Chapter 210: The Final Battle (2)

Chapter 210: The Final Battle (2)


Following Su Chen’s yell, the five thousand Iguana Cavalry charged at the Beasts. Su Chen himself was leading at the very front.

The Ravagers fought the Beasts with the simplest tactics, but simple didn’t necessarily mean easy. Actually, this simplicity made the battle much crueler and more direct.

Their targets grew closer and closer. As they slowly advanced, Su Chen suddenly gestured, and a wave of flames surged forth.

These flames were actually a simplification of his Erupting Firehawk technique. Ravagers fought with simple tactics, including the way they used Origin Energy. As a result, Su Chen had quietly altered the Firehawk to remove the hawk’s body while leaving the hawk wings in place, eventually forming a flaming cone.

The flaming cones were just as powerful as the Firehawks, but they weren’t as agile and couldn’t attack from afar or chase after their targets. However, those latter two effects weren’t as important in such a large battlefield.

The flames rolled forwards unrelentingly, and a few Demonic Beasts who charged forwards were immediately set on fire. They began to howl with rage.

After absorbing fire-type Origin Energy and ascending to the Light Shaking Realm, Su Chen’s use of that type of Origin Energy had reached quite a frightening level. However, when he unleashed his power at this moment, he was only able to inflict light wounds on them. It wasn’t that these Demonic Beasts were too powerful; the chaotic Origin Energy flow had greatly weakened his attacks.

Su Chen didn’t think anything of it. The goal of this fight wasn’t to kill the opponents anyways, but to carry out a plan and test out his new inspiration.

The howl drew even more Demonic Beasts, and thousands of beasts turned around to charge at Su Chen.

Su Chen slowed down appropriately, and large numbers of Ravagers appeared at his side, fearlessly charging forward to greet the Beasts.

The Ravagers’ innately brave temperament and their hatred at having their homeland invaded made it so that they had no fear of these vicious Demonic Beasts. All they felt was unending anger and enmity, in turn causing their blood to boil.

Of course, Su Chen was not stirred up into a frenzy. Even if he had personally made a move, his heart was calm, and his blood was ice cold.

Maintaining your cool in battle was not an easy thing to do. Even if he didn’t belong to their race, just being in the middle of a fierce battle would make it incredibly easy to be affected and carried along by the atmosphere.

However, Su Chen could. He activated the consciousness crystal, turning everything around him into numbers that he began to process rapidly in his brain.

A hundred feet to his left, three Ravagers were facing off against a single Demonic Beast, fighting as hard as they could; to his right, five Ravagers were fighting two Demonic Beasts, but they were unaware that an Iron-Crowned Eagle was about to attack them from the sky; in front of him, a Black-Backed Rhinoceros was about to use a charging Origin Skill in three, two, one…...


Ten or so Ravagers were sent flying by the violent collision.

Su Chen wasn’t satisfied. He wasn’t after predicting his opponents’ attacks but instead to predict the flow of energy. The things he noticed before were just details of lesser importance.

The Microscopic Eye could see down to the smallest detail, able to perceive the intrinsic essence of most objects. As he continued to use it throughout the years, its perceptiv ability had greatly increased. Now, when he activated it to its fullest extent, Su Chen’s surroundings turned into quite a spectacular sight.

The lifeforms around him morphed into silhouettes, and the flow of Origin Energy became visible as streaks of light. Different colors of light represented different kinds of energy, and the density of the color was indicative of the power contained within that energy. These colored streaks of light constantly circulated and moved about, representing the flow of energy due to the use of Origin Skills.

Su Chen’s world had become a dazzlingly multicolored one.

If anyone was suddenly thrust into this kind of environment, they would definitely have a hard time getting used to it. However, Su Chen had used it constantly as it steadily advanced. Early on, he was unable to see energy through a layer of clothing, but now the energy was multicolored. This path had been long and fraught with difficulty.

Now, the seed had begun to sprout and grow, and had even borne fruit a number of times. It was no surprise, then, that Su Chen was completely used to it.

He gently tugged at the iguana beneath him, and the iguana took a step to the side in response. A sharp, crescent-shaped streak of light shot past him.

Before Su Chen dodged, this crescent-shaped streak of light hadn’t even been released yet.

However, even amongst the chaotic, brilliant flowing energy, he had managed to spot a gathering of light that seemed to be preparing to burst in his direction.

As such, he took an evasive step to the side before the Origin Skill was even launched.

Even so, this was still not what he was after.

He wanted more!

Countless streaks of light blended together indiscriminately, transforming and colliding with one another, blending together and taking on new trajectories.

Colors constantly appeared and disappeared, sometimes mixing together, sometimes colliding, creating all kinds of explosions of energy in the air.

All Origin Skills were the release of energy in some way, shape, or form. However, the colors of the energy were mixed and blended together.

This was the greatest understanding that Su Chen had managed to reach of the microscopic level.

If he wanted to control them, he would need to understand the principles behind their usage and activation.

For instance, this one.

He stared intently at one of the streaks of light.

This streak of light was a relatively simple mix of orange and red.

Red represented fire-type Origin Energy, while orange represented vitality-type Origin Energy.

Their real-world manifestation came about from the battle between a Totemic Warrior and a Flaming Butterfly. The shining totemic inscriptions glowed with a bright orange color, which rose to meet the raging flames unleashed by the Flaming Butterfly. The Totemic Warrior and the Flaming Butterfly were both lower-tier soldiers for their respective armies, useful primarily as cannon fodder, so their combat styles were also quite simple. For this reason, the color of their energy was simple and easy to separate.

The rapid energy appeared to disperse extremely quickly in this region. Any energy that entered this area would be affected.

Affected, not weakened.

Su Chen very quickly discovered that the trajectory of the Origin Energy was the most important factor in determining who was stronger. Origin Energy that went with the flow ended up being more powerful than Origin Energy that went against it.

“So that’s how it is. The truth of the matter is so simple that it’s frightening,” Su Chen said with a slight chuckle.

The power of an Origin Skill would be weakened because the turbulent Origin Energy flows around it caused its impact to rapidly dissipate. But no matter how turbulent the flow of Origin Energy was, there were always moments where the Origin Energy generally flowed in a uniform direction. This was when Origin Skills aligned with this flow would experience a multiplicative increase in strength, while Origin Skills going against the flow would be greatly weakened.

Capturing the trajectory of Origin Energy was obviously not an easy matter, but if you weren’t greedy, capturing a few was still possible.

Su Chen blinked, causing his vision to return to the real world. However, a unique scene appeared in his sight at this moment. At the center of his visual field, a faint light could be seen dancing back and forth.

These selectively filtered streaks of light appearing in Su Chen’s vision was where Origin Energy was the most concentrated. Each of them represented an Origin Skill that was in the process of being formed.

An instant later, a wave of blue flames surged in Su Chen’s direction. At the same time, Su Chen punched out with his fist, which began to glow with totemic light. Of course, these were not real totemic inscriptions, but rather the result of an Origin Conducting Tool Su Chen had created. This Origin Conducting Tool was an extremely thin, transparent layer he had applied over his skin and would activate once placed on someone’s body. In other words, it was a more delicate version of the Shadow Flame Glove.

Back then, Su Chen had only created a single Origin Conducting Tool. As the years went by, he hadn’t created any Origin Conducting Tools that were more powerful. However, he had refined his creation process a great deal for the sake of substituting the Ravagers’ totemic inscriptions. Even though this thing was not very powerful, it was quite a passable imitation of the Ravagers’ ability.

As the fist slammed through the air, the blue flames seemed to suddenly stop in place before rapidly going out.

Energy was invisible, difficult to apprehend, and impossible to analyze. However, in Su Chen’s eyes, it took on a tangible shape, and he was able to calculate their trajectories. With both shape and trajectory, he could easily get a handle on the flow of Origin Energy, allowing him to fully utilize his strength as he advanced.

Of course, the prerequisite to this was that the opponent wasn’t too powerful. In other words, this ability was really only useful when bullying weaker individuals.

Even so, this ability was already incredibly shocking.

But this was not what Su Chen was after.

A high-tier Demonic Beast howled as it charged at him, opening its maw to unleash a gust of powerful wind. However, this wind was not aimed at Su Chen specifically but at him and all the Ravagers around him.

At the exact same moment it opened its mouth, Su Chen attacked again. The same overbearing punch appeared, but hidden behind the violent momentum of the punch was an understanding and control of Origin Energy. An instant later, the frightening wind suddenly turned sharply and blew over a few low-tier Demonic Beasts instead, sending them flying.

The high-tier Demonic Beast was also taken aback when it saw that its attack had been redirected. However, it was totally unaware that Su Chen had actually taken control of his attack.

“Still not enough!” Su Chen muttered.

What he wanted was to be able to maintain his own strength in the midst of this chaotic field and to control others’ strength. He wanted more, so he was going to try more things.

Even more attacks surged his way from every direction, entering this chaotic, turbulent region.

Su Chen, however, acted as if he was merely pacing around his own home’s flower garden. He walked amongst the storm of energy, but most shockingly he was not injured at all.

He seemed to pass right through the gaps in their attacks, narrowly avoiding danger every time. Occasionally, there would be an attack he couldn’t dodge, but then he would just make a move, causing these attacks to change in different ways.

At the beginning, Su Chen had been walking incredibly slowly, but as he grew more and more comfortable with analyzing the flow of energy, he began to walk faster, all the way until he was directly in the midst of those Beasts.

The countless Beasts howled and unleashed attacks in his direction.

“Since that’s the case, then let’s try out my new understanding,” Su Chen said faintly.

He withdrew his right hand and pushed it in front of him. At the same time that his palm strike flew forth, a blast of thunder and lightning exploded forth in all directions. Because of the countless Origin Skills being unleashed, the chaotic Origin Energy actually formed a vortex, drastically decreasing the power of any Origin Skill that entered the vortex’s area of influence.

However, Su Chen’s attack wasn’t weakened at all. Not only so, but it seemed to be expanding, with Su Chen as the center, rapidly forming a massive storm of lightning that began to spread in all directions.


The powerful lightning abruptly spread out to a fifty foot radius, with Su Chen at the center. Only Su Chen himself was in a safe location. Even after such a frightening explosion of power, the white tendrils of lightning continued to dance through the air like silver snakes. It took a long time for them to finally dissipate.

No one knew that this furious bout of lightning was just a careless attack from Su Chen. If he had used his full strength, the might of this attack would have been multiplied many times over.

A slight smile appeared at the corner of his lips as he said to himself, “That’s more like it. That’s what I was looking for.”

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