Chapter 203: Group Upgrade (2)

Chapter 203: Group Upgrade (2)

“White Lotus…… Four-Leaf Cherry Blossom…… Merbromine……”

Su Chen’s voice was calm and stable as he sat within the room. He held a vial of medicine, his hands completely motionless. Le Feng had become his new assistant as he constantly added different kinds of herbal medicines under Su Chen’s direction.

Very quickly, a vial of medicine was successfully completed.

Su Chen handed the vial of medicine over to Le Feng.

“One drop per person. You absolutely cannot give them more. Understand?” Su Chen told him repeatedly. “If you give them too much, the Origin Energy in their body will explode, and they’ll die if they aren’t careful.”

“Yes, sir!” Le Feng sucked in a mouthful of cold air as he stared at the medicine in Su Chen’s hands.

A top-tier Origin Energy Medicine!

A top-tier Origin Energy Medicine was something that only the richest clans could manage to obtain and use.

The Origin Energy it contained was so powerful and full that lower-tier Origin Energy Scholars basically couldn't use it. If they were to gulp it down all at once, the outcome would absolutely be as Su Chen had described - their bodies would explode from the overload of energy.

Even Light Shaking Realm cultivators couldn't really use the Origin Energy Medicine properly. One had to at least be at the Spirit Burning Realm.

Su Chen had just managed to refine it there, and was now handing it out for everyone to use

This was too luxurious!

There was nothing Su Chen could do about it, however. He didn't have any trash resources on him.

Su Chen had harvested countless resources on this expedition through Ravager territory. In order to maximize his profits, he had chosen to harvest only the most valuable resources. When you factored in what the Heavenly Might Battalion had given him and the resources he had pilfered from the Demonic Emperor's storehouses, everything in his Origin Ring was extremely valuable, and he had more mid- and high-fiber resources than lower-tier ones. The low-tier resources he did have were being used to refine specific medicines that he needed.

The end result was that Su Chen could only concoct top-tier medicines. At this point, he was a Master Alchemist, meaning that he could concoct any top-tier medicines available on the market, with the exception of some rare legendary-tier medicines.

The end result was that these soldiers were pulled along by hanging onto his coattails, directly starting by ingesting a top-tier Origin Energy Medicine.

Unfortunately, even with such a medicine in front of them, no one had the ability to completely handle the potent medicinal effects, so this top-tier Origin Energy Medicine could only be used on the whole group of soldiers.

Su Chen could make dozens of these medicines in one day, but because the group's conversion ability couldn't keep up, he could only sigh and shake his head. The soldiers felt incredibly stifled and could only vent by cultivating bitterly, increasing their ability to process the Origin Energy.

With Su Chen's extremely generous support, the strength of these seventy-three soldiers increased in leaps and bounds.

Jiang Liu was the first Qi Drawing Realm cultivator to enter the Blood Boiling Realm, but he was just a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator. With him as the example, seven more people broke into the Blood Boiling Realm on the second day, and ten or so did the same on the third day. Shockingly, not a single one failed.

Su Chen's Immaculate Cultivation Technique not only increased the rate of their cultivation but also intensified its effects. The soldiers were better able to control Origin Energy, and the power they obtained from cultivating was pure, far purer than that of a bloodline. The end result was that breaking into a higher realm was even easier, and the strength they possessed after breaking through was also much greater.

Su Chen’s medicine would further accelerate the cultivation process. Even the soldiers at the very early layers of cultivation quickly reached the peak of their cultivation realm after two months and successfully broke into a higher realm.

In other words, theoretically everyone had gone up by an entire realm in terms of strength in but a period of two months.

That kind of increase was just crazy.

Even the three Yang Opening Realm cultivators weren’t exceptions.

Even though Le Feng and the others were at the early layers of the Yang Opening Realm and were quite a ways away from reaching the Light Shaking Realm, Su Chen’s medicines made all of that irrelevant.

To Su Chen, the only thing restricting the rate at which they got stronger was their conversion ability. If all seventy-three of them were at the early stages of the Yang Opening Realm, it would have been incredibly difficult to bring them to the peak, but given that there was only three of them, it was a piece of cake.

My production volume is higher than your consumption at this point.

As such, the three Yang Opening Realm cultivators didn’t drag behind at all and managed to successfully reach the peak of their cultivation realm.

The only thing holding them back was a technique for reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline.

Su Chen had that as well.

Even though the technique was not yet completed, and he himself had only been able to accomplish it with the help of the Origin Energy Temple, it had still given Su Chen some food for thought.

Since he wasn’t able to find a way to allow a person to break through into the Light Shaking Realm on their own, but applying external pressure seemed to work, then why not find someone else to help them break through?

Using a cultivator to replace the function of the Origin Energy Temple!

This was the idea Su Chen had come up with.

This thought process was incredibly simple. Find an Origin Qi Scholars strong enough and use a similar method to help the target break through.

The vast amount of Origin Energy the Origin Energy Temple could output meant that only a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator or higher could substitute.

However, Su Chen seemed to think that it wasn’t a problem. He himself was already a peak existence amongst most Light Shaking Realm cultivators. Even though he was a bit weaker than a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator, he wasn’t too far off. The powerful medicines he had on hand were more than enough to make up for this lack.

And if he couldn’t do it, there were still others

around who could help.

Anyone who had cultivated the Immaculate Cultivation Technique would have a certain level of compatibility with someone else who had cultivated the same technique.

Su Chen also used the principles behind the Origin Energy Temple’s Origin Formations to link everyone and further increase the compatibility. In the end, Le Feng and the other three were finally able to break into the Light Shaking Realm.

After bringing Le Feng and the others up, Su Chen had basically obtained two different methods of breaking into the Light Shaking Realm.

One was to get the support of a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator, while the other was to use the even more powerful Origin Energy Temple Origin Formations.

Even though both of these methods had their own limitations, they were quite acceptable temporary substitutes.

Under these circumstances, the strength of the seventy-three soldiers surged wildly.

By the twentieth day of the second month, most of them had already completed the upgrade process. There were even a few people who had managed to take yet another step after ascending. To those who were originally in the preliminary layers of their cultivation realm, they would only reach the middle layer of the next realm. But to those who were already at the peak, that meant that they would be able to ascend yet another realm.

Jiang Liu was one of these lucky ones.

Fifty days ago, he was still a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator, and it had only taken him three days to reach the Blood Boiling Realm. With the powerful support of the medicines, his strength rapidly increased. In forty days, he had managed to do something that would normally take most people decades to do - he successfully reached the Yang Opening Realm.

Even though this rapid rise made his cultivation base a bit unstable, he could go back and fill in the gaps later. At this moment, increasing his strength was the most pressing matter.

“Well done.”

Su Chen chuckled as he patted Jiang Liu on the shoulder, then handed him a sword. “This is for you.”

“But Commander, I already have a weapon,” Jiang Liu said with some surprise.

“This one is different,” Su Chen laughed. “Try it out.”

Jiang Liu took the sword with some curiosity. He immediately sensed that there seemed to be some intangible connection between him and this sword.

He swung the sword three times through the air. It felt extremely comfortable in his grip, as if he had been wielding it for many years. The sword was incredibly satisfying to use.

“Hm? This sword…… There seems to be a strand of will…… connecting me with it,” Jiang Liu yelled. He had already managed to sense the strangeness of the sword.

“The sword has a will?” Everyone began to guffaw.

“What kind of joke is that?”

“That’s right. What kind of weapon has a will?”

Jiang Liu grew agitated. “Really! I can sense that it has a will. It seems to…… seems to…… want to fly?”

Jiang Liu began to yell.

The guffaws and howls of laughter only grew louder.

Su Chen said, “Since it wants to fly, then why not let it fly?”

Jiang Liu released his grip. The sword in his hands actually shot into the air, circling around a few times as it began to unleash a streak of sword light.

“This…… what’s going on?”

Everyone observing was dumbfounded.

Jiang Liu yelled with excitement, “It’s flying! It’s flying! I can sense that it will listen to me. Watch! Go fly over there!”

Jiang Liu pointed. The sword flew through the air in the direction that Jiang Liu had pointed it in, unleashing a streak of sword light its tip. The sword light slammed into a boulder and shattered it.

The onlookers began to discuss animatedly amongst themselves.

Su Chen said, “Do you want to make things even more exciting?”

Jiang Liu was taken aback. “What else is there?”

“Can you not sense it?” Su Chen pointed at the sword with his chin.

Jiang Liu was stunned. He could sense a thought that seemed to be coming from that sword, and it caused his expression to immediately become quite amusing to look at.

He shook his head repeatedly. “That’s impossible.”

“How do you know it’s impossible if you don’t try it?” Su Chen said.

“What is it?”

“What is it?”

Everyone couldn’t resist asking.

Jiang Liu stared at the sword and muttered, “Fly…… it wants me to fly on it.”


The sword turned around and shot back towards the ground.

It deftly navigated through the gaps in the crowd and slid under Jiang Liu’s feet.

An instant later, the sword shot forwards, carrying Jiang Liu shrieking with it into the sky.

He stood on the sword, wobbling back and forth as he yelled, “Heavens, heavens! I’m really flying! I’m flying on a sword!”

Su Chen picked at his ear. “Quiet down a bit. I already told you there are Ravagers below the mountain watching.”

Everyone was completely dumbfounded.

The sword flew around the mountain with Jiang Liu on it. At first, he was wobbling back and forth, but he quickly got used to it. After all, he was already a Yang Opening Realm cultivator. Even though the windchill he was experiencing was hard to get used to, standing stably on the sword wasn’t a problem.

After getting over his initial fear, Jiang Liu’s heart began to stabilize. Replacing it was an irrepressible excitement.


“This is too addicting!”

Jiang Liu howled with laughter, and the people below stared at him enviously.

Very quickly, however, the sword began to slow down. Obviously, it was beginning to run out of energy.

Jiang Liu could sense the issue with the sword. He called out, “Commander, the sword doesn’t have enough Origin Energy to fly anymore.”

Su Chen said lazily, “You can’t rely on the sword alone to fly you everywhere. It might be out of energy, but don’t you have plenty left?”

Jiang Liu understood. Origin Energy flowed from his feet into the sword, causing it to suddenly accelerate. Not only so, but once the sword accepted Jiang Liu’s Origin Energy, it also received his directions. It danced nimbly through the air like an extension of his arm.

Jiang Liu said with excitement, “So that’s how you use it. You need to supplement it with Origin Energy.”

Su Chen replied, “That’s how it should have been in the first place. Do you think this is a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle? This is a Soul Armament, a weapon that possesses a consciousness and will. You can use it to improve your combat prowess, but it will also be much more responsive to your control. Flying on the sword is just one way of using these armaments; their real use is to attack from afar. Like so.”

Su Chen gestured. A Soul Armament flew forth, unleashing a furious onslaught of sword Qi off in the distance. A section of the forest fell to the ground. Compared to how they had fought previously, this method was much more advanced.

A single one of these Soul Armaments would greatly increase the user’s combat ability, and everyone who saw the demonstration was green with envy.

However, because they were all soldiers, they didn’t dare open their mouths so casually despite how much they wanted it.

Su Chen glanced at them and asked, “What? You guys don’t like it?”

Everyone said simultaneously, “We like it!”

Su Chen said, “Then why aren’t you asking me for them?”

Everyone was stunned. “Can we?”

Su Chen replied, “Of course. Every one of you has one.”

They were all stunned.


The sound of something slamming into the ground.

Jiang Liu had lost control of his Origin Energy and had smacked into the ground head first.

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