Chapter 184: Crazed Monarch

Chapter 184: Crazed Monarch

Within Gullan Castle.

Twenty thousand years ago, this place had merely been a desolate area on the Permafrost Wastelands. Nothing else was here.

In the year 4189 of the New Star Era, the human race’s Freedom Alliance had been wiped out, and the Illustrious Divine Dynasty rose to power.

The Bloodthirsty Tyrant Hanton Ironking took advantage of this opportunity to lead the Ravager army against the newly-formed Illustrious Divine Dynasty in an attempt to seize the Bloodline Extraction Instrument. However, they ran right into Gu Youhuang’s ambush and suffered disastrous losses. They retreated to the Harvey Plains after losing almost eighty percent of their army. Gu Youhuang had chased after them with his troops and captured Stormwind Fort. The Ravagers were forced to give up on the Harvey Plains as well and were forced to retreat all the way back to the extreme north.

The Ravagers had their backs against the rope then, and they were in the most desolate territory possible. Even the Ravagers themselves had given up on all hope of survival.

At that critical moment, a miracle had taken place.

One of the Ravager soldiers unintentionally stumbled upon a crypt. After walking through the long, hidden tunnel, he came upon an area that was flourishing with life.

There, the sky was blue, the lakes clear, and the earth covered in all kinds of green vegetation and strange lifeforms. It seemed like a paradise on earth.

From that day onwards, the fate of the Ravagers would forever be changed.

They named this place Gullan; in ancient Ravager tongue, this meant something similar to ‘hallowed grounds.’

From that day onwards, Gullan Castle became the holy city of all Ravagers, a place of eternal happiness.

After arriving at Gullan, the Ravagers began the long process of building their country’s capital.

The construction period lasted for around 1800 years. Various coups, usurpations, and bloodshed tempered the capital, eventually resulting in a glorious city that was called Gullan Castle.

In the year 4212 of the New Star Era, the Ravager General Dalich of the Slaughtering Axe killed the Ironking of Gullan Castle, and assumed the throne. This was henceforth referred to as the “Gullan Incident” by historians.

In the year 7900 of the New Star Era, Sorna Redeagle killed Uldritch of the Slaughter Axe, declaring herself as the first female Ravager ruler. The Ironbone Clan was the first to rebel, and Barnard Ironbone led his troops out of Gullan Castle, entering the Bloody Wastelands and wiping out the natives there in order to establish the Ironbone Tribe.

These natives were later known as the Ferals.

Other large Ravager generals also began to split off and form their own tribes shortly afterwards.

The Bloodhand Tribe, the Thunder Edge Tribe, the Droughthammer Tribe, the Black Sun Tribe, The Slaughter Axe Tribe, the Ironking Tribe, etc. were all created in this time period.

In the year 8400 of the New Star Era, Sorna Redeagle met with the Elf Patriarch.

In the year 8500 of the New Star Era, Sorna Redeagle started a second racial war in a bid to unite all the Ravagers under one banner with the help of the Elves.

In the year 8800 of the New Star Era, Sorna Redeagle defeated the Droughthammer Tribe. The Black Sun Tribe, the Slaughter Axe Tribe, and a bunch of other large tribes began to discuss an alliance to combat the Redeagle Tribe.

In the year 8900 of the New Star Era, the Redeagle Tribe fought with the various allied tribes. The Redeagle Tribe was victorious, but paid an immense price, and Sorna herself was heavily wounded. The allied troops retreated to the Bloody Wastelands.

In the year 9400 of the New Star Era, Bobet Redeagle led his army into the Bloody Wastelands and was ambushed there, before being forced to retreat.

In the year 10000 of the New Star Era, Tajita Ironshield established the Ironshield Tribe, separating herself from the Redeagle Tribe.

In the year 11000 of the New Star Era, the allied tribes attacked the capital a second time. The Redeagle Tribe was defeated, and Bobet Redeagle died in Gullan Castle. The Redeagle dynasty ended then. The Black Sun Tribe, the Slaughter Axe Tribe, the Ironshield Tribe, and the remainder of the Allied Tribes began to fight each other for the right to rule over Gullan castle. Kerrich Nuyan was the final winner, and the Nuyan dynasty began.

In the year 11200 of the New Star Era, the Ravagers, fresh off of the back of internal conflict, were invaded by the Harpies and defeated in battle. This defeat, however, resulted in a massive super-alliance between the various distinct tribes.

In the year 12000 of the New Star Era, Kerrich Nuyan led the united tribes to Halma Forest, slaughtering the traveling hunters and various races that lived there, claiming that territory for themselves.

In the year 17400 of the New Star Era, Ravager general Barham Berserk Hammer attempted and failed to assassinate Niyedi Gullan.

In the year 19000 of the New Star Era, the humans invaded.

Benen Nuyan died in battle during that war.

Cleo Blackfox had counterattacked from the Bloodbath Plains, allying with the Harpies to defeat the humans.

In the year 19200 of the New Star Era, Cleo Blackfox killed Charlotte Nuyan, and the Nuyan dynasty ended.

In the year 20000 of the New Star Era, the Molten Steel Tribe and the Beech Tribe attempted to rebel against the Blackfox dynasty.

In the year 20800 of the New Star Era, the Redwolf Tribe rebelled, as did the Gravel Lizard Tribe.

In the year 20900 of the New Star Era, Mark Blackfox was poisoned, and Fetter Blueye became the new emperor . Not long afterwards, Patrick Inferno rebelled, mounting an expedition against the human race and claiming large amounts of territory in a successful war campaign.

In the year 23900 of the New Star Era, Alexander Inferno led his troops from the east to the northern regions, challenging the Ravager emperor at the time. He defeated the Blueye Tribe and became the new emperor.

Ravager history was full of internal conflict, invasion, rebellion, and subjugation.

Despite how many times the ruling tribe of the Ravagers had changed and how much history there was, the capital of Ravager territory had always been Gullan Castle.

It represented the Ravagers’ history and their hope, standing as the symbol of the fragile beauty possessed by such a barbaric race.

At the center of the flourishing Gullan Castle stood a white, round-domed building — the Imperial Ravager Palace, Eketela.

Eketela Palace preserved some influences of the traditional architectural style of Ravager buildings. Its overall aesthetic was simplistic and majestic, but it also had accents and ornamentation heavily derived from Harpy buildings. The finer details had been greatly improved upon, revealing an elaborate design that was impossible for the Ravagers to reproduce. As such, it was often frowned upon by the Ravagers.

Anubi Inferno really didn’t like Eketela Palace. If possible, he would have rather lived in Tefan Palace.

That was a place more suited for Ravagers to live.

However, just like how he couldn’t choose the country’s capital, he also had no right to choose the castle which he lived in.

“Sometimes, I really want to just burn this place to the ground so that I can find a new place to live,” Anubi complained as he tapped his finger against his head. He was lying on a narrow bed constructed from the fur of a White-Headed Tiger King.

“Of course you can choose to do that, Your Majesty. After all, you are the unrivalled king……” said a beautiful Ravager Female sitting next to Anubi. She was essentially naked, as all she wore was a simple strip of cloth. At the moment, she was drawing circles on Anubi’s chest.

She had a long, thin neck and sleek fingers, and her eyes were slightly slanted, giving her a peerlessly charming appearance. There was even a red dot between her eyebrows, and all of her movements were effortlessly enchanting.

There were seven or eight other maidens also barely dressed in strips of cloth behind her or lying next to Anubi. Occasionally, they would croon seductively, filling the air with a decadent atmosphere.

Anubi ate the fresh milk grape that the woman fed him, then sighed, “If I did that, I would be an incompetent ruler.”

“So what? You can be whatever you like as long as it makes you happy,” the bewitching woman said charmingly.

Anubi chuckled. “My dear Alicia, if those loyal subjects of mine were to hear your words, they would say that you were a seductress who had bewitched the ruler and was putting the commoners’ lives in danger, and then they would want me to hang you. I heard that those humans like to do things like that.”

“Well, I would first need to be either your wife or your most favored concubine, but I am neither of those things. I am just the wife of a general, and I have no right to bewitch an incompetent ruler,” Alicia chuckled, covering her mouth.

“But you’re in my arms right now,” Anubi naughtily stroked the woman’s lower body.

Alicia shook her head. “That just means that I am just a pitiful, innocent woman who is being forced.”

A cute, pitiful expression appeared on the woman’s face.

Anubi laughed loudly. “I like it when you’re like this! Beautiful and erotic, yet completed with a dash of wickedness and charm. Your entire lower half gives off a wicked allure!”

“I’m just a weak, helpless woman……” Alicia ‘complained’ as she snuggled in Anubi’s bosom.

Anubi felt a surge of vitality that he couldn’t repress. He picked up Alicia and tossed her onto the couch, then savagely and recklessly ravaged her body.

Alicia responded with equal amounts of excitement. She bit Anubi’s shoulder hard without holding back at all. Her razor-sharp teeth could shatter iron, and they easily sank into Anubi’s flesh. However, all this did was cause Anubi to groan with pleasure.

He furiously slammed his body against hers, his Origin Energy surging like flames with every thrust as it enveloped the two of them. The whole room was brilliantly lit up, as Origin Formation after Origin Formation was activated. These Origin Formations cost a ton of precious resources to set up, and countless human Origin Formation experts had been forced into setting them up here, but their only purpose was to increase the pleasure the emperor felt as well as prevent the shockwaves of Origin Energy from destroying the castle.

However, just as Anubi was about to climax, a Ravager servant hurriedly rushed in from outside.

He knelt on the ground and turned a blind eye to what was going on above him, then said, “An urgent report from the southwest!”

“Speak!” Anubi growled as if he was short of breath.

“Southern Advance Castle has fallen, and His Highness Sachar…… died in battle!” the servant said, trembling slightly.

Anubi stopped his movements.

He froze in place like a stone statue.

After a long time, he somewhat unwillingly extricated himself from Alicia’s body.

He sat up.

He said, “I understand. You may go now.”

The servant left, still in a daze.

Anubi placed his elbows on his knees, hunched over and staring hard into the distance.

He calmly and slowly said, "White Night, what do you think?”

A voice spoke from within the shadows of the room. “Even though the Beast Wave is fierce, it isn’t one organized by multiple Demonic Emperors. Only the Scarlet Heart is going mad. Even though its attacks are very violent, it won’t be able to sustain them for long, and Southern Advance Castle will return to our control soon.”

“True. But Southern Advance Castle’s fall and the Beast Wave’s wanton destruction is causing my citizens to suffer, while I am here living a luxurious life. There is something wrong with that, isn’t there? Shouldn’t I be doing something else?”

The voice said, “Your Majesty, you can kill a few of your subordinates to vent.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. Alicia, you can pick one for me,” Anubi said.

The beautiful woman on the bed pointed out an exceptionally beautiful maidservant from amongst the group. “How about her?”

“No! Your Majesty!”


Anubi’s palm slammed into the maidservant, killing her instantly.

He slowly withdrew his palm and let out a long sigh. “I feel much better now.”

Alicia wrapped her arm around Anubi’s neck. “Then does Your Majesty wish to continue?”

“No.” Anubi shook his head. “All that was resolved was the matter of the fall of Southern Advance Castle. The death of my own uncle has yet to be dealt with.”

“Then Your Majesty will kill a few more?” Alicia said, pouting with her red lips.

“Kill a few more? How could that be enough?” Anubi replied calmly.

He ignored the maidservants trembling below him and said, “That was my blood uncle, the God of War of the Inferno Tribe. He took care of me ever since I was a youth and has instructed me this whole time. He was the one who spent days tempering me and training me, turning me into a mighty warrior. He was the one who supervised my studies and forced me to learn not only martial arts, but also culture and language. He was the one who stood his ground against the opinion of the masses and turned me into the Iron and Blood Country’s ruler. It was him who watched over me to ensure that I didn’t become a totally incompetent ruler. Every day, I needed to pay attention to the going-ons in the kingdom……”

Anubi stood and cried out loudly, raising his hands, “It was he who gave me everything I have now! And now, he’s dead! How can you expect me to……”

Anubi paused.

He tilted his head back, staring at the sky through the crystal ceiling, then howled as loudly as he could, “How can you expect me to not be happy!”

“...... Expect me to not be happy!!!”

“...... Expect me to not be happy!!!”

“...... Expect me to not be happy!!!”

The voice echoed throughout the chamber like thunder.

Then, Anubi began to guffaw. “That old coot is finally dead! He was the one who caused me so much suffering! Even if I became the ruler of this country, I still needed to act according to his expectations. He wouldn’t even let me be an incompetent ruler! Now, he’s finally dead. Who can control me now?”

Alicia gently sat up. “Congratulations, Your Majesty!”

“Whew!” Anubi let out a long sigh as he reached out to grab the woman’s chin. “So how can killing just one person be enough? I need to kill a few more than that! And I need to kill someone that I normally couldn’t bear to kill!”

Alicia’s expression changed drastically. “No, Your Highness!”

“Crack!” Anubi carelessly snapped Alicia’s neck.

Next, a violent wave of palm energy surged forth, slaughtering all of the maidservants beneath him.

The coppery smell of blood filled the air.

Anubi breathed in deeply. “How nice!”

Then, he raised his hands and howled, “Let the fierce storm rage even more!”

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