Chapter 177: Renegotiation

Chapter 177: Renegotiation

The Silver Moon Shuttle casually flew through the air like a bird, headed in the direction of the Ravager’s borders.

After stealing the Demonic Emperor’s treasures, Su Chen had fully completed his task in the Beast Race’s territory, so it was no surprise that he was now planning on returning.

The Silver Moon Shuttle quickly flitted through the air without any further incidents.

There were Demonic Beasts faster than the Silver Moon Shuttle, but there weren’t many who had been left behind as guards.

The sky was clear, with not a cloud in sight.

As the Silver Moon Shuttle rapidly flew through the air, grassy plains rolled by beneath, and the window revealed the pleasant scenery all around them.

As they weren’t being chased, Su Chen didn’t fly too quickly or too slowly. They traveled at a leisurely pace, peacefully drinking in the scenery that went by.

As they flew by, they suddenly saw a large group of soldiers and mounts slowly advancing on them. Upon closer inspection, they appeared to be Ravager soldiers.

These Ravager soldiers seemed like they had just fought a huge battle. They had suffered quite a few casualties, and their current group seemed like even more were wounded.

Su Chen immediately realized that this was a remnant group from the army that had battled the Black Wind Lord.

Even though Demonic Lords were powerful, they couldn’t possibly handle tens of thousands of Ravager soldiers on their own. Su Chen had predicted this outcome from the very beginning.

However, Su Chen was more interested in finding out whether or not that Black Wind Lord had died or if he had managed to escape.

If the Black Wind Lord hadn’t died yet, then it would eventually recover and come for him again. If he lured him into another battle with the Ravager, they might not be able to afford to chase him even if they wanted to.

This was the advantage that a powerful expert had over individuals weaker than them.

The entire Ravager army currently lay beneath their aerial vantage point.

Su Chen didn’t see anything like a Demonic Beast corpse emanating a powerful aura, so he knew that the Ravager had most likely been unsuccessful. After coming to this conclusion, a thought suddenly popped in his head. He chuckled, then drove the Flying Moon Shuttle downwards.

Shi Mingfeng was badly startled by his actions. “What are you doing?”

Su Chen replied, “I want to greet a few old friends.”

Shi Mingfeng yelled, “Are you crazy? They’re the Ravagers!”

Su Chen stared hard at him. “Are you trying to lecture me?”

Shi Mingfeng froze.

He said, “No…… I just wanted to remind you that the Ravagers have vicious personalities and aren’t the most appropriate people to build up relations with.”

“I don’t think that they’re much harder to deal with compared to most humans.”

Shi Mingfeng could only sigh. It had been his fault for letting his greed get the better of him.

At this point in time, he could only let Su Chen make the decisions.

Even though he was in the Light Shaking Realm, he displayed none of the pride that an expert of that level ought to have had in front of Su Chen. The instinct in his heart was telling him that even in a one-on-one fight, he shouldn’t have any confidence in winning.

The Silver Moon Shuttle circled in the air a couple times before landing. It stopped its descent right above the Ravager army’s head.

Even so, the Ravagers were still able to spot the ship. They began to yell and clamor, and a flying dragon made of poisonous liquid soon unfurled its wings and took flight.

The Silver Moon Shuttle shot through the air, maintaining a certain distance from the flying dragon. At the same time, Su Chen pulled out a chunk of Mica Crystal, shone it at himself, and then tossed it out.

Mica Crystals were a strange substance that could completely record a person’s appearance. Within a given distance, it was even possible for a person to transmit words. It was precisely this item that Su Chen had used to trick Danba back during the battle at the swamp.

All of the Ravager soldiers watched as an image of Su Chen floated down from the sky. It landed on the ground and smiled, “The Ravager really is hospitable to its guests.”

“A human!”

The Ravager soldiers began to clamor even harder amongst one another and were about to charge forward.

“Stop!” Danba barked out a command.

The group of soldiers split down the middle, and Danba walked out of the army’s ranks.

He lifted his head and looked at the sky, then at the fake Su Chen on the ground. “Your courage truly astounds me. You dare appear even in this situation?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Just because of that worthless flying dragon of yours?” Su Chen coldly harrumphed. “You won’t be able to take me on just as you weren’t able to take the Black Wind on.”

“So now you’re here to provoke me?”

“You think I wasted a Mica Crystal on you just to provoke you?”

“Then why are you here?”

“Do you remember my suggestion from last time?”

Danba squinted.

Of course he remembered.

How could he forget?

Su Chen’s previous words were like a corrosive poison; it had entered through his ear and burrowed deep in his heart, making it impossible for him to forget.

Improving the Ravagers’ ability to utilize Origin Energy!

Countless Ravagers had dreamt about something like this.

However, when the words came from Su Chen’s mouth, a chilling intent seemed to permeate everything he was saying.

You knew that he didn’t have good intentions, but the bait was so enticing that there was really no way to refuse.

After being silent for some time, he asked, “What exactly do you want?”

Unexpectedly, Su Chen shook his head. “What I want isn’t that important to you. What’s more important is that what I want is not something you can offer.”

“So why are you here wasting my time?”

“Just because you won’t hand it over today doesn’t mean that you won’t do so in the future,” Su Chen replied with a bright smile. “I came looking for you mainly to negotiate and to give you an opportunity. Why don’t you listen to my conditions first. Someday, when you feel that these conditions are satisfactory, you can come looking for me.”

“What are the conditions?” Danba asked.

Su Chen calmly said, “I want the Inferno Divine Shrine’s Origin Bone that their ancestor carries.”

“What did you say?” Danba’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

If the Ravagers had any precious treasures, the first would be the Origin Energy Temple because it allowed Ravagers to control Origin Energy. The second would be this ancient Origin Bone.

This “Origin Bone” was actually a bone from the Shining Dragon.

After an Origin Beast died, it did not decay ordinarily because it was simply too powerful; every part of it would turn into mountains, valleys, rivers, and vegetation. Remains were very rare.

However, the Shining Dragon had left behind its blood essence, an Origin Bone, and its Crystal Jade Essence.

The human race had taken its blood essence and turned it into the Origin Beast Bloodline.

The Origin Bone was taken away by the Ravagers and used as a base develop Bone Diviners. The source of these Bone Diviners’ power was actually their connection with the Origin Bone. The Shining Dragon possessed boundless power and had the ability to peer into both the past and the future. This ability had been partially passed down in its Origin Bone. The Ravagers’ unique Bone Diviners had been produced as reproductions of this ability.

Su Chen had only managed to discover this secret of the Bone Diviners by interrogating Reina repeatedly.

Su Chen’s appetite was simply insatiable if he had requested this Origin Bone. Of course, it was impossible for Danba to make this promise, and even if he wanted to, he truly didn’t have the authority to make that exchange.

The Origin Bone was kept in the central Divine Shrine and only the Inferno Tribe, who ruled the Iron and Blood Country, held absolute authority in managing its affairs.

“That’s absolutely impossible.”

“If that won’t work, then the three totems you guys have left will also be fine,” Su Chen said casually. “You can just pick one of the two choices I’ve offered.”

The totems were currently held in the Inferno Imperial Palace. It would be even more impossible for Danba to give them to Su Chen.

Danba angrily said, “You’re proposing a transaction that’s impossible!”

“It’s only impossible for now,” Su Chen said faintly.

Danba felt his heart tremble slightly when he heard this.

Su Chen continued, “Of course, if you don’t agree, I can also go look for the Inferno Tribe’s people and discuss with them. They might actually agree.”

“You haven’t even managed to create a way for the Ravager to control Origin Energy yet, but you’re already asking for such a high price. Don’t you think that you’re going overboard?”

Su Chen laughed. “Is it? Actually, neither you nor I have ever once doubted that I would be able to achieve it, right?”

Danba fell silent.

Su Chen raised a finger. “A month! Give me one month’s time, and I’ll show you something that you won’t be able to ignore. If I can’t do that, then you can just pretend that I didn’t say anything.”

“Alright!” Danba nodded. Suddenly, he grabbed one of the Ravager soldiers standing to the side and shoved him forward. “Take one of my men with you. In one month, as long as this guy can use any Origin Skill, I will believe you.”

“Fine. Send him up here.”

The flying dragon made of poison swooped down and picked up the Ravager soldier, bringing him into the sky.

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