Book 5, Chapter 34: Intercept

Chapter 34: Intercept

Su Chen’s roar was like a thunderclap, booming through the battlefield. Even though he could not possibly stun a large group of Spirit Burning Realm cultivators into silence, the implied meaning was more than enough to immediately grab everyone’s attention.

“What did you say?” Rong Xiangsheng stared viciously at Su Chen. Even though he was quite a ways away, this glare was sharp and piercing, causing even Su Chen to shudder involuntarily.

Su Chen had put away the scepter a long time ago. At this moment, he firmly stood his ground and said, “You know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s no point for you to deny it. Rong Xiangsheng, you’ve really got some guts to ally yourselves with the Harpies for the sake of your own personal benefit.”

Rong Xiangsheng trembled with anger. “You dare slander me so casually? I’ll kill you!”

“You know exactly whether I’m casually slandering you,” Su Chen said as he said mockingly to Rong Xiangsheng. “Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to find out? Get out here, now!”

As he spoke, he unleashed a punch.

This punch seemed simple, but it contained all of his strength, will, and consciousness power. His entire cultivation base had been reduced down to this one punch, which surprisingly surged towards an empty piece of sky off in the distance, far from the battlefield.

That area was completely empty, and no motion was ever seen there from start to finish. There wasn’t even any wind blowing.

However, Su Chen’s fist caused the seemingly empty air to suddenly undergo vast changes.

A brilliant ray of light shot forth as cracks began to appear in midair like a glass mirror. Eventually, the entire thing shattered, and countless crystalline shards flew forth in all directions.

Three figures appeared in the air.

They appeared somewhat human, but there were some major differences, the primary one being the pairs of wings sprouting from their backs.

Their outstretched wings flapped from time to time, keeping them in the air.

They were a bit shorter than an average human, but their faces were extremely delicate-looking.

The one female was extremely beautiful, while the two males were incredibly handsome.

When everyone present saw these three individuals, they all revealed expressions of disbelief.

“Harpies!” Zhu Yunyan, Qian Shuzhong and the others cried out at the same time.

Those three Harpies were similarly stunned. They all stared intently at Su Chen. “How is this possible? No one is capable of seeing through the Mystery-Piercing Clear Jade Mirror!”

Su Chen smirked. “I didn’t see through it.”

He really had not seen through the concealment of the Mystery-Piercing Clear Jade Mirror. All he had seen was the spot where the Harpies were hiding in the illusory prediction image, as well as how he had managed to push them out of hiding.

He did the exact same.

And he succeeded.

He had made yet another prediction to confirm the truth, but he probably could have done it at a lower cost.

This damned Origin Bone Scepter somehow managed to make you feel regretful no matter what the outcome was.

Zhu Yunyan also cried out, “Rong Xiangsheng, how dare you betray humanity!”

At this point, all of the confusion had been cleared up.

The Rong Clan had somehow been bought out by the Harpies a long time ago, who were attempting to use the Rong Clan to provoke two Demonic Emperor clans into fighting each other.

There was no need to determine whether or not the Rong Clan had prepared any more schemes. The fact that they had colluded with the Harpies alone was more than enough to sentence the Rong Clan to death.

Even Qian Shuzhong’s expression changed drastically. “Rong Xiangsheng, you lied to us?”

The Qian Clan had indeed allied with the Rong Clan, but it was obvious they were unaware of the Rong Clan’s collusion with the Harpies as well. They were merely enticed by the Rong Clan’s promise of profits. In Rong Xiangsheng’s words, the Rong Clan and the Zhu Clan were fated to be enemies until the end of time, and the Rong Clan was willing to give up on any benefits in order to wipe out one of their greatest enemies.

Greed had clouded the Qian Clan’s eyes, causing them to actually fall for such a lie. They had already sent out their clan’s forces, but they had never expected the truth to be so damning.

The Qian Clan panicked when they saw the Harpies - the crime of colluding with Harpies was far more than the Qian Clan could afford to bear.

Qian Shuyong yelled, “The Qian Clan is definitely not colluding with the Harpies! From this moment onwards, our alliance is no longer in effect.”

Zhu Yunyan struck while the iron was hot. “That’s not enough! You must help us to arrest them in order to prove your innocence!”

“Fine!” the Qian Clan’s three brothers replied.

The Rong Clan couldn’t hesitate in the slightest now that their righteousness was at stake. Otherwise, their entire clan was going to be annihilated.

The situation had changed in the blink of an eye, and the Qian Clan’s three brothers, who were had teamed up with the Rong Clan to deal with the Zhu Clan just a moment ago, now joined forces with the Zhu Clan to attack Rong Xiangsheng and the others.

Rong Xiangsheng and the others scrambled to mount a response to the sudden change in the situation.

The three Harpies also hurriedly attempted to fly away when they saw that the situation no longer favored them.

“Trying to run?” Su Chen harrumphed. “Death’s Shadow!”

A streak of white paper shot through the air.

This white streak was not hazy like the White Deer Qian Clan’s fog techniques. Instead, countless ribbons of paper descended from the sky, each ribbon pulsating with a strange kind of energy as they chased after their targets relentlessly. They all seemed to carry a faint aura of death.

Two of the Harpies responded to the sudden change in circumstances by turning around and drawing their bows, unleashing a rainstorm of golden arrows.

Harpies specialized in long-range combat, and bows were basically tailor-made for them to use. The arrows exploded with energy as they collided with their targets. Obviously, the Harpies were using some kind of technique to boost the power of their arrows.

However, the white paper ribbons began to exude corrosive wisps of smoke, causing the golden arrows to melt in the air.

The female Harpy unfurled her wings fully and shot high into the sky at extremely high speeds.

However, Su Chen was faster.

He pulled out the Silver Moon Shuttle and caught up to the female in the blink of an eye. He smiled and said, “Would you like me to take you on a ride?”

He received an explosion of thunder as a response.

Harpies possessed better perception of Origin Energy than humans, so their cultivation system was more similar to the Arcanists, and their attacks were quite similar to Ancient Arcana Techniques. Su Chen was badly startled by the might and suddenness of this thunderous barrage upon the Silver Moon Shuttle.

Thankfully, the Silver Moon Shuttle defended him. He decided to put away the shuttle and appeared in midair, immediately pulling out the Mountain-Beheading Blade and slashing at the Harpy female. Even though she was a woman, Su Chen had no intentions of sparing her with this blade strike.

The Harpy tilted her head back and cried out with great clarity as if she were a bird. The resonant sound waves slammed into Su Chen’s blade, stopping it in place and preventing him from following through with his attack.

“You seem to have some skill!” Su Chen’s eyes glittered as a massive illusory image appeared behind him - he had activated the Primordial Blood Incarnation. The image howled at the sky as the Mountain-Beheading Blade multiplied in size, slashing down fiercely yet again.

The Harpy female recognized the dire situation she was in and responded by spitting out a pearl.

The pearl began to expand in the air, radiating with brilliant light and once again stopping Su Chen’s blade in its tracks.

The Harpy female attempted to use the opportunity to escape.

However, Zhu Xianyao appeared at that moment and threw out some kind of drawing.

Su Chen had never seen this drawing before. It was probably an Origin Tool the Zhu Clan had awarded her afterwards. Thousands of streaks of light began to emanate from the painting, enveloping the Harpy female and preventing her from moving.

The two Light Shaking Realm servants behind Zhu Xianyao charged at this moment as well.

Even though these two Light Shaking Realm cultivators were quite average, they were still at the Light Shaking Realm, and there was no way the Harpy female would be able to easily escape from their joint attack.

The Harpy female gritted her teeth and threw out a mirror. The mirror shined in midair onto her body. An identical Harpy female then walked out of that mirror and shot off in another direction as the mirror shattered.

Even though the Harpy female that had walked out of the mirror appeared to be a constructed clone, Su Chen didn’t dare act carelessly and stepped forwards to stop her.

The Harpy female from the mirror gestured, forming countless fireballs that she then hurled at Su Chen.

“Trying to play with fire?” Su Chen chuckled.

He gave up on using his blade, instead shoving his left palm outwards. The fireballs hurtling in his direction suddenly stopped in their tracks.

His fingers began to dance agilely, and the fireballs rapidly disassembled before regathering into the shape of a massive flaming phoenix, which began to flap its wings.

“How is this possible?” The Harpy female was stunned.

Su Chen had not dissected physical flames but flames formed from Origin Energy!

What kind of understanding of fire-type Origin Energy was necessary to accomplish a feat like that?

This was a feat that made Su Chen unique.

Others focused on raising their strength by relying on their bloodlines and tempering themselves, while Su Chen did so by improving his understanding and comprehension.

No one was more familiar with the methods of application of Origin Energy than he, given his ability to clearly see the microscopic secrets of the world. His grasp of the use of Origin Energy far exceeded that of any of his peers.

However, this kind of understanding would take a long time to turn into strength.

Brute force would increase a person’s strength in the early stages, while intelligence would increase a person’s strength more towards the later stages.

As such, brute force was much more favored for the majority of human history.

However, as time had passed, the advantages of intelligence began to manifest themselves, and would eventually get the last laugh.

This was the case for agricultural versus nomadic societies, as well as for the human race against the Ravagers and the Beasts.

This kind of resilience and patience was something that uniquely belonged to the intelligence side of things.

After countless years of tempering and experience, Su Chen’s deep understanding of Origin Energy finally began to manifest itself in his combat strength.

Even though he was merely in the early stages, he already possessed powers that belonged to him and him alone.

After converting the fireballs targeted at him into his own Theurgy Art, the flaming phoenix shrieked as it soared at the Harpy female.

Just as the Harpy female was about to be struck by the flaming phoenix, a voice suddenly sighed.

This sigh seemed to have come from right next to Su Chen’s ear. Su Chen physically trembled as a sense of intense fear overtook him, as if something had appeared that posed an incredible threat to him.

Not good!

Su Chen immediately sensed that a Thought Manifestation Realm expert had entered the fray.

Once a person’s cultivation base reached the Thought Manifestation Realm, their consciousness would expand to the size of a massive sea. With but a thought, they could activate their consciousness and use it to suppress their opponents. Anyone else probably would have lost the ability to move, or even have died on the spot.

However, Su Chen was obviously not an average person. His consciousness power was greater than two thousand units. In terms of pure consciousness power, he was not inferior to any human, but since he hadn’t formed any Divine Palaces yet nor opened his Yin-Yang, he lacked the ability to fully unleash his consciousness power. Even so, he was more than capable of defending himself even if he couldn’t attack at full strength. As a result, this sigh merely threatened Su Chen, but it was not actually able to freeze him in place.

An instant later, the flaming phoenix slammed into the Harpy female, sending her flying as she shrieked.

“Stay your hand!”

Following this low growl, a massive hand came crashing down like a bolt of lightning, grabbing at Su Chen.

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