Chapter 26: Darkness Binding Realm

Chapter 26: Darkness Realm

As soon as this person appeared, he unleashed a boundless, all-powerful aura. Obviously, he was an expert in no way weaker than Rong Zixing.

When Su Chen saw him arrive, he said, “You guys cross first!”

Everyone simultaneously charged over the line.

The line was like a watershed separating the two parties.

At the same time, the Origin Energy within Su Chen’s body began to brim with Origin Energy as he launched his fist at his opponent.

Because he didn’t know the details of his opponent, Su Chen didn’t dare hold back. This punch contained all of Su Chen’s strength, and it collided with the palm strike. The ensuing collision produced a clanging noise, like that of a massive bell.

Su Chen felt like he was punching water. Even though the might contained in the punch was enough to send massive waves everywhere, he was still unable to destroy his opponent. Instead, it felt as if his attack was being absorbed and nullified by his opponent.

At this point, Su Chen had been baptized by the Origin Energy Temple, so his physique was up to par with a typical Ravager’s. A single punch of his was strong enough to rock the foundation of a mountain, but his opponent was still able to easily nullify the momentum behind the attack. Clearly, this opponent of his was quite strong.

At the same time, the individual who had attacked Su Chen’s group descended, a similar expression of shock on his face as he gazed at Su Chen.

Su Chen’s attack had been rendered useless, which had surprised him. How could his opponent not feel the same way?

He stared at Su Chen. “Light Shaking Realm? Three Lotus Platforms?”

If Su Chen had wanted to, he could have immediately reached the level of seven Lotus Platforms in a year. After all, since he could directly absorb Origin Energy, his ability to “accumulate experience” was basically unlimited. However, considering that he was far from being able to solve the problem of how to break into the Spirit Burning Realm, Su Chen wasn’t in a hurry to ascend.

The opponent’s perceptive abilities were obviously quite high given that he was able to discover how many Lotus Platforms Su Chen possessed without him even putting them on display.

“Seven?” Su Chen countered.

Su Chen was similarly able to observe the Origin Energy fluctuations coming from the other party’s body given that he possessed the microscopic eye.

This opponent, who had easily nullified his fist strike, was not at the Spirit Burning Realm. He was at the Light Shaking Realm, but his strength was obviously not to be ignored. Even the Death’s Shadow of a Youth, who had become a Demonic Lord over a year ago, wasn’t fit to be his opponent.

The newcomer was also equally startled by Su Chen’s perceptiveness. “Indeed. Even though I feel a bit despicable for attacking someone weaker than me, I, Rong Xiu......”

Before he had finished speaking, Su Chen chuckled, “You’re quite strong. Thankfully, it’s been a while since I’ve encountered a decent opponent, so let’s just get into it.”

As he spoke, he leapt into the air. Origin Energy burst forth from his body as he punched at his opponent.

Rong Xiu hadn’t expected Su Chen to attack so suddenly. After recovering from his shock, he said angrily, “What a savage brat!”

As he spoke, his figure swayed slightly. Black smoke began to surge out from his body, turning into black cables that attempted to wrap around Su Chen.

Su Chen didn’t seem to mind. He continued to unleash punch after punch, each one containing extraordinary power. Shockwaves of air were visibly surging from his fists.

His style of battle was typically not so wild and unrestrained. He was more proficient with Ancient Arcana Techniques and using a wide variety of Origin Skills to dance in circles around his opponents. However, he hadn’t fought for over a year after returning from Ravager territory, so he was feeling a bit antsy. Now that he was finally able to face off against a powerful individual, it was only natural that he would want to fight until he was satisfied. His excessive consciousness power began to spread in all directions, funneling through his body and turning into a torrent of energy that washed over his opponent.

Even Rong Xiu felt somewhat suppressed by this hailstorm of fists. The black cables were blasted into smithereens by Su Chen. Of course, the corrosive properties of the Darkness Origin Substance were completely useless against Su Chen.

Xiu Rong harrumphed when he saw that his opponent was acting so violently. Black fog once again roiled, threatening to engulf Su Chen like a tsunami. No light could pass through this wave of fog, making it impossible to determine where the target was. Rong Xiu’s figure completely disappeared.

Darkness Concealment!

However, even though the Rong Clan’s Darkness Concealment was extremely effective, allowing the user not only to hide themselves but also generate darkness. No matter how many opponents were swallowed up by this dark fog, they would lose the ability to see clearly and would also have to endure the powerful corrosive attributes of the fog.

Unfortunately, this corrosion had no effect on Su Chen. After all, he possessed a way to control Darkness Origin Substance. Having his vision impaired had no real effect on Su Chen either.

The microscopic eye’s investigative abilities had improved greatly under Su Chen’s repeated use. Even an illusory void wouldn’t have been able to deceive Su Chen’s eyes, let alone this dark fog.

With but a single glance, Su Chen was able to pinpoint Rong Xiu’s location.

This guy had managed to move to his side and was preparing to attack.

Under normal circumstances, Su Chen would have pretended not to be aware, waiting for the opponent to get closer before suddenly unleashing a vicious barrage of attacks. This time, however, he just wanted to have a good fight, so he immediately unleashed yet another punch in Rong Xiu’s direction. Obviously, he had no intentions of ambushing Rong Xiu despite the fact that the opportunity to do so had presented itself.

Rong Xiu was badly startled. He raised his hand in the air and gestured, causing some of the fog to swirl around and gather into a shield of darkness.

Rong Xiu’s Darkness Realm not only restricted vision and corroded any opponents in the fog, but it also served as a constant source of darkness Origin Energy, allowing the user to activate Origin Skills more quickly.

With the support of the Darkness Realm, Rong Xiu was able to unleash many darkness-type Origin Skills in rapid succession.

After blocking Su Chen’s punch, Rong Xiu flicked his wrist. A Darkness Arrow came shooting forth.

Su Chen laughed loudly and jumped into the air. The Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared behind him. Unlike before, however, the incarnation did not grow in size. This time, it was much more condensed, making it seem much less ethereal than before. Immediately upon appearing, it melded with Su Chen’s physical body.

As such, Su Chen’s body began to expand in size as his muscles bulged, energy pouring through his body and expanding outwards.

Su Chen had formerly been relying on only his physical body to defeat his opponent, but now he was beginning to use Origin Energy. However, he was merely melding it with his physical body, which manifested in a drastic increase in physical strength. The end result was that Su Chen’s punches became even more vicious, making it seem as if the very earth itself was going to split in two.

Unfortunately, all of this was occurring within the Darkness Realm, and none of the bystanders could clearly see what was happening. All they heard was the sound of repeated bangs ringing out from a dark cloud.

Thankfully, this Darkness Realm was able to suppress Origin Energy to some degree. Otherwise, a fight between two Light Shaking Realm experts might have torn down half the city.

Even so, the onlookers were incredibly shocked by the explosions of sound coming out of the darkness. They all glanced at each other and took a few steps back, retreating further from the battlefield.

Within the Darkness Realm, Rong Xiu’s shock was only growing as they continued to fight.

He could be considered one of the backbone pillars of the Rong Clan. He possessed a Demonic Emperor Bloodline and tyrannical strength. Even a normal Spirit Burning Realm cultivator couldn’t match up against him because of his ability to jump realms, so it was nearly impossible for someone to one-up him. He had never expected to be challenged by someone with a lower cultivation base than him today.

Most shockingly, the opponent’s strength only seemed to increase as if he did not have an upper limit.

Where did that dense Origin Energy come from?

He cultivated the Heavenly Sea Scripture, which greatly expanded his Origin Sea. His Origin Energy was three times denser than a normal individual’s. As a result, he was able to unleash Origin Skill after Origin Skill, relying on this ability to blast his opponent to death. He was actually quite well-known amongst the Rong Clan for his extraordinary offensive capabilities. However, the kid in front of him was matching him step for step - in fact, his Origin Energy seemed to be even denser, completely mystifying him.

Su Chen was similarly shocked.

He cultivated the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, making his Origin Energy seven times denser than a normal individual’s. Unexpectedly, his opponent’s Origin Energy was also extremely abundant, allowing him to unleash powerful Origin Skill after powerful Origin Skill in rapid succession - Darkness Shield, Darkness Arrow, Darkness Snake, Unadorned Palms, Heavenly Light Fist, Mountain Sundering Finger, Darkness Claw, etc.

The two of them blasted Origin Skills at each other like they were artillery cannons, shelling each other with Origin Energy. 

It can’t keep going like this.

Both of them realized this after some time.

Su Chen felt this way because he was still standing on territory belonging to the Rong Clan, and the longer he waited, the more likely new

Rong Xiu, on the other hand, felt that continuing to fight for too long would cause him to lose face.

The two of them simultaneously decided to end it here and now.

A moment later, the boundless darkness began to gather in Rong Xiu’s hand, forming something akin to a black hole. At the same time, sparks flew off of Su Chen’s hands as a massive flaming phoenix took shape and soared into the skies.

Darkness Dungeon.

Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art.

The two of them unleashed their most powerful attacks simultaneously at their opponents.

The darkness and the flames collided, turning into a pyre of black flames that mixed and coiled together, creating quite the strange scene.

As the black light began to infuse the flaming phoenix, the phoenix’s blaze began to take on a darker quality. Yet as more and more energy entered its body, it began to glow brighter and brighter.

“Not good!” the two of them cried out at the same time as they punched yet again, this time not at each other but at the flaming phoenix in the sky.

The dark flaming phoenix flew high into the sky. At this point in time, the phoenix’s energy capacity had reached its limit, and it exploded, scattering chunks of black flame everywhere

“Get out of the way! Don’t let those things touch you!” Rong Xiu and Su Chen simultaneously yelled.

These sparks were like boulders raining down from the sky. When they landed on the houses, they burned them down to the ground due to the corrosive nature of the flames. Even metallic objects were destroyed as a result.

A few unlucky individuals who weren’t able to avoid the black fire began to burn just like Rong Zixing had.

Most frighteningly, these black flames refused to be extinguished until they had burned their target to ashes.

In but a brief moment’s time, dozens of people had died to these black sparks.

And these were just the sparks - even Rong Xiu shuddered to think about what might have happened if he had been hit by it directly.

Thankfully, even though these dark flames were extremely powerful, they weren’t fueled by normal objects, so they quickly disappeared once their fuel source ran out. A calamity was avoided, but even so, the area near the fight had almost been burned to the ground.

Rong Xiu seemed to be thinking something when he saw this scene.

Su Chen knew that he had lost the opportunity to use his Shadow Flames to kill the opponent in one strike.

However, that didn’t bother him much. That loss had brought him a significant gain, and had helped answer a question he had been turning over in his mind for a long time. As he stared at the black flames spreading everywhere, Su Chen’s eyes glowed with an intense fervor.

These black flames were far more powerful than his original Shadow Flames!

Rong Xing stared at Su Chen in shock. “Who exactly are you?”

Before Su Chen could reply, a clear voice spoke.

“He is my man!”

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