.

At the base of Vast Cloud Peak.

Kelesda’s words completely stopped Serene Dream Lotus Crown and the others in their tracks.

“This…… How is this possible?” the Head Bishops muttered amongst themselves.

The onslaught of a Desolate Beast wasn’t a small matter.

Kelesda calmly said, “You can ask your subordinate whether or not it’s true.

As he spoke, he waved his arm. A few figures suddenly flew through the air. They were the Mother Goddess Sect disciples who had been sent to the southwest to scout out the situation. So they had fallen into Kelesda’s hands.

Kelesda had discovered them while he was chasing Su Chen. Upon discovering that they were Mother Goddess Sect disciples, Kelesda immediately captured them but didn’t kill them. He took them with him to see the Desolate Beast currently on the move before taking them with him to Sky City.

“Evening Moon!” One of the Head Bishops recognized his subordinate and cried out.

“Sect Master Serene Dream, Head Bishop Rainbow Light, there is a Desolate Beast! It’s currently headed in the direction of Sky City!” a few of the subordinates cried out.

Even though they had fallen into the hands of an enemy, they didn’t forget to immediately report the most important information.

Serene Dream Lotus Crown trembled slightly when she heard the news.

She quickly recovered, however, and asked, “The Desolate Beast’s movements should have been incredibly random. Why is it headed directly for Sky City?”

“It’s being drawn in this direction,” one of the oldest Harpies replied, kneeling.

It’s being drawn?

All of the Harpies felt their vision go black.

Who would be that vicious?

The first person these high-status Harpies thought of was Kelesda, but they weren’t idiots either. There was no need for Kelesda to risk his life and give this information to them. After all, the informants probably would have said it was Kelesda immediately and wouldn’t have forgotten such a critical piece of information.

In other words, they didn’t know who was responsible either.

Could it be…...

An image appeared in Serene Dream Lotus Crown’s heart, causing her to tremble.

An instant later, her eyes began to glow strangely as a Harpy’s image appeared in the air. It was a projection of Halcyon Wing Streak.

Without Serene Dream Lotus Crown saying anything, a few of the disciples automatically cried out, “It’s him, it’s him! He was constantly using lightning to strike the Desolate Beast and draw it over.”

So it was him.

Serene Dream Lotus Crown felt her vision go blurry.

“You, you, and you, immediately return……”

She hadn’t even finished speaking when Kelesda said, “There’s no need. You won’t be able to catch him. Don’t forget, he was able to make it all the way here from the Thousand Poisons Mountain even though I was chasing him the whole way.”

When they heard this, everyone was stunned.

Right, this kid had been chased by Kelesda the whole way over.

Wait a second.

If he had been being chased by Kelesda, how was he to also draw the Desolate Beast along?

Everyone glanced at Kelesda, revealing suspicious expressions.

Kelesda understood what they were thinking and chuckled coldly. “Are you wondering how he can provoke the Desolate Beast even though he was being chased by me? Actually, you should have asked another question first. Why did I not try to stop him when I saw him provoking the Desolate Beast?”

The Mother Goddess Sect’s members all harrumphed, thinking to themselves that it was already strange enough that he wasn’t the one provoking the Desolate Beast. There was nothing to wonder about.

Kelesda, however, said, “Because it was his clone.”


“Yes, clone!” Kelesda replied with conviction. “This brat has a few incredible skills at his disposal. He can create clones from his blood essence; with enough essence, he can construct many clones that can use all his abilities and are only somewhat weaker than the true body. As long as the blood essence of the clone is not consumed, they will persist. Most shockingly, they can actually recover energy by consuming medicines and spiritual herbs. His clone was the one provoking the Desolate Beast, so it would be pointless even if I were to kill it. He would quickly form a dozen more and send them to take turns in provoking the beast. Unless I guarded the Desolate Beast day and night, I wouldn’t be able to stop him from doing that. But then that would have been according to his plan, as I would not have been able to chase after him.”

“But you still weren’t able to catch up to him.”

“Yes, because this brat also knows an Arcana Technique by the name of Whitetower Teleportation.”

“Whitetower Teleportation? Isn’t that the invention of that Arcanist organization?” One of the Head Bishops was somewhat familiar with ancient history and knew a little about Whitetower.

“Yes,” Kelesda sighed. “But Whitetower Teleportation has almost transformed in this brat’s hands. Not only can he teleport much farther, he has managed to combine the power of his blood clones. As long as his blood clones are present, he can teleport to them and completely ignore distance.”

“How is that possible? Can he leap ten thousand kilometers at once?”

Kelesda replied, “Ten thousand kilometers would probably be impossible. Based on what I can sense, the further he jumps, the more of a burden is placed on his body. Ten thousand kilometers might kill him immediately. But teleporting a few tens of kilometers in rapid succession can quickly result in a few hundred kilometers.”

The Head Bishops were all stunned.

Origin Qi Scholars typically found it difficult to even teleport a single kilometer. Even for Arcana Technique Masters, hundreds of kilometers was a shocking number.

“How can he possibly teleport that far?” Some of the Head Bishops couldn’t understand.

Serene Dream Lotus Crown was the one who answered. “If his mastery of spatial power is high enough, he might have some comprehension of spatial method power. If he then mixes in his blood clones, he should be able to achieve an effect similar to that.”

Kelesda sighed in praise, “Sect Master Serene Dream is right. Yes, this brat has comprehended spatial method power.”

“But isn’t he only at the Ninth Ring? He’s not a legendary Arcana Master!” Everyone once again burst into commotion.

Possessing method power while not being at the legendary level was simply unbelievable!

Kelesda sighed, “That’s why I kept him trapped for over a year. This kid has a lot of secrets on him that are impossible to understand. I had no idea how he did it. To me, this kid himself is far more important than any of the treasures that I lost.”

“Heavens, our secret treasure store……” When the Head Bishops heard Kelesda’s words, they finally realized how dangerous it was to leave someone like Su Chen alone in the Mother Goddess Sect’s territory.

Some of them wanted to go back immediately.

Serene Dream Lotus Crown, however, said, “There’s no point in going back now. It’s been so long that he has probably already gotten what he was after. And even if you went back, you wouldn’t be able to catch him…… How would you catch him if he can teleport ten kilometers at once?”

All of the Head Bishops were stunned.

“Should we just let him do as he pleases?” some of the Head Bishops said with dissatisfaction.

“That depends on what Sir Kelesda over here thinks. Isn’t that right?” Serene Dream Lotus Crown turned to face Kelesda.

Kelesda chuckled and bowed to Serene Dream Lotus Crown. “So even a wanted felon like me can become an ally?”

“An ally?” The Head Bishops were all stunned.

“Yes, an ally. Only I can lock onto Halcyon Wing Streak’s position and find him at any given point in time,” Kelesda said with a smile. “And only I can help you catch him.”

This alliance was the whole reason why Kelesda had ignored the peril he was in and met with them.

Su Chen wanted to use Kelesda to draw away the Mother Goddess Sect and steal away their treasures. Kelesda saw what he was after but didn’t try to stop him at all.

The reason was very simple.

The best way for him to ally with a sworn enemy was to first get rid of his status as the most wanted criminal.

He might not be able to get rid of the terrible things he had done, but he could create an even more frightening individual.

Even though Su Chen had merely robbed the Mother Goddess Sect and baited the Desolate Beast into drawing near, these two actions alone were more than enough to turn him into Sky City’s most wanted enemy.

An enemy, not just a criminal!

At that moment, Su Chen’s threat level had already reached a point where the entire country was in danger.

What was Kelesda in comparison?

Allying with Kelesda to deal with Su Chen was a complete necessity.

This was exactly what Kelesda wanted. Even though he could see what Su Chen’s plan was, he allowed it to happen, even helping Su Chen waste time so that he could succeed.

Only if Su Chen succeeded would Kelesda be able to succeed.

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