Chapter 218: Fight To The Death

Chapter 218: Fight To The Death

“Su…… Chen……”

The Scarlet Heart's figure slowly rose as he spoke with a bone-chilling hatred.

He floated in midair, his face a bit pale. Despite that, his eyes burned with hatred, and a powerful wave of pressure began to emanate from his body, causing the white paper doll to tremble in fear.

"How did you manage to find me?"

Su Chen motioned, and a black luster flickered across his hand.

"The darkness realm? You possess the ability to control darkness as well?" the Scarlet Heart asked with some shock.

"I prefer to call it Darkness Origin Substance," Su Chen replied.

Traces of Darkness Origin Substance had lingered on the Scarlet Heart's body after he used the darkness power, and they would leave behind a trail no matter where he went. Normally, no person would be able to detect these notes of Origin Substance, but Su Chen could.

As such, he had easily followed the Darkness Origin Substance all the way to its source.

To him, this matter was exceptionally simple.

"So that's how it is. Well, that's fine; I've been wanting to look for you too, but now you're here at my front door," the Scarlet Heart said. "Where are my treasures? You still have them on you, right?"

"That's right," Su Chen nodded. "The Demonic Emperor's Origin Crystal, the Sands of Time, the Thunder Spirit Totem, the River Source Grass, the Desolate Beast Blood, and the Heavenly Truth Songstone are all either me. But I would imagine that you need the Demonic Emperor's Origin Crystal the most right now, correct? With it, you will be able to recover your strength much more rapidly.

The Scarlet Heart began to chuckle darkly. "Is this why you dare attack me now? You think that you can take control of the situation because I am injured? Unfortunately, you were a bit too slow and gave me a few days to recover. If you were to have found me earlier, you might have had a chance, but now......"

"If I had found you, I probably would have been the one to die," Su Che interrupted him. "Sometimes, problems require some time to manifest themselves. The reason why I showed up a few days late is because I was waiting for the moment that your wounds would burst open. You probably did your best to forcefully compress your wounds while you ran because you were afraid someone was pursuing you. However, after a few days, you probably felt that no one was chasing after you anymore and finally began to actually treat your wounds. This is why you are currently in your weakest state. Am I right?"

The Scarlet Heart's expression finally changed.

It seemed to darken slightly as killing intent surfaced on his face. "You are quite conniving, but I am still an emperor! A mighty Demonic Emperor is not someone a puny human like you can ignore, even if I am slightly wounded."

Su Chen nodded. "You would be right if it weren't for two factors. First of all, you haven't just been slightly wounded; you've been seriously wounded. Actually, it wouldn't be wrong to say that you are on your last legs. Second of all, I'm not just a puny human."

He calmly pulled out his Mountaing Beheading Blade and activated his Primordial Blood Incarnation.

The Scarlet Heart's expression continued to darken. "Yes, I am seriously wounded, but if I go all out, don't think that you will be able to survive!"

"If that's the case, then why are you still talking so much?" Su Chen countered.

The Scarlet Heart froze.

Actually, the fact that he had even attempted to use his words to scare Su Chen away had revealed his cowardice.

He wanted to delay, and Su Chen had no problems with that. After all, given the Scarlet Heart's current condition and the fact that Su Chen probably had to maintain flight meant that he would probably expend quite a bit of energy.

When he realized this point, the Scarlet Heart knew that continuing to delay was pointless - if he couldn't find a way to really start recovering, Su Chen could just wear him down!

As soon as he realized this, he howled, "Die!"

A wave of energy roared violently at Su Chen.

"That's more like it!" Su Chen's figure flickered.

This blade strike was just a pretense. The phrase “old institutions die hard” applied here, and he had no intentions of fighting with the Scarlet Heart.

When facing this kind of an existence, the best thing to do was to delay for as long as possible.


“AH!” A howl of despair sounded out.

It was the white paper doll.

The Scarlet Heart’s attack didn’t hit Su Chen, but it hit the white paper doll instead, sending him flying like a piece of paper.

“Don’t be so worried. You won’t die that easily,” Su Chen chuckled.

He was very clear about how strong the white paper doll was. This guy’s unique appearance allowed him to handle Origin Energy attacks quite well, making him very hard to kill. Of course, it wasn’t a big problem if he was killed anyways. Su Chen had brought him along in the first place to test the Scarlet Heart’s current strength.

If the Scarlet Heart could manage to kill the white paper doll with a single attack, then Su Chen would have immediately turned around and ran as far as he could with Whitetower Teleportation.

But if the Scarlet Heart wasn’t able to, then that was a big indicator he was near the end.

The reasoning behind this assumption was actually quite simple. At this point, the Scarlet Heart had no option but to go all out.

With a shrill shriek, the white paper doll floated down to the ground.

The glow of his consciousness had decreased significantly, and a lot of the white paper that surrounded its smoke-like body had been consumed.

However, he was still alive. Actually, he hadn’t even been seriously injured.

Su Chen chuckled. “Didn’t I call it? You’re finished!”

The Mountain-Beheading Blade cleaved forwards.

This time, he was really attacking.

“Bastard!” The Scarlet Heart snarled angrily as he turned around, a powerful wave of pressure emanating from its body.

No matter how weak he was, he was still a Demonic Emperor.

The prestige belonging to an emperor was present, thick enough to feel tangible. There was a frightening amount of power contained in this pressure. At the same time, the Scarlet Heart turned and shot a glance at Su Chen.

This glance connected, causing Su Chen to suddenly feel a bout of dizziness.

What a powerful consciousness!

Even with Su Chen’s two thousand units of consciousness power, he still felt his vision darken, evidence of the Scarlet Heart’s powerful consciousness.

He was stunned, but so was the Scarlet Heart.

He was a Demonic Emperor, yet his consciousness attack had not affected Su Chen very much. Even if the Guardian Spirit had shattered his consciousness and drastically decreased his consciousness’s strength, this kind of a situation was still inconceivable.

Even Spirit Burning Realm cultivators would likely experience an instantaneous consciousness shattering, but the human in front of him seemed totally fine.

Not only so, but the Mountain-Beheading Blade was still continuing to descend.

Under normal circumstances, the Scarlet Heart could have easily dealt with this blade.

Now, however, he did not dare to try and block it.

He could only dodge.

A blue light began to glow around the Scarlet Heart’s body as he scrambled backwards. At this moment, he couldn’t even teleport anywhere. His entire body was wracked with pain every time he tried to utilize Origin Energy. The power of his opponent was eroding away his strength, and even every cell of his felt sluggish and lethargic. He was completely relying on his powerful life force to stay alive. Su Chen’s formation made it impossible for him to not use some of his power to resist.

As he resisted Su Chen’s attacks, the turmoil inside of his body only grew more intense, further affecting his condition. The severe pain made him feel like he was going to be torn apart.

Su Chen seemed to recognize this and chuckled. “It hurts a lot, doesn’t it? Why not just let me kill you? That’ll simplify things greatly.”

Su Chen’s words seemed to be baiting the Scarlet Heart a little as they penetrated deep into the Scarlet Heart’s throne.

Yes, what was the point in resisting if it only brought immense pain? Wasn’t it much better just to die and let everything end just like that?

The Scarlet Heart raised his hand in the air and slowly pressed it on his forehead.

Su Chen’s words were still calmly spreading. “Yes, just like that. Unleash a blast from your palm and end this suffering.

“End this suffering......” the Scarlet Heart muttered. Just as he was about to follow through, however, a trace of clarity broke him out of his stupor.

He stopped his motion and stared intently at Su Chen. “An illusion technique? You actually dared to use an illusion technique on me?”

“What a pity,” Su Chen sighed.

When faced with an existence as powerful as the Scarlet Heart, Su Chen had to plan things incredibly meticulously even if they seemed easy on the surface. His consciousness power was probably the most outrageous attribute he possessed, but unfortunately his skill in Illusion Techniques was still a bit weak. In the end, he was unable to bewitch the Scarlet Heart; he was only able to force him to sway slightly before regaining his sobriety.

Since his first attempt had failed, Su Chen didn’t even try it again. He immediately retreated as he gestured simultaneously. “It’s your turn.”

“How come it’s me again?” the white paper doll howled in anger.

Even so, he was Su Chen’s servant, and his duty was to protect Su Chen.

Since Su Chen had issued a command, he had no choice but to follow.

An instant later, he turned into a streak of white light and shot towards the Scarlet Heart.

“Get out of my way!” the Scarlet Heart roared. A powerful will seemed to coagulate and rush at the white paper doll, who trembled and shrieked as if he had just been struck by lightning, the strips of white paper covering him turning into ashes as they burned away, revealing the cloud of smoke inside.

“I can’t hold on any longer, Master!” the white paper doll howled madly.

“Then retreat.” Su Chen could see that the white paper doll really was at his limits.

He stared intently at the Scarlet Heart. “You’ve attacked me twice but haven’t managed to kill me yet. That indicates that your strength will no longer pose a problem to me.

Thunder Blade.

The profound blade energy seemed to gather and swirl around his arm.

Even the Scarlet Heart’s expression grew a bit strange. “Beautiful blade technique!”

Then, he laughed.

He said, “However, you are far too naive if you think that you can easily kill me just because of that! I am a Demonic Emperor, a sovereign ruler! Even if a dragon is stranded on the beach, a puny little shrimp like you has no way of doing anything to me. You may die now!”

He howled loudly as large quantities of light began to gather around his body. In that moment, his majestic aura suddenly surged wildly, and the energy in the Scarlet Heart’s body began to rapidly rise.

“Not good!” Su Chen realized the direness of the situation. The Scarlet Heart was really planning on going all-out and had given up on applying any defensive barriers to his body.

He was not planning on holding back anymore!

Su Chen hurriedly activated Whitetower Teleportation.

“It’s pointless!” the Scarlet Heart howled fiercely.

To his surprise, Su Chen discovered that he had no way of using Whitetower Teleportation again.

Spatial Lockdown!

The Scarlet Heart had actually used his strength to forcefully lock down the surrounding space!

He really was not holding anything back.

All of the energy within his body continued to flow out, bubbling over. At the same time, his body began to slowly decay, turning into small ashes that floated away on the wind.

A violent storm was brewing, containing all of the Scarlet Heart’s strength. He was unleashing all of the energy in his body in the most reckless, primal, uncontrollable manner possible.

As such, Su Chen watched as countless multicolored lights appeared, weaving together to form a brilliant display of colors. However, they combined at the very end to form a streak of white light.

This white color was a combination of all colors, representing both the beginning and the end.

“Die now!” the Scarlet Heart boomed.

The wave of energy surged relentless towards Su Chen.

At this moment, Su Chen had no way of playing tricks any longer.

All he could do was forcefully endure.

Su Chen gritted his teeth, gathered all of the energy in his body, then charged forwards to meet the attack.


With a low-pitched blast of sound, the Lotus Platform appeared above his head, shining brilliantly as Origin Energy began to undulate from it.

This golden light was much weaker than the waves of energy unleashed by the Scarlet Heart, but they were like a candle flickering in the wind, resolutely clinging on for dear life.

The wind blew madly and wantonly, attempting to extinguish that flickering lifeforce. If his Lotus Platform were to shatter and the flame of life were to go out, Su Chen would have reached the end. At the same time, the Scarlet Heart’s body was rapidly dissolving.

They really were putting their lives on the line. Whoever could hold on longer would win.

The Scarlet Heart’s expression was contorted. “I swear on my status as a Demonic Emperor, as a sovereign ruler of this world, that you will die today no matter what!”

As he howled fiercely, the violent winds blew with even more gusto, and the light from the Lotus Platform further dimmed.

At that moment, a column of light shot into the air, protecting Su Chen and firmly blocking the Scarlet Heart’s attack outside.

This light was emanating from Su Chen’s chest.

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