Chapter 86: Hunting Wind Bandits (3)

Chapter 86: Hunting Wind Bandits (3)


Another powerful explosion rocked the shuttle.

The shuttle’s defenses were destroyed, and the massive wave of energy blasted through the shuttle, burning a big hole in the side of the shuttle.

Under the furious assault, both Cloud-Piercing Shuttles began to smoke as they were lit on fire.

Most of the shuttles’ defenses had been destroyed. To ensure that the shuttles didn’t sink, they were forced to shrink their defenses, protecting the most vital areas. As a result, a large section of the shuttles was exposed to open air.

The violent waves of Origin Energy were seriously testing the durability of the shuttles.

Even though the shuttles were constructed from the incredibly sturdy Tungsten Wood which had been reinforced with some kind of medicine and were protected by an Origin Formation, the torrential energy still badly damaged the shuttles. Some of the unluckier laborers fell out of the boat on the spot. There was no one who could save them, either, as everyone was focused on fighting and preserving the shuttles’ vitals. They could only ignore the lowest-level workers.

Perhaps this was the unfortunate part of living on the lowest story. You would always be the first person to be abandoned.

When faced with this disaster, even Cloud Leopard, Lin Xiao, and the others stopped playing their cards and glanced outside the boats, their expressions growing serious.

“Finally you guys are starting to take this seriously!” Old Hu was so agitated that he was beginning to cry.

Actually, whether or not Cloud Leopard and the others were excited didn’t really have much to do with him. However, Old Hu simply could not accept their inhuman indifference even during such a critical juncture.

Until Zhu Xianyao appeared.

Zhu Xianyao came wearing a white robe, making her look almost like a fairy.

The laborers obviously all recognized the Young Miss of their own clan. When they saw her arrive, they all knelt on the ground.

Zhu Xianyao completely ignored them and walked over to Cloud Leopard and the others. “Thanks for all your hard work during this time.”

Cloud Leopard replied lazily, “Don’t worry about it. I feel like my life has been pretty good lately. I am very satisfied.”

Zhu Xianyao chuckled. “The taste of a white dragon becoming a fish is quite interesting, but you can only eat it every so often.”

Cloud Leopard shook his head. “I don’t read many books. You’re better off telling me straight.”

Zhu Xianyao said, “You can go now.”

Cloud Leopard’s eyes lit up. “He said it?”

Zhu Xianyao nodded gently.

Lin Xiao and the others began to laugh. “Finally, we can get some exercise! I’ve been waiting for someone to say that.”

“So what are we still waiting for?” Iron Cliff also stood.

“You cannot,” Zhu Xianyao said.


Zhu Xianyao said quietly, “Your figure stands out too much and will be easily recognized. That is why you cannot go. Stay here and make sure everyone stays safe.”

“......” Iron Cliff felt incredibly stifled.

However, he also knew that Zhu Xianyao’s words were right. The fact that Su Chen had a Stoneskin servant was not some kind of great secret. If he was the cause for the Harpies to suspect that Su Chen was on this boat, if they considered what Su Chen had done amongst the Ravagers, he would have a hard time doing anything else in the future.

As such, Iron Cliff could only continue to hole himself up.

“Haha! Just wait here and watch us show off a little!” Lin Xiao clapped Iron Cliff on the shoulder as he charged out. “Brothers, let’s go!”

“Let’s go!” the twelve Sword Servants chorused, flying out through the hole in the boat.

Cloud Leopard had disappeared a long time ago. No one knew when he had chosen to leave.

Old Hu and the others watched Lin Xiao and the others fly away, completely stunned.

“See? See? I told you they weren’t normal! They weren’t normal!” someone yelled.

“Idiot, why say that now?” Old Hu smacked the person who had spoken. When he looked back up at the sky, the tides of battle had already shifted.

The twelve Sword Servants had charged into the sky, but they had done so in an incredibly devious manner, and floating disks were under their feet.

These floating disks were simple flying tools that could be used by Origin Qi Scholars who weren’t strong enough to fly.

The twelve Sword Servants were all at the Light Shaking Realm, so they could fly and didn’t ned these flying tools. However, they used it so that their opponents would instinctively believe that these twelve people weren’t at the Light Shaking Realm yet. They were merely Yang Opening Realm cultivators relying on these flying disks to move around.

They would mistakenly believe that their opponents were not very powerful as a result.

A group of Hunting Wind Bandits charged over, but the most powerful one amongst the group was just a Fourth-Ring Arcana Master.

Lin Xiao and the others glanced at each other before chuckling.

Lin Xiao said, “Who is going to attack first?”

A Sword Servant named Chang Sheng said, “Let me try.”

He unsheathed his sword and slashed violently through the air, unleashing a boundless wave of light through the sky.

The three Hunting Wind Bandits at the very front were immediately cut in half. The powerful wave of Qi extinguished their flame of life, killing them on the spot.

“One of them is a Light Shaking Realm cultivator!” one of the Hunting Wind Bandits began to yell.

He had revealed his strength with this sword strike. After all, only a Light Shaking Realm cultivator could be so vicious with their attacks and kill a Fourth-Ring and two Third-Ring Arcana Masters with one blow.

A Fifth-Ring Harpy hurried over, opening fire with a Void Demon Wolf. Void Demon Wolves were a kind of lifeform that lived in void realms. Their physical bodies were incredibly powerful. However, this Arcana Technique was only summoning a projection of one, so the wolf’s strength would still vary from person to person. This Arcana Master was not weak, and the Void Demon Wolf he unleashed was quite powerful. It charged at the Sword Servants as soon as it appeared. The Arcana Master then applied a barrier to himself, followed by a fire arrow that shot at Chang Sheng.

Three Fifth-Ring Arcana Techniques were used in rapid succession. Obviously, their opponent was an old hand who was incredibly experienced.

Unfortunately, that was still not enough.

He was only prepared to take on a single Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

Actually, he was facing twelve Light Shaking Realm cultivators, not one.

When faced with these three techniques in rapid succession, Chang Sheng only did one thing.

He tilted his head and said, “Should we team up?”

“Let’s,” two other Sword Servants chuckled in response.

A moment later, the two of them attacked together with Chang Sheng.

A streak of sword Qi surged towards the Void Demon Wolf. Before it could even close in on Chang Sheng, the sharp sword Qi punctured it multiple times, causing the projection to revert back into light that rapidly dissipated. The sword Qi didn’t seem to slow down in the slightest and continued to charge forwards, even stopping the flaming arrow in its tracks.

The second Sword Servant also stabbed out with his sword. This sword strike was incredibly sharp and incisive, and it immediately shattered the Harpy’s barrier upon impact. This move was the Armor-Burying Strike. It could destroy almost all barriers in one hit, but it was only useful against barriers, not against actual people. However, this attack didn’t need to do any actual damage, because there was still one more person waiting to attack.

Chang Sheng swung his sword.

His sword strike was different from the other two sword strikes as well. The first was incredibly broad and vast, intended to repel an attack; the second was wild and tyrannical, intended to destroy a barrier; Chang Sheng’s sword, however, appeared plain and unremarkable. He had concentrated all of his killing power at the tip of his sword, intending to slaughter his opponent.

The Harpy responded quite quickly, dodging as soon as his barrier shattered. He had jumped out of the area of attack and reappeared a thousand feet away.

He lowered his head to look at his chest.

A slight scar slowly appeared on his chest.

That was Chang Sheng’s Sword Qi.

He had dodged incredibly quickly, but Chang Sheng’s sword was still able to touch him.

It had merely grazed him.

An instant later, however, a shocked expression appeared on that Harpy’s face.

His body began to corrode as sheets of skin fell to the ground, turning into ashes. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a pile of ash.

This sword strike ate away at him from the inside, destroying all of his internal organs and any chance he might have had at surviving.

Death in a single blow!

“He must be a harpy because his reactions were incredibly fast, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough,” Chang Sheng said indifferently.

“How can we allow them to hold all the advantages?” another Sword Servant said.

The Hunting Wind Bandits were stunned.

“Three Light Shaking Realm cultivators! Three Light Shaking Realm cultivators! Sir Frost Wing was killed by them!” one of the bandits yelled.

Even more Arcana Masters came flying towards them.

This time, there were five Fifth-Ring Arcana Masters. It seemed that they had learned their lesson.

Most interestingly, these five Harpies hadn’t been participating in the earlier battle and had only appeared once the twelve Sword Servants took the stage.

Just as Su Chen had anticipated, the Hunting Wind Bandits were probing the situation. When the people on the shuttles began using their trump cards, the Hunting Wind Bandits began to do the same.

Five Fifth-Ring Harpies was already a force to be reckoned with. Obviously, they were taking the twelve Sword Servants quite seriously, but unfortunately for them they had still ended up underestimating their opponents.

A master often had subordinates like him. When Lin Xiao saw the five Fifth-Ring Arcana Masters heading in their direction, he chuckled, “It seems that we have one last chance to surprise them. Chang Sheng, Fei Dan, you two take on one each. Everyone else, with me. We’re going to take out three more!”

“Yes, sir!” the twelve Sword Servants answered as they attacked simultaneously.

The same situation unfolded yet again, but this time the fight was a ten-on-three battle.

Those Harpies never expected for all twelve of them to be at the Light Shaking Realm. The most shameless part was that these twelve humans were all very powerful but had pretended to be weaker than they actually were.

The five Harpies were totally caught off-guard. Before they could even react to what was happening, three of them had died, and the other two retreated at top speed before the ten Sword Servants could turn on them.

The twelve Sword Servants made no efforts to chase after them, instead laughing and joking around with each other.

Four Fifth-Ring Harpies had died just like that. Those involved in the battle were incredibly satisfied.

Since their strength had been revealed, the twelve Sword Servants gave up on trying to conceal their strength and discarded the flying disks. They floated in the air, laughing and joking with each other.

This laughter seemed to contain a kind of demonic quality. The morale of the soldiers on the shuttles greatly increased, and the Hunting Wind Bandits’ morale dropped.

Anyone would feel pain after losing four Fifth-Ring Arcana Masters in a single blow.

Old Hu yelled happily, “See! See! They’re at the Light Shaking Realm! The Light Shaking Realm!”

Everyone turned back to look at Iron Cliff, who curled his lip disdainfully. “You guys haven’t seen anything yet.”

His heart, however, was filled with regret.

Damn, how could he not be allowed to participate when glory was on the line?

He had been following Su Chen for a long time and had learned to think for himself. Since he had learned how to act and how to trick others, it was only natural that he had also learned how to want glory for himself.

As he watched the battle unfolding intently, he wished with all his might that he was the one unleashing the slaughter, not anyone else.

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