Book 5, Chapter 124: Total Extermination

Chapter 124: Total Extermination

Su Chen’s wings had been black at first.

That was the color of the Violent Raven King.

But after absorbing the Wind and Thunder Spirit Totems, the color of his wings had changed.

His left and right wing were now different colors. His left wing had taken on a greenish hue, and small vortexes of air seemed to be revolving near it. These vortexes had the unique ability to constantly absorb and transmit wind. His right wing had now become blue, with faint tendrils of lightning dancing across its surface.

When the power of wind and thunder were combined, the light emanating from the two wings seemed to fill the entire hall.

No one else had any right to be present before him.

Su Chen flapped his wings, floating in the air as he said in a low voice, “You all…… are quite arrogant, aren’t you?”

Then, he moved.

The Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared yet again.

It was still the four-faced incarnation. This time, however, a pair of wings had appeared on its back.

Su Chen’s aspect had formerly been derived from Windbite, but he was now finally beginning to escape from total reliance on the Windbite bloodline. This was an important step for him to take.

The Primordial Blood Aspect had not only sprouted wings; it was now also surrounded by lightning clouds blown about by gusts of wind.

Su Chen’s Primordial Blood Aspect formerly only amplified his strength variably depending on which direction he specialized in. At the time, that was primarily his shadow flames.

But now, not only had Su Chen elevated his mastery of wind and thunder, but the function of his Primordial Blood Aspect was not as simple as before either.

The aspect’s illusory image almost appeared as if it had come to life.

Previously, its image was purely illusory. Now, however, it appeared as if there were some tangible aspects to it, like this creature actually existed on this continent. It possessed Su Chen’s bloodline, which bestowed Su Chen’s strength to it as well.

However, the people who truly understood Su Chen best would know that this wasn’t Su Chen’s bloodline power, or rather that no one had given him this bloodline power - it was of his own creation.

He had actually created an existence by absorbing the power of other bloodlines and merging them together to create a human bloodline that surpassed all other bloodlines.

That was the Primordial Blood Aspect!

It had unlimited room to grow.

And in that moment, its appearance completely stunned everyone present.

This time, it was no longer merely illusory or merely amplifying Su Chen’ strength.

This time, it was really alive!

“ROAR!” The Primordial Blood Aspect reared its head as it stood behind Su Chen, howling angrily.

This howl seemed to pierce to the soul, causing anyone who heard it to tremble violently.

The Primordial Blood Aspect raised its hands angrily in the air before first unleashing a violent gust of wind, followed by a blade formed from lightning.

“Hurricane of Death and Lightning God’s Blade?” Inigo’s voice was an octave higher than usual.

These two skills were both Ninth-Ring Arcana Techniques, brimming with unfathomable power.

Su Chen was truly at the Ninth Ring now!

Even so, this was not the scariest thing.

The scariest thing was that he was able to use a Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique as soon as he reached the Ninth Ring!

The scariest thing was that he was able to give the illusory image behind his back the ability to independently use Arcana Techniques!

The scariest thing was that he had managed to unleash two Ninth-Ring Arcana Techniques simultaneously!

This was something that should have only been possible for very experienced Ninth-Ring Arcana Masters, but a mere apparition behind Su Chen had managed to do it.

He was now only a step away from reaching the very peak!

How could Inigo not be stunned and frightened?

Night God Sun and the others were all terrified.

This was too excessive!

Su Chen’s strength was increasing at a meteoric rate!

How were they supposed to fight a person like him?

Hurricane of Death was another area-of-effect skill. It wrapped up Inigo and the others as soon as it appeared, but it also seemed to have a mind of its own and nimbly avoided Su Chen’s allies.

The Thunder God’s Blade was a single-target attack that cleaved down at Li Daohong.

Su Chen’s primary target was still Li Daohong.

“You won’t be able to kill me!” Li Daohong howled frantically.

At that moment, he pulled out a number of other treasures in rapid succession.

Li Daohong truly had deep pockets, but every item he pulled out only caused Su Chen’s killing intent to surge.

This was because most of those treasures had all come from unrighteous means.

He was truly twisted and wicked!

Given his imperial bloodline, it would have been easy for him to obtain countless treasures in a much more upright manner. However, Li Daohong’s twisted gratification in bloodshed and evil deeds had led him down this path instead.

He must die!

Su Chen coolly said as he watched Li Daohong scramble, “Do you think those skills are the only ones you need to worry about?”

Su Chen raised his hand, which was now holding the Flowing Gold Blade.

A wave of black flames climbed up the surface of the blade.

The attack of wind and thunder was totally unleashed by the Primordial Blood aspect. Su Chen’s hands were still free.

As Su Chen’s desire to do battle surged, so too did his vigor and strength.

It had been a long time since his blood had felt this hot.

This time, he was going to enjoy the slaughter!

The effects of the Vitality Totem had granted him incredible physical strength. His Arcana Techniques had not been the only things to get stronger!


As Su Chen roared, the Flowing Gold Blade descended.

Li Daohong had seen this black-flame-covered blade before, but the sensation it gave Li Daohong was now on par with the might of the Thunder God’s Blade.

The shadowy flames themselves hadn’t improved, nor had the Flowing Gold Blade.

But Su Chen had.

His strength was now much greater, and his killing intent was in full force. His comprehension of the elements had also progressed markedly.

His strength melded together with the Arcana Technique beautifully, resulting in a beautiful blade strike.

“Blood Illumination Cleanse!” Su Chen yelled.

This was the name he had created for this attack.

Using Li Daohong’s blood, he would wash away the darkness Li Daohong had created and restore the light!


The blade descended.

Li Daohong discovered that he was powerless in the face of this attack.

When he used the River of Sand Gourd, the sand crumbled. When he used the Jade Armguard, it shattered. When he used the Fiend Pennant, the pennant was destroyed and the fiends scattered. Li Daohong attempted to use every single treasure at his disposal but found that he couldn’t stop Su Chen’s attack in the slightest.

As the blade descended on him, he let out a final desperate cry. “NOO!!!”


The Flowing Gold Blade slashed past Li Daohong’s body.

Li Daohong’s cry was cut off.

His body swayed for a moment before it split in half.

This blade had severed his lifesource, making it impossible for him to regenerate.

Death in a single strike.

Su Chen sheathed his blade and turned around, grabbing Night God Sun.

This grab was filled with incredible authority, making it seem as if it was impossible to stop.

Night God Sun activated the Divine Feather to its limit. “Inigo, help me stop that attack! I’m going to gather my strength and merge my Divine Feather with the other one. That way we can take him down with us!”

“Fine!” Inigo agreed and attacked.


He placed his hand on Night God Sun’s back. This unassuming palm was placed right on Night God Sun’s wings. Night God Sun tilted his head back and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Most importantly, this palm strike knocked a golden feather right off of Night God Sun’s wing.

The Divine Feather.

Because Night God Sun had been constantly using it, its glow had become much fainter.

But at the very least, it was still glowing with divine power.

Night God Sun’s aura immediately plummeted.

He turned around in disbelief.

Inigo stood behind him, staring at him coldly.

“You……” Night God Sun spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in dying,” Inigo replied.

Su Chen’s large hand had already wrapped itself around Inigo’s throat, lifting him into the air. “So even a sage has moments where he fears death?”

Inigo smiled slightly, “Even a sage is a living being. Living creatures all fear death. That is not really a surprise.”

“So why should I spare you? Because you attacked Night God Sun? You should be quite clear that I could have dealt with him without your help.”

His harrumph was punctuated by the rumbling of thunder.

The peals of thunder could be heard echoing throughout the temple.

These sounds were not mere sounds - they also contained the power of thunder and were real attacks. All of the other opponents were blasted aside, sending Night God Sun and Holly Keen flying.

Su Chen growled, “Apart from the person I am holding, I do not need any of these other people alive!”

Zhu Chenhuan, Li Chongshan, and the Boundless Sect’s subordinates were more than happy to attack, swallowing up their opponents in a sea of sword light. No matter how they pleaded for mercy, they eventually died to the blade.

Very soon, only Inigo remained in the main hall.

At that moment, Night God Sun’s Divine Feather slowly floated to the ground.

No one went to pick it up. Everyone stared intently at Inigo.

Only then did Su Chen restrain his aura. His wings folded back into his body, and his Primordial Blood Aspect disappeared.

He stood there as if he was a commoner, yet his hand was still wrapped around Inigo’s throat. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”

Inigo smiled bitterly. “Can you put me down first?”

“No, I think we’ll talk like this. I like the feeling of holding a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master’s neck in my hand,” Su Chen replied.

“...... Fate’s Hands and Immortal Temple are on good terms. As far as I am aware, Sir Su and the Immortal Temple have a good relationship as well.”

“The Immortal Temple is too loudmouthed for their own good. I don’t know how good my relationship with them will be in the future if this continues.”

“I hope that Sir Su can consider the Immortal Temple when making this decision……”

“You didn’t mention anything about the Immortal Temple when you were teaming up with them. This kind of claim has no traction; you’d better find a different reason.”

“If you are willing to spare me, Fate’s Hands is willing to become friends with Sir Su and develop a cooperative relationship.”

“If I don’t even care about the Immortal Temple, why would I care about Fate’s Hands? As for collaborations, do you know how many people on this continent want to collaborate with me? I can put any technique up in the Dreamrealm right now and earn billions of Origin Stones. What kind of collaboration could you possibly offer?”

“Sir Su, there are some things that you simply cannot buy with Origin Stones.”

“That’s true. What happened earlier is one such example. Can you give me anything more?”

“......” Inigo was momentarily speechless.

After a moment’s thought, he said, “Since Sir Su is here in Harpy territory, there must be something you want to accomplish. I can help you deal with many different kinds of trouble.”

“I came to Sky Country to study Arcana Techniques, as well as to try my luck at finding some items that cannot be bought with money. I’ve already accomplished my objectives here.”

“Things that Origin Stones cannot buy……” Inigo thought for a moment before saying, “If that’s the case, I do know of a few places with treasures like this.”


“Sky City’s imperial palace or the Mother Goddess Sect’s Vatican.

Su Chen smirked disdainfully. “Are you trying to send me on a suicide mission?”

Inigo gritted his teeth. “There is one more place with treasures like that.”


“The Spiritual Light Institute, and…… The Fate’s Hands’ headquarters.”

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