Chapter 202: Group Upgrade (1)

Chapter 202: Group Training (1)

“Commander, these are all of the resources that the seventy-three of us have.”

General Le stood below Su Chen as he handed over a large handful of resources.

Su Chen stared at it, deep in thought.

General Le thought for a moment, wanting to say something but was seemingly conflicted.

Su Chen said, “If you want to say something, just say it.”

Le Feng cautiously asked, “You…… Are you close to breaking through to the Light Shaking Realm?”

Su Chen nodded.

Le Feng excitedly exclaimed, “No wonder you can fly now. That’s really a good thing!”

“What’s good about it?” Su Chen didn’t raise his head. “In the world of the Ravagers, your combat strength doesn’t matter. The most important skill is effectively concealing yourself.”

“That’s true,” Le Feng agreed as he nodded. “But since that’s the case, then why did Commander reveal your true identity to everyone? You could have just probed one or two people, and then revealed yourself to them instead.”

Su Chen rolled his eyes. “You think I didn’t want to? You guys were the ones who suddenly went crazy, forcing my hand.”

Le Feng said with some embarrassment, “It was our fault. I am willing to accept any punishment.”

Su Chen chuckled. “Forget about it. You were brave and unyielding, searching for any opportunity to counterattack, and you didn’t even hesitate to try to take your enemy to the grave with you. What reason would I have to punish you? It was all because I wasn’t careful enough and underestimated you. But that’s quite alright. Our next actions are going to require you all to cooperate with one another. Now that you know my identity, at least you won’t be confused or hesitant when I ask you to do things.”

“What plans does Commander have for us?”

“Anubi’s birthday is two months from now. I am planning on doing something great on that day, but I’ll need your help.”

Le Feng excitedly asked, “Are you going to try to assassinate the Crazed Monarch?”

“Assassinate?” Su Chen rolled his eyes. “A deranged emperor that kills off his own subjects and values them as much as chickens and dogs? Why would I assassinate someone like that? I would probably be first to protect him.”

Le Feng was speechless.

Su Chen calmly explained, “Even having ten outstanding generals on our side can’t compare with having a deranged emperor wreaking havoc for us. We must appreciate such an opponent!”

He specifically emphasized the word “appreciate,” and Le Feng nodded repeatedly.

Su Chen continued, “The Inferno Tribe has a deep foundation. To use an old phrase, they have a long history. But with this Crazed Monarch at their helm, their reign will be cut short. If I set up some schemes for him and raise up a few opponents against him, the Ravagers will most likely rebel before long. At that point, we humans will have a much easier time.”

Le Feng said, “Commander is truly insightful.”

Actually, he didn’t quite understand everything that Su Chen had said. But he still had the ability to recognize that it was awesome even if he couldn’t understand it. Even though he was a hero and a warrior, he still knew when and how to flatter people.

Su Chen calmly accepted the praise, then said, “You don’t need to worry about my plans right now. That will only happen two months from now. Your current goal is to increase your strength as rapidly as possible.”

“Increase our strength?” Le Feng revealed an unhappy expression. “What can we do in two months even if we get a bit stronger?”

There were seventy-three soldiers: three Yang Opening Realm warriors, twenty Blood Boiling Realm soldiers, and the rest were all Qi Drawing Realm cultivators. This kind of strength was totally useless given that they were deep in Ravager territory.

Su Chen, however, said, “Two months is enough time to do a lot of things. Start by cultivating the Immaculate Cultivation Technique thoroughly.”

From that day onwards, the seventy-three human gladiators came under Su Chen’s command.

Su Chen requested that these seventy-three humans be well fed and given their freedom so that they would be healthy and put on a good performance for His Majesty Anubi.

With enough nourishment, the soldiers very quickly regained their vigor.

Next, they began to cultivate the Immaculate Cultivation Technique.

From this day onwards, the supervising Ravagers all watched as a large group of humans sat on the mountain, breathing deeply as they faced the sun, deep in meditation.

To the Ravagers, this kind of cultivation was totally unheard of, so all they did was laugh disdainfully. None of them took the group seriously.

Of course, they never would have expected that such a seemingly simple cultivation method was causing the strength of these humans to explode forth at a breakneck pace.

The Immaculate Cultivation Technique was a technique that Su Chen had developed specifically to increase the rate that an individual could extract and absorb Origin Energy. At that time, he hadn’t taken it too seriously. In his eyes, it was just a method that could hasten one’s cultivation. In his eyes, rather, the only actual method for breaking through cultivation realms without a bloodline was priceless.

But there were always a few knick knacks that seemed unimportant early on that would gradually but unexpectedly increase in importance. Sometimes, they might even begin to serve a purpose beyond what the creator had originally anticipated.

Today, Jiang Liu began cultivating as soon as the sun rose, same as always.

He sensed the warmth from the sun and rhythmically breathed in and out, attempting to absorb the Origin Energy into his body as he cycled it rapidly. As it modified his physique, it began to dissipate out of his body. With every complete circulation the Origin Energy made in his body, Jiang Liu’s strength would increase, as would the amount of Origin Energy he had amassed.

After three full cycles, Jiang Liu could sense that the amount of Origin Energy in his body had no way of growing anymore. His cultivation base was now full, and it was now impossible for him to advance any further without first making a breakthrough. He had been at the peak of the Qi Drawing Realm in the first place, so it didn’t take him long to reach this point. Even so, the rate at which he had managed to reach this point still astounded him.

He was planning on stopping when an interesting idea popped into his head. What if he were to continue cultivating the Immaculate Cultivation Technique? What would the results be?

Even after doing it many times, there was still no change.

But for some unknown reason, a strange sensation was rising in Jiang Liu’s heart.

He felt that the bottleneck was loosening, as if the Immaculate Cultivation Technique’s cultivation cycle could help him break through even after his cultivation base was saturated.

Completely out of curiosity, he continued to incessantly cultivate.

He didn’t know how many cycles he had cultivated. In the blink of an eye, a whole day had gone by.

Jiang Liu was still cultivating.

An interesting sensation was surfacing in his heart. Jiang Liu felt like he could already afford to try breaking into the Blood Boiling Realm.

Su Chen had already distributed the method for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline to them a long time ago. Regardless of whether they had actually spent money on it, every peak Qi Drawing Realm cultivator had read the manual before they started cultivating.

However, even with the technique for breaking through, a person needed to make adequate preparations, including some medicine to increase the likelihood of success. Kaihuang’s Heaven originally only had a 40% chance of success, but as time went on, the intelligence of the human race as a whole had manifested itself in small modifications, and the rate of success had been improved to 60%.

However, these success rates were under the assumption that a person was fully prepared. Someone like Jiang Liu, who wanted to charge into the Blood Boiling Realm as soon as his cultivation base was full, would probably only have a 20% chance of success. This was definitely a reckless decision. Even though a person who used Kaihuang’s Heaven could try to break through again if they failed, it would take many months to recover to a state where they were ready to try again, so it still wasted plenty of time.

However, Jiang Liu had still chosen to do so.

He didn’t know why, but he had a certain sense that he could only succeed if he attempted the breakthrough at this very moment.

This was entirely an intangible intuition. There was no logic behind it, but Jiang Liu was determined to try it at least once.

He was a soldier of the Heavenly Might Battalion, had endured countless torments at the hands of the Ravager, and had managed to pass Su Chen’s test of loyalty. A soldier with this amount of experience and courage absolutely knew to seize opportunities when they came.

He decisively made his choice, choosing to ignore the seemingly unfavorable outward circumstances. He didn’t even have someone to protect him, and none of the soldiers knew about his situation. This would not help him in the slightest; on the contrary, it could pose a serious problem. But he had still chosen to do it regardless.

When a person was fearless and courageous, no amount of reasoning could convince them to stop.

Origin Energy began to gather inside his body, forming tall waves within his sea of Origin Energy. Clouds of Origin Energy then began to form over the “waters.”

The clouds grew denser with each passing moment.

At the last moment, the dark cloud burst forth with activity as lighting rained down upon the surface of the Origin Sea.


An enormous amount of Origin Energy flowed over his body, penetrating into the channels of his body and flowing through them. Under the command of the Blood Boiling Realm technique, the energy began to alter and resculpt every inch of his body.

Every cell in his body seemed to be bursting with vitality, as if they were cheering or celebrating some joyous occasion.

Jiang Liu could sense his body celebrating over his newfound power, and his heart began to hum energetically.

His consciousness had also grown stronger along with the rest of his body.

He could sense the blood in his blood vessels boiling with energy.

It was as if there was a boundless energy source supporting him.

At last.


A beam of energy shot into the sky above his head.

He had successfully reached the Blood Boiling Realm.

“Success!” a voice said gently next to his ear.

It was Commander Su’s voice.

“Success!” a heroic cry sounded out.

It was the sound of General Le.

“Success!” Countless yells rang through the sky.

It was the sound of his comrades.

Jiang Liu opened his eyes. He gazed intently at the brothers-in-arms around him as he yelled excitedly.

“Success! You really succeeded!” a soldier yelled at Jiang Liu.

Le Feng grabbed Jiang Liu by the collar and said, “You brat, that’s quite impressive! Charging into the Blood Boiling Realm as soon as you felt your cultivation base was full? Were you not worried that someone around you might have accidentally disturbed you, causing you to go insane? Thankfully, Commander discovered that something was off and managed to tell everyone not to disturb you in time.”

Jiang Liu looked up at the sky. Indeed, it was already dark.

If it wasn’t for Su Chen’s reminder, his breakthrough might have been interrupted a long time ago.

Jiang Liu embarrassedly said, “I was just too excited and lost track of time. I almost made a huge mistake.”

“No, you didn’t make a mistake. You actually did me a great service. Tell me, Jiang Liu, did you do this just because you were caught up by the moment, or was there another reason?” Su Chen asked.

Jiang Liu thought for a moment, then replied, “I can’t exactly tell you either. After I managed to fill my cultivation base, I was originally just planning on doing a few additional cycles even if I knew that it wasn’t going to do anything. But the more cycles I completed, the stronger my feeling was that I was entering a miraculous state.”

Su Chen said, “So then you decided to try breaking through? And you succeeded?”

Jiang Liu said with some shock, “Commander, how did you know?”

Su Chen chuckled. “I guessed. I don’t think you are a person who can’t appreciate how important certain things are. A cultivator’s perception is very important. Sometimes, we can obtain better results just by following our intuition.”

Su Chen had indeed guessed a part of it, but that was mostly because he had seen the entire process with his microscopic eye.

He could see the situation unfolding in Jiang Liu’s body, which was how he realized that the Immaculate Cultivation Technique could increase the rate of success of breaking into the Blood Boiling Realm.

Perhaps it was because these techniques had come from similar sources, or perhaps it was for some other esoteric reason.

Su Chen couldn’t say at the moment, but he suddenly viewed the importance and meaning of the Immaculate Cultivation Technique in a whole new light.

Perhaps this was the reason why he had been able to successfully break into the Light Shaking Realm.

The Immaculate Cultivation Technique was the basis of all of this.

He had created it, but someone else had been first to discover its greater significance and usefulness.

This was a bit ironic, but not at all surprising.

Irregardless, none of that was important. The present was the most important thing.

With the Immaculate Cultivation Technique’s important effects, Su Chen would be able to obtain a large group of experts under his command.

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