Chapter 215: Escape (1)

Chapter 215: Escape (1)

Fresh blood flowed from the imperial carriage, dyeing the entire carriage red.

Ravager corpses were piled high.

Su Chen stood at the very top of the imperial carriage, a satisfied smile on his face. This was a feeling that came from his hunger for vitality being satisfied.

Unfortunately, it was merely his appetite that had been satisfied. His actual strength hadn’t really increased.

But that didn’t really matter. Su Chen believed that everything must have happened for a reason.

Everything had its own reason; it just wasn’t time for the totem to manifest itself yet.

At this moment, he held the Origin Bone Staff in his hands, as if he was the real emperor. Beside him were his seventy-three human soldiers.

This scene was incredibly heroic, majestic, and even saintly that all the Ravagers were totally stunned when they saw this.

They opened their mouths wide, unable to believe what was happening behind them. Their expressions were mixtures of confusion, shock, and even fear. They were in stark contrast with the human soldiers, who stood imposingly like they were in a painting.


A brief flash of light appeared from within the carriage, fixing this scene in place for eternity.

It was the image recording disk that Anubi had installed on his imperial carriage so that he could record this “glorious and majestic moment”.

Actually, this image recording disk had served its purpose, in some sense.

Su Chen didn’t actually know that his image had been left behind.

Even if he had known, he wouldn’t have cared.

After killing his opponents, he had completed his mission.

It was time for him to retreat.


The closer Ravagers began to howl with rage.

After recovering from their moment of astonishment, a few of the Ravager soldiers charged in Su Chen’s direction aggressively.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Su Chen quickly pulled out the Silver Moon Shuttle and the Raging Sun Shuttle.

“Get in!”

Following Su Chen’s command, the soldiers scrambled into the shuttle one by one.

However, not everyone got in.

The Silver Moon Shuttle was built for speed, so its capacity was quite small. Normally, it could only seat five people. If you ignored comfort, you could cram in ten people at the most. The Raging Sun Shuttle, on the other hand, was much larger and could seat twenty people, or forty people if you crammed. This would mean, however, that there were twenty people who couldn’t fit inside.

Su Chen and the others were prepared for this as well.

Actually, they only put forty-five people into the two shuttles, all of them at the Blood Boiling Realm. The Yang Opening Realm cultivators stayed behind and didn’t board.

They had other ways of leaving.


With this yell, the two shuttles flew high into the sky.

“Catch him!” the Ravagers howled angrily.

Even so, the battlefield was extremely chaotic. The officials in command had all gone to protect Anubi, so none of the remaining Ravagers had the authority to order each other around.

Su Chen took advantage of the opportunity to yell, “Anubi is dead!”

“Anubi is dead!”

“The Emperor has been killed!”

“The Ravagers are defeated!”

These cries began to echo through the air.

The battlefield was incredibly chaotic. None of the soldiers could see where the front line was, making it so that any lie was easily believable and would influence their morale. Even the bravest Ravagers couldn’t help but panic when they heard this lie, causing them to lose their ability to think rationally. They couldn’t see what was happening on the battlefield, and the endless slaughter going on around them only increased their anxiety. When factoring in the strange scene that had just occurred near the imperial carriage and the blood spilled everywhere, some of the Ravagers further away from the scene believed that something had indeed happened to Anubi. Some of the more confused Ravager soldiers began to propagate the same message, resulting in the lie spreading incredibly rapidly.

In but the blink of an eye, news of the Ravagers’ defeat spread far and wide. Countless Ravagers still embroiled in battle lost the will to continue fighting, and they were immediately killed by their opponents. Other Ravagers stared helplessly, unsure of whether to advance or retreat. Still other Ravagers immediately turned around to run......

After making this declaration, Su Chen, Le Feng, and the others began to run in a direction behind the carriage.

At the same time, their figures morphed as they assumed the figures of Ravager soldiers.

Yes, all of these soldiers had used Su Chen’s medicines and obtained the ability to transform.

They relied on this ability to escape.

Even though they could transform, this was still quite dangerous. A few Ravagers had seen their appearances, so it was possible they would follow them, and there might even be some Beasts who would participate.

As a result, these dangers were left to the strongest individuals to face.

“Meet on the western slope. If you don’t see anyone in half an hour, then go!” Su Chen said.

“Yes, sir!” Le Feng and the others replied loudly and landed on the ground.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

A few flying axes hurtled in their direction.

Everyone simultaneously dodged, then charged at the group of Ravagers attacking them.

They didn’t counterattack. That would only slow them down and put them in a deadlock. Only by mixing themselves with the other Ravagers would they become like drops of water in an ocean, indistinguishable from their Ravager opponents.


Su Chen transformed into a brawny Ravager and charged forwards. As he broke through the ranks of his opponents, he placed his hand on the ground, sending a massive cloud of dust into the air.

The sound of winds and axes whistling through the air indiscriminately could be heard, throwing the place into chaos.

However, when the dust settled, those Ravagers had somehow managed to disappear without a trace.

At the same time, Anubi had died, the imperial carriage had been destroyed, and news of the Ravagers’ defeat spread. The Ravagers who were unaware of the truth lost their will to fight. Some wandered around indecisively, while others became deserters.

The Ravagers were a brave and courageous race, but even the bravest race had cowardly individuals, just as they had managed to produce people like Danba, Sachar, and Averigus despite their inherent stupidity. For there to be a few deserters was nothing too spectacular. However, it was impossible for there to be too many deserters, just as it was impossible for them to produce too many smart individuals.

But if someone were to take the lead and egg them on, then that was a totally different situation.

Nearly thirty “Ravagers” madly darted in and out of the hordes of Ravager soldiers as they yelled loudly, “The Ravagers have been defeated!”

“Hurry and run!”

“If you don’t run now, you’ll be killed!”

“Think about the children at home......”

These words had been prepared early on and were specifically aimed at the weak points of those Ravagers.

At the beginning, perhaps only three or four Ravagers were fleeing the scene. However, this number began to rapidly increase, first to seven or eight, then to ten, then to dozens......

Every second that passed, the number of deserters only increased, which in turn increased the rate at which others deserted.

At first, it was hard to tell if their words were having any effect. However, it quickly became apparent that the Ravagers were retreating wave after wave.

Once a soldier’s morale had been broken, it was very easy for it to result in a chain reaction.

The Ravagers on the battlefield were like pearls on a broken necklace. They scattered everywhere, flying around like a headless fly. Even the braver, bloodthirstier Ravagers had lost their desire to fight. They didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, because the Beasts were still attacking them, the battlefield had been split into two. Only the Ravagers near the imperial carriage had been totally defeated. On the side of the blood-colored floating palace, the soldiers’ morale was still high. Even so, the rout of one side resulted in a great decrease in pressure to the Beasts on that front. As such, the Ravagers, who seemed to have victory in their grasp, suddenly found that the situation on the battlefield had seemed to turn slightly. It became difficult to determine who the winner would be.

To Su Chen and the others, however, this was exactly the situation they were anticipating.

“Danba, you’ll need to properly thank me later,” Su Chen said with a slight smile as he glanced at the chaotic scene before him.

No matter what the outcome of this battle was, the Inferno Tribe was destined to pay a heavy price, and Danba would be able to rely on this opportunity to rise up.

The Ravagers would fall into an internal conflict because of this and wouldn’t pose a threat to Long Sang Country for a long time.

As for the threat that Danba and the Ravagers would pose in the future, Su Chen was totally unworried. The strength of a race depended on the strength of their common citizens, not a single powerful leader. Also, even Danba was focused on the far-off future, focusing on the Beasts. How could Su Chen possibly rest complacently on his laurels?

Su Chen quickly reined in his thoughts and continued to charge forwards.

At this moment, he had charged out of the center of the battlefield and had reached the outskirts.

Even here, there were Ravagers running all over the place. They had clearly lost all their organization, having lost track of what they were pursuing.

At this point, Su Chen was completely safe. He let out a sigh of relief.

At that moment, however, he saw a streak of light shoot across the sky.

It was the Raging Sun Shuttle!

It hadn’t managed to escape yet?

Su Chen felt his heart jolt. He knew that this situation wasn't good.

As he focused his gaze to see what was happening, he found a flock of Silver-Crowned Eagles chasing fiercely after the shuttle, forcing it to weave back and forth.

Unfortunately, the two shuttles had been accosted by this flock of Silver-Crowned Eagles as soon as they had gotten airborne.

The Silver-Crowned Eagle was a high-tier Demonic Beast. They were in big trouble if they were being surrounded by Demonic Beasts like that.

The Silver Moon Shuttle fared alright due to its speed, allowing it to very quickly shake off the Silver-Crowned Eagles. Unfortunately, this had doomed the Raging Sun Shuttle.

The Raging Sun Shuttle was not known for its speed in the first place, and it contained the most passengers. It was therefore no surprise that it was unable to escape from the pursuit of the Silver-Crowned Eagles.

Most importantly, the Raging Sun Shuttle was built for battle, but many of the offensive weapons had been disabled due to the shuttle being filled past capacity. This made it incredibly unlikely that they would be able to beat their opponents back. Right now, they were relying on a few streaks of starry sword light and the Divine Sky Cannon mounted on top of the shuttle to scare their opponents off. Doing so once and for all, however, was going to be difficult.

Su Chen had managed to escape the battlefield, but the shuttle was being forced to run around in circles. The soldiers had been relying on the tough defenses of the shuttle to get by, but it didn't seem like the defenses were going to last much longer.

When he saw this situation, Su Chen hurriedly opened his transmission disk. "Yan Kai, bring them over to Middle Column Peak."

"Yes, sir!" a raspy voice spoke from the disk.

Su Chen had prepared this disk especially for everyone present so that they would have a way to communicate down the road. He had not expected it to be useful that quickly.

After delegating certain tasks, Su Chen began to sprint in the direction of the nearest Miwo Mountain.

Miwo Mountain was one of the Three Mountains. Its peak was right next to the Three Mountain Castle, which was why it was referred to as the Middle Column Peak. It extended high into the sky like a middle finger.

Su Chen ran towards Middle Column Peak at top speed instead of flying. Then, he activated Whitetowere Teleportation multiple times in a row, bringing him all the way to the top

At this point, his forehead was covered in sweat. Even though the energy consumption of Whitetower Teleportation had gone down after Su Chen had turned it into a Natural Origin Skill, activating it repeatedly in rapid succession still put a strain on his body.

Su Chen quickly lay down motionless atop the peak as if he was an inanimate rock.

The Silver-Crowned Eagles flying in the sky were still fiercely attacking the Raging Sun Shuttle from all directions. The shuttle used all methods at its disposal but was still unable to shake off its pursuers. Even getting to the Middle Column Peak was an incredibly difficult feat for it to achieve. To make matters worse, a flock of Agitated Frost Crows was racing in this direction.

The situation seemed to grow more and more dangerous.

Su Chen started intently at the Silver-Crowned Eagles.

Come closer!

Just a bit closer!

The swarm of Silver-Crowned Eagles gradually drew closer and closer to the peak.

It was time to go!

Su Chen's figure flashed as he activated Whitetower Teleportation again. At the same time, the Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared behind him, black flames covering its body as it stood there imposing. The incarnation was actually taller then five hundred feet, and the Mountain-Beheading Blade began to expand as well. Lightning flickered and danced across its surface as the blade edge arced through the air at these Silver-Crowned Eagles.

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