Book 5, Chapter 116: The End?

Chapter 116: The End?

Inigo’s Divine Guidance was not the complete version of Divine Guidance. Even if he had access to it, he wouldn’t have been able to use it anyways.

He was currently using a weaker version of Divine Guidance, that was at the strength of the Ninth Ring. It might not have caused everyone present to prostrate themselves before him, but it could definitely affect their state of mind, weaken their killing intent, and dull their Origin Energy perceptiveness. This would also slow down the rate at which they gathered Origin Energy, weakening them further and giving him the perfect opportunity to strike.

This was basically equivalent to an offensive, defensive, and attack speed debuff that simultaneously buffed him as well.

This was a good example of just how powerful Ninth-Ring Arcana Techniques could be. It was entirely believable that the full-powered version of the technique bordered on being a forbidden technique.

However, Su Chen frowned in disapproval.

Inigo was indeed very powerful, as indicated by the fact that he could even use a variant Divine Guidance.

But so what?

He was only facing Night God Sun, so what was the point in weakening everyone else present? And he was also a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master, meaning that he should theoretically be completely suppressing Night God Sun. What was the point in trying to gain a greater advantage?

Wasn’t this as unnecessary as taking off your pants to fart?

If it were Su Chen, he would have retaliated with a powerful offensive Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique and then observed how his opponent responded. There was no point in making things so complicated.

These pure-scholar types always acted in ways that didn’t make much logical sense in battle.

They were locked into a particular way of thinking.

Even so, the power of a Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique was quite astounding. And the effects of Divine Guidance were particularly frightening. Night God Sun felt his body grow heavy, as if his limbs had suddenly grown weights.

He completely ignored the additional weight, however, and continued to charge at Inigo, staring at him with great hatred.

As a disciple of a religious sect, it was impossible for his ire to not be provoked when he met an opponent that used Divine Guidance.

That was a blasphemous technique.

Even if it were a weaker version.

He yelled, “Divine Guidance? What a joke! It’s clearly an evil, demonic technique. You besmirch the name of the Holy Light by acting with such blasphemous intent. How evil and despicable!”

As he spoke, his body also began to glow with a divine aura.

As this divine aura began to spread, the subservience aura Inigo’s Divine Guidance was spreading began to lift as it changed appearance, morphing into something that appeared dark and twisted.

Su Chen shouted out, “Divine Feather!”

Li Daohong also shouted , “Divine Feather!”

As did Holly Keen. “Divine Feather!”

And Inigo. “Divine Feather!”

Every person present uttered the same thing in that moment.

Only the Divine Feather could achieve this kind of result.

What kind of power was needed to transform an opponent’s attack from something with a holy aura to something demonic?

But where exactly was the Divine Feather?

Neither Su Chen, Li Daohong, nor the other Harpies could figure it out.

No one had seen Night God Sun pull out the Divine Feather. All they could see was the glow emanating from his body intensifying with each passing moment, causing his aura to surge.

Inigo frowned before flipping to yet another page in the book.

This page was very interesting.

It had originally been blank, but as soon as Inigo opened it, the contents of this page came into view.

It was a wall of gold light.

This wall of pure golden light began to take shape, growing more and more tangible without showing any signs of slowing down. It was as if it could grow infinitely solid.

As this process took place, Inigo’s Divine Guidance’s demonic transformation slowed down until it finally stopped.

“Is it being absorbed?” Su Chen muttered.

Indeed, not only was the Blacktower Book useful for storing and unleashing different Arcana Techniques, but it could also absorb some of the power of the enemy’s blows like a shield.

Night God Sun’s attack was being absorbed by the Blacktower Book via a strange process.

However, it seemed that the endless wave of power pulsing off of the Divine Feather was just too much for the Blacktower Book to handle.

Even so, Inigo didn’t only possess the Blacktower Book.

He also had himself.

As he flipped through the book, he began to chant in a low voice.

It had to be said that Inigo was still very powerful just by himself.

Even though it appeared that he could only rely on this Blacktower Book, his own ability to unleash Arcana Techniques was actually superior.

Divine Guidance was only one of many Arcana Techniques that Inigo knew. In the next moment, he unleashed yet another powerful Arcana Technique.

Double Moonlight.

A silvery moon suddenly appeared in the sky.

As the silvery light diffracted through the air, a chill seemed descended upon the immediate area.

Night God Sun’s powerful divine aura suddenly seemed to congeal and freeze after being basked in this soft light.

It was hard to say why there was only one moon in the sky when the technique was called Double Moonlight. Even so, the fact of the matter was that this Double Moonlight technique had managed to halt Night God Sun’s divine aura in its tracks.

Inigo calmly said, “There’s no point in hiding it, Prince Night God. Show me its true strength.”


So his true goal was to see the Divine Feather, was it?

Su Chen finally understood what Inigo was after.

It seemed that he had wrongly disparaged Inigo. The whole reason he had used Divine Guidance was to force Night God Sun into using the Divine Feather.

But for some reason, only the glow coming from Night God Sun’s Divine Feather could be seen. The actual feather itself was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, what Inigo wanted to see was exactly what Night God Sun refused to show.

Night God Sun’s response to the appearance of this moon was to tilt his head back and howl loudly before unleashing an arrow at the sky.

This arrow was incredibly powerful and flew straight up into the sky.

It seemed that he wanted to shatter the moon in the sky and destroy the source of this moonlight.

Inigo flipped through his book yet again before unleashing another Arcana Technique to block Night God Sun’s attempts.

The way Inigo attacked was very peculiar. He would always alternate between using the Blacktower Book and his own Arcana Techniques, mixing the two flawlessly while ensuring that they still complemented each other.

Night God Sun had reached a state where he could do battle with a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master due to the support of the Divine Feather.

The two of them traded blows ceaselessly, causing the sky to grow dim from the powerful waves of Origin Energy they were unleashing.

Li Daohong and Holly Keen were forced to temporarily pause their battle and get out of the way of these two madmen to avoid becoming collateral damage.

Everyone present was completely awestruck by the battle between these two individuals, as if they were watching two main characters do battle.

Inigo’s actions still appeared unfettered and at ease, fitting his scholarly aura. He made no attempt to unleash powerful attack after powerful attack. Instead, he relied on flipping through his book to defend himself.

Night God Sun, on the other hand, fought as if he were a god of war. Golden light lined his figure, and each arrow he shot from his bow was razor-sharp and bloodthirsty.

The two of them had completely different styles of combat, but appeared to be quite equal matches for one another.

However, it was obvious that while Inigo’s attacks were still as unhurried as ever, Night God Sun’s attack speed was beginning to pick up, and his momentum was also beginning to build.

To the uninitiated, it might seem that Night God Sun was beginning to build up an advantage.

But to experienced veterans who knew what was happening, they would realize that Night God Sun was actually at a disadvantage. He was being forced to increase his power output and speed to deal with Inigo’s attacks.

It felt like he would eventually fall no matter how high he raised his power.

Perhaps that was exactly what Inigo wanted.

This Fate’s Hand’s sage might not have been a fighter by nature, but he was no idiot. He naturally had his own way of analyzing problems and followed his own way of thinking.

He was definitely going to force the Divine Feather out into the open.

Yet another Ninth-Ring Arcana Technique was unleashed.

A hurricane of Origin Energy once again rushed towards Night God Sun.

Night God Sun seemed to be aware that he wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

As such, he chose to do something drastic.

He once again drew his bow and nocked an arrow, but this time his target was not Inigo.

He shot at Su Chen!


The arrow flew right at Su Chen.

The arrow arced through the air with an incredible momentum.

Even Su Chen hadn’t expected Night God Sun to suddenly attack him out of the blue.

Night God Sun had chosen to attack a different target while he was at a disadvantage.

This arrow was so fast and so fierce that even Su Chen was completely caught off-guard.

Yes, he had really been caught completely off-guard this time!


The arrow pierced through Su Chen’s throat, only leaving behind a mangled hole.

Blood spurted through the air.

Su Chen had had no opportunity to defend himself, dodge, or even counterattack. This single arrow had managed to blast him to pieces.

“Did you really think I would just let you just stand there and watch us fight so that you could reap the benefits later?” Night God Sun howled indignantly.

The price he had paid to unleash this arrow was enduring one of Inigo’s powerful Arcana Techniques. The holy light surrounding his body grew stronger as the power of the Divine Feather acted furiously to protect him from Inigo’s attack.

Youthful Abundance and the rest of the Wind-Gathering Clan were all stunned.


The powerful, mysterious Azure Mark had died just like that?

He hadn’t even had an opportunity to counterattack.

How was this possible?

They didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“What was the point in doing that?” Inigo sighed. “This Harpy has an unknown background, and he might have uncovered some vital information about this secret realm. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have talked about the ‘true face’ of this realm. He wouldn’t have said this if he hadn’t found fake treasures. I was originally planning on asking him for more details, but we’ve lost that opportunity now.”

“So what?” Night God Sun furiously drew his bow taut again. “Anyone who opposes the Mother Goddess must die! Inigo, you are not an exception!”

As he yelled, his aura seemed to peak yet again, each arrow he unleashed powerful enough to flatten an entire city.

Inigo shook his head. “I’m not saying that he shouldn’t die. It’s just that I was hoping that he could have contributed something of value while he was still alive. The same goes for you; the Divine Feather…… hm?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Inigo suddenly exclaimed in surprise as his movements froze for just a moment.

When Night God Sun saw Inigo’s expression, he couldn’t help but glance at where Inigo was looking.

Then, he was also taken aback.

Because Azure Mark’s corpse was beginning to slowly disappear. Eventually, it turned into a pile of pure blood before disappearing altogether.

What had happened?

Why would the corpse disappear?

Inigo and Night God Sun suddenly thought of something at the same time.

A voice helplessly sighed out from behind them. “It seems that I made a miscalculation. Why didn’t you two just stick to fighting each other? There was no need to involve me like that.”

As the bloody mist dissipated, Su Chen’s figure appeared yet again.

“You aren’t dead?” Night God Sun stared angrily at Su Chen in slight disbelief.

“Nonsense! After all, I’m the one in control of the situation, so it’s only natural that I get the last laugh. Otherwise, would I really be in control of the situation?” Su Chen chuckled as he continued, “But it seems that you won’t bring out the Divine Feather’s full power unless I get involved too. Well, that’s fine.”

Su Chen pulled out the Lightless Sword and stared forward intently. “Which one of you will I fight first? Or would you two rather I take you both on at once?”

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