Chapter 192: Rooster

Chapter 192: Rooster

Within the room, a small Origin Crystal was spinning in the air, emitting Origin Energy everywhere. This Origin Energy was being gathered and channeled through Origin Formation inscriptions before finally entering the body of a large rooster.

The rooster clucked, obviously in pain. If it weren’t for the fact that Su Chen was constantly using Recovery Medicines to keep it alive, it would have died long ago. Even so, as the unceasing stream of Origin Energy invaded the rooster’s body, it groaned and crooned in tremendous agony.

Because he had no Origin Energy Extractor, Su Chen could only use the Origin Crystal as a substitute.

A mid-tier Origin Crystal was being used on a common rooster. If word got out, surely everyone would have clicked their tongues at the waste.

Su Chen, however, didn’t care.

Research always burned money, after all.

Once he had expended all of the energy within the Origin Crystal, it disintegrated into a fine powder. Su Chen released his grip and stared at the rooster, saying, “This should be good enough.”

“Just like that?” Danba stared suspiciously at the rooster.

Su Chen had basically just simulated one of the Origin Energy Temple’s baptisms. Of course, it was much cruder than the original given that he had substituted a mid-tier Origin Crystal for the Origin Energy Extractor and a simplified Origin Formation Disk in place of the sprawling Origin Formation inscriptions. But Danba just couldn’t wrap his head around how any person, even a genius, could recreate a simplified version of the Origin Energy Temple only a day after seeing all the necessary Origin Formation inscriptions.

The target of this experiment was the aforementioned rooster.

It wasn’t that Su Chen couldn’t find a better target; it was that Su Chen’s simplified Origin Formation could only handle the power from a mid-tier Origin Crystal, and a mid-tier Origin Crystal could only be used to strengthen a rooster or something equivalent to it. In that sense, Origin Energy baptisms were extremely wasteful, but since the Origin Energy Extractor pulled Origin Energy straight from the environment, it was much cheaper than burning condensed Origin Crystals.

As such, even though Su Chen could recreate the Origin Energy Temple, both the scale and the payoff were not worth it. It was only really useful for running experiments.

“It doesn’t seem like much changed,” Danba said.

“Wait a minute. Don’t be in such a rush,” Su Chen replied.

Just as he spoke, the rooster tilted its head back and began to crow before pecking at the iron cage surrounding it.

The cage had been fashioned from normal iron bars. Even though it wasn’t particularly strong, no normal rooster could possibly peck its way through the cage.

However, at this moment, an inconceivable scene took place. The rooster’s beak slammed into the cage, blowing the iron bars wide open.

The rooster shot out of the cage, flapping it wings at full force. The flap of its wings had become powerful enough to actually be considered an attack, and it flew into the air.

Su Chen and Danba turned to look at each other and simultaneously shouted, “We did it!”

Even though the rooster could fly, it was obviously limited by its natural form and could only levitate and maneuver around at low altitudes, so it landed back in the courtyard after flapping its wings a few times. However, its attitude had completely changed as it began to strut around arrogantly. Occasionally, it would peck at the ground, leaving behind deep holes.

It seemed like it was barely powerful enough to be considered a Vicious Beast of the lowest tier.

Even though using a mid-tier Origin Crystal to create Vicious Beast of the lowest tier was a colossal waste of resources, Su Chen and Danba couldn’t have cared less — successfully replicating the ability of the Origin Energy Temple meant that Su Chen had already mastered the core principles behind the Origin Energy Temple. The only thing keeping him from actually recreating it was a lack of resources.

To Su Chen, who was only interested in the principles behind it and not in recreating the temple itself, that was not that important.

The success of their research made both Danba and Su Chen excited. This kind of excitement caused Danba to forget the past grudges between the two of them. Instead, he and Su Chen began to execute the next phase of their research.

Yes, Danba had become Su Chen’s helper at this point.

To Danba, Su Chen’s world was mysterious and vast. Even if he couldn’t do what Su Chen could, Danba still hoped to broaden his own perspective and understand the world more by interacting with Su Chen more. Truly smart individuals would always jump at opportunities to learn and gain more knowledge.

In other words, you had to have both knowledge and wit in order to be considered intelligent.

The two of them quickly immersed themselves in research, losing track of time and everything else.

Of course, they also overlooked the rooster.

It was just a rooster, after all; there was no reason to pay it any particular attention. It was long gone by this point anyways.

Halegy was one of the bazaar locations at Gullan Castle. People primarily traded basic necessities here, so usually only the lowest-status Ravager commoners, farmers, and servants would be found here.

As per usual, Halegy was bustling with activity today. Ravagers everywhere were doing business.

Even though the Ravagers were used to plundering and robbing others, there was still some order when they interacted within their race. However, these Ravagers seemed more like they were fighting each other instead of haggling. Killing intent was written all over their faces.

“How much for this blade?”

“Twenty bone coins.”

“That’s too much. I’ll give you ten.”

“Get the hell out of here.”

“You dare curse at me? You’re courting death!”


They began fighting just like that.

Scenes like this were extremely common and would occur every so often, but most of the time it didn’t result in any big problems. Usually, they would go their own separate ways after fighting. The Ravagers were used to fighting all the time, and in their eyes, fighting was also a form of negotiation. The winner usually had the advantage in setting the price, and if the other party didn’t agree, they would continue beating them. It was obvious that Ravagers valued arguing through brute force. No matter how smart you were, if you didn’t have the strength to back it up, it would be hard for you to buy anything.

At this moment, a crowd of Ravagers were engaged in such negotiations when they suddenly saw a rooster strut in.

Yes, the rooster swaggered in with the same air as someone with his hands stuck in his pockets provocatively. This scene would have given any human an extremely annoying feeling.

Unfortunately, this scene was not seen by humans, but by Ravagers.

The Ravagers always lived and moved in a simple and direct manner. The eyes of the Ravager who saw the rooster first lit up.

“A rooster!” he howled as he charged forwards to try and catch it.

According to societal rules, a chicken not kept in a cage had no master, so it belonged to whoever caught it. Even if the former master came by to claim it, they would need to fight in order to determine the chicken’s new ownership.

The Ravager had placed all of his attention on keeping away other Ravagers, so he didn’t notice the rooster’s reaction at all.

The rooster had been swaggering forward steadily. When it saw the Ravager leaping at it, it seemed to quiver slightly.

Yes, just like a startled human.

Then, it raised its claw.

It kicked out with its single tiny claw.

An instant later, a shocking scene unfolded. The Ravager that had pounced at the rooster was sent flying by just a single chicken claw.

This huge lump of meat arced over the crowd of Ravagers watching on.

He turned immediately to look at the chicken as soon as he had landed on the ground. The chicken in turn immediately turned around and bolted.

Any human would probably have detected the strangeness of the situation by now and wouldn’t be so quick to make another move.

However, the Ravagers were much more likely to act instinctively, and in the tens of thousands of years that they had been raising chickens, no one had ever needed to be cautious of them.

In the first place, caution was a rare quality amongst the Ravagers, so all of the Ravagers immediately tried to capture the rooster when they saw it try to run.

The rooster was badly startled again, and it began to flap its wings as it zoomed forward.

Even so, the Ravager crowd’s speed was not something that flight alone could deal with. For some lifeforms, running was actually faster than flying.

Some of the quicker Ravagers closed in rapidly, swatting at the low-altitude rooster as they yelled, “It’s mine!”

The rooster almost seemed like it was about to be swatted down when it suddenly turned around and planted its claw on one of the Ravager pursuers, sending him flying back as it flapped its wings, using the momentum it gained to slam into another Ravager and planting its claw on him as well. After sending that Ravager flying, it landed back on the ground.

“Cluck! Cluck!”

The rooster clucked twice before it turned around, preparing to swagger off.

Unexpectedly, the Ravager it had kicked earlier raised his hand and grabbed the rooster by its claw, yelling, “Let’s see how you’re going to kick me now!”

The rooster was enraged. It pecked his hand hard, and the Ravager howled in pain. His hand had been broken by the peck, and the rooster easily extricated itself afterwards.

The scene stunned everyone present, and they finally realized that this rooster was not normal.

However, this was only the beginning.

The rooster was obviously angry now, possibly because it had been enraged by its pursuers.

It didn’t try to escape. Instead, it turned around and charged at the crowd of Ravagers.

It had actually taken the initiative to charge forwards!

“Courting death!” the Ravagers howled as they swung their arms in the air.

Your beak and your claws are powerful, but do you really think that makes you that special?

The rooster charged aggressively. Just as everyone was about to press the rooster to the ground, it suddenly launched the feathers on its body in a fan-like spread, causing its speed to suddenly increase as the feathers shot everywhere, piercing the Ravagers like little arrows and turning them into feathered pincushions.

They realized that while the rooster might not be very powerful, they were all low-status Ravagers, so they themselves weren’t very powerful in the first place either.

The rooster screeched and shot out all the feathers on its body, leaving it totally naked.

It descended, its wings fluttering. Once it landed, it glanced at its totally naked body and tilted its head back to screech loudly in triumph. Then, it continued its rampage through the bazaar.

Its talons repeatedly slammed into the ground, leaving behind deep talon imprints on the ground.

The Ravagers continued to chase after it through the bazaar, causing several bangs and crashes to sound off as the rooster and its entourage destroyed the various stands and shops set up in the area.

As they watched the rooster scuttle back and forth amongst the market, all of the Ravagers felt like they were going to go insane.

What kind of rooster was this? Why was it behaving so unnaturally?

They had never seen a rooster this powerful before.

No one had seen a Vicious Beast that looked like a rooster before, but it was far too powerful to just be some domestic fowl.

Despite the suspicions in their heart, however, they still had to capture it.

Finally, the rooster was captured amidst the incredible chaos it had caused.

Perhaps it was because it was tired from struggling for so long, but the rooster’s head was dangling slightly, as if it was now weak and without strength.

No one knew what to do with it when they saw this.

One of the Ravagers used his intelligence and yelled out, “We should give it to His Majesty.”

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