Chapter 6: Breakthrough

Chapter 6: Breakthrough

The Darkness Demon, which had been howling just moments before, was suddenly dazed by the group of people he had suddenly appeared in the midst of.

As a creature made of pure darkness, the Darkness Demon could estimate the strength of its opponents.

The strengths of his opponents were like flames that lit up the night sky in its eyes.

Currently, the humans it was surrounded by possessed strengths that burned like towering pyres - no, like mountains made of flames.

Damn! How had it run into such a large group of powerful individuals?

He had fallen right into a trap!

The Darkness Demon immediately realized that there was a massive problem.

It turned around, wanting to leave, but it was already too late.

The ensuing battle was completely one-sided.

In but an instant, the Darkness Demon was torn to shreds, and its body was absorbed away by Su Chen as Origin Substance.

“Success!” Su Chen laughed as he tossed the Origin Substance he had gathered in his hands at Jun Moxie. “From today onwards, this Darkness Door will begin to gather Darkness Origin Substance. I have already taught you how to create Origin Conducting Tools, so the rest is all up to you.”

This was yet another method that Su Chen had obtained from the Origin Bone Scepter.

Since he had managed to establish the Boundless Sect, Su Chen needed to figure out a way to increase the power of his sect. Apart from cultivation resources, the most important thing to obtain was a cultivation technique.

Even though the Immaculate Cultivation Technique was great, it alone was far from enough.

The Hemolytic Totem was only useful on individuals with low cultivation bases, so Su Chen had instead chosen to bring out the Origin Conducting Tools.

Unfortunately, Su Chen only really had a single successful Origin Conducting Tool - the Shadow Flame Glove. Shadow Origin Substance was hard to come by, so Su Chen basically chose to use the Origin Bone Scepter to find an answer to the problem. Then, he directly deployed the Origin Formation that summoned the Darkness Door, bringing the Darkness Demon calling before slaughtering it.

Only he, who possessed the consciousness crystal, could have remembered this Origin Formation with a single glance. Anyone else might not have been able to remember the Origin Formation even if they were allowed to see it a hundred times.

The Darkness Door Origin Formation already existed, so Su Chen could obtain it with a simple prediction, and the cost he had to pay was relatively low.

This had also confirmed yet another speculation he had concerning the Origin Bone Scepter’s use.

In the right hands, it was a miraculous tool, but in the wrong hands it was totally useless.

After releasing the method for creating an Origin Conducting Tool, Su Chen then proceeded to inscribe the Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art on the walls of one of the caves in the Boundless Sect’s territory.

The Immaculate Cultivation Technique was something that every disciple who entered the sect obtained.

The Origin Conducting Tools would be rewarded after those disciples performed a meritorious service that helped to build up the sect.

The Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art was something that only high-layer cultivators could cultivate.

This was a crucial step for every sect to take if they wanted to get stronger. If you were too generous and gifted things away to anyone and everyone that showed up on your doorstep, you would quickly foster a termite infestation.

Su Chen didn’t have many cultivation techniques he could hand over at this point, but as the Origin Bone Scepter and his consciousness crystal would continue to demonstrate their usefulness in the future, Su Chen would be able to develop many more secret techniques, which he could then pass along through the Boundless Sect. Others who also developed or possessed good cultivation techniques could also offer them up to the sect for an appropriate reward.

Due to the initial excitement of starting a sect and the fact that they had all gone through difficult military situations together, their will was united, and selfish ambition was not high. Because of this, now was the perfect time for the sect to develop and expand at a shocking rate.

After connecting with the Darkness Door, the Boundless Sect obtained its first steady supply of resources.

Next, Su Chen was planning on using the Origin Bone Scepter to make yet another prediction.

This time, he wanted to ask about how to properly upgrade the Primordial Blood Incarnation.

The Primordial Blood Incarnation was currently the core of Su Chen’s strength, but how to upgrade it and improve its general usability was still something that gave Su Chen a hard time.

Formerly, Su Chen had used the Desolate Beast Bloodline Jiang Xishui had provided him with to develop the Primordial Blood Incarnation, and this technique resulted in different effects for Su Chen compared to Iron Cliff.

Because Su Chen was not proficient in the use of water, he could only rely on absorbing Luo You’s incredibly powerful strength and magnifying it repeatedly in order to convert it to his own personal strength.

Iron Cliff had no way of drawing out the essence like Su Chen could and using it, so he basically became a partial vessel for Luo You - a single eye was the most intimidating result he could produce.

The same kind of bloodline resulted in two completely different results. Even Su Chen couldn’t figure out why this was the case.

After all, the Primordial Blood Incarnation was the simplest source of strength that he had obtained up until this point. Su Chen felt like he understood it yet did not at the same time.

As such, he wanted to make up for his understanding of the Primordial Blood Incarnation.

Yes - make up for gaps in his understanding, not to find an answer.

After making countless sacrifices, Su Chen was becoming clearer and clearer that asking for the right direction was better than directly asking for an answer when it came to inquiring of the Origin Bone Scepter.

After presenting his sacrifice, Su Chen said, “I need to know what the soonest breakthrough I am going to make in my comprehension of the Primordial Blood Incarnation is.”

The sacrifice began to slowly disappear, and a scene began to unfold that would detail how Su Chen was going to make a breakthrough in his comprehension of the Primordial Blood Incarnation.

In three years, Su Chen would finally make a breakthrough in his understanding of the Primordial Blood Incarnation. As he watched the scene unfold, Su Chen was enlightened.

However, he did not stop there. After a moment of contemplation, he continued to add sacrifices and asked again, “I need to know what the soonest breakthrough I am going to make in my comprehension of the Primordial Blood Incarnation is.”

It was still the same question.

This time, however, the scene unfolding on the altar was different, as was the content.

This was because, after the prediction was made, Su Chen had obtained an answer from the future. In other words, his understanding of the Primordial Blood Incarnation had advanced to what it would be three years in the future. As such, the answer it gave him now was something he would have only been able to find out even further in the future.

The answer it gave was something that might have taken Su Chen seven or eight years to figure out. This time, however, the answer appeared to be three years away yet again.

From this occurrence, it was obvious that the future was constantly changing.

Every time the Origin Bone Scepter gave Su Chen an answer, it would have changed the future.

However, this kind of changing of the future was also not really a change. After all, even if Su Chen received an answer, he would only be tracing the path that the Origin Bone Scepter laid out for him, resulting in the same eventual outcome. The only difference was the timing.

At the same time, the unchanging nature of the future would also bring about more change.

For instance, Su Chen’s repeated inquiries concerning the Primordial Blood Incarnation greatly improved his comprehension of the Primordial Blood Incarnation and how he would improve it. As a result, his entire research path changed.

This kind of change was an inevitability.

If Su Chen were to ask a question he did not know the answer to, such as about the Vitality Totem, it was still possible for him to receive an answer.

After all, Su Chen could choose to place more attention on the Thunder Spirit Totem, which would directly affect the future.

Of course, the current Su Chen wouldn’t ask that yet because he was pretty sure that his breakthroughs in the Primordial Blood Incarnation would not yet affect whether or not he would receive an answer concerning the Thunder Spirit Totem. According to his current analysis, Su Chen believed that he would most likely not make a breakthrough in the lab but on the battlefield, which was a much more complicated situation.

After inquiring about the Primordial Blood Incarnation three times in a row, Su Chen stopped this line of questioning.

He needed some time to digest the information that he had just “learned”. After all, the things he observed in the future required time to process and understand.

Su Chen completely threw himself into his research.

He hadn’t lied to Duan Jiangshan. To him, the days of research were incredibly satisfying and gratifying. Every discovery he made and every invention he created gave him a deep sense of satisfaction.

This was also the pleasure of doing research. Exploring the inexhaustible mysteries of this world, peering into the unknown, and controlling the principles behind these inner workings for his own use.

What could make a person feel more proud than that?

After half a month, Su Chen finally managed to fully digest everything he had learned about the Primordial Blood Incarnation.

He walked out of his research lab.

“Death’s Shadow.”

“Right here.” The Death’s Shadow of a Youth appeared at the front door of the research station.

Iron Cliff had gone to the Hurricane Mountain Range and was in the process of leading his kinsmen back here, so Su Chen’s current servant was the Death’s Shadow. Even though this guy was quite the schemer, he was still a proficient assistant.

“Go and find me some Demonic Beasts. I want them alive.”

“What kind of Demonic Beasts?”

“Any kind. I want some of each kind, but one of each will be enough. Right, you may also inform the other disciples that they should try and capture any Demonic Beasts I have not recorded down in this book and give them to me.”

“Yes, sir!”

Su Chen’s command basically doomed all of the Demonic Beasts on the mountain.

In the coming days, all kinds of Demonic Beasts were sent to Su Chen’s research station to await their fate of becoming an experimental subject.

As he constantly churned out experimental data, he would also refer to the Origin Bone Scepter, constantly adjusting his direction of research so that he would not go down the wrong path. As a result, Su Chen continued to make leaps and bounds in his understanding and mastery of the Primordial Blood Incarnation.

Very quickly, a cultivation technique with detailed diagrams of many Demonic Beasts appeared on the desks of the Boundless Sect’s elders.

“What is this?” Li Chongshan asked with curiosity.

“One of my newest creations. I stripped Demonic Beasts of their Bloodline Abilities and converted them into a kind of cultivation techniques,” Su Chen replied.

“Does this have any differences from our current system of passing down and inheriting bloodlines?” Chu Yingwan asked.

“Of course there is a difference. As the name implies, the latter is inherited, meaning that it can only be passed on by birth. The technique I researched does not require any blood relations, yet still allows the user to obtain the power of a Demonic Beast. If you are thinking that Blood Spirit Medicines do the same thing, the main difference is that is still intrinsically a kind of inherited bloodline. Any power obtained via this cultivation technique cannot be passed on.”

“That makes it seem inferior to bloodline inheritance,” Jun Moxie chuckled.

Su Chen replied straightforwardly, “That’s because this is not an inheritance method but a cultivation technique. You can only inherit one kind of bloodline, but this cultivation technique details how to obtain many different bloodline abilities.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this and sat up straight. “You mean......”

Su Chen nodded. “That’s right - this kind of technique will ideally allow us to possess multiple bloodline abilities at the same time.”

“Won’t they clash?” Lin Shaoxuan said with some agitation.

Su Chen shook his head. “It’s a cultivation technique, not a bloodline, so there shouldn’t be any conflict between them. And even if there is, you will notice it very quickly, so as long as you stop in time, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Everyone was ecstatic.

Le Feng said, “So in other words, as long as we cultivate this kind of technique, we will possess many different bloodlines?”

“In theory, yes. However, because it’s not an inherited power, continuing to refer to it as a bloodline is a bit improper. Perhaps we should come up with a different name to delineate it.”

Shi Kaihuang asked, “What are you planning on calling it?”

Su Chen replied, “What about Aspects?”

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