Book 5, Chapter 104: Entrance

Chapter 104: Entrance


The massive Void Nightmare Seal finally had all of its tentacles cut off. It howled in pain and shock as it toppled over to the ground.

Its massive body gradually began to dissipate, returning to nothingness.

Su Chen wiped the sweat from his forehead.

This Void Nightmare Seal was indeed quite uncommon. Its strength was even greater than that of Flaming Femme and the Chaotic Wind Brothers combined. Thankfully, with the dark fog obstructing vision, he was able to unleash his full strength to defeat his opponent. Otherwise, the Void Nightmare Seal still would have been a pain to deal with.

As he gazed down at the Flowing Gold Blade in his hand, it was obvious that the massive sword’s body had shrunk yet again.

Even though the Flowing Gold Blade was powerful, it was still formed from an Arcana Technique, and there were certain costs necessary to maintain it, including not only Origin Energy but also metals.

Every battle, the amount of metal serving as the body of the blade would decrease ever so slightly.

During his battle with Flaming Femme, the Flowing Gold Blade had been worn down quite a bit, and now it was being worn down yet again. And as the amount of metal was worn down, the Flowing Gold Blade’s power would also decrease.

“Damn. It seems that I will need some more metal in the near future,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

At this rate, the Flowing Gold Blade’s power would probably soon go down a tier.

He just didn’t know how much metal this massive tree contained, if it had any at all.

Just as he was thinking about all of these things, he realized that there was nothing else around him. So those Nihility Shadows had fled when the Void Nightmare Seal had died, and the black fog had disappeared too.

However, with the black fog gone, Su Chen discovered that he was now in an area surrounded by rubble.

This was probably the Nihility Shadows’ fault. Everything they did was silent and soundless, even when they transported people.

“Oh? This tree actually has other realms?” Su Chen was also suspicious.

It seemed like the inside of the tree was bigger than he had originally expected.

When he thought back to those Nihility Shadows, Su Chen came to an answer.

It seemed that Jade Clearmist’s tree battle fortress was bigger than he had even imagined.

“So he actually used the void fractures to increase the space inside the tree. That is quite ingenious of you, but it seems that you failed quite miserably. Not only was the castle not finished, but even the inside of this castle was taken over by these shadows. This was probably the reason why you sealed it, right? Haha, you actually tried to do something on your own that required an entire country to accomplish? You are quite crazy,” Su Chen chuckled, but his tone was not scornful in the slightest.

But who could accomplish a miracle without saying things that others would think was madness? Su Chen had experienced this himself. The true genius of these kinds of people would only be appreciated after they succeeded.

But there would always be a few people who weren’t able to achieve their dreams.

Did this mean that they weren’t great?

Su Chen didn’t think so.

Even though Jade Clearmist had failed, his daring resolution had won Su Chen’s admiration.

But even more than his admiration, right now his main hope was that Jade Clearmist hadn’t made him poor for no reason.

He must have left behind something here, right?

Su Chen began to walk rapidly when he thought of this.

Because the space had been opened up by using void fissures, the space inside the tree was very large. The Nest Tree city was only the entrance. After being transported by the Nihility Shadows, he had no idea where he was now.

But that didn’t really matter. There would definitely be an end to this region no matter how large it was. As long as Su Chen continued to search, he would be able to find it.

Not to mention that his understanding of spatial principles had also drastically increased recently.

But because this place was made of a continuously linked void, there would probably be many more void organisms lurking around, and he needed to be careful.

As soon as he realized this, Su Chen pulled out another vial of blood that he had prepared a long time ago, creating seven or eight clones of himself and instructing them to disperse. As they searched his surroundings, they would also expand his spatial knowledge.

With all of these battle clones, he would have more than enough early warning if he were to run into any situations.

Because these clones were linked to him by blood, he was able to see everything that they saw. This was also a good opportunity for him to test out his arrangements for the people who were coming in behind him…...

Not long after Su Chen entered the secret realm, a bunch more people arrived on the scene. It was Night God Sun, Li Daohong, and their followers.

Li Daohong’s expression was shady as he stood in front of the large tree. “They’ve already gone in.”

Night God Sun asked, “So what if they’ve gone inside? Why does Brother Li feel so strongly about it?”

Li Daohong harrumphed. “The commotion made by this secret realm was too great. There might be new trouble coming our way, and they will also realize that others might show up. It will probably be hard to spring something on them.”

Night God Sun shook his head. “A head-on battle is the most majestic path. Brother Li, you are still a human prince, so you should behave a little more like royalty. An ambush…… is not something that should see the light of day.”

Li Daohong, however, chuckled. “I am a prince, not the Crown Prince. I have no desire to rule. Why should I behave more princely? All that will do is incite suspicion and jealousy. Anyways, the Li Clan’s bloodline is not particularly suited for a direct confrontation anyways.”

Night God Sun chuckled. “As you please. In any case, the situation has already been determined. Even if they have made some preparations, they will only have been made on the fly. We should still be able to just charge in, kill them all, and steal their treasures. That would be the best for us.”

“I think so too,” Li Daohong replied with a loud laugh.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

They also jumped in through the mouth

They had entered the body of the same tree, but what they saw was not the city of Nest Trees but a boundless desert.

“So there is indeed the aura of a spatial realm,” Night God Sun muttered as he sniffed the air a few times.

“It seems like we’ve come to the right place,” Li Daohong chuckled.

“The rest will depend on you, Brother Li.”

When Li Daohong heard this, his eyebrow jumped. “Of course. Just wait and see.”

As he spoke, he sat down, beginning to chant something in a low voice.

As he chanted, faint snake-like shadows began to appear behind his back. These snakes had the heads of beautiful human females, however. Following his chants, which appeared to be in snake tongue, the female snakes all smiled and shot into the air, disappearing without a trace.

Li Daohong’s entire body trembled as his eyes went white. He had entered an extremely strange state of consciousness.

Not long after Li Daohong’s group entered the secret realm, yet another group of Harpies had arrived on the scene.

These Harpies actually appeared incredibly valiant and fierce, their pitch-black wings appearing to confer a surging murderous intent onto them.

One of the bald Harpies said, “The others have gone inside already. Dammit, how dare they try and steal a treasure that is clearly on my territory? Brothers, what do you think we should do?”

“Of course we should take it back!”

“Yes! We’ll take everything and kill them all!” all of the Harpies following behind yelled simultaneously.

“Then let’s go! No one can take the treasures of the Hunting Wind Bandits and live to tell the tale!”

“Go! Go! Go!”

Following the bald-headed Harpy’s cry, the remaining Harpy bandits howled madly as they charged into the mouth of the tree as well.

Not long after those Harpies entered, yet another group of Harpies appeared.

The old man in the lead was wearing a tall hat and holding a book in his hand. Shockingly, he actually had no wings, and his stature was very short. It was obvious he was an Arcanist.

After appearing above the tree, he didn’t immediately enter. Instead, he flipped through the book, as if he was looking for something. After some time, he said, “There are three waves of Harpies who have gone in before us, and….. Some humans?”

A Harpy behind the old Arcanist said, “A human? There aren’t many humans who can travel as they please throughout our country’s territory.”

“That should be Li Daohong. His abilities are perfect for this area.”

“But how did he find out about this matter?”

The Harpies glanced at each other before suddenly cursing, “Damn traitors!”

The book-wielding old man waved his hand, and all of the Harpies fell silent.

He said, “This is not really that surprising. There’s no need to be so stunned.”

It seemed that he had anticipated this some time ago.

“So what should we do know?” a Harpy female with gold wings who was following closely behind the old Arcanist asked.

“They have certain things they are looking for, and so do we,” the old man replied. “What they need is just treasure and resources, while I am after knowledge. If possible, it would be best not to take them on in a direct confrontation.”

“Sage is right. What we primarily need is knowledge. Jade Clearmist’s knowledge is the most important. Only a person like Sage would be able to fully put this knowledge to good use.”

The other Harpies all offered their agreement. It seemed as if they were just trying to flatter the old man, but from their expressions it was abundantly clear that they were being very serious.

In their hearts, this Sage was the number one scholar under the heavens. He was quite learned in both modern and ancient history, and he had thoroughly studied the five Intelligent Races. Most importantly, he was the reason they had managed to survive until now.

As they spoke, this group of Harpies entered as well.

Not long after that, even more Harpies arrived on the scene. They had only been passing by and had hurried over after noticing the commotion.

Finally, a fifth group of Harpies arrived after a string of individual Harpies entered the realm. Their leader was dressed in an extravagant robe and held a birdcage in his hand. Furthermore, the beautiful carriage he sat in was being pulled by a Jade Qilin. It was immediately obvious that he was a foppish prince. After arriving at the massive tree, he first sniffed the air before nodding his head and speaking. “Li Daohong is truly here.”

One of the Harpies responsible for driving his carriage said, “Young Master, this is obviously a valuable secret realm that just so happens to be open. Do we want to……”


The Harpy received a fierce slap.

The foppish prince said coldly, “It’s just a secret realm. Do I look like I’m lacking in money? I only came here to give that bastard Li Daohong a good beating! Anything else is secondary. Of course, we cannot ignore any treasures that we find in the secret realm. But don’t forget - Li Daohong is the primary target!”

“Yes! As prince has commanded, dealing with Li Daohong is the top priority!” all of the Harpies replied loudly.

“That’s more like it.” The foppish prince waved his hands and led everyone into the realm as well.

After this group of Harpies entered, the entrance to the tree remained quiet for some time.

The sun gradually began to set.

Everything remained just as calm as it had been for a while now.

But in the darkness, a group of black shadows silently appeared. This time, it was a fleet of shuttles that suddenly appeared in the sky above the tree. Moments later, hundreds of figures began to jump out of the shuttle, right into the large tree and disappearing without a trace. The shuttles in the air also disappeared into the night, as if they had never been there in the first place.

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