Chapter 179: Mutiny

Chapter 179: Mutiny

The Beast Wave had actually gotten larger!

News of this rapidly spread through the land as quickly as the Beast Wave had grown in size.

Because they weren’t prepared, the Ravager soldiers defending the front lines didn’t expect the Beasts to explode with such fury. They didn’t even have time to set up their most basic defenses, and as such were routed mercilessly by the Beasts.

Large numbers of soldiers died in battle, and the front lines were pushed back thousands of kilometers.

The Demonic Beasts attacked rabidly, advancing everywhere and killing everything they could sink their claws into, threatening to drench the Ravagers’s territory in a wave of blood.

By the time the Beast Wave had started its second offense, Danba had already returned to the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s main camp.

Danba was silent for a long time as he gazed at the snowflakes drifting down from the sky.

“We can confirm that Su Chen enraged the Scarlet Heart by plundering all the important treasures it kept in its palace. The Scarlet Heart has already commanded its troops to mount an all-out offensive. It seems like it isn’t planning on stopping until one of us is dead,” Kubrick said, holding a stack of reports from the battlefield.

“Why do the Ravagers need to bear the sins of a human’s actions? Does that damned Scarlet Heart not know who stole its treasures?” complained the commander of Danba’s guards, Laixi.

Master-Killer Shaluo replied, “He knows. The Beasts have already begun to openly pursue Su Chen. But that doesn’t really matter to them; for them, the offensive must continue. His Majesty Anubi has already sent someone to try and determine why the Scarlet Heart is acting like this. The answer he received was his special envoy being ripped to shreds and sent to the bellies of those beasts. Of course, the Scarlet Heart still gave him an actual answer. He said that if it weren’t for the Ravagers’ inability, no human would have been able to plunder its territory. More importantly, he needs to make up for what he lost. He cannot possibly infiltrate another Demonic Emperor’s territory or sneak into the human countries, so he can only earn back his losses from us. Simply put, the Ravagers are being held responsible for what his losses.”

“Those unreasonable bastards!” Kubrick yelled angrily.

Shaluo chuckled coldly. “If the Beasts were reasonable, they wouldn’t be the Beasts anymore. These damned beasts are even more unreasonable than us Ravagers.”

All of the Ravager commanders cracked a smile at that joke.

“The main issue right now is about still what we should do,” Kubrick said.

Upon hearing these words, all of the Ravagers glanced at Danba.

The Ravagers were all like this. There might be one or two geniuses that rose from their ranks, but there would never be a large number. There was no possibility of a situation like this happening in the human race, where everybody had their own unique ideas. For the Ravagers, most of the time, everything that came out of their mouths was useless, and a leader would make the decision in a single sentence.

To Danba, this was both good and bad.

The bad part was that he had to face any situation almost completely on his own.

The good part was that he didn’t have to worry about others refusing his commands or suggestions. His decisions were the law, and his commanders and soldiers who worshipped him would carry them out without hesitation.

But would they still do so today?

Danba calmly pondered the situation.

However, he quickly stopped himself from continuing that line of thought.

There were some things that just weren’t good to think too much about.

As a member of the Ravagers, he needed to possess the same resolve that they had.

Danba glanced at the people around him, then calmly said, “Anubi has already sent out an order that all the surviving Ravager soldiers need to group up and defend against the oncoming Beast Wave invasion.”

All of the Ravager soldiers turned to look at him.

Even though the Ravagers hadn’t fragmented into multiple countries like the human race, they somehow seemed to fight amongst each other even more often than the humans.

The Inferno Tribe were the leaders of the Ravagers in name, as they were the most powerful tribe. However, as time went on, their influence had waned, and other large tribes had also rose to prominence. There was a lot of turbulence brewing right under the surface within Iron and Blood Country. However, like all the other races, when an outside enemy came knocking on their front door, the pressure would cause them to all band together. That didn’t mean that any given side would acquiesce to another, of course.

Because of this, Kubrick, Shaluo and the others wouldn’t normally care for such summons.

However, Danba had suddenly brought up this matter for seemingly no reason.

Everyone was a bit confused as to why Danba would bring up this matter now.

Danba said, “I have decided to answer those summons. We’ll take the tribe north to try and resist the Beasts.”

“What?” All of the Ravager soldiers were stunned.

“Are you really planning on doing that? Young Master, you’re going to weaken our strength for the Inferno Tribe’s sake?” Xilai said.

Danba sighed. “There are certain things that you all don’t understand, and I don’t have the energy to explain it to you. All you need to know is that this will benefit us more than hiding off to the side.”

“Yes, sir! Young Chieftain’s will is the army’s will!” all of the Ravagers yelled together.

Even the wild and barbaric Ravagers knew how to demonstrate their loyalty when they needed to.

“However, there’s one thing we need to pay attention to, which is that our rations are running low,” Kubrick reminded. “Also, we are still the Gravel Lizard Tribe. We still need to inform the Head Chieftain that we will be supporting His Majesty Anubi in his efforts. Also, we need to give Head Chieftain an explanation for what happened to Bayan……”

Danba nodded. “I know. That’s why I’m planning on going back to the tribe first when we head north. We’ll also replenish our supplies and our manpower there.”

Replenish manpower? What did that mean?

Everyone glanced at each other.

Shaluo asked, “How many reinforcements is Young Chieftain planning on asking for?”

Danba indifferently replied, “The country is in trouble, and an official summons has been placed. Naturally, we should recruit all who are able to help…… I want all of the combat-ready soldiers from the Gravel Lizard Tribe.”

When they heard this, their eyes all lit up.

No matter how stupid they were, they could understand the meaning behind Danba’s words.

However, Shaluo skeptically said, “These troops don’t belong to Young Chieftain, but to Head Chieftain.”

“No. They belong to the Iron and Blood Country, and to the Ravagers as a whole,” Danba replied calmly. “For the Iron and Blood Country’s sake, and for the Ravagers as a whole, I believe that Head Chieftain will not be so stingy.”

“Then what if Head Chieftain doesn’t agree?” Kubrick asked.

Danba chuckled.

He paused and glanced at everyone present, then said, “That’s why we also need official documents to support us.”

The few Ravager commanders glanced at each other. They understood his meaning. Only the thick-headed Lonzell still hadn’t understood. “Whose support?”

“Idiot! Of course it would be our country’s leader, His Majesty Anubi,” Laixi scolded.

Danba pulled out a letter that he had prepared in advance. “Laixi, tell Jensen to deliver this to Gullan Castle. I want to see the reply in less than five days.”

“Yes, sir!” Laixi accepted the letter, then walked out of the tent to take care of this matter.

“Kubrick, have the main forces prepare to move out. We need to return to the tribe within five days, so we don’t have much time. On the double!”

“Yes, sir!” Kubrick left the tent with his orders.


“Here, sir!”

“I need you to take a branch of our troops and set up camp in this place. You must reach there within three days and then complete the mission I have given you. Can you do it?”

“Lonzell will complete his mission at any cost!” Lonzell took his orders and left as well.

As Danba continued to pass on orders, the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s soldiers shifted into motion.

Five days later, Danba led his armies back to the Gravel Lizard Tribe.

The Gravel Lizard Tribe’s Head Chieftain came out personally to greet them.

However, upon hearing Danba’s rude request and finding out that his son had tragically died, the Head Chieftain was enraged and immediately refused Danba’s request.

On his way back, Lonzell charged onto the scene, and the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s Head Chieftain died in battle.

On that day, Danba used Anubi Inferno’s authority and summons to mobilize the entire tribe and head north to defend the country.

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