Chapter 188: Casted Metal Mountains

Chapter 188: Castmetal Mountains

The venomous dragon flew for roughly ten days before finally arriving at Gullan Castle.

Gullan Castle was no longer the paradise that it had been twenty thousand years ago. At this point, it had transformed into an imposing city of steel.

Gullan Castle’s most distinguishing feature was that it was basically a mountain range constructed entirely out of metal.

Yes, it was actually a mountain range that had been cast entirely out of metal, with the metal sprouting from the ground and stretching towards the sky like curved swords that encased Gullan Castle within its iron blades.

These were the famous Castmetal Mountains.

The Castmetal Mountains were one of the most wondrous architectural feats accomplished by the Intelligent Races. Apart from the Harpies’ Sky Expanse City, nothing else could compare to it.

The Harpies’ Sky Expanse City could be thought of as a city constructed from crystallized intelligence, a hallmark of the limits of creativity. The Arcanist Kingdom had enlisted countless talented individuals to create it.

The Ravagers’ Castmetal Mountains, in contrast, was more like crystallized stupidity.

These majestic metal mountains were not the result of intelligent planning and creative design, but were a byproduct of Ravager stupidity.

After the Ravagers had discovered the Gullan area, which at the time was like paradise to them, they had begun constructing their capital there, a process that took them more than 1800 years to finish.

However, after finishing construction, their population continued to grow, and the Ravagers gradually began to feel like the resources of Gullan Castle was no longer enough to support them all.

At the time, there were only two ways in and out of Gullan, both of which were surrounded by mountains — an underwater tunnel and a secret mountain passage. To increase the available arable land and to increase the practicality of entering and leaving the Gullan area, the Ravagers proposed quite a ridiculous idea: destroy the two mountains surrounding Gullan Castle to expand the scope of Gullan Castle, facilitating both of these desires.

This “brilliant, innovative solution” would definitely have been laughed off the face of the earth if a human had proposed it, and that person would have definitely lost their job.

But you cannot use common sense to understand the logic of those with low intelligence.

All kinds of unexpected situations could occur when dealing with individuals with lower intelligence.

Yes, this unique suggestion had actually been accepted.

To the Ravagers, there was nothing impossible about digging away two mountains. After all, they were the ones who had dragged the Origin Energy Temple all the way from Arcanist territory to Gullan Castle.

Other Intelligent Races might not have been able to do it, but that didn’t mean that the Ravagers couldn’t.

Actually, because this was a task that only required raw physical strength and power, it was no surprise that the Ravagers had successfully accomplished it.

If they could haul away the Origin Energy Temple, then they could easily level two mountains into dust.

The Ravagers then began their work of foolishly moving the mountains.

They had the support of not just one clan but the whole race.

In the end, the Ravagers really managed to demolish those two large mountains in just three hundred years.

Gullan Castle was now no longer a miraculous area hidden inside of a valley. Instead, it became a majestic city standing out amongst an otherwise desolate wasteland.

Very quickly, however, the Ravagers began to pay the price for their idiocy.

After leveling the two mountains, they discovered that the surroundings of Gullan Castle started rapidly changing. Their former paradise was beginning to wither and die; without the protection of the two mountains, the desolate atmosphere of the north was rapidly degrading the vibrant ecology of Gullan Castle. If it weren’t for the fact that they had the Lake of Eternity, which fertilized the earth and thus helped produce the necessary resources, Gullan Castle might have fallen a long time ago.

This caused the Ravagers to panic.

They gathered again to discuss how to address the problem.

Yet another strange suggestion was put forth.

Some Ravagers believed that, since leveling the mountains had created this situation, then wouldn’t rebuilding the mountains fix their problem?

It was almost inconceivable how someone could even think of such an idea, but once again it was accepted.

The Ravagers always thought about things in such simple, direct, and forceful terms. If digging away the mountain had caused a disaster, then they might as well build it back.

The Heavens took pity on them, allowing them to finally put their pathetic minds to good use.

One Ravager individual said that since they were rebuilding the mountains, they might as well completely build it out of metal. Since it was strong and durable, the mountains would then also double as a wall.

This suggestion was also accepted.

After this, the Ravagers began their task of rebuilding the mountains.

They had taken 300 years to destroy the two mountains, but it would take them twenty times as long to restore the mountains to their original condition.

This failure of a project directly caused the decline of two powerful tribes at the time: the Slaughter Axe Tribe and the Redeagle Tribe.

Six thousand years later, the Castmetal Mountains had finally finished construction, and the ecosystem of Gullan Castle had been slowly recovering throughout that process. Actually, the final stretch of finishing the Castmetal Mountains had been done more out of habit than necessity. To the Ravagers, only by restoring the mountains to their original heights would they be able to make up for their previous stupidity.

The current Castmetal Mountains were one of the most majestic creations that the Intelligent Races had been able to produce.

These metal mountains, which stretched more than a hundred thousand feet into the sky, were more than enough to obliterate any building in a competition of height.

At the same time, they were the most powerful defenses in this world, walls that were impossible to destroy. No existence would even think about trying to destroy Gullan Castle’s defenses.

Fortunately for them, the Ravagers had not been so stupid as to not leave themselves a door.

Apart from the underwater tunnel, the newly constructed mountains had a total of twelve doors.

Behind each one of those doors was a path that stretched out for a few kilometers. The length was truly shocking.

Tons of Ravager soldiers guarded the peaks of the mountains. They had set up small garrisons at the very top, and they could spend their entire lives there, working and resting.

Even birds that wanted to fly over the peak would need their permission.

Because the Castmetal Mountains were too tall, and their peaks extended high into the sky, the peak suffered from typhoons all the time. Even high-flying birds had a hard time withstanding this harsh environment.

It could be said that this was a truly impenetrable defense, a city that would never fall.

However, from a human vantage point, creating a defense like this was a complete waste!

A waste from beginning to end.

Apart from the Ravagers themselves, no one had any interest in attacking a place that was impoverished with the exception of the city’s interior.

And any invader wouldn’t have to rely on a brute force attack.

That was the case now.

Danba dismounted from the venomous flying dragon after bringing it down just outside the city walls. “I am the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s Head Chieftain, Danba. Here is my proof.”

A bone medallion with an ancient aura appeared in Danba’s hand.

This was the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s chieftain verification medallion, which had been formed from the bone essence of the Gravel Lizard Emperor. Not only was it an identification medallion for the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s Head Chieftain, but it was also a powerful Origin Tool in and of itself.

Danba infused his own strength into the bone medallion. An illusory image of a massive Gravel Lizard shone on Danba’s forehead, exuding a harmonious yet powerful aura. It was reminiscent of the bloodline illusory images that humans possessed.

The Inferno Tribe soldier placed his hand over his chest and bowed in greeting when he saw the image. “Greetings to Head Chieftain! Gullan Castle welcomes your arrival.”

“All hail the immortal Gullan Castle!” Danba replied mechanically. He hopped on the venomous flying dragon and entered the city.

“That’s it?” Su Chen asked.

“What else do you want?”

“I thought that they might ask why we came here.”

Danba chuckled. “Unless there is a special event happening, most of the time Head Chieftains only come here voluntarily for one reason and one reason only…… the Origin Energy Temple.”

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