Book 5, Chapter 141: Mother Goddess Temple (3)

Chapter 141: Mother Goddess Temple (3)

Serene Dream Lotus Crown left, and Flowing Jade Fragrance returned.

Her gaze towards Su Chen was still filled with disgust.

She coldly said, “Her Majesty has given an order. Follow me.”

Su Chen, however, didn’t leave. He said, “I heard that the Mother Goddess Sect possesses a kind of secret medicine that can deal with heart barriers.”

“You must be talking about the Clear Heart Pill. I can go and grab it for you now.”

Su Chen, however, shook his head. “I’m not talking about the Clear Heart Pill. Its medicinal effects are too weak, and it also causes a person’s consciousness to irrevocably become a bit lax. I’m looking for the Jade Maple Extract.”

Flowing Jade Fragrance turned to stare at Su Chen. “That’s something only obtainable by those with a tier one contribution. Your contributions are still far too little to merit that kind of reward.”

Su Chen replied, “As far as I know, I can improve my contribution tier with offerings. How much do I need to offer to raise my contribution tier?”

Flowing Jade Fragrance glanced at Su Chen. “You’ve made thorough preparations, haven’t you?”

Su Chen replied, “I thought about this for a long time on my way here. No matter what, I must break through this heart barrier. Only then will I be able to wipe away my humiliation and shatter the chains that bind my heart.”

When Flowing Jade Fragrance heard this, she finally softened slightly, as if she understood what “Halcyon Wing Streak” was going through. She nodded. “Fine, if you want to raise your contribution to tier one, then it will take a million Origin Stones. If you……”

Su Chen pulled out an Origin Ring.

Wasn’t it just a million Origin Stones? That was nothing to Su Chen.

If it weren’t for the fact that not everyone could consecrate offerings, Su Chen wouldn’t have met with Serene Dream Lotus Crown in the first place.

It was too dangerous!

Even though his conversation with Serene Dream Lotus Crown appeared to be simple and straightforward, even a moment’s carelessness would have cost him everything.

After all, Serene Dream Lotus Crown was a legendary Arcana Master herself. It was totally believable if she saw through Su Chen’s disguise.

The main reason she hadn’t been able to see through his disguise was because she couldn’t possibly investigate every Harpy that requested an audience with her. But if she was even remotely suspicious, then it would have been impossible for Su Chen to avoid being inspected.

His move of meeting with the Sect Master was truly risky. Given Su Chen’s aversion to taking large risks, he wouldn’t have done so unless he had no other choice.

When Flowing Jade Fragrance saw Su Chen’s Origin Ring, she was momentarily taken aback. And when she took a look inside, she was stunned. “You……”

“I haven’t been doing nothing these past few days,” Su Chen replied.

“It appears that you have indeed worked quite hard.” Flowing Jade Fragrance shot him a glance as she took out a portion worth a million Origin Stones before returning the rest to Su Chen. “Wait for me here.”

“Head Bishop, will you allow me to go to the storeroom with you? What I’m trying to ask is, I want to see if there is anything else that would be useful. I have a bit of extra money on me anyways……” Su Chen didn’t say anymore, but Flowing Jade Fragrance understood his intentions. After a moment’s thought, she nodded and said, “Fine. Come with me.”

Trading offerings for rewards was a big revenue stream for the Mother Goddess Sect. Otherwise, this action wouldn’t have been allowed.

Since Halcyon Wing Streak had saved up quite a bit of money and was willing to spend it all here, Flowing Jade Fragrance had no intention of stopping him.

She led Su Chen all the way to the storeroom.

The Mother Goddess Sect’s storeroom was located to the rear of the Mother Goddess Temple.

The couple of disciples standing guard all bowed in greeting to Flowing Jade Fragrance when they saw her.

Su Chen could tell that even though these disciples were mere guards, all of them were at least at the Light Shaking Realm.

The presence of Light Shaking Realm guards indicated that whatever was being kept in the storeroom was still quite valuable.

Yes, Su Chen had gone through all this trouble not to make some kind of offering for the Mother Goddess Sect, but instead to take advantage of the chaos he had caused at the Thousand Poisons Mountain to completely plunder the Mother Goddess Sect’s vaults.

Kelesda served as the perfect bait. With him present, the Mother Goddess Sect would definitely react to this opponent in full force — or at least, most of their experts would make an appearance.

That was an excellent opportunity for Su Chen.

He could also rely on this excuse of searching for a special type of medicine to get into the storeroom.

When they arrived at the storeroom, Flowing Jade Fragrance said, “Please wait here for a moment. I will first go and grab a list of storeroom’s inventory for you. Feel free to browse through and pick out whatever else you’d like to exchange for based on your contribution; in the meantime, I will go and grab the medicine for you.”

As she spoke, she headed for the door.

Su Chen knew that this was probably his best opportunity. Flowing Jade Fragrance would never actually bring him into the storeroom. As such, Su Chen said, “Please wait a moment.”

“Hm?” Flowing Jade Fragrance was taken aback.

Su Chen said in a low voice, “Look into my eyes.”

Flowing Jade Fragrance glanced in his direction, only to find a strange glow filling his eyes. Her heart trembled momentarily before she fell deep into Su Chen’s consciousness technique.

“Whew!” Su Chen sighed with relief when he saw this.

Even though he had been able to trick a legendary Arcana Master like Kelesda, and dealing with Flowing Jade Fragrance should be much easier in comparison, he had no idea whether Flowing Jade Fragrance would have some kind of special technique that specifically resisted illusion techniques. The Mother Goddess Sect was guarded by some kind of divine power, so their members’ natural defense against consciousness techniques were stronger than average. In addition, they were currently inside the Mother Goddess Temple. Su Chen wouldn’t have been surprised if he had failed, so he had chosen this moment to make his move. In the event that he did fail, he could still accomplish his mission through force and grab a handful of treasures before running.

But it seemed that his luck at the moment was quite good. At the very least, he didn’t need to make a move immediately.

Su Chen then commanded, “Bring me into the storeroom.”

Flowing Jade Fragrance nodded as she brought Su Chen into the storeroom.

With Flowing Jade Fragrance leading him through, the guards couldn’t say anything and obediently let them in.

Naturally, Su Chen began to plunder the place dry.

The storeroom did have some good items: Sourceless Water, Ocean Sand, Thousand Suns Fruit, Heavenly Psyche Conch, Bluewater Lily, etc. Almost all of these ingredients were considered rare-tier, and there were even some that were quite hard to find. The Origin Tools were basically all Grade Four or above, while the medicines were at least at the Distinguished level. Every item here would be hard to find anywhere else.

Even so, that was all he could find.

Su Chen couldn’t find any legendary ingredients or an Master-tier medicines in the storeroom. He was also unable to find any Grade Two Origin Tools either.

That made sense. This storeroom was only for rare items. It wasn’t a core storeroom, so the truly good items wouldn’t be kept here.

As such, Su Chen sent out his Air Tentacles, quickly looted the entire place, and then asked Flowing Jade Fragrance, “Where is the core storeroom?”

Flowing Jade Fragrance replied, “I don’t know.”

It wasn’t strange that Flowing Jade Fragrance didn’t know, given her status.

Su Chen wasn’t absolutely intent on finding it in the first place. He had managed to obtain quite a few treasures already, and he was always earning more than he could afford to spend anyways. He had only recently managed to convert many of those treasures into his personal strength, but then he had robbed Fate’s Hands clean. Now, he had managed to also rob the Mother Goddess Sect. Even if he wasn’t able to find the core storeroom, that was totally fine.

But that Divine Feather was a pity.

Those Divine Feathers were truly good items. Even though Su Chen hadn’t figured out how to control them yet, he had made some advances in his understanding of the feathers. It was entirely possible that he would be able to unlock the secrets contained in these feathers in due time, so Su Chen held quite a bit of hope toward these feathers.

When he thought of this, Su Chen said, “So you probably don’t know where the Divine Feather is, do you?”

He had originally just thrown the question out there carelessly, but unexpectedly, Flowing Jade Fragrance actually answered. “It’s in the main hall of the temple, held within the statue of the Mother Goddess’s hand. It is nourished by the divine light shining upon it.”

“Hm?” Su Chen was taken aback.

So the existence of this Divine Feather was actually common knowledge.

Su Chen had some understanding of the Divine Feathers. He knew that, as soon as they appeared in the world, their divine power would gradually dissipate as time passed. For this reason, Night God Sun had refused to take it out until the very last moment, and was also why the Divine Feathers that Su Chen currently possessed were tightly sealed in a crystal.

The Divine Feather on the statue, however, was obviously different. Apparently, it was directly connected to the Mother Goddess herself, and it was constantly receiving her divine power. Not only could this Divine Feather be openly exposed, but it could even directly absorb divine power. Any Divine Feather that had lost some of its energy in the outside world could be placed onto the statue to be nourished and recover its divinity.

As for the feathers that weren’t being nourished, they would either be sealed or would disintegrate after being completely used up.

After Night God Sun’s death, the Mother Goddess Sect only had two Divine Feathers remaining. One was being used in the outside world, while the other was securely displayed by the Mother Goddess Sect.

However, the Mother Goddess Sect’s main temple was used for consecrating valuable offerings, so the restrictive precautions set in place there were exceptionally strict.

Even Flowing Jade Fragrance wouldn’t be allowed to enter that place without special permission.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been impossible for Su Chen to even try and get anywhere near it.

However, now that most of the experts of the Mother Goddess Sect had been drawn away by Kelesda, now was a perfect time. Su Chen wouldn’t have been satisfied if he didn’t at least give it a try.

As such, after but a moment’s thought, Su Chen determinedly said, “Let’s go to the main hall.”

In any case, with Light Shaking Phantom, he could easily escape even if he couldn’t defeat whatever defenses were erected. What did he have to fear?

“Yes.” Flowing Jade Fragrance was thoroughly under Su Chen’s control, so she was completely obedient towards him. She led Su Chen right to the main hall.

At this moment, the situation in the main hall was exactly as Su Chen expected. No powerful experts were present there right now.

However, that wasn’t entirely the truth. Though the Mother Goddess Sect did in fact have to deal with Kelesda, they hadn’t completely abandoned the main hall. On the contrary, the core strength of the main temple’s defense hadn’t been affected at all. However, now that Su Chen had gotten stronger, his view of what was considered powerful had also changed accordingly.

He was already a peak Ninth-Tier Arcana Master, and this mastery extended to the elements of wind, fire, and thunder, as well as his consciousness. When factoring in his peak-level physique and his Light Shaking Realm cultivation base, most Ninth Ring Arcana Masters would be knocked around helplessly by him. He was even able to fight evenly against most Tenth Ring Arcana Masters. And if he used wind and thunder Method Power, he could even defeat most Tenth Ring Arcana Masters.

As such, unless they were a legendary Arcana Master, Su Chen really wouldn’t consider them a worthy opponent.

The Mother Goddess Sect couldn’t possibly have Tenth Ring Arcana Masters stand guard at the main temple, so the presence of these guards was actually nearly irrelevant. Even if Su Chen hadn’t created a diversion, there wouldn’t have been any Tenth-Ring Arcana Masters standing guard here.

But his diversionary tactic was better than nothing. Otherwise, the powerful individuals would have been nearby and could have responded to the situation fairly quickly. Their absence from the vicinity made it much easier for Su Chen to do whatever he wanted.

The current strongest guards at the Mother Goddess Temple’s main hall was an Eighth-Ring Arcana Master, and a templar captain who had somehow managed to raise his strength to the level of a normal Arcanist, probably by cultivating some kind of secret technique. Besides them, there were also thirty templars and thirty Arcana Masters standing guard.

“Not bad, not bad. Seems like I can give this a try now,” Su Chen said with a slight smile.

His eyes began to glow as his gaze swept over all of the guards.

This time, he wanted to take control of all of them at the same time.

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