Book 5, Chapter 75: Sacrificial Warrior

Chapter 75: Sacrificial Warrior

Su Chen had made a mistake.

He had overestimated the Harpy’s patience.

In his view, attacking a human in a public setting like this was very likely to cause a dispute between the Harpies and humans. This was basically asking for trouble, and it was definitely not a good idea.

Even so, just as the Ravagers had smart people, the Harpies also had some idiots.

Su Chen was not expecting for the Harpy before him to suddenly attack.

It wasn’t that Su Chen wasn’t capable of dodging this attack, but he hadn’t dealt with Li Daohong yet. If he was to take care of this opponent, Li Daohong and the others would immediately be alerted.

Su Chen didn’t dodge, instead allowing the claw to reach towards him.

Just as he was about to be grabbed, countless possibilities flashed through Su Chen’s mind before he finally made a decision.

He said, “It’s not for sale, but if you want it, you can take it.”

“Oh? What do you mean? It’s not for sale, but you’re willing to give it to me?” the Harpy was stunned.

“Exactly as you have heard,” Su Chen replied.

The Harpy’s flames of anger immediately were extinguished, and the claw turned into a hand that patted Su Chen a couple times on the shoulder. The Harpy laughed, “Haha, not bad, not bad! You seem quite smart!”

In some peoples’ eyes, it looked like the Harpy was encouraging and appreciating Su Chen’s actions.

Su Chen said to Patelocke, “You, go with him. Leave the recording disk with me.”

Patelocke understood. He took the recording disk out and handed it over before leaving.

Su Chen wasn’t worried about where Patelocke would go. They had a direct connection, so he could always find Patelocke’s location. Unexpectedly, the Harpy didn’t make Su Chen rely on that ability. He tossed Su Chen a jade medallion and said, “My address is written on there. If you need anything, come and find me there.”


What was happening?

Su Chen glanced at the jade medallion in his hand, feeling its warmth and running his hands across its intricate designs. It was obviously quite high-quality, and the characters for “Holly” were inscribed on it.

“Holly Clan?” Su Chen’s eyebrows jumped.

He had heard of this clan before. They were indeed a large clan amongst the Harpies, but as had been mentioned previously, Harpy nobles themselves were not worth that much. Only the individual’s ranking within the clan mattered, so Su Chen paid very little attention to it.

Since Patelocke had left, Su Chen was now on his own. He walked into a small alleyway with no one present.

When Si Li saw Su Chen walk into the alleyway, he sighed with relief.

Yes, sighed with relief.

He understood his own master’s personality the most.

Since his master had told him to deal with Su Chen personally, no one else could interfere. Otherwise, it would still be counted against him as a failure due to his ineptitude.

You could say that Li Daohong was greedy, selfish, lascivious, reckless, and even arrogant, but you could not say that he was incapable. Li Daohong could accept any kind of person but an incapable one - anything he demanded to be done needed to be done well.

When Si Li had seen that Su Chen was provoking a Harpy noble, he was given quite a scare. Unlike Su Chen, he understood that Harpy noble’s temperament quite well.

That individual was a fearless, rash fellow who couldn’t care less about the consequences of his actions.

Thankfully, Su Chen was quite tactful. He handed over the puppet, making things much easier for Si Li.

Si Li hurriedly followed Su Chen into the small alleyway.

There could be no more mistakes. He needed to quickly finish off his opponent.

Upon entering the alleyway, however, he saw Su Chen standing there staring right at him.

Si Li was momentarily taken aback. “So you were ready for this a long time ago. I suppose that anyone who can stand by Young Miss Zhu’s side and even insert themselves in her conversation must be quite an uncommon individual.”

Su Chen said disdainfully, “So what if I inserted myself in the conversation? I inserted myself into her as well.”

Si Li didn’t understand what he meant entirely, but his expression sank nonetheless. “You dare profane your Young Miss’s name? How bold.”

As he spoke, he suddenly shot towards Su Chen with incredible speed.

It was only natural that he possessed some talent, given that Li Daohong had selected him to follow by his side. When he shot forth at top speed, it seemed as if he was as fast as a bolt of lightning.

Unfortunately, his opponent wasn’t worthy of fully grasping how fast he truly was.

He wouldn’t have the time to think about things like that.

He appeared right in front of Su Chen and was just about to unleash a vicious strike at Su Chen’s neck when he suddenly saw Su Chen move slightly.

Su Chen shot a glance at him.

Given the speed at which he was traveling, everything around him was in slow motion. Only he stood alone in this kind of a world.

Even so, he saw Su Chen turn his head at normal speed and shoot him a glance.

That glance gave Si Li quite a shock.

Not good!


An instant later, Si Li was sent flying. He spun a number of times in the air before falling on the ground.

“Interesting. So your power is similar to that of the Lightning Gale Mink Bloodline?” Su Chen muttered. “That’s worth looking into.”

Si Li knew that he had run into a brick wall.

He ignored the dizziness he felt from flipping so many times in the air and jumped to his feet, trying to run out into the alleyway. This was the benefit of being incredibly fast. He had the speed to run away, and no one would be able to catch up to him.

However, Su Chen merely grunted quietly.

Si Li immediately felt like his body had suddenly become extremely heavy, making it difficult for him to move. Shockingly, the air around him had turned into the consistency of mucus, and he found it hard to extricate himself.

As someone who relied on speed, Si Li hated air the most. Most of the time, this formless air resistance was their greatest opponent. Those with speed-related bloodlines would often have unique sets of techniques to deal with this wind resistance, but now those techniques were no longer useful.

With Su Chen as the center, the surrounding air began to pressurize. In this environment, air would become much denser and more viscous, making it so that air would flow in from the outside. However, there was no endpoint of this flow; this air seemed to disappear completely once it reached the end of its path, becoming part of the high-pressure environment. If one looked down from on high, one would find that a vortex of air had formed out of nowhere.

However, because these changes were only happening to the air, it was hard to see what was happening with the naked eye.

The opponent would feel a violent gale outside of the skill’s area of effect and a massive increase in air pressure within, which made it hard to move.

This was Shi Kaihuang’s Sumeru Void.

A technique like this that “locked down” the surrounding space was a natural enemy of those who relied on extreme speed. Si Li’s most powerful skills were immediately nullified, and the faster a person was, the greater the pressure they would experience. Every step he took felt like he was running into a brick wall.

Si Li had only taken a few steps, yet his face was already covered in blood.

“Sumeru Void! This is Sumeru Void…… You…... “ Si Li yelled, stunned. “You’re Su Chen!”

“Oh? It seems that your master has looked into me quite a bit,” Su Chen said, his eyebrows jumping.

Even though Sumeru Void was powerful, it was not the only Origin Skill that could lock down an area of space.

Si Li definitely wasn’t uninformed about Su Chen given that he was able to determine Su Chen’s identity just based on a few techniques. Given Li Daohong’s unique fate, it was entirely possible that his thought process was identical to Su Chen’s.

It was unsurprising that Li Daohong would gather some information about him.

Actually, Li Daohong’s pursuit of Zhu Xianyao was probably very much related to Su Chen.

Si Li hadn’t expected to run into Su Chen immediately, though.

It was because he understood Su Chen so well that he knew how big the gap was between him and Su Chen in strength.

Yes, he was at the Light Shaking Realm as well, but they were on a completely different level!

At this point, he had completely given up on wanting to fight. He just wanted to escape and notify his master. As long as he could inform his master of the situation, then he would have performed a great service!

They were currently in the alleyway, and the Harpies were walking around just outside. If they started to fight and startled the Harpies, Su Chen would probably hesitate to attack, which would give him the opportunity to leave. He could even use the opportunity to expose Su Chen’s identity and get them to kill Su Chen.

He knew how much his master feared and hated Su Chen’s existence.

As such, he charged forwards as hard as he could, even if he began to bleed profusely from his head. He activated his Origin Energy to its fullest extent, not hoping to be stronger than Su Chen, but just to suppress Su Chen for even a moment.

Kryptonite was still relative. If the “weak” target was too strong, they would still be able to escape from the user’s control.

Even a fish caught in a net could escape from the net and return to the sea.

For this reason, when Su Chen saw that Si Li was attempting to force his way out of Sumeru Void, he realized that the battle had already reached its climax despite the fact that they had only exchanged a few blows!

Si Li frantically attempted to break free of Sumeru Void’s influence. His Lotus Platform began to glow brilliantly, pushing against the space’s restrictions. Su Chen’s Sumeru Void actually began to distort under Si Li’s furious assault as it encountered resistance it had never encountered before. The vortex of wind began to gradually slow down.

“He’s actually…...” Su Chen was taken aback by his opponent’s sudden surge of effort.

However, he was only surprised momentarily.

Then, he coldly chuckled as he drew his hand in. The Sumeru Void began to contract.

Even though Shi Kaihuang was the one who had invented Sumeru Void, Su Chen had surpassed Shi Kaihuang in proficiency of use. Shi Kaihuang’s Sumeru Void was mostly supplementary in nature, not meant to harm or injure anyone. However, under Su Chen’s control, the layers of superimposed restrictions became more and more powerful until they actually posed a real threat. This turned Sumeru Void from a supplementary Origin Skill into one that could be used to do real damage.

As he tightened the radius of Sumeru Void, the restrictions turned into iron walls. Si Li really felt like he was running into metal walls now. Layers upon layers of restrictions blocked his path, and the further he ran, the harder it got to advance.

But Si Li still continued to charge forwards!

Because he was called Si Li!

It wasn’t because the character of his surname meant Death, but because he was Li Daohong’s sacrificial warrior.

As such, he could never retreat, and could only die on the battlefield.

He charged forwards at top speed, his gaze burning with the desire to do battle. At this point, he was no longer expecting to make it out from this situation alive. He knew that he couldn’t escape, but he still needed to try, if at most to startle the Harpies standing right outside the alley.

No matter what, he could not allow himself to die here, along with the information he had discovered.

He desperately needed to pass on this information to his master!

That was his final thought.

It was with this thought that he continued to press onwards!

Even Su Chen was surprised by his fighting spirit.

“What a loyal dog. It would be a pity if I didn’t allow you to complete your mission.” Out of respect for Si Li, Su Chen even thought about letting him go, just for an instant.

Just as he was about to kill Si Li, however, he suddenly discovered something that made him whistle in surprise.

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