Chapter 27: Pursued

Chapter 27: Pursued

The clear voice was resonant and piercing, so everyone present heard it.

When they turned around, they found Zhu Xianyao striding boldly towards them. She wore a long, fiery-red dress, so that she looked like a red lotus that was blooming when she walked. In her hand was a small whip, and two people walked beside her. One of them was a Light Shaking Realm Sand Elemental that had been subjugated while they were at Mountain Overlook City. The other person was also at the Light Shaking Realm, but Su Chen didn’t recognize them. Obviously, however, that person was also under Zhu Xianyao’s control.

In other words, Zhu Xianyao had lived a pretty good life these past few years. Controlling a target forever came at the cost of three years of cultivation, but now Zhu Xianyao had two under her command and her cultivation base had increased. There was only one explanation - the Zhu Clan had given her many resources to make up for the amount that she expended.

That wasn’t very strange. Zhu Xianyao was a person who could increase the might of her entire clan, so it would have been stranger if she wasn’t receiving such care.

Even though Zhu Xianyao hadn’t reached the Light Shaking Realm yet, she controlled two Light Shaking Realm servants, making her own personal strength equal to a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

Her appearance created a great commotion.

Thu Zhu Clan’s eldest Young Miss was someone that countless people dreamed about night after night.

And now, she was actually saying that she had a man already!

This was big news!

Under normal circumstances, there might have been a few people who would angrily “defend” their Young Miss, but Su Chen had only just shown of his strength. If even Rong Xiu couldn’t do anything to him, what could the others hope to accomplish?

Su Chen glanced around and found that no one dared to meet his gaze.

Su Chen chuckled. “It seems like the problem has been resolved.”

As he spoke, he turned around and began to walk towards Zhu Xianyao.

Rong Xiu’s hands trembled slightly as he watched Su Chen’s departing figure.

He really wanted to attack, but he had no confidence that he could take on both Su Chen and Zhu Xianyao at the same time. As such, he could only watch them cross the dividing line out of the Rong Clan’s territory and into the Zhu Clan’s territory.

Su Chen smiled slightly as he stood in front of Zhu Xianyao.

Zhu Xianyao gently bit her full lip. “So you still remembered to come look for me, you heartless bastard.”

Su Chen chuckled and didn’t say anything. He suddenly embraced Zhu Xianyao, leaning in to kiss her.

This scene completely stunned everyone present.

The goddess had been kissed!

Even though they had just heard Zhu Xianyao say that Su Chen was her man, watching it unfold before their eyes was another matter entirely. Countless envious gazes were shot at Su Chen and Zhu Xianyao like fiery darts.

Unfortunately, these darts could do no damage. Su Chen continued to passionately kiss Zhu Xianyao.

This kiss was extremely deep, and it took a long time before the pair finally parted.

Zhu Xianyao regained her balance, her face beet red. However, her eyes were filled with intoxication as she gazed at Su Chen and gently said, “Have you had enough?”

“Not yet, but what happens next is not appropriate to continue here,” Su Chen chuckled.

He picked up Zhu Xianyao and began to walk away. Zhu Xianyao didn’t even attempt to refuse and hung her arms around Su Chen’s neck, leaning into his bosom.

The Rong Clan’s subordinates could only watch as Su Chen left.

Before they were completely gone, a voice suddenly yelled out from behind them, “Young man, may I know your name?”

Su Chen turned around and saw that an old man had appeared on the Rong Clan’s territory.

Su Chen was actually unable to detect when he had appeared on the scene.

He squinted slightly. “My name is Su Chen.”

“Su Chen?” The elder turned the unfamiliar name over once, then chuckled, “I’ll remember that name. You were lucky today, and I got here just a bit too late. But I believe that we will see each other very soon. Remember my name - I am called......”

Su Chen interrupted him. “I’m not interested in knowing your name. Knowing a dead person’s name is totally pointless.”

As he spoke, he turned and left.

The old man had never experienced someone acting so rudely and arrogantly to him, and he was so enraged that he actually didn’t know what to do.

Zhu Xianyao was totally infatuated with Su Chen at this point. She said in a low voice, “His name is Rong Ruohai, one of the Rong Clan’s elders, and Patriarch Rong Ruoshan’s older brother.”

Su Chen muttered, “Spirit Burning Realm?”


“He’s still a dead man,” Su Chen replied.

“You think you can beat a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator with a Demonic Emperor Bloodline?”

“I might not be able to beat him, but I can kill him,” Su Chen replied indifferently.

His words were simple, yet they conveyed a boundless overbearing attitude.

Zhu Xianyao continued to lean against Su Chen’s chest, content and satisfied.

She unconditionally trusted Su Chen.

Since Su Chen had said he would kill him, then he would kill him.

It wasn’t far from here to the Zhu Clan, but the streets leading there were extremely lively and bustling.

One similarity between the Zhu Clan’s territory and the Rong Clan’s territory was that Su Chen was still being watched by everyone.

Countless individuals gazed at this purported son-in-law, and news spread extremely quickly. The whole Zhu Clan residence became aware of this before Su Chen even made it to the main hall.

With Zhu Xianyao present, there was no need for him to go searching the various alleyways for the right path. After a brief moment, Su Chen had arrived in front of the Zhu Clan’s main door.

A large group of people were already waiting outside in an orderly fashion. At the very front was a beautiful, middle-aged woman. From her appearance, it was obvious that she was Zhu Xianyao’s mother, Zhu Yunyan. Even though she was quite old, she still possessed her beauty. After all, the Slyheart Fox Bloodline relied primarily on charming opponents, so the women of the Zhu Clan were all beautiful. It was mostly a problem of relativity.

When Zhu Yunyan saw Su Chen, she smiled slightly before her expression sank a little bit. “Little Yao, come down! Hugging and embracing in the streets? What next?”

Zhu Xianyao reluctantly let go of Su Chen and stood off to the side.

Zhu Yunyan said to Su Chen, “We tried to get you to come so many times, but now you are finally willing to be a guest of the Zhu Clan?”

Su Chen chuckled. “It’s not that I didn’t want to. The timing just wasn’t right before this.”

“Young Master Su must mean when the Zhu Clan has their hands full? Or you must have meant after you made a move on my older sister,” a lithe voice said.

The speaker was a young maiden standing next to Zhu Yunyan. She wore a green dress, and her appearance was quite dainty and petite. A small red mole was at the corner of her eye, which stood out and differentiated her quite markedly from Zhu Xianyao.

When the young maiden saw Su Chen gazing at her, she curtsied gracefully. “Zhu Xianling greets Young Master Su...... or should I say, brother-in-law.”

“Zhu Xianling......” Su Chen murmured with a twinkle in his eyes. “You seem much younger than I thought you were.”

Zhu Xianling was slightly startled before she realized that Su Chen was mocking her for her scheming tendencies and complicated mind.

Her slim face immediately sank.

Then, Su Chen asked Zhu Yunyan, “Would Matriarch also like to know what the timing I am referring to is?”

When she heard Su Chen refer to her as Matriarch, Zhu Yunyan’s eyebrows jumped. “As long as Young Master Su is willing to come, any timing is good timing.”

As they conversed, Su Chen and Zhu Yunyan walked side-by-side into the main hall.

The other members of the Zhu Clan frowned silently when they saw this.

If Su Chen had come to take Zhu Xianyao as his wife, then he would have been a junior here. The fact that he had not treated Zhu Yunyan as a mother clearly indicated that he was not planning on assuming the identity of a son or a nephew.

He actually seemed to want to stand on equal footing with Zhu Yunyan.

Zhu Yunyan kept her temper in check quite well, but the nearby Zhu Clan elders were all somewhat unhappy, and some of the more easily-irritated elders even harrumphed right then and their.ere.

Upon entering the room, the group of people sat down. Zhu Yunyan sat high up on the seat of honor. Su Chen sat to her right, and another elder sat to the left. His name was Zhu Yunfeng, Zhu Yunyan’s older brother. Further down on the left side were Zhu Yunfan, Zhu Yunyu and Zhu Yunyue. Along with Zhu Yunyan, these five made up the cornerstones of the Zhu Clan. Below them was a row of elders.

Zhu Xianyao, Zhu Xianling, and the other third-generation Zhu Clan disciples sat on Su Chen’s side.

As for the people who actually controlled the Zhu Clan, they would not appear here.

Put plainly, they simply did not place much importance on Su Chen.

This was a world where strength was supreme. Even though Su Chen was always bringing new ideas to fruition, what determined his status was still mostly his cultivation realm, his strength.

After the proper introductions, Zhu Yunyan said, “Young Master Su has managed to deal with a powerful enemy for the Zhu Clan in such a short period of time. I must thank you for that.”

Su Chen said, “Matriarch is too courteous. I came from Empty Mountain and was just passing by, but when I considered that Xianyao was here, I decided to come pay her a visit. I didn’t expect to run into this situation between the two clans.”

He specifically brought up that he had come from Empty Mountain, making it quite abundant that he just so happened to pass by. Zhu Yunyan understood his intentions.

She asked, “Empty Mountain...... Did you go to see Miss Gu Qingluo?”

“Yes.” Su Chen nodded.

Zhu Yunyan nodded as well. “No wonder. The power of an Origin Beast Bloodline is indeed

“It has nothing to do with a bloodline. My feelings come first,” Su Chen corrected.

Zhu Yunyan finally understood exactly what Su Chen was trying to get at.

She muttered to herself, “Feelings come first...... So feelings come first, huh. I understand.”

Zhu Yunyan nodded and didn’t say much else. Instead, she brought up another topic of conversation.

The two parties continued to converse in a friendly, easygoing manner.

After some conversation, a subordinate whispered something in Zhu Yunyan’s ears, and Zhu Yunyan said, “Apologies, there are some things I need to take care of. Young Master Su must have been quite tired on his journey over. Why not take a rest? Little Yao, can you help me take care of our esteemed guest?”

“Yes, mother!” Zhu Xianyao respectfully replied, then took Su Chen and left.

Zhu Yunyan said calmly as she watched Su Chen leave, “You all could tell, right?”

Zhu Yunfeng harrumphed from the side, “How could we not tell? This Su Chen wants Little Yao to be a concubine!”

Everyone revealed unhappy expressions.

The Slyheart Fox clan valued women. They were only pursued, not married out.

How could a clan who didn’t even marry out their daughters possibly accept their eldest daughter becoming a concubine?

To the Zhu Clan, this not only broke the rules but also counted as a tremendous loss of face. If people were to say that they had given the Zhu Clan’s eldest daughter to someone to be their concubine, how could she rule the lcan in the future?

Actually, if Su Chen had proposed this while they were at Mountain Overlook City, the Zhu Clan might have actually agreed. After all, Su Chen had created a medicine that could increase the strength of their bloodline at that point in time. Now, however, the medicine had been completed, and they were in a different time now. Their attitude had clearly changed.

On the other hand, Zhu Yunyan hadn’t outright refused. She possessed quite a bit of insight and believed in Su Chen’s talent. In the future, he would definitely achieve great things.

But it was precisely for this reason that she wanted to bring Su Chen under her wing and turn him completely into a member of the Zhu Clan.

So whether or not they looked at him favorably, they would always want to pull Su Chen into the Zhu Clan, not marry Zhu Xianyao away.

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