Chapter 216: Escape (2)

Chapter 216: Escape (2)

A single blade strike!

This single blade strike contained all of Su Chen's techniques, Origin Energy, power, blood essence, consciousness power, and self-confidence.

Even mountains were forced to step aside by the relentless momentum coming from the sword. The entire battlefield was instantly lit up by this single blade strike.

Blood splashed through the sky.

Twenty or so Silver-Crowned Eagles were killed almost instantly by the raging blade Qi, while the remaining ten were badly injured and forced to flee.

His slaughtering of twenty or so high-tier Demonic Beasts with a single blade strike completely stunned Yan Kai and the others.

This was the same as taking out twenty Light Shaking Realm cultivators with a single blade!

Su Chen's figure also swayed noticeably after unleashing this attack. It was obvious that he had expended quite a bit of energy.

He hurriedly pulled out a vial of medicine and drank it before rapidly absorbing Origin Energy from Origin Stones. At the same time, he barked, "What are you all standing around waiting for? Get out of here!"

"Oh!" Yan Kai, who was responsible for controlling the shuttle, seemed to awaken from his stupor. He drove the Raging Sun Shuttle away as fast as he could.

Having saved the Raging Inferno Shuttle, Su Chen was just about to leave when he heard a venomous and sinister voice say from behind him, “So this is where you are, Su Chen!”

The Scarlet Heart!

Not good!

Su Chen’s expression sank when he heard this, and he shot off into the distance without any hesitation when he heard this.

A streak of light flew from the horizon right at Su Chen.

Su Chen glanced behind him quickly and immediately knew that his speed was inferior to the other party’s, and he didn’t have the Silver Moon Shuttle on him. After a moment of thought, he steeled himself and charged back down into the battlefield.

The Scarlet Heart was obviously unprepared for this kind of decisiveness, but he followed suit as soon as he recovered from his shock.

The old pangolin had notified him that everything was done by a human, and now this human possessed the Origin Bone Scepter and the Vitality Totem as well. As long as the Scarlet Heart killed the human, he would be able to recover everything he had lost and more. This was why he was desperate to kill Su Chen no matter the cost and followed after him so desperately.

Su Chen rolled on the ground as soon as he landed, assuming the form of another Ravager.

The Scarlet Heart did not possess the ability of the Clairvoyants, but since he had managed to find Su Chen, his gaze was locked on tightly, and no amount of disguising would help Su Chen escape from his sight. Su Chen’s transformation had no effect on him whatsoever. Thankfully, Su Chen wasn’t trying to trick the Scarlet Heart.

With but a few Whitetower Teleportations, Su Chen managed to integrate himself perfectly into the crowd of Ravager soldiers, making it impossible for them to figure out who he was.

At the same time, the Scarlet Heart had managed to catch up.

He paused momentarily in the sky, staring down below him.

It was at this moment that Su Chen realized the Demonic Emperor was covered in blood and small lacerations and cuts, and the tricolored staff had disappeared. Normally, a Demonic Emperor’s strength allowed them to heal minor wounds in but the blink of an eye, so the fact that these wounds remained either meant that the wounds were more severe than they seemed or that the Scarlet Heart’s regenerative ability was spent.

Even so, however, he was still a Demonic Emperor - powerful and invincible.

The moment he appeared, he locked his gaze onto Su Chen.

“DIE!” A massive hand began to descend from the sky towards Su Chen.

There was no Dark Blue Domain or Azure Dragon Flames or Death Withering Snakes here. The shattering of the tricolored staff and the wounds on his body made it so that the Scarlet Heart could not use any of the three elemental techniques that he relied on so heavily. Even so, this simple-looking attack was filled with boundless energy and momentum.

In that instant, Su Chen felt like he had returned to Clear River City, when he was faced with the Wang Clan Ancestor’s sky-shaking attack, or to Swallow River City, when the Lightning Snake Demonic King had attacked.

The situation felt just as hopeless as before, making it hard for someone to muster up any strength to resist.

The difference this time, however, was that Su Chen had also gotten stronger.


His figure suddenly disappeared. The upgraded Whitetower Teleportation allowed him to jump far greater distances. In that sense, its multiplicative effect was comparable to the Scarlet Heart’s Dark Blue Domain. As such, he was able to easily escape the attack radius of this palm strike.

However, you might be able to dodge the attacks of an existence with the Scarlet Heart’s cultivation base, but there was no way you could dodge their focus.

This was also the reason why Goncourt was able to attack almost immediately after the Scarlet Heart teleported, as he had also honed this lock-on ability of his.

As soon as Su Chen reappeared, the Scarlet Heart unleashed another palm strike right at him.


Su Chen was forced to use Whitetower Teleportation almost immediately after reappearing.

When facing such a powerful existence, all he could do was run. Fight him head-on? Forget about it.

The sound of repeated explosions could be heard ringing throughout the battlefield.

Palm after palm slammed down from the skies, indiscriminately crashing into the groups of Ravager soldiers, killing or wounding countless of them. Su Chen’s figure flashed as he darted in and out of these groups. In the blink of an eye, he had managed to traverse half the battlefield, with the Scarlet Heart’s attacks closely behind him. This had carved a bloody path right through the Ravager.

However, the price of such an overbearing display was that countless axes began to be hurled the Scarlet Heart’s way. A few generals even turned around and charged back at the Scarlet Heart. The Scarlet Heart’s wild attacks were finally being somewhat restrained.

Su Chen reappeared yet again.

Splat! Su Chen vomited from the nausea as soon as he rematerialized.

Even with his powerful consciousness, utilizing Whitetower Teleportation in such rapid succession made his brain feel like it was about to split. If it wasn’t for the efforts of the other Ravagers, it would have been hard for him to go much longer.

Su Chen hurriedly pulled out a vial of Spirit Sobering Medicine and downed it. It rapidly dissolved away the exhaustion and mental taxation he felt was on him, as well as taking care of the uneasiness he felt at that moment.

Su Chen knew that the Scarlet Heart had locked onto him and was unwilling to let him go no matter what.

“Damn, even this wasn’t enough to kill you? You’re really something else!” Su Chen cursed.

Even though he had not expected for them to be able to fight as equals, the fact that the Scarlet Heart had managed to survive the earlier onslaught and still had enough energy to chase after him made Su Chen somewhat disappointed.

However, this was reality. Given how long the Scarlet Heart had managed to live and what cultivation base he was at, fighting to the point of having his tricolor staff shattered was the limit. How could he be so willing to put his life on the line like that? Especially once he realized the fact that Goncourt may have just been being used.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had spotted Su Chen’s blade strike, the Scarlet Heart would have retreated a long time ago.

Su Chen’s appearance was what had given the Scarlet Heart a reason to actually fight.

This time, he was not being used to fight a battle against a different opponent. He had managed to find the true target and was chasing after him.

For this, the Scarlet Heart had called all the nearby Beasts to his side, seemingly even ignoring the peril to his own life!


An enraged howl echoed through the sky.

The Scarlet Heart floated high in the sky, unleashing a wave of flaming clouds.

The flames appeared yet again. Though this time it no longer had the support of the tricolored staff, it was still just as violent as before.

Without Goncourt and the Tattooed Rau to keep it at bay, the Azure Dragon Flames wreaked havoc, very quickly expanding to a large size and causing droplets of molten flame to begin to rain down from the sky indiscriminately.

This was a real area-of-effect attack.

This was the real power of a Demonic Emperor!

If he wanted to kill Su Chen, any beasts or humans that got in his way would also die.

“He really has gone crazy,” Goncourt said, dazed, as he stared at the scene.

This Divine Shrone Head Ancestor had been burnt black from head to toe, and even his beard whiskers had been singed slightly. The Ravager Ancestors around him had all died; not a single one had managed to survive.

However, he could still stand. He could still fight.

Yet he had no way of understanding this sudden bout of insanity from the Scarlet Heart.

Streaks of fiery rain descended from the sky, covering the entire mountain range in a sea of flames. Howls and cries of pain and rage could be heard everywhere.

“Give me my treasures back!”

Su Chen stared at the sky. “You really are insane, but so what?”

He stared intently at the Scarlet Heart as he retreated step by step.

The battle had finally reached its white-hot climax at this point.

Even if the sky was raining fire, burning countless animals alive, the Ravager soldiers were still yelling and howling madly. When the battle was really at a tipping point, the courage and heroism of the Ravager soldiers suddenly seemed to appear again.


“We fight to the death!”

“We fight to the death!”

“For the honor of the Ravagers!”

“For the honor of the Ravagers!”

“For the Inferno Tribe!”

Cries and declarations like this could be heard all over the battlefield.

All of these highly trained, elite soldiers began to unleash their full power.

“Chilulau! Monto!”

The skies trembled and shook as these cries soared higher and higher, like a hymn or a poem or a fire or a sea.

The Ravager warriors wildly growled as they charged forward, unleashing all of their might as they attacked. As fire rained from the sky, the cold, hard glint of steel axes could be seen everywhere on the ground.

These axes, which shone brightly as they reflected the fiery glow, flew into the sky. They sliced through the sky, the flames, the wind, and even all the invisible substances in the air. The flames dissipated wherever the axes flew, and this sea of flames that seemed to stretch from horizon to horizon was actually put out by the endless stream of axes flying through the air.

The power of an Emperor was enough to flatten a mountain or create a river. Obviously, the power of this elite group of soldiers was enough to achieve a similar effect.

This was a battle of quality versus quantity. If the Scarlet Heart hadn’t been injured, perhaps he could have won, but now, given how many opponents he was facing and the fact that they were being commanded by competent generals, there was no way that the Scarlet Heart could win.

The sea of flames disappeared completely, and the Scarlet Heart tilted his head back as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Actually, this mouthful of blood was not actually blood - it came from his soul, a main reason why he was normally so strong that it was impossible to resist his attacks.

The enormous pain reminded the Scarlet Heart that he had already received wounds that would be impossible for him to ever fully recover from. If he were to continue like this, his life would be in danger.

But when he saw Su Chen, who was so close to him, the Scarlet Heart was unwilling to just let go.

He was unwilling to be defeated like this, unwilling to let the person who had stolen his treasures walk away like this.

Even if it meant breathing his last breath, he still needed to try!

People die for wealth just as a bird dies for food.

He attacked again.

A profound, vigorous energy began to fill the entire battlefield, carrying with it an aura of darkness that seemed to penetrate every corner and gap.

Forbidden Technique!

Another Forbidden Technique!

The Scarlet Heart was really going all-out.

This massive wave of darkness was unleashed with his lifeforce as the price. This darkness was incredibly corrosive, and it was not something that could be dissolved just with brute force.

“I am going to take back my treasure. Anyone who stops me will die!” the Scarlet Heart screamed.

After unleashing this attack, he could sense that his lifeforce was rapidly draining out of his body as it began to corrode.

If his strength had temporarily dropped down to the level of a Demonic King after his big fight with Goncourt, at this point his strength was more like that of a Demonic Lord given the cost to his body.

However, he believed that this would be more than enough to kill Su Chen.

An instant later, however, the situation developed in a way that made him speechless.

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