Chapter 205: Presenting a Gift (2)

Chapter 205: Presenting a Gift (2)

The Single-Eyed Giant Demon was a rare creature in the Ravager territory. It wasn’t considered a Beast, but it wasn’t a Ravager either. If you absolutely had to classify it, you could consider it as a Gargantuan Soul.

Gargantuan Souls belonged to the Origin Races, not the Intelligent Races.

They inherently possessed large physiques, which was naturally accompanied by an equally large strength and appetite.

In comparison, the Clay Giants were made of elements, making them fundamentally different from Gargantuan Souls. Despite their similarly large bodies, the Clay Giants’ essence was still elemental, making them a part of the Elemental Races.

Apparently, the Primordial Continent had once contained the Beasts, Gargantuan Souls, and Elemental Races during its earliest eras. In the end, however, the Beasts had emerged victorious.

The Gargantuan Souls and the Elemental Races had become weaker because of this, losing the most fertile grounds. In addition, they had a harder time than the Intelligent Races at adapting to new environments. The defeated Origin Races could only walk down the path of extinction.

Today, the Gargantuan Souls still possessed a small territory within Ravager territory, and they eked out a difficult life there.

Because they weren’t servants of the Ravagers, the Ravagers took every opportunity to try to capture or kill them. However, the unique attributes of their territory allowed them to survive, albeit not without great suffering.

The Gargantuan Souls, as one of the Origin Races, possessed immense power. Their defeat was only due to their low intelligence and low numbers. It had nothing to do with their individual strength.

A fully-grown Single-Eyed Giant Demon’s strength was at least at the Demonic Lord level, which was more than enough to cause most people to fall into despair. Even Ravagers were apprehensive about fighting them head-on.

And now, Su Chen had actually sent his soldiers against this kind of enemy.

If that was the case, then they should have just been left to face the Jagtooth Wolves two months ago — at the very least, they would have had a chance to counterattack.

Anubi felt his heart hurt a bit for the first time — after all, these people were humans that had sworn loyalty to him.

Even he, who glorified slaughter, felt like this was too much of a waste. At the very least, they should be killed one at a time, preferably by him, so that he could experience the amusement that came with personally destroying something beautiful. He would rather that that happen than have them all destroyed by a Single-Eyed Giant Demon like the current situation.

This was how he felt before he suddenly heard Su Chen’s reply, “The opposite might be true, Your Majesty.”

“What did you say?” Anubi was stunned.

Su Chen waved his hand. “It’d be easier if you saw for yourself.”

As the Single-Eyed Giant Demon took the stage, the battle began.

Because it was a member of the Origin Races, it possessed an innate ability to control Origin Energy. However, it preferred to use its physical body as a weapon due to its massive size.

The giant swung its massive iron hammer at the human soldiers with a barbaric howl.

Two months ago, those soldiers would’ve been flattened on the spot.

However, these people had gone through a qualitative transformation in just two months’ time.

There were now three Light Shaking Realm cultivators amongst the seventy-three soldiers; in terms of strength, Le Feng alone was enough to deal with the Single-Eyed Giant Demon.

However, Su Chen had instructed them not to display too much strength, so Le Feng kept himself in check and didn’t exceed the limits of what should have been possible at the peak of the Yang Opening Realm. His main goal in this battle was actually to protect the other soldiers and limit the number of casualties. Unless absolutely necessary, he was forbidden from revealing his true strength.

It was only under these kinds of circumstances that the Single-Eyed Giant Demon could even have a fair fight with this group of human soldiers.

As the Single-Eyed Giant Demon began to attack, the thirty soldiers on the field drew their swords.

Apart from Le Feng, who was at the Light Shaking Realm, there were four more Yang Opening Realm cultivators and twenty-five Blood Boiling Realm cultivators. If you took Le Feng out of the picture, then they were roughly equivalent in strength to the giant. This was Su Chen’s special arrangement. Only when their strength was even would the battle seem even more spectacular. And only when their strength was even could they squeeze everyone’s potential to the greatest extent, which would serve as even better training.

When they struck with their swords simultaneously, streaks of sword Qi flew through the air.

Because they possessed Soul Armaments, their Sword Qi was exceptionally fierce, and even the attacks from the Blood Boiling Realm cultivators left behind deep scars.

Even though those wounds weren’t that deep, there were many of them, and when combined they still posed quite a threat to the giant demon.

Sword Qi recklessly flew through the sky, causing the Single-Eyed Giant Demon to be instantly sliced open by dozens of swords.

The demon howled in dissatisfaction. The massive hammer in its hand descended, but the soldiers were incredibly nimble and managed to escape in time.

The thirty soldiers split into five six-man teams, with Le Feng and the four Yang Opening Realm cultivators each leading one. They advanced and retreated as if each team operated under a single mind, and they displayed incredible coordination amongst themselves. They weaved back and forth, some attacking and some defending, all of them putting on a good show against the Giant Demon.

Even though the Giant Demon was powerful, it couldn’t even touch the agile humans. It howled with anger, but the only reply it received was an accumulation of wounds.

It was like thirty nimble flying birds were attacking a single slow and dumb bear.

“What beautiful teamwork. They’re putting on quite the show. This is the most exquisite, precise gladiator battle I have seen yet,” one of the Ravagers chuckled.

“That’s true,” another Ravager added. “Even though I like watching more direct, simple, and barbaric fights, I must admit that these kinds of ‘delicate’ battles are also quite fun to watch from time to time.”

“It’s almost like embroidery. That’s quite an interesting way of putting it. The most surprising thing is that a Ravager was the one who taught them to fight like this.”

“And then he taught it to humans.”

“Heavens, what kind of world do we live in? It seems like things have been turned totally upside down.”


All the Ravagers began to howl with laughter.

The Ravagers weren’t completely unaware of their own wildness and madness. In their eyes, this was normal, and even correct to some degree.

Only humans would be such sissies about everything.

As such, this was also partly due to the Ravagers’ disparaging of intelligence.

“But regardless of their fighting style, they are going to win,” Su Chen replied.

“That might not be the case,” Kenwo chuckled coldly. “The Single-Eyed Giant Demon is still of the Origin Race too. Their strength is not this simple.”

The Single-Eyed Giant Demon had a very powerful physique, but that didn’t mean that it could only fight with its physical body.

Indeed, just as Kenwo had said, the Single-Eyed Giant Demon began to change its battle tactics when it realized that brute force alone wasn’t going to get the job done.

It howled and unleashed a violent punch, before a blood-red light began to glow behind its back.

As the blood-colored light grew more intense, the Single-Eyed Giant Demon’s slow movements began to speed up.

Suddenly, it shot forwards, closing in on its opponents with unprecedented speed as it slammed its hammer down again.

“Bloodthirst Fervor! So there are still Giant Demons that choose to take the purely physical route?” the Ravagers exclaimed in shock.

As an Origin Race, the Giant Demon possessed an Innate Origin Skill, and different Gargantuan Souls could choose to take different routes.

This Single-Eyed Giant Demon obviously preferred to strengthen itself with Origin Energy, making it quite similar to Ravagers in that respect.

The Giant Demon, whose speed had increased, was not nearly as easy to avoid this time.

The soldiers had no way to dodge the huge hammer descending from the sky.

But they didn’t rely on their agility to escape this time. Instead, they flew into the sky, meeting the hammer strike head-on. Sword light flew from the tips of their swords, crashing into the hammer and causing brilliant, multicolored light to scatter everywhere along with a shower of sparks.

This massive iron hammer was actually unable to penetrate the sword formation.

“Whoa!” All of the spectators on the scene cried out in shock.

“They blocked it!”

“They actually blocked it!”

“I must be seeing things! How the hell did they block it?”

The Ravagers began to yell loudly. They didn’t dare believe their own eyes.

The Single-Eyed Giant Demon was simply too powerful. Even amongst most Demonic Lords, it was an incredibly fearsome existence — not something that just a few Yang Opening Realm cultivators along with a bunch of Blood Boiling Realm cultivators could deal with.

Only Su Chen knew what was happening.

During that collision, Le Feng had displayed some of his strength.

He had managed to control it discreetly enough that no one had been able to tell, making it seem like the formation itself was purely responsible for blocking the hammer strike.

That was enough.

After the Single-Eyed Giant Demon’s attack was proven to be fruitless, the humans’ sword formation transformed again. Thirty streaks of sword light simultaneously merged into a massive sword that descended towards the Giant Demon’s forehead.

This sword strike was so shockingly powerful that even the Giant Demon howled in fear. The iron hammer seemed unable to withstand the attack, greatly shocking the Ravager spectators.

Having fought with the humans for so many years, these Ravagers were very clear on how strong the ones before them were.

Humans had much more cooperative strength than them, but for it to be effective they needed to train their synergy for years upon years.

If this was a set battalion amongst the human army, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. However, all of these soldiers were captives from different garrisons, battalions, and squads of the Heavenly Might Battalion. Some of them had never even seen each other before, not to mention training together.

For them to have this much teamwork in such a short period of time was really shocking.

Actually, the truth of this matter was very simple.

Part of this was because of Su Chen’s strict training, but more importantly, they shared a common starting point in the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, which greatly increased their innate compatibility. Also, it was two different matters entirely for them to obey Su Chen versus obeying a Ravager, so in principle it was a completely different matter. Of course, there was no need for Su Chen to divulge this.

If the Single-Eyed Giant Demon still couldn’t defeat its opponents, then it was going to lose.

Even though it tried to use a few other Origin Skills afterwards, demonstrating its shocking strength, Le Feng’s hidden protection secretly nullified all of the Giant Demon’s attacks.

In the end, the thirty human soldiers were able to easily defeat the Giant Demon with only three light casualties.

All of the Ravager spectators exploded with feverish energy the moment the Giant Demon toppled to the ground.

Anubi himself stood to clap.

He said to Su Chen, “Beautifully done, my head of internal servants. This is the best gladiator match I have ever seen.”

Su Chen said, “Thank you, Your Majesty, for your praise. It is a great glory for me.”

“How did you accomplish all of this?” one of the Ravagers asked.

“As you have seen, I trained them. This training is not just to get them to capitulate, but also to increase their strength,” Su Chen replied.

“Increase their strength? Are you referring to their training?” A voice spoke up at this point in time.

It was the God of War, Averigus.

“Of course,” Su Chen replied.

“Raising them to this kind of level in just two months…… You can train humans, so can you train Ravagers in the same way?” Averigus asked.

Su Chen cracked a slight smile. “Of course, Sir Averigus.”

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