Chapter 209: The Final Battle (1)

Chapter 209: The Final Battle (1)

Speed is imperative in war.

The Ravagers, as expected, sprang into action.

Since they had decided that they were going to fight, then they would not delay in the slightest.

After resting for only a day, the army set out the next morning.

The Ravagers’ military formation was quite representative of their personality. 120,000 of the Inferno Tribe’s soldiers were concentrated in the center, and they were the Inferno Tribe’s main force. The remaining 80,000 soldiers were from a few smaller tribes that had sided with the Inferno Tribe. These groups of soldiers were scattered and unevenly distributed, their formations looking like a dog had haphazardly ripped out a few uneven chunks from the “wings” of the army.

This large formation advanced steadily, with Anubi’s large imperial carriage at the very front. Anubi openly sat on top of this throne, holding the Origin Bone Scepter in his right hand and the Vitality Totem in his left.

Of course, this was not the real Anubi.

He was actually Le Feng.

After a long period of discussion, they had eventually decided to stick with Su Chen’s plan.

That old proverb was still true: all disastrous plans seemed like good ones right until disaster struck.

The same went for Su Chen’s plan. Actually, it didn’t seem that bad.

Regardless of whether the Scarlet Heart fell for his plan or not, it wouldn’t affect the Ravagers very much.

The opposing Beasts didn’t passively stay inside the city either as the Three Mountain Castle wasn’t an important a strategic fort and its city walls were quite low towards the rear. This meant that they could be easily toppled with just pure physical strength, so it was basically the same as having no defenses at all. After all, the builders of this castle had taken the problem of losing and taking back the fort into consideration. There was no way they would build high walls facing against their own side.

The Beasts’ military formation was obviously much simpler. Hordes of Demonic Beasts gathered in a misshapen and chaotic way, glaring icily at the Ravagers. They lacked creativity, so they didn’t know anything about military formations. However, they did have powerful bodies, vigorous life force, sharp fangs and claws, and an innate affinity for perceiving and using Origin Energy.

They were the rulers of this continent, controlling it for tens of thousands of years. Even though other races had come to power in recent years, it was still an irrefutable fact that the Beasts dominated this continent.

They had been following this emperor of theirs for some time now, attacking cities and obtaining bountiful, endless supplies of food. In addition, their bloodthirsty nature had been thoroughly provoked, making them even greedier for slaughter.

As a Demonic Emperor, the Scarlet Heart should have been responsible for keeping this kind of unrestricted assault in check. This time, however, the Scarlet Heart had instead chosen to unleash the primal nature of these beasts.

At this moment, both parties seemed to be in a stalemate as they faced off against each other, howling and jeering loudly.

The air suddenly seemed to freeze, the tension palpable.


At last, the call of a bugle broke through the silence and echoed through the sky.




As the officials gave the command, the Ravager army began to advance.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Their footsteps caused the ground to rumble violently as countless soldiers raised their long spears, their battle axes, or their shields, forming an impenetrable wall that pressed forwards with boundless momentum.

The Beasts maintained their position.

However, the Ravagers were not a race used to just walking, so their movements quickly began to change.

As the distance between the two forces grew closer and closer, the bugle signal suddenly changed from long, drawn-out calls to a series of short, repetitive bursts.





Yells and howls once again came out.

These howls were like a match tossed into a pot full of hot oil. In an instant, flames erupted in the Ravagers’ hearts.

The Ravager army, which had been advancing slowly but steadily up until then, suddenly began to unleash all of their energy as they sprinted forwards.

In that instant, their blood began to boil over as the desire to do battle and the flames of rage surged wildly in their hearts, which they converted into raw energy to fuel their vigorous momentum.

They howled as they charged at the Three Mountain Castle.

At the same time, a crisp, clear shriek rang out from the bloody palace.

As this shriek reverberated through the air, the Beasts simultaneously tilted their heads back and howled at the sky, then charged forwards, their energy sharply peaking.

The two violent waves were on a head-on course, drawing closer and closer until they finally slammed into each other.


Fresh blood almost instantly began to flow like a river.

The instant the two armies collided, nearly a hundred lives were lost.

The powerful vitality of both sides became a joke at this point. No matter how strong you were, you were still weak when against tens of thousands of opponents unleashing a torrential sea of Origin Energy at you.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Explosions rang out amongst the two armies.

The experts on both sides were clashing, unleashing their full power against their opponents.

There was no holding back, no hiding of trump cards. They did their utmost to slaughter their opponent, because no one knew if they would still be alive an instant later. Unleashing one’s strength to the greatest possible extent before one died was the best strategy here.

Origin Energy wreaked havoc amongst the two front lines.

The violent waves of energy seemed to boil with killing intent as they continuously and indiscriminately washed over the front lines.

The soldiers’ of both sides’ ability to use the power in their surroundings became heavily restricted because of this.

Origin Energy was not like air. Even though it was everywhere, there was a limit to its concentration. When large quantities of usable Origin Energy were being consumed, the result was a local deficiency in Origin Energy. Even Origin Skills that were successfully activated would be adversely affected as a result of the phenomena.

Under these kinds of circumstances, the most effective combat tactic was for every Origin Qi Scholar soldier to put their own strength on the line.

This was also why experts would die more easily under these conditions. It wasn’t just because of the large numbers of opponents, or the fact that their opponents could use group tactics to gang up on them; the change in the surrounding environment was a major shift with dramatic effects.


A shockwave of energy rolled through the armies and a striking, magnificent blade streak soared through the sky. However, it only traveled seventy or eighty feet before being sucked into and dissipated by the raging torrents of Origin Energy nearby.

Under normal circumstances, this Origin Skill would have been able to do incredible damage over a distance of more than a thousand feet, but given how chaotic the flow of Origin Energy was on the battlefield, it was only as effective as a tenth of its usual might.

This kind of thing was happening all over the battlefield.

Occasionally, some of the luckier individuals would find that their attack was stronger than usual.


A violent explosion of energy burst forth, the massive shockwave of energy expanding to at least a hundred feet in diameter. All of the lifeforms nearby were wrapped up by it, and a few of the weaker individuals died on the spot.

The individual that had unleashed such a frightening attack, however, was only a Temple Warrior of the lowest strength. He had merely unleashed a fireball at the center of the Origin Energy vortex. But to his surprise, he had managed to hit the convergence point of the entire energy twister. Due to the violent collisions of Origin Energy occurring around it, this convergence point typically only lasted for no more than a tenth of a second, so the chances of actually hitting it were quite low.

But as long as there was a chance, there was a possibility. And this time it had resulted in an incredible explosion of energy. However, the “lucky” individual was unable to escape from the blast zone, and he was immediately blown to shreds.

Su Chen was standing at the back of the battlefield, calmly observing the situation and absorbing everything that was happening. Even though he had fought with the Heavenly Might Battalion before a few times, they had relied on explosive techniques due to their advantage in strength against their weaker, outnumbered opponents. As such, it was very rare for him to see such turbulent, violent flows of Origin Energy.

If the chaotic flow of energy present right now was classified as a ten, then the Heavenly Might Battalion’s assault of Aurora City had only conjured up a chaotic flow of energy of merely one.

The chaotic flows of Origin Energy created by this kind of a large-scale, high-level conflict were so powerful that even Demonic Emperors would be affected, making it hard for them to fully display their true strength.

But if you could harness the principles behind the chaotic flows of energy, then was it possible to use it to your advantage? Su Chen suddenly began to wonder to himself.

The chaotic flows of energy were a result of the attacks of the nearby Origin Qi Scholars, so they were changing and shifting wildly every second. In other words, there was no real rhythm or pattern. Even if there was a pattern, it would disappear into the chaos in but a moment, making it hard to act on such opportunities.

However, Su Chen was not worried. He had the consciousness crystal, so his calculative ability was frighteningly high. He also had the Microscopic Eye, and he was incredibly confident in his ability to observe these subtle flows of Origin Energy. With these two skills as a part of his foundation, even if he had a hard time grasping every opportunity or managing every detail, it was still possible for him to control the overall situation.

When he realized this, Su Chen found it difficult to remain motionless.

As soon as this thought arose, Su Chen turned around and said, “Blatch, tell the soldiers to get ready!”

Blatch asked in shock, “Are we going to move out now?”

Because of his love for his royal subject, Anubi had placed Su Chen and his troops near the left wing, making it so that he didn’t have to participate in the battle at the beginning.

However, this sudden burst of inspiration had caused Su Chen to burn with the desire to personally take to the battlefield in order to test out his theory. Perhaps this was every mad scientist’s personality — as soon as a novel idea appeared, he or she would immediately hurry to experiment on it.

Thankfully, Su Chen had been planning on taking to the battlefield in the first place. He was just a bit ahead of schedule, but that wouldn’t be a big problem. And if his experiment succeeded, his plan would proceed even more smoothly than expected.

Under Su Chen’s command, the left wing cavalry began to advance.

They began to flank around the main force, taking the initiative to get closer to the battlefield.

Anubi very quickly discovered this interesting development.

At this moment, Anubi was obviously not sitting on top of the throne at the very front.

He was standing on top of some elevated terrain to the rear, observing the battle from on high. From time to time, he would issue orders, many of which were either ignored or heavily changed by Gucha.

However, this didn’t stop Anubi from enjoying his position as the “Genius Commander.”

When he saw Su Chen’s troops jump into action, even Anubi was momentarily taken aback before he began to chuckle, “See? Lontu took his troops into battle on his own. He is going to unleash a fatal attack from the side. He’s quite a courageous kid, isn’t he? Is there anyone else who thinks that this guy can only curry favor with me without any actual talent to back it up?”

“He attacked too early, Your Majesty,” Gucha replied.

“Oh, so what? The Beasts are going to lose anyways, aren’t they? In any case, we are Ravagers. Ravagers rely not on patience but rather on bravery and willpower. He’s a real Ravager, is he not? Hahahaha!” Anubi guffawed.

“He’s a real Ravager all right,” Gucha replied.

Even Gucha didn’t think that there was anything wrong with Su Chen attacking a bit too early. The possible outliers of this battle were simply too few. The only question was how much of a price they would have to pay.

The Scarlet Heart didn’t believe that he could win. The only thing he was interested in was taking back his treasures.

When a person’s object of desire was firmly controlled by another party, even the most powerful existence could only allow themselves to be obediently led around by the nose.

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