Chapter 213: Battle of Emperors (1)

Chapter 213: Battle of Emperors (1)

At the same time that Su Chen left, Anubi began his retreat.

This Inferno Tribe Crazed Monarch had completely forgotten about trying to create history. He just wanted to get out of this place as quickly as possible and evade the pursuit of the Demonic Emperor.

Gucha said, “Your Majesty, please leave. I will handle protecting this place.”

The Emperor could leave, but as the commander-in-chief of the army, Gucha could not leave.

Anubi glanced at him. “If that’s the case, then I’ll leave everything in your hands.”

He turned around to leave, not reluctant in the slightest.

Gucha sighed as he stared at Anubi’s escaping figure.

Perhaps his own death might come as good news for this incompetent ruler.

He rubbed his collar as he stared off into the distance.

At this moment, the blood-colored floating palace was doing its best to break through the Ravager army. Under normal circumstances, by the time it reached this location, Anubi and Goncourt should have been able to get far away.

However, the floating palace suddenly unleashed a strange, bloody fog which began to surge forwards like a wave. In but a moment, it had broken through most of the battlefield, looking like a long streamer. No matter how violently the Origin Energy fluctuations around it were or how fierce the attacks, this “ribbon” of red fog refused to dissipate.

An instant later, a figure flew out from the palace, following the path set by this ribbon of fog.

The figure was that of a middle-aged scholar. He wielded a staff with three gems, and he walked casually along the ribbon of fog. His movements seemed leisurely, but every step he took propelled him a great distance forwards. Actually, he wasn’t really walking; the red ribbon was pulling him along, making it so that he appeared above Gucha in but the blink of an eye.

A razor-sharp blade of light sliced through the air.

As a peak-tier Totemic Warrior who had undergone five baptisms, Gucha unleashed a full power strike that contained everything he understood about the path of the blade. It seemed quite simple, but contained within the strike was a boundless killing intent. In that moment, it seemed as if the blade was strong enough to split a mountain, and even the sky was going to torn open.

Even Gucha himself felt that this blade strike was the most beautiful blade strike he had ever unleashed since birth, and that the Scarlet Heart would be forced to deal with it seriously.

However, he was still wrong.

The Scarlet Heart continued to calmly walk across the ribbon, reaching an equilibrium between traveling extremely quickly or extremely slowly. His entire figure suddenly seemed to turn illusory.

As Gucha’s blade descended, he made no attempts to block it or dodge to the side. Instead, he continued to walk forwards.

Gucha’s blade sliced right through the Scarlet Heart’s figure, but he felt no trace of resistance.

It was as if the Scarlet Heart was not actually part of this world, but in a different pocket of space-time.

At the same time, the staff in the Scarlet Heart’s hand began to glow.

The black stone was the one glowing.

A streak of black light slammed into Gucha, causing his body to decay and wither.

Even Gucha’s vibrant lifeforce and powerful Origin Energy had no way of stopping this decay. He could only watch as his body grew older and older and his vitality sharply declined.

“Oh……” this fierce warrior sighed weakly. “Black Light of Death……”

As he rallied the remaining energy and lifeforce in his body, the black light began to fade slightly.

“Hm?” The walking Scarlet Heart stopped in place when he saw this.

When he stopped, it seemed as if time itself had stopped. The ribbon stopped moving, and even fresh blood seemed to congeal.

A slight trace of praise flashed across the Scarlet Heart’s eyes as he stared at Gucha. “A truly powerful Ravager warrior. Unfortunately, he was only at the King level.”

He waved his hand. Another black wave surged forth, completely swallowing Gucha up.

Having taken care of this, the Scarlet Heart continued to meander forward.

As before, he seemed to be walking quite slowly, but the gap between him and Anubi only grew shorter.

Eventually, he was only an arrow’s flight away from Anubi.

In a faint voice, he said, “The Mighty Anubi Inferno, as long as you are willing to hand over what you have taken from me, I can forget about all of our enmity. I am even willing to hand over my tens of thousands of Beast subordinates. The blood and flesh of these Beasts should be more than sufficient for you to recover what you have lost.”

Anubi shook his head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Scarlet Heart frowned slightly. “This is not the answer I want to hear.”

“This is the only answer you will get!” a brave, cruel Ravager Warrior yelled as he hurled his handaxe at the Scarlet Heart.

Lightning hammered down from the sky onto the axe, filling it with earth-shattering power.

This blustering energy, however, was so insignificant in the Scarlet Heart’s eyes that he didn’t even take any particular measures to deal with it.

He gently pushed his hand out in front of him, stopping the handaxe from advancing any further. As the handaxe floated in the air, he continued to stare at Anubi as he asked, “So is that your final answer?”

The Scarlet Heart considered himself to be a noble amongst the Beasts, which was why he had chosen the form of a gentleman. Unless he was angered to an extreme degree, it was very rare for him to lose his self control.

At this moment, his tone was very imposing, already demonstrating his dissatisfaction and impatience. He didn’t have much time to waste, as there were already Ravagers behind him pushing through to try and catch up.

Anubi was still retreating.

In terms of strength this emperor was a peak-tier Totemic Warrior that had undergone six baptisms, but that didn’t mean that he was a truly powerful expert. He lacked true combat experience and the bravery to put his life on the line, making it so that his actual combat prowess was possibly even lower than Gucha’s.

Anubi had no intentions of fighting to the death. Even members of the most powerful, resolute race could become soft after decades of a dissolute lifestyle.

As such, he didn’t even hesitate to try and run.

“You greatly disappoint me!” The Scarlet Heart had lost its final shred of impatience.

He calmly raised the tricolored staff in the air. A blue light began to rain down in front of him.

This blue light sped across the ground, not harming anything that it shone on. It just continued to advance and spread relentlessly.

Just as it was about to come into contact with Anubi, an ancient, shriveled hand made a stopping motion.

The blue screen of light stopped in place.

It was Goncourt.

The old man stared at the Scarlet Heart. “Your Majesty, we do not have what you want.”

The Scarlet Heart continued to activate his staff, and the blue screen of light actually shattered into fragments that appeared to be stars in the sky. “But I can sense their aura.”

Goncourt’s expression was incredibly focused. “Deep Blue Domain…… Your Majesty, I think there is a very big misunderstanding here……”

“There is no misunderstanding. You are just delaying for time,” the Scarlet Heart said in a low voice.

If it weren’t for the fact that Anubi was currently running, or that the Ravager army was in hot pursuit, he could have found time to talk things over with his opponent.

However, the situation was urgent. All attempts at negotiations became delay tactics, and the Scarlet Heart had no interest in wasting time. As such, he attacked without hesitation.

The Deep Blue Domain began to spread, causing a wave of sluggishness to roll over everywhere the domain was. Even the wind seemed to become lazy. This effect was similar to Shi Kaihuang’s Sumeru Void, but the main difference was that one was a domain, while the other was an Origin Skill. Origin Skills had extremely powerful one-time-use value, making them difficult to sustain and simpler to nullify. Domains, however, were different. They were a unique property that came from the user themselves, giving them an intrinsic quality. They could be activated for long periods of time to great effect. Most importantly, they possessed a fundamental level of authority that made it so that they could not be so easily nullified.

When the Scarlet Heart activated his Deep Blue Domain, anything within the domain would slow down. This slowdown wasn’t merely applied to specific targets but even to any Origin Energy caught within the domain. In other words, as the mobility of Origin Energy decreased, the amount that could be extracted from the surroundings did as well, and Origin Skills would become much weaker. Some Origin Skills might form more slowly, some might become less powerful, and others might be totally impossible to use. These effects did not apply to the owner of the domain either. As soon as the Scarlet Heart activated this domain, no one would be able to fight back against him unless they were an expert of the same level.

The Ravagers lacked control over Origin Energy. They had no such domains, but they didn’t need domains. As soon as the powerful Ravagers reached the peak of their strength, they could exceed the limits imposed by nature and complete their totemic cultivation. Their powerful lifeforce did not need to be supported by Origin Energy; their bodies were like a realm unto their own, a contained system that they had absolute control over. As such, they could easily use their physical bodies to combat the domain.

Unfortunately, there were no such experts on the battlefield.

The only two individuals that had reached the Perfection Realm were Sachar and Averigus. The former had died on the battlefield as his strength had declined due to old age, and the latter had been left behind by Anubi due to jealousy.

Thankfully, Goncourt was not weak either.

As the Head Ancestor of the Divine Shrine, this old man’s physical strength may have declined, but he possessed unique control of Origin Energy. Most importantly, he was not fighting alone.

With a low growl, Goncourt tossed out a skull.

That skull was in the shape of a small beast’s head. It had been doused in medicine, giving it a sinister and vast power. Two massive teeth jutted out from its jaw. The instant that it was pulled out, the Dark Blue Domain seemed to fade slightly.

“The Tattooed Rau? You poor bastard, so you were killed by the Ravagers, and you were even turned into an Origin Tool,” the Scarlet Heart muttered to himself.

Goncourt had pulled out a Demonic Emperor’s skull, which had belonged to an old friend of the Scarlet Heart’s, the previous ruler of the western border.

“Perhaps the Ravagers will obtain another skull today,” Goncourt said calmly.

Since they had already come to blows, there was no point in holding onto any hope of negotiating. Right and wrong could only be clearly explained with the backing of strength.

The Scarlet Heart also stopped wasting his breath. He slowly raised the staff yet again, and a black streak of light snaked towards Goncourt.

The Scarlet Heart was a true expert when it came to controlling Origin Energy. He had a deep understanding of three different kinds of elemental power, and his comprehension of water had reached the point that he had developed a domain around it. The red and black gemstones corresponded with fire and darkness. The former was violent, powerful, and capable of causing great devastation, while the latter possessed incredibly corrosive properties. The Scarlet Heart also controlled a fourth element: lightning. Unfortunately, his comprehension of lightning had just begun when Su Chen stole the Thunder Spirit Totem. A route of further ascension had been cut off just like that.

These black snakes he was unleashing were Death Withering Snakes.

Countless Death Withering Snakes surged forth, turning into a wave of darkness that pressed onwards relentlessly. This was the Scarlet Heart’s unrivalled technique.

He immediately opened with a killing technique.

He wanted to finish this battle as quickly as possible!

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