Book 5, Chapter 55: Finished Method

Chapter 55: Finished Method

The wings that had just been taken off needed to be immediately attached in order to be effective.

Su Chen didn’t waste any more time being sentimental. He took off his clothes and wrapped his arms around his back, cutting two holes in his own flesh. Doing surgery on oneself was difficult for most people, but to Origin Qi Scholars it was extremely easy.

After the Violent Wings were grafted into Su Chen’s back, Su Chen could immediately sense the foreign bloodline power invading his body.

This was the Desolate Beast Windbite’s bloodline power permeating Su Chen.

Other people may have desperately sought after a Desolate Beast Bloodline, forever frustrated knowing that this immense power would never be theirs to possess. However, Su Chen seemed totally ambivalent. The path he walked was one where humans would triumph over every other obstacle by relying on the human bloodline alone. As such, it made sense that he was unwilling to possess a beast’s bloodline. However, he did not refuse either. After all, the Boundless Sect had begun to utilize Aspects almost as soon as it was established.

Su Chen revolved the Origin Energy in his body to absorb and refine the bloodline power.

Even though Desolate Beast Bloodlines were powerful, they were hard to assimilate. Su Chen would have had a hard time doing so under normal circumstances, but Feng Anya, the owner of the bloodline, was providing him assistance.

When Feng Anya saw Su Chen implanting the Desolate Beast Bloodline and tremble, he thought that Su Chen was trying to absorb the power in the bloodline. He knew that it was incredibly difficult for Su Chen, a bloodline-less Light Shaking Realm cultivator, to absorb the Desolate Beast Bloodline of a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator. As a result, he took the initiative to help Su Chen suppress the bloodline power and make it easier for Su Chen to absorb it.

Since he was the source of the Desolate Beast Bloodline, it naturally obeyed his will. The overflowing amount of energy surging into Su Chen’s body grew dormant, and Su Chen began to slowly bring it under his own control.

His Primordial Blood Incarnation had come from him as the source and had never really changed much. Now, however, something was finally different.

First, Su Chen’s Primordial Blood Aspect surfaced. The thirty-foot-tall figure was overflowing with energy, surprising even Zhu Chenhuan, who was observing off to the side. Even though he knew that Su Chen was an impressive youth, he had only assumed that Su Chen’s brain was powerful and didn’t actually know much about Su Chen’s personal strength. When Su Chen’s Aspect appeared, however, Zhu Chenhuan finally realized that his early analysis was off.

“What is that? It looks like a bloodline incarnation, but not exactly, and it is hard to make out precisely what it is. I have never seen something like this before,” Zhu Chenhuan said in shock.

A moment later, he watched as a strange vortex of wind began to form next to the incarnation.

This wind vortex appeared in midair, hiding four peculiar faces that pointed in four different direction. One face was quite similar to that of a human but with exceptionally large eyes; one had a nose like that of an elephant and four inverted teeth; one had massive, billowing ears that waved in the air like palm leaves; and one looked like a bloody maw opened wide enough to swallow up the Heaven and earth.

These four faces made up Windbite’s original appearance. Desolate Beast Windbite mainly existed in the form of this vortex surrounding the four faces. Because the four faces were facing in all directions, Windbite possessed the innate ability to detect an attack coming from any direction. The four faces emphasized the mouth, the eyes, the nose, and ears separately, allowing it to distinguish taste, sight, smell, and sound with outstanding clarity.

The Windbite Bloodline produced many geniuses with hypersensory abilities as a result.

However, there weren’t many people who could fully manifest Windbite’s true appearance. Most could only show off Windbite’s multiple forms, turning into all kinds of Violent creatures.

Unexpectedly, the moment Su Chen obtained Feng Anya’s bloodline, he was immediately able to manifest Windbite’s true form. This surprised both Zhu Chenhuan and Feng Anya greatly.

However, they could also tell that Su Chen was obviously not mingling his bloodline with Windbite’s bloodline, but rather gathering it into another location in his body. It was because there was no mixture occurring that the bloodline image appeared incomparably pure. However, whether or not this bloodline would actually be useful was hard to say.

The Windbite Aspect slowly began to take form as the bloodline power from the Violent Raven’s wings began to take effect. This bloodline essence, which would take Feng Anya at least a decade to recover, was not something that could be substituted with merely a few vials of blood.

Finally, the Windbite Aspect became fully formed and assumed its place quietly next to Su Chen’s Primordial Blood Aspect.

After a moment’s thought, Su Chen controlled the Windbite Aspect with his mind and gently pushed it towards his Primordial Blood Aspect.

In terms of power, the Windbite Aspect was much stronger than Su Chen’s Primordial Blood Aspect, but Su Chen instinctively refused to let a foreign beast’s Aspect take over his body. As such, Su Chen chose the Primordial Blood Aspect to be the main body when he fused the two aspects together.

Under Su Chen’s direction, the Windbite Aspect merged with the Primordial Blood Aspect. The sinister-looking Windbite Aspect disappeared without a trace, replaced by a storm of wind that billowed around the figure of the Primordial Blood Incarnation.

At this moment, the human-shaped Primordial Blood Incarnation had become the host body, which was now surrounded by violent wind. Even when it wasn’t attacking, Zhu Chenhuan and Feng Anya could sense the power of the violent winds gathered around its figure.

When Su Chen activated the Primordial Blood Incarnation to its fullest extent, three additional faces would appear on the incarnation’s head. Along with the original head, the four heads could face in all directions, multiplying each others’ strength.

However, unlike Windbite’s fierce appearance, these faces bore the appearance of a human.

Once he had completed this Aspect, the Violent Wings had been fully assimilated into his body. Su Chen could sense the bloodline connection with the wings, as if they were an extension of his arms. With but a thought, the wings on his back disappeared and reappeared extremely naturally. The Primordial Blood Aspect actually furled and unfurled its wings at the same time. This was because this aspect was directly linked to Su Chen himself and developed as he developed. As a result, unless Su Chen intentionally restricted the Primordial Blood Incarnation’s movements, the incarnation would copy him.

With the wings assimilated, Su Chen’s strength soared as well.

Feng Anya sighed regretfully, “Kid, even though I don’t know what skill you are using, I can sense that the strength decreased when you merged the two together. If you had made Windbite the host body, you probably would have been even stronger.”

Su Chen replied calmly, “Raven King is correct. This is a technique I created called the Life Aspect. It can extract the power of a bloodline to combine the power of a variety of Aspects. It’s not exactly mixing a human bloodline; rather, it is a standalone existence that can break away from the use of a bloodline. However, this human-shaped aspect stems from me. It might not be as powerful as Windbite, but I believe that the human bloodline also possesses unique powers. As a human, only by maintaining the purity of my bloodline will I be able to truly find a way for humans to grow stronger. Windbite…… It might be very powerful, but I can only accept using it to strengthen the human bloodline, not to substitute for it. Not even the Shining Dragon Bloodline would be acceptable.”

Feng Anya didn’t know that Su Chen actually did possess the Shining Dragon Bloodline as well, but Feng Anya was quite impressed with Su Chen’s decisiveness in making the Windbite Bloodline subservient to the human bloodline.

Feng Anya praised, “No wonder you could become the Worldly Sage at such a tender age. You are incredibly intelligent and possess great ambitions. Perhaps you will truly be the one to open the way for the rest of the human race to follow.”

Zhu Chenhuan said, “What do you mean, perhaps? He’s already done it.”

Because of Su Chen’s efforts, more and more up-and-coming experts had begun to appear amongst the ranks of the human race, and more and more people were becoming Origin Qi Scholars.

This was all naturally because of Su Chen’s bloodline-less cultivation technique, which gave everyone an opportunity.

Once the commoners who had no bloodline obtained the cultivation technique, they would be able to cultivate. Perhaps they would not be as powerful as those from Bloodline Nobility Clans, but they were no longer commoners regardless and now possessed superhuman abilities. And as more excellent cultivation techniques appeared in the future, it was entirely possible that the system of bloodline inheritance would be phased out in favor of a system where one’s strength was determined by one’s cultivation technique.

Zhu Chenhuan and the others had merely realized that this was happening in advance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have tried to seize Su Chen’s technique by force like that either.

Now, their former enemy had become a family member. Zhu Chenhuan’s opinion on Su Chen’s accomplishments had obviously changed.

That came from the happiness of being a participant, the excitement of being a pioneer.

Yes, since he couldn’t beat Su Chen, then it was better to join him.

Once they had decided on the plan for the broodmother, the Zhu Clan had already stepped into Su Chen’s boat. In the future, they would either vanquish foes with Su Chen and accomplish something great or be vanquished alongside him.

But no matter what the outcome was, it was a given that the future was full of unknown changes.

Just when everyone felt that the situation wasn’t exciting enough, information from Cloud Leopard arrived.

Su Chen smiled when he read the notice.

He said, “My Instructor has completed the supplementary Origin Formation necessary for breaking into the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline. The technique has been completed.”

Both Zhu Chenhuan and Feng Anya were stunned by this discovery.

Since the Origin Formation was finished, the barrier to reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline was gone. In other words, anyone could reach the Light Shaking Realm now.

Zhu Chenhuan said, somewhat trembling, “You aren’t planning on selling this technique basically for free again, right?”

Actually, Su Chen had always charged a modest fee for his techniques, but in Zhu Chenhuan’s eyes this fee was basically nothing.

Su Chen chuckled. “Not this time.”

If the bloodline-less technique for the Light Shaking Realm were to spread, human society - no, the whole Primordial Continent would be instantly upended.

Thankfully, Su Chen had no plans to do so this time.

His agreement with Long Sang Country included a clause that he would no longer spread any future bloodline-less techniques carelessly to avoid creating chaos.

Light Shaking Realm cultivators were the backbone of the human race. If this realm could be reached without a bloodline, the implications would be massive. Countless nobility clans would most likely try to hunt him down if he did so. Even if Su Chen was ambitious, he still needed to take his personal safety into account. As such, before he became strong enough to be virtually invincible under the heavens, he would honor this promise and wouldn’t spread the technique around carelessly.

However, not distributing it carelessly didn’t mean he wouldn’t distribute it at all. He wouldn’t publish it publicly, but there was no problem with giving it to the disciples of his own clan.

And the Boundless Sect could use this technique as a great opportunity to expand and increase their strength.

As such, Su Chen’s first thought was to give it to the Boundless Sect disciples to use.

Cloud Leopard, Iron Cliff, and the twelve Sword Servants had already reached the peak of the Yang Opening Realm and were waiting on this technique to be finished so that they could begin the ascension process as well.

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