Book 5, Chapter 107: Dream Fight

Chapter 107: Dream Fight

Soul Departing Dream was an offensive-type dream realm. A person who was mired inside the dreamrealm would be attacked by these dream creatures.

As mentioned before, even if a person died to these nightmares, they would only lose a portion of their consciousness energy and wouldn’t be affected too much.

Li Daohong could only choose this tactic because the distance between him and Su Chen was simply too great.

Even though the Dream Beauty Bloodline could be activated from long distances, the cost would increase the further the distance. In addition, since it was daytime, Su Chen was currently in an awake state. Li Daohong had forcefully dragged him into the dream realm.

These complicating circumstances made it very difficult for Li Daohong to completely demonstrate the power of the Dream Beauty Bloodline. Thankfully, his goal was only to temporarily delay Su Chen, so he ended up deciding to use the simplest and most barbaric technique to attack Su Chen. Even though the Soul Departing Dream was the weakest tactic the Dream Beauty Bloodline possessed, it had the lowest requirements on energy expenditure as a result. This was part of the reason why Li Daohong was able to immediately able to pull Su Chen into the dream realm.

Su Chen was delighted as he watched the nightmares encroaching.

Using a dream realm on me?

Li Daohong, you really have an active imagination!

The Dream Beauty Bloodline’s power was quite impressive.

But unfortunately, it was too well-known.

The clan had been around for tens of thousands of years, meaning that the existence of this bloodline was very well-known. As such, it wasn’t a secret at all.

People had understood the ins and outs of the Dream Beauty Bloodline a long time ago, so they had also developed plenty of ways to counterattack.

The Dream Beauty Bloodline was powerful, and the nightmares it produced were endless.

But these nightmares were also made from consciousness energy and could also be destroyed by consciousness attacks, which was why Su Chen had managed to destroy them.

For this reason, the best way to deal with the Dream Beauty Bloodline’s attacks was still to use consciousness power.

Battling in the dream realm was done just by consciousness energy.

The Li Clan strongly warned its disciples to never drag someone with a stronger consciousness into a dream realm because it would create problems.

Li Daohong’s consciousness was indeed powerful, and with the support of the Attendant’s Brain and a consciousness-type Origin Tool, his consciousness power was at 1200 units. This was already incredibly impressive amongst his peers.

He would never guess in a million years that there was someone at the same cultivation realm as him that was even stronger than him.

He was kicking an iron board without even realizing it.

Without equipment, Su Chen’s consciousness power was already at two thousand units; with equipment, three thousand. There was no way that Li Daohong could possibly compete with him.

There was only one possible outcome when using a dream realm against him, especially if it was Soul Departing Dream.

As such, after confirming that Li Daohong had indeed dragged him into the Soul Departing Dream, Su Chen was immediately much more at ease.

As he watched the nightmares gather around him, Su Chen decided to do nothing and allowed them to attack him, instead only erecting Heart Walls around himself.

Now that Su Chen wasn’t fighting back, the nightmares hissed and howled as they ran at Su Chen, tearing at his body.

Even though they were in a dream realm, the pain from being clawed at by those nightmares was incredibly real.

Unfortunately, these nightmares were simply too weak. Their claws simply grazed Su Chen’s skin.

It wasn’t that the nightmares’ attacks weren’t strong - Su Chen’s consciousness was simply too powerful.

In a dream realm, consciousness power was roughly equivalent to life force. The nightmares’ individual lifeforce was around twenty units, while Su Chen’s was at three thousand. Perhaps the nightmares’ would have been able to tear most opponents to shreds, but they were much more inferior against Su Chen. With Heart Walls’ powerful protection, the nightmares’ attacks would have a hard time even scratching his skin. And any wounds that they did inflict were automatically regenerated.

Li Daohong was immediately perplexed.

“What’s going on? How come my attacks seem totally ineffective?” Li Daohong didn’t understand.

Even though he was the one pulling Su Chen into the dream realm, that didn’t mean he had total control over the situation.

Even though he was the one pulling his opponent into the dream realm, the dream realm also belonged to his opponent. The opponent always had host advantage, but most of the time they were ignorant about dream realms, which would allow Li Daohong to claim the advantage for himself, doing as he pleased amongst the other party’s “home.” But there was no way he could possibly control a target like Su Chen, whose consciousness power far outstripped his. As such, Li Daohong could only take action based on how the dream realm responded.

But as he controlled his nightmares, the only response that he got was that they were currently attacking their target.

There was seemingly no end.

What was happening?

Li Daohong had only ever experienced two outcomes - either he was able to wipe his opponent out, continuously killing them as they revived, or his nightmares were wiped out by his opponent. From this, Li Daohong would either choose to attack or retreat.

He had never experienced something like this before.

How come his attacks weren’t causing any kind of reaction?

He couldn’t understand.

But apart from the first nightmare, which had been fought off, the remaining nightmares were perfectly fine, so he decided to just continue attacking.

It was only natural that Li Daohong would come to this conclusion.

He began to gather more of his consciousness energy in order to construct more nightmares.

Even so, the increased number of nightmares he created didn’t seem to have any effect at all.

Li Daohong was utterly bewildered.

Fine, then I’ll create another wave.

He constantly poured in consciousness energy, wanting to defeat his opponent in one fell swoop. However, his opponent seemed to be made out of air. No matter how the nightmares clawed at him, he refused to die.

At this point, Su Chen was being surrounded by hundreds of nightmares, all attacking him.

Su Chen didn’t mind. He watched the nightmares attacking him as he inspected the secrets of the dream realm.

Yes, it was an old habit. As long as the circumstances allowed it, Su Chen would definitely try and analyze it. Perhaps he would be able to discover something he could use in the future.

Dream techniques were hard to come by. They were somewhat different to illusion realms but achieved similar results. However, illusion techniques were useful in the real world, while dream techniques were only useful in dream realms.

Su Chen’s Fata Morgana was totally useless here, but his experience with a different system became useful here.

That was the Dreamrealm.

The Dreamrealm was also a dream realm, but it belonged to the Lord of the Dreamrealm and his Dream Spirits. It was shared by them.

This was why the Dreamrealm was so large and could contain so many sentient organisms at once to form a network.

In comparison, the dream realm Su Chen was in was quite tiny both in terms of space and in terms of the internal environment.

Even so, their shared commonalities allowed Su Chen’s understanding to increase and become even deeper than anyone else.

Because he was a Dream Monarch!

All of the people entering the Dreamrealm were treated as guests, but different guests had different privileges. Dream Guests, Dream Officers, and Dream Monarchs delineated these privilege tiers.

As a Dream Monarch, Su Chen had many benefits within the Dreamrealm. He could suppress other peoples’ notices and promote his own notices. He had all of the privileges that no one else did. In addition, he could construct a residence of his own within the Dreamrealm, and he could also pay a certain fee to put out an unlimited amount of notices.

Of course, being able to suppress other peoples’ notices and promote his own was much more important than creating a residence of his own design.

However, the latter was far more important when it came to aiding comprehension of a dream realm.

Even though the former privilege was critical, it all merely came down to a comparison of privileges between one guest and another. One guest could completely suppress another guest without being punished at all, but it wouldn’t help that guest better understand the dream realm or bend it to his will.

On the other hand, building a house in the dreamrealm and unlimited transmission was all related to the use of the Dreamrealm itself. These privileges were actually incredibly useful.

As a result, Su Chen’s understanding of dream realms far exceeded that of anyone else.

In addition, he was the Worldly Sage. His research ability was probably unparalleled amongst the entire human race, which also aided in his deep understanding of dream realms. However, he had lacked a side-by-side comparison in the past. Now that he had been dragged into a small dream realm, he was immediately able to compare his experience.

Of course, because this dream realm was small, it was much easier for Su Chen to analyze its basic makeup.

Su Chen felt a strange sensation as he glanced at the nightmares howling and scratching at him.

He felt like he could control these nightmares.

He couldn’t really explain this feeling, but he had never really felt it before.

But when he tried to do so, he discovered that he had no way to do it.

He didn’t know how he should do it.

“Isn’t this a problem of technique? Dream techniques…… Since it’s a technique, there must naturally be an underlying principle. But unfortunately I haven’t learned even a single such technique, so I don’t know where to start. But…… I do know that this is my dream realm! Su Chen muttered.

This is my dream realm!

In this place, you are the guest, while I am the master!

An enemy was knocking on his front door, trying to affect his consciousness, change his memories, infiltrate his thoughts, and control his mood.

But was it really that simple?

By relying on his powerful consciousness, Su Chen was far more alert than any other target Li Daohong had faced before.

By relying on this alertness, he was able to observe these nightmares.

It was only natural that his abilities were useless in this dream realm.

But as he inspected his surroundings, his eyes began to glow with a faint luster.

Microscopic eyes!

His microscopic eyes revealed the true essence of the dream realm.

In the dream realm, all of his abilities were useless!

In the dream realm, all of his abilities were useable!

These two conflicting ideas existed simultaneously in this dream realm.

If you didn’t know the underlying principles, then you wouldn’t be able to use anything. But if you did, then anything could come into being.

Su Chen didn’t really know what state he was in at the moment. All he could do was closely observe his surroundings, watching those nightmares.

Su Chen could see faint lines connecting them to something.

Consciousness strands.

It was these consciousness strands that were the source of these nightmares that were running rampant through this dream realm.

He activated his consciousness crystal madly as he attempted to record down this whole scene, observing the entire

Then, he quietly said, “Break!”

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The consciousness strands connected to the nightmares were all severed.

On the faraway cloud, Li Daohong suddenly cried out as his eyes rolled into the back of his head before toppling face first onto the cloud.

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