Book 5, Chapter 105: Light Shaking Phantom

Chapter 105: Light Shaking Phantom

The seven Su Chen clones flew through the spatial realm, causing Su Chen’s spatial perception to expand rapidly

Su Chen discovered that his understanding of spatial principles greatly increased his ability to communicate with his clones. In addition, his comprehension appeared to be increasing as his clones explored the spatial realm.

Because he was simultaneously connected to multiple clones, Su Chen’s mind was filled with all kinds of images. Not only so, but these images would be stitched together in his brain by the help of his consciousness crystal, forming a complete map in his head. This large map began to take shape with Su Chen at the very center, and Su Chen was able to almost completely encapsulate his surroundings in his memories.

Su Chen hadn’t expected this kind of a result. He was both surprised and ecstatic.

Even though this map wouldn’t increase his strength, it could greatly increase his tactical prowess, giving him control over the situation as a whole. Most importantly, this map was the result of a beautiful coordination between all of the skills he had mastered up until now. His consciousness crystal, his spatial perception, and his clones all worked together to produce this marvelous result.

Perhaps he could try other combinations too to produce even more amazing results.

Because he now had a complete map, Su Chen felt like he was in much more control.

To the east was a lake with Demonic Beasts hidden inside. They were probably the indigenous lifeforms in the area. To the west was a group of Harpies - the Wind-Gathering Harpies were currently locked in battle with a bunch of strange void creatures.

Since Su Chen was only using the Wind-Gathering Clan, he didn’t care if they lived or not. After a cursory glance, his clone left, searching in other directions.

As he continued his investigations, he suddenly noticed a group of void creatures gathered on top of a small mountain to the southwest of where he was sitting.

Su Chen’s understanding of these void creatures was limited. He didn’t really know what they were, but they weren’t any taller than a meter. Their skin was a purplish-black, and they had a somewhat humanoid appearance. However, some of the limbs connected to their joints were in fact metal blades.

These metallic bone blades piqued Su Chen’s interest.

They were made of metal.

Their bones were actually made of metal!

It was impossible for this kind of a realm to naturally produce metallic ore because of how young it was, relatively speaking, and because of environmental reasons. Su Chen originally thought that it would be impossible for him to obtain more metal, but he was unexpectedly able to find what he needed because of these strange creatures.

When he saw this, Su Chen wanted to walk over.

But just because he could see far didn’t mean that he would be able to immediately fly there.

It was at this moment that an idea suddenly surfaced in Su Chen’s mind. What if he could switch spots with his clones?

Was that possible?

Perhaps this would have cost Su Chen a lot of time and energy to research in the past.

But now, it was possible for Su Chen to solve this riddle as long as the conditions were right.

Since the clones were linked to his blood and he knew Whitetower Teleportation, his comprehension of spatial principles and his strong Arcana Technique base meant that it was not impossible for him to teleport such long distances.

A moment later, Su Chen pulled out the Origin Bone Scepter, offering a high-tier Origin Crystal as the sacrifice.

Su Chen had more than enough high-tier sacrifices that he could offer. If he didn’t use them here, it would probably take him months to work through everything.

Now, he had spared himself this time, and the foundations of a new teleportation Arcana Technique was being formed.

With Whitetower Teleportation as the base, Su Chen made many modifications in order to allow himself to directly swap places with his clones, further increasing the distance at which he could teleport.

Su Chen’s improved Whitetower Teleportation could only send him three kilometers or so, while this Arcana Technique could allow him to teleport nearly a hundred kilometers.

As long as Su Chen’s clone was somewhere within this radius, he would be able to directly teleport to it. Jumping over such a long distance had not yet been seen on this continent.

Even the Arcana Kingdom and Sky Country had never produced teleportation techniques with ranges any greater than twenty kilometers, and those had been developed by legendary Arcana Masters with incredible comprehension of space. And every time a person used one of those techniques, it would burn through a large amount of their energy.

Even though Su Chen’s Arcana Technique required the creation of bloodline-linked clones, that was not really a big flaw.

If Su Chen were to ever face a powerful opponent in the future, he could hide a clone a hundred kilometers away from his current position and teleport to it in order to escape.

If he were to hide a few more, he would even be able to leap around repeatedly.

If he strung ten clones together, he would essentially be able to leap ten thousand kilometers. This kind of speed would be difficult for even Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivators to catch.

Su Chen had never expected to improve his strength so substantially before even finding any treasures in this secret realm. The result really left him speechless.

Su Chen decided to call this technique Light Shaking Phantom, to commemorate the fact that he had obtained such an incredibly powerful skill while still at the Light Shaking Realm.

If he was able to continue to develop this technique in the future, allowing him to teleport thousands of kilometers at a single time, he would feel embarrassed to call himself a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

Of course, Su Chen wasn’t that silly. Su Chen’s bloodline-less cultivation technique was intended for the rise of the human race, which was why he was willing to distribute them freely. But if others wanted to learn any skills that conferred combat strength…... Sorry, you would need to go to his sect to learn them.

Now that Su Chen had obtained the corresponding Arcana Technique Pattern, he decided to immediately try it out.

A moment later, his figure disappeared, and the slightly ethereal figure of the clone that was standing there watching those strange creatures suddenly became much more tangible.

Su Chen had successfully managed to jump a distance of one hundred kilometers.

This was really an instance where something more illusory suddenly became physically tangible. Even Su Chen felt a wave of nausea wash over him.

“So the amount of energy I need to expend to jump a long distance is still quite high. Perhaps teleporting ten times in a row…… is a bit beyond my capacity,” Su Chen said with a bitter smile.

It would take him at least the time it took to brew a pot of tea to recover from one jump.

Of course, this was partly because this was Su Chen’s first time using the technique. As his control over spatial principles and his strength both increased, the delay between successive jumps would go down.

Su Chen shook his head to relieve some of the dizziness before turning to look at those strange creatures. Then, he chuckled, “It seems like today’s my lucky day. First, I manage to get my hands on two new spatial Origin Skills, and now I can use you guys to replenish my metal stores. Very good, very good.”

He wasted no time and directly flew forth.

The creatures began to chatter excitedly when they saw Su Chen, charging at him.

Those creatures seemed quite average, but they could run really quickly, their feet slamming heavily into the ground as they charged at Su Chen, howling relentlessly.

“They can’t fly?” Su Chen was stunned.

They were clearly void creatures, yet they didn’t know how to fly. That was actually a rarity.

An instant later, however, a strong wave of energy suddenly pressed down on him. Su Chen felt his body grow heavy as he suddenly lost control of his flight and was forcefully pressed to the ground.

Flowing Light Forcefield?

Su Chen was taken aback.

Not, it wasn’t Flowing Light Forcefield, but this technique seemed to have the same gravity-changing powers. They increased his weight, causing him to fall to the ground.

Not only so, but the increased weight caused him to plummet at an astounding rate.

Su Chen hurriedly activated Flowing Light Forcefield, altering gravity yet again to help himself this time. Only then was he able to stabilize in the air.

When those creatures saw that Su Chen wasn’t falling to the ground, they were obviously incensed. They pointed at Su Chen and howled and snarled, as if it was his fault for not allowing himself to fall to his death.

Su Chen harrumphed. “This is interesting.”

He unleashed a palm strike at the creature at the very front.

With his strength, a casual palm strike was enough to shatter a boulder. Any high-tier Demonic Beast would be killed in a single palm strike.

The creatures’ Origin Energy was inferior to that of a high-tier Demonic Beast. In theory, he should have been able to cut through them like tofu, but unexpectedly Su Chen’s palm was only enough to force the demon to bow momentarily before it stood back upright. It didn’t even spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Hm?” Su Chen muttered in surprise.

The creature that had gotten smacked was obviously enraged. It began to shriek loudly.

Its feet stomped against the ground, causing it to crack as it whistled into the air, unleashing a punch at Su Chen.

Su Chen wanted to gauge the strength of his opponent, so he countered with a punch of his own. The two punches collided, but to his shock he was actually forced backwards slightly.

The two of them were on par in terms of strength.

“How powerful!” Su Chen was also surprised.

The bodies of these demonic creatures were shockingly powerful. This wasn’t that great of a surprise, though, as their bones were made out of metal.

What really stunned Su Chen was what happened afterwards.

The creature didn’t fall back to the ground, instead continuing to howl at Su Chen as it floated in the air.

“So that’s how it is.” Su Chen understood. “Even though it can’t fly, it can control gravity and can cause its opponents to fall or itself to rise. But how do you change direction?”

The creature very quickly gave Su Chen an answer.

A fast jet of air shot out of its butt. This jet of air propelled it forwards in Su Chen’s direction.

Are you kidding me?

How do they fly around by passing gas?

Su Chen had seen all kinds of unique lifeforms before, but he had never seen one like this before.

But just because it was exotic didn’t mean that Su Chen could underestimate its strength.

Its Origin Energy was at the level of a mid-tier Demonic Beast, but its physical body was as strong as a top-tier Ravager’s body. All told, a single one of these creatures was about as strong as a low-tier Light Shaking Realm.

The problem was that there were hundreds of these low-tier Light Shaking Realm creatures, not just one.

A moment later, countless creatures shot into the sky, unleashing attacks at Su Chen. Their razor-sharp joints glittered as they swung them at Su Chen.

With so many creatures attacking him at once, Su Chen scrambled to react appropriately.

He had made the critical mistake of underestimating his opponents.

Determining his opponents’ strength just by the quality of their Origin Energy was not reliable after all.

If Su Chen was really facing a few hundred Light Shaking Realm cultivators, he would have had no choice but to run.

Thankfully, these creatures weren’t real Light Shaking Realm cultivators. There was still something Su Chen could do against them.

“Your physical bodies are strong, but unfortunately for you I have just the solution.” Su Chen flipped his hand as he spoke, the Lightless Ring appearing in his hands.

No, it was probably more accurate to call it the Lightless Sword now.

The Lightless Ring had been fashioned into a large sword with a curved hilt.

When he didn’t use the Flowing Gold Blade, the Lightless Sword was just a broken sword. But this broken sword was being used to marvelous effect under Su Chen’s command.


The sharp blade pierced the chest of one of the creatures.

Su Chen was able to slice through their skin just like butter with this broken sword, whereas his palm strike had been unable to do anything.

These creatures’ strong lifeforce allowed them to easily regenerate any limbs they lost.

However, things were obviously different when Su Chen sliced through them with his Lightless Sword.

The Lightless Sword glowed faintly before a large amount of golden liquid looking like molten metal appeared on the skin of these creatures, flowing into the Demonic Emperor Origin Crystal and the Lightless Sword. As a result, the Lightless Sword glowed brighter and brighter, while the creatures appeared to have their bones torn from them. They suddenly seemed to soften, collapsing into a pile of meat as they fell to the ground.

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