Book 5, Chapter 54: Violent Wing

Chapter 54: Violent Wing

Feng Anya lay on a bed in the research workstation as Su Chen carefully inspected his body.

With the help of the microscopic eye, the secrets of Feng Anya’s body were laid bare. Because he was completely cooperating, the profound secrets of the Thought Manifestation Realm were also subject to Su Chen’s scrutinization.

This was a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator!

Su Chen was still in the Light Shaking Realm, and because he had been so busy doing research that he had no time to cultivate, at this point he still only had three Lotus Platforms. Of course, he could directly absorb Origin Energy with the help of his microscopic eye, so his cultivation speed was quite fast if he wanted it to be. However, he was still miles away from even considering reaching the Thought Manifestation Realm.

Now, a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator had voluntarily placed himself in front of Su Chen. This was an incredible opportunity for Su Chen.

In that moment, a thought suddenly surfaced in his head. As his reputation become more and more widespread, there would probably be more and more people who would seek him out, even though the troubles would also increase. Perhaps in the future, he would no longer need to use captives as research subjects, as there would be countless people willing to volunteer themselves to do research on them.

This was the case with Feng Anya.

Obviously, this was the best kind of arrangement.

Feng Anya was a bit anxious when he saw Su Chen looking at him silently. “How is it?”

Su Chen was the best authority on medicines and bloodlines that he could find. If even Su Chen said that it was impossible, then Feng Anya was completely without hope.

He saw Su Chen shake his head and sigh.

Feng Anya felt his heart grow cold.

So it was impossible for the Worldly Sage?

Su Chen said, “Truly the work of an Ultimate Emperor Realm expert. Even though this seal is only one stroke, it is better than a seal made with ten thousand strokes. There are an incredible number of profound truths contained inside. I feel as if my horizons have been greatly broadened.”

Feng Anya was taken aback. “That’s why you shook your head?”

“Yes,” Su Chen continued to sigh as he shook his head. “It really is too beautiful.”

Feng Anya almost spat out a mouthful of blood. “So can you cure it or not?”

“Oh, I should be able to. It will probably take some time, though.”

Feng Anya was exuberant. “I’ve waited for this day for sixty years. So what if I have to wait a few more?”

“A few more years?” a strange expression appeared on Su Chen’s face. “I was thinking more like three days.”

“Oh.” Feng Anya froze as he stared at Su Chen in disbelief.

Three days!?

I have been searching for a solution to this problem for a few decades, but you can resolve it in three days?

Su Chen could tell what he was thinking and said indifferently, “If you have the right skills, the process becomes very fast.”

Feng Zhuying’s seal was indeed incredibly exquisite, but its intricacy was not enough to confuse Su Chen’s microscopic eyes. Su Chen’s greatest advantage was that he could clearly see the makeup of this seal. Most people would need to approach this problem on a macroscopic level, like a blind person trying to navigate a maze. It would be difficult for them to make even a little progress, let alone see the whole picture.

Su Chen, however, was looking down from a high vantage point. He could see the entire maze, and even the most complicated twists and turns wouldn’t deceive him. When paired with the powerful calculation abilities of the consciousness crystal, this seal was really something that Su Chen could easily deal with.

In fact, Su Chen probably would have only needed an hour to fully resolve it.

He had said three days, but that was just because he wanted to inspect the old man for free - even though he wasn’t at the Spirit Burning Realm, he had already managed to resolve most of the big problems preventing him from reaching the Spirit Burning Realm. Making a breakthrough would happen sooner or later, so there was nothing wrong with him wanting to take a look at the Thought Manifestation Realm.

Three days flew by. Su Chen was able to gain a full understanding of Feng Anya’s body, both inside and out. He had obviously spent much time analyzing Feng Anya’s bloodline and had drawn many vials of blood as well before he finally helped Feng Anya take care of the seal.

When the seal was nullified, Feng Anya couldn’t contain the excitement in his heart. He tilted his head back and howled joyfully as a violent aura suddenly began to emanate from his body.

Then, Su Chen watched as a massive black raven appeared behind Feng Anya’s back. It charged into the air and right through the roof, not damaging it in the slightest. Once it had appeared in the sky, it took on physical substance. At the same time that the black raven came into existence, Feng Anya’s body began to fade into nothingness.

Once he had completely disappeared, the massive raven took flight in the air as it howled, “I, Feng Anya, have returned! Hahahaha!”

The raven’s voice boomed and resounded in all directions so that everyone in the city could hear.

An instant later, however, a blood-colored fox paw slammed into the raven’s head as it said, “Stop yelling, you idiot! Are you trying to scare everyone in the city to death? Go back to your actual body!”

Feng Anya also knew that he had forgotten himself somewhat amidst his excitement. He called out one more time to the sky before turning illusory again and reappearing in Su Chen’s room. He bowed deeply to Su Chen and said, “Many thanks, Prince Su, for your assistance!”

Given his status as a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator, this bow to Su Chen was an indication of just how moved with gratitude he was.

Zhu Chenhuan had already appeared in Su Chen’s research lab and smacked Feng Anya on the head. “You old rascal, I already told you we were on a secret mission this time. Now that you’ve made such a commotion, everyone else will know you are here. How are we supposed to carry out our mission now?”

Feng Anya’s movements had definitely put the Harpies on notice that a Thought Manifestation Realm expert had come to Flat Sky City.

Even though they wouldn’t know what he had come for, it was impossible for them to not be suspicious given the circumstances. Having less complications was always better than having more, but Feng Anya had suddenly stirred up such a commotion. How could Zhu Chenhuan not be mad?

Su Chen was also a bit worried. “How many people know about Old Feng’s tactics?”

Feng Anya scratched his head. “The Desolate Beast Windbite has no innate form and can transform as it pleases. So for people to not know about my form-changing abilities is not really a possibility……”

Su Chen and Zhu Chenyuan’s expressions sank simultaneously.

Dammit! We invited you over to help me fix this problem of my disguise technique, but you managed to expose yourself before you even solved my problem. If the Harpies were to take precaution against the Windbite bloodline’s skills, then Su Chen would have a very hard time deceiving them with his disguises.

There was no such thing as an invincible technique.

He Xu’s Thousand Faces Beast Bloodline and the Feng Clan’s Windbite Bloodline all had their own unique characteristics and unique ways that they could be seen through. Zhu Chenhuan was originally planning on overlaying the Windbite Bloodline and Thousand Faces Beast Bloodline together in order to cheat the Harpies, but now it was likely that this plan was no longer possible.

Feng Anya was also stunned. He hadn’t expected the situation to be so serious.

After thinking for some time, he asked, “Who...... Who exactly are you trying to deceive?”

Zhu Chenhuan had only told him to increase the power of Su Chen’s disguise technique, but had never told him why.

Zhu Chenhuan rolled his eyes. “Is there still even a point in asking this question?”

Feng Anya rubbed the back of his head. “If I know who the target of your deception is, I still might be able to come up with a solution.”

Su Chen and Zhu Chenhuan glanced at each other.

In the end, it was Su Chen who spoke. “Harpies.”

“Harpies? You want to become a Harpy?” Feng Anya was startled.

“I need to go to Harpy territory to take care of some business, so I will need to assume the status of a Harpy as well.”

Feng Anya stared at Su Chen in disbelief, startled by the youth’s courage. “The Harpies are in Flat Sky City right now?”

“Yes, they are, and they should know by now that you are here.”

Feng Anya sighed heavily.

After a moment’s thought, he gritted his teeth and said resolutely, “Fine, consider me unlucky. It’s my fault for losing my self-control anyways. This is for you!”

The image of the massive raven appeared behind him again, but this time it was much smaller, roughly the same size as an average human.

The Violent Raven gradually took on physical substance, but Feng Anya didn’t disappear completely this time. His figure, however, had gotten much smaller. Then, he reached behind and pulled hard, ripping the Violeng Raven’s wings off of its back. The Violent Raven arched its back in pain, and even Feng Anya buckled to the ground because of the pain. This Violent Raven was formed from his bloodline and was a part of him, so he would be wounded if it was wounded. The pain from taking off the wings was not light, as it harmed his body, his consciousness, and his Origin Energy source all at the same time.

“Raven King, what are you doing?” Su Chen was stunned by his actions.

Feng Anya trembled as he handed over the pair of black wings. “Take them. With these wings, you will be able to assume the identity of a Harpy without fear.”

Zhu Chenhuan was also stunned. “Old Feng, what do you mean? What kind of a skill is this?”

“This is not a skill!” Feng Anya growled. “These wings were refined from my bloodline essence. After my bloodline reached the stage of Great Success and I gained the ability to convert my illusory image into real physical form, these wings became real! The biggest difference between us and the Harpies are these wings. With the wings, no Harpy will be able to tell you are fake because these wings genuinely exist. Even though there are some differences in our internal organs, these differences are small, and they won’t cut open your body to take a look. As long as you take good care of yourself, you can become a genuine Harpy.”

Both Su Chen and Zhu Chenhuan were shocked.

Su Chen said, “Old Feng……”

Even he was moved by Feng Anya’s actions.

“Hurry up and take it!” Feng Anya growled. “Why are you so emotional? This Violent Raven comes from my bloodline, so I will just create another one later. There’s nothing to feel bad about.”

Even though he said as much, everyone knew that forming an illusory image was vastly different from real bloodline morphing.

Forming illusory images only consumed Origin Energy and bloodline power, while bloodline morphing consumed the bloodline itself. Feng Anya’s actions had decreased the upper limit of his strength, and it would probably take him at least a decade to recover it fully.

As if he knew that he couldn’t gloss over the situation so easily, Feng Anya placed his Violent Wings into Su Chen’s hand as he said, “I must warn you that only your wings will be real, so they cannot help you fix the problem of appearance. So even if you assume a different appearance, they might still be able to see through your disguise. But as long as those Harpies have never seen your real face before, then they will only think that you are a Harpy from a different nest, not that you are a human.”

“That’s already more than enough,” Su Chen replied.

Because he had made adequate preparations beforehand, Su Chen had specifically avoided going to meet the diplomatic envoy so that they would never see Su Chen’s real face. The next step was to figure out a way to sneak in.

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