Chapter 42: Openly Offending

Chapter 42: Openly Offending

Upon hearing these words, Su Cheng’an and Su Keji’s expression immediately changed.

Su Cheng’an was just about to make a move when Su Chen clasped his hand around the child’s throat and lifted it up in the air. “If anyone moves, I will drop him.”

Everyone stopped moving at the same time.

“MY CHILD!” Yan Wushuang began to yell hysterically.

She wanted to seize him back, but Su Chen’s other hand wrapped around Yan Wushuang’s throat as he said, “You should probably worry about yourself first.”

One of his feet flew into the air, landing on Yan Wushuang’s knee. Yan Wushuang plopped to the ground on her knees.

“SU CHEN!” Su Cheng’an furiously yelled, “You unfilial son, what are you trying to do!? Why have you not released your younger brother and your aunt yet?”

“What am I trying to do?” Su Chen laughed,” Naturally, I am settling my accounts with Fourth Aunt.”

Su Cheng’an said, “I can understand why you are angry since we had a banquet for his birthday before your survival was known, but......”

“It has nothing to do with that,” Su Chen interrupted.

“What?” Su Cheng’an was dazed. “Then why is it?”

“If you want to know, you need to ask her what she’s done,” Su Chen pointed at Yan Wushuang with his chin.

Yan Wushuang’s heart jumped. “I didn’t do anything......”


Yan Wushuang had been viciously thrown to the ground by Su Chen. Next, Su Chen placed his foot on Yan Wushuang’s peerlessly enchanting face.

Upon seeing that stunningly beautiful countenance change shape under Su Chen’s foot, everyone’s heart ached.

Su Chen said, “She tried to harm me twice. The second time she even sent people to try and sell a Beast Drawing Medicine to me as a Beast Repellant Medicine. Do you dare to say that this had nothing to do with you?”

Yan Wushuang was instantly paralyzed.

Everyone simultaneously broke out in conversation.

None of them were idiots.

A Beast Drawing Medicine being sold off as a Beast Repellant Medicine, coupled with Su Chen’s return from the Scarlet Mountain Range? Everyone was very clear what this implied.

Even Su Cheng’an opened his eyes wide and glanced at Yan Wushuang. “Wushuang, you did this?”

Yan Wushuang knew that the situation was quickly getting out of control, so she began to yell loudly, “I’m being wrongly accused, Husband! This matter has nothing to do with me. I don’t know of any Beast Drawing or Beast Repellant Medicine. As a woman, how could I understand these things?”

“You’re still trying to deny it?” Su Chen coldly snorted. “You actually learned your lesson from last time, choosing to find a middleman to take care of the matter and hiding your own identity. But did you really think that I wouldn’t be able to find out? That middleman was Old Demon Li, wasn’t it?”

Upon hearing this words, a large portion of Yan Wushuang’s psychological defenses crumbled.

Old Demon Li was someone that one of her subordinates had found for her. In addition, their identities had been completely kept secret. She had not expected that would Su Chen had still find out about it.

However, she continued to stubbornly insist, “I do not know what you are saying.”

“You’re still stubbornly denying it? To tell you the truth, I have already captured Old Demon Li. He has already confessed that it was your people who gave the items to him, telling him to sell them to my True Jade Pavilion and harm me.”

“Even if it were one of my people, that doesn’t mean that it’s me,” Yan Wushuang grabbed onto the opportunity and yelled, “These subordinates of mine might be trying to frame me. How can you say that it has something to do with me?”

“But if it weren’t for your instructions, who would use such precious items to run a scam?”

“What do you mean, precious items? They were only three fakes.......”

Yan Wushuang suddenly stopped speaking. Her face paled to a deathly white.

“Keep talking, why don’t you keep talking? Why did you stop talking?” Su Chen laughed sarcastically, “I also want to know how Fourth Aunt knew that there were a total of three objects? Previously, I only mentioned that Beast Drawing Medicine had been sold to me as Beast Repellant Medicine.”

Yan Wushuang trembled, unable to speak.

Everyone present also understood. They sharply inhaled a breath of cold air.

Tang Hongrui’s entire body began to tremble when she heard this. “You slut, you deserve to die!”

She was about to rush over to Yan Wushuang and tear her face to pieces.

However, she was blocked by Su Chen.

“Chen’er? Why are you blocking me?” Tang Hongrui didn’t understand.

“I still think it’s best for Father to resolve this matter.”

Wasn’t allowing Su Cheng’an to resolve the matter equivalent to letting Yan Wushuang go? Tang Hongrui wanted to cry out, but upon seeing Su Chen’s determined expression, she was unwilling to oppose her son’s suggestion. She could only nod her head, then viciously glare at Su Cheng’an.

Su Cheng’an hesitated for a moment, then said, “Let's resolve the matter later."

“I want to know what the consequences will be right now,” Su Chen replied.

Upon hearing his son disobey his suggestion, the flames of anger once again surged in Su Cheng’an’s heart. “Chen’er, there’s so many guests here. Have you not caused enough of a commotion yet?”

“There’s nothing I can do. You can’t let me hold onto this little guy forever, can you?” Su Chen shook the infant in his hand. The little guy was very uncomfortable being held in the air. He finally awoke from his sleep and began to cry loudly.

Su Cheng’an sucked in a breath of cold air. He thought for a moment, then said, “Yan Wushuang schemed to harm someone, and this despicable behavior should be punished. However, she is still Hao’er’s mother, and the child is still young and cannot leave his mother. In addition, you ended up fine, so I decree that she will be stripped of her status as an aunt and demoted to a maidservant.”

“Su Cheng’an!” Tang Hongrui was beyond furious. “This woman wanted to kill your son! You don’t kill her, and you don’t even chase her out of the palace. You actually still want to keep her by your side - what are you trying to do?”

“Enough!” Su Cheng’an angrily said, “Isn’t Su Chen totally fine? Yan Wushuang has already been punished. Su Chen, shouldn’t you release them now?”

Upon seeing Su Cheng’an’s behavior, Su Chen was completely disappointed.

The reason why he wanted Su Cheng’an to punish Yan Wushuang was because he had wanted to give Su Cheng’an one last opportunity.

He wanted to see if his own father still had any feeling for him.

He wanted to know how his father would react when he discovered that Yan Wushuang had tried to kill him.

He had thought of many possibilities, but he had never expected that Su Cheng’an would go so far to protect Yan Wushuang.

He wasn’t even willing to apply the palace’s rules to her.

Demoted to a maidservant......

Did he think he was lying to an idiot?

Even without her identity, as long as he still liked her and pampered her, Yan Wushuang would still be able to continue to ascend.

The person who had schemed to kill him was only given such a sentence?

Of course, Su Chen could argue for what was right.

But he did not want to argue.

Because he had completely given up on Su Cheng’an.

Thus, he had decided to uphold this verdict.

That way, whenever he saw Yan Wushuang in the future, he would remind himself that he should not harbor any hope for Su Cheng’an.

Thus, he did not fight back.

He nodded his head and said, “I can release them, but I have one request.”


“From today onwards, the True Jade Pavilion, the Great Blessing Tower, the Yang Returning Store, and the Red Forest will all be given to me to control. They will not be considered the Su Clan's property anymore.”

The four businesses that Su Chen had listed were the ones that his mother had brought when she had gotten engaged.

Today, Su Chen wanted to take them all back.

Upon hearing Su Chen’s request, Su Cheng’an had seemingly realized something.

He thought for a moment, then looked at all of the surrounding guests. Finally, he nodded his head and nodded, “Okay!”

Su Chen at this moment finally handed the child over. A maidservant had already received it, then quickly ran aside.

“You still aren’t releasing your Aunt?” Su Cheng’an said, his eyebrows knitted, seeing that Yan Wushuang was still pressed underneath his foot.

“Aunt?” The corner of Su Chen’s mouth quirked upwards in a smile. “You seem to have forgotten that she had just been demoted to a maidservant. The person that I am stepping on right now is not some Aunt.”

Su Cheng’an froze.

Su Chen lifted his foot, picking up Yan Wushuang again.

He said, “Congratulations, Fourth Maidservant, you’re free to go. But before I release you, I have a small present I want to give you.”

“What...... What is......” Yan Wushuang did not understand.

Su Chen’s face revealed a trace of a wicked smile.

Upon seeing this smile, Su Cheng’an seemed to realize something. He blurted, “NO!”

Su Chen had already grabbed Yan Wushuang’s neck and slammed her into a large round table with hundreds of dragon-like patterns carved into it.

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