Chapter 48: Zhang Yuanliao

Chapter 48: Zhang Yuanliao

The more time one spent in the forest, the more difficult it was to avoid running into others.

During his previous sentence, Su Chen had also encountered a few other people. They would even occasionally exchange provisions and information.

Most people in the Scarlet forests were common hunters. Their strength was not great, but they often had an abundance of survival experience and knew how to avoid danger. They could sense the arrival of Vicious Beasts from very far away and retreat very quickly. Su Chen had learned a method to discover Vicious Beasts from an old hunter. He could find Vicious Beasts using his sense of smell. Otherwise, if he were only to rely on the hit-or-miss method of using his eyes, his success rate would be low and the danger would be great.

There were also a few Origin Qi Scholars like him who were adventuring in the forest and targeting Vicious Beasts.

The young man that was being chased by two Rainbow Twin-Tailed Tigers was an Origin Scholar. Regular hunters were not qualified to be chased down by Vicious Beasts, they would have died before they even knew what happened.

Rainbow Twin-Tailed Tigers were quite valuable because of their hides. Naturally, Su Chen didn’t want to let go of the opportunity. Instead of rushing over, however, Su Chen hid in a tree that was in the path of the person who was running away.

The young male furiously ran. As he passed by below the tree, he didn’t even notice that there was a person above him. Just as the two Rainbow Tigers were rushing past Su Chen, Su Chen had already dived downwards, landing on the back of the Rainbow Tiger that was trailing. That Rainbow Tiger let out a roar of rage, its twin iron tails smashing towards Su Chen. The Amethyst Battle Armor that Su Chen was wearing began to shine, and the barrier on his back blocked this strike. At the same time, his right hand unleashed a savage attack at the tiger’s throat.

The throat was one of the Rainbow Tiger’s vital spots. With one attack, that Rainbow Tiger had lost all of its strength, and Su Chen had bound up the tiger. He was actually competing with the Rainbow Tiger in terms of strength. Because he had cultivated the Flowing Wind Body Technique, his strength had greatly increased, allowing him to challenge this Vicious Beast on the basis of brute strength.

When the Rainbow Tiger chasing the other person heard the commotion and turned around it saw Su Chen dominating the other tiger. It instantly gave up chasing the other person and turned around to charge at Su Chen.

“Stop him!” Su Chen yelled, at the same time preparing himself to release the Soul Eye.

Su Chen’s eyes released a beam of light, which slammed directly into the eyes of the Rainbow Tiger. The tiger’s figure trembled, before it stopped in its tracks, dazed.

At the same time, the person who was running away had also reacted. He hurriedly turned around and struck out with a blade on the Rainbow Tiger’s head before it could regain consciousness.

Su Chen’s heart ached as he looked on: another good tiger hide had been wasted.

However, his hands exerted even more force, furiously garroting the fierce tiger below him in an effort to choke it out.

The Rainbow Tiger also went all-out. With an enraged roar, it jumped up, and Su Chen and the tiger both were tangled up with each other and began to roll. They continued rolling until they disappeared from sight. The young male who had tried to escape was very anxious, unsure as to who had won.

After a brief moment, the forest once again moved.

A youth walked out from the forest, holding a massive tiger corpse in his hand.

The youth had won.

The young male’s heart relaxed.

Su Chen tossed the tiger corpse next to a tree, then began to divide the tiger’s corpse. “Have you not finished it off yet? Do you need me to make a move? But if that’s the case, then half of that Vicious Beast will be mine.”

The young male said loudly, “There’s no need, I can take care of it.”

As he spoke, his Azure Scale Blade had already let out many streaks of light, causing blood to spurt out from all over the tiger. Su Chen could only shake his head in dismay.

Having been slashed so many times, that skin could be considered completely useless.

After a brief moment, the young male had finally killed the Rainbow Tiger. He sat down instantly, exhausted, then said as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead, “Many thanks. I say, you clearly have a knife. Why didn’t you use it? Why use your fists to kill it instead?”

He pointed at the Black Streak Battle Blade on Su Chen’s back as he spoke.

“Tiger hides are precious. It’s a pity if they get damaged.”

The young male laughed, “As someone who can afford to use Origin Tools, you still care about this matter?”

He had seen very clearly that when Su Chen was battling with that Rainbow Tiger, if it weren’t for the protection of his Origin Tool armor, Su Chen would not have been able to kill that Rainbow Tiger despite launching a sneak attack on it. Even more, his battle blade and those boots were also strangely shaped. Most likely, they were also Origin Tools

To possess at least three Origin Tools, this was very rarely seen in the entire Scarlet Mountain Range.

Su Chen also laughed, “It seems that even a person without any Origin Tools does not care much for making a small profit.”

The young male’s face reddened. “It’s not that I don’t care, I just didn’t have confidence that I could finish it off barehanded.”

“I am the complete opposite of you. I have the confidence that I can do it. Thus, what determines the style of battle that we have is not our background but rather our self-confidence, right?”

The young male was startled, but afterwards he began to laugh, “What you said is right. My name is Zhang Yuanliao, and I come from the Zhang Clan of Westridge.”

“Su Chen, Su Clan of Northface,” Su Chen replied as he continued to focus on skinning the tiger.

Westridge was not far away from Northface. They were all considered one region of the Scarlet Mountain Range. However, Westridge was obviously much stronger than Northface. Su Chen had heard of the Zhang Clan of Westridge before. They were an ancient clan that was much stronger than the Su Clan.

“Su Chen? The Su Chen of the Su Clan of Northface?” Zhang Yuanliao was also shocked.

“You’ve heard of me before?” Su Chen was also slightly shocked. He was not some kind of great figure, yet the other party had heard of him before.

“I have a few friends in Northface and I have heard about your situation. Aren’t you supposed to be blind?”

“I didn’t say that I could see,” Su Chen replied unhurriedly. “Some things can be done even without sight.”

Whoosh! As the last tendon was severed by the bone-picking knife, Su Chen lifted his hands, revealing a gorgeous and complete tiger hide that he had meticulously obtained.

Zhang Yuanliao was stunned.

Su Chen had already begun breaking apart the tiger skeleton. He reached his hand inside the tiger corpse. He followed the joints until he found the end, then began to slowly but surely pull it out.

The tiger’s spine was the most valuable bone on the Rainbow Tiger’s body. It could be used to refine a bloodline medicine or to ferment wine to strengthen one’s body. The Rainbow Tiger was still a low-tier Vicious Beast, so using it to refine a bloodline medicine was regarding it too highly, but using it to ferment wine could create extremely high-quality products. Its price was second only to a complete, intact tiger hide.

Zhang Yuanliao shook his hand in front of Su Chen, but Su Chen appeared as if he did not see it at all, as if only the tiger could capture his attention.

“He really can’t see...... no wonder he had launched an aerial attack earlier. To a blind person, this is truly the best way to do battle,” Zhang Yuanliao muttered to himself.

Zhang Yuanliao automatically came up with a new excuse for Su Chen.

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Yuanliao said, “Our meeting is by fate. In this Scarlet Mountain Range, dangers are everywhere and every step can be fatal. If one loses their concentration for even a moment in this damned place while gaining experience, it’s all over. I say, are you interested in working together? That way, if we encounter any Vicious Beasts that have paired up, we won’t need to run anymore.

Su Chen shook his head. “I am used to traveling alone.”

Being able to see Origin Energy lights was his greatest secret. He did not want others to discover it.

However, Zhang Yuanliao had clearly misunderstood. He glanced at Su Chen’s Origin Tools then said, “I know that you have Origin Tools on you and that your combat ability is higher than mine. How about this, you get sixty percent and I get forty percent?”

“It’s not a matter of how the spoils are divided.” Su Chen shook his head. He had already completely taken out the tiger’s entire spine, along with its tail. Next, he slowly began to grope for the tiger’s penis[1. Eating the penis of an animal is supposedly able to improve fertility and can also serve as an aphrodisiac. Don’t worry, Su Chen’s not supplying any weird fetishes xD] . This was the Rainbow Tiger’s only remaining body part that had any value.

“What if you get seventy percent and I get thirty percent? This should be fine, right?” Zhang Yuanliao did not give up. “Su Chen, I have already given you quite a bit of face. Your eyes cannot see, so if I act as your eyes you will definitely be safer and more relaxed. I’m only doing this to repay your act of saving me.”

Su Chen shook his head. “I already said, it’s not a matter of how the spoils are divided.”

Whoosh! Light flashed off of the blade, and the tiger’s penis was cut off.

Su Chen stowed the tiger penis away and said, “If you really want to thank me, help me start a fire and cook the meat. Once we finish eating, we can part ways.”

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