Chapter 176: Pursuit

Chapter 176: Pursuit

A Demonic Lord had died just like that. Everyone who saw it take place was completely stunned.

“You...... killed it?” Even Night Demon, no matter how dumb she was, knew what killing a Demonic Lord implied.

“It brought about its own destruction,” Su Chen said indifferently. He wasn’t planning on taking full credit for this.


Another enraged howl further away thundered through the sky.

It was that old pangolin.

From this position, it was possible to see a streak of yellow light shoot out of the Demonic Emperor’s palace, headed right towards Su Chen and the others.

“It’s discovered us!” Shi Mingfeng was stunned.

Unfortunately, the teleportation portal’s endpoint was still too close to the Demonic Emperor’s palace.

Of course, he knew why. The closer the teleportation nodes were, the easier it would be to break through the Demonic Emperor’s palace’s spatial lockdown.

However, that had resulted in a Demonic Lord beast chasing after them. With such a short distance between them, there was no way they were going to be able to escape.

Su Chen calmly pulled out an item.

Silver Moon Shuttle.

“It’s a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle!” Shi Mingfeng’s eyes lit up. He finally understood where Su Chen’s confidence had come from and why him, Night Demon, and He Xu had been unable to catch up to Su Chen earlier.

This time, he had fully learned his lesson, and he moved to try and get on the shuttle first.

However, Su Chen stopped him from getting on. “The transport fee is sixty million Origin Stones.”

“What kind of joke is that?” Shi Mingfeng was both stunned and enraged.

“I’m not kidding.” Su Chen stared coldly at him.

Shi Mingfeng suddenly understood when he saw Su Chen’s gaze.

You could not avoid paying the price of betrayal. The price He Xu had paid for his actions was his life, and Shi Mingfeng also needed to pay a price for sitting on the fence. The spatial fissure was the warning, and this fee was the price Shi Mingfeng had to pay.

“I can give up on what you agreed to give me,” Shi Mingfeng said.

Su Chen released his grip and let Shi Mingfeng board the shuttle.

It was just a few treasures. Su Chen didn’t actually care too much about them.

However, if someone made a mistake, they had to be punished accordingly.

Shi Mingfeng’s punishment was quite light. Otherwise, even if he was a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, Su Chen was confident that he could kill him somehow.

Off in the distance, a yellow figure in the shape of a pangolin was furiously charging in their direction, leaving behind a long ditch in its wake. Once it got close to Su Chen, it opened its mouth, and a powerful wave of energy shot high into the sky.

The Silver Moon Shuttle arced through the air, dodging this attack and shooting off far into the distance.

“You won’t be able to get away!” the old pangolin howled angrily.

As it howled, the ground trembled even harder under its feet as massive rocks were torn from the ground and sent hurtling into the air. Even the nearby mountains crumbled, turning into countless boulders that were launched into the sky. Its strength was a bit weaker than the attack before, as it wasn’t able to completely uproot the mountain. Nevertheless, these house-sized rocks and the ten-kilometer radius they bombarded was really quite a shocking sight to behold.

The boulders began to rain down from the sky like meteors, painting the entire sky a fiery red.

Su Chen weaved in and out of the “meteor shower” as agilely as he could.

“Below, below! Careful!” Night Demon and Shi Mingfeng yelled together.

“Don’t be so anxious!” Su Chen laughed. The Silver Moon Shuttle shuddered as it made a sharp right angled turn and narrowly squeezed past two boulders. The two boulders slammed into each other and burst open with a “bang” behind them.

An instant later, even more stones appeared, this time coming at them from the front.

Su Chen controlled the Flying Moon Shuttle and sent it soaring high into the air, narrowly avoiding these rocks as well.


One of the stones flying at them from the side slammed into the Silver Moon Shuttle, sending it spiraling out of control.

“We’re about to crash!” the two of them yelled.

“Don’t be so anxious! It won’t fall apart that easily.”


With a brilliant light, the Silver Moon Shuttle pierced through the massive boulder, but the barrier enveloping the shuttle also dimmed noticeably as well. Su Chen hurriedly tossed a handful of Origin Stones at it.

So many rocks were rushing down at Su Chen that he felt like a sparrow caught in a hailstorm of boulders. If he could dodge, he dodged and if he couldn’t, he forcefully took the hit.

The Silver Moon Shuttle’s defenses couldn’t compare with its speed, so even with the defensive barrier, the repeated collisions with the boulder caused the shuttle’s outer shell to begin to wear down.

The old pangolin was furiously chased after them on the ground. It wasn’t that it couldn’t fly, but rather that it ran faster than it flew, as it could control the earth-type Origin Energy to increase its speed.

Suddenly, the pangolin slammed its feet against the earth with its full power and shot into the sky.

At this moment, it felt like the sky and earth had changed places. Rocks surged into the air from the ground like a tidal wave before falling back to the ground.. In this ocean of rock, the Silver Moon Shuttle was battered by the rockflow, but it refused to fall.

“It’s catching up!” Night Demon yelled loudly.

Su Chen glanced behind them. Indeed, even though they had been trying their hardest to escape, this guy had somehow managed to get even closer to them.

“It can really give chase,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

The Silver Moon Shuttle slightly adjusted its course and shot forwards in a new direction.

In front of them now was a towering mountain, cutting off the path forward.

The old pangolin tilted its head back and howled with rage. Even if it was an entire mountain range, it was going to completely rip it up.

However, this mountain range actually had a massive vein of metal ore running through it that would be revealed if the surface rock layer was stripped away. The metal did not conduct Origin Energy, so the vein’s value was quite low. However, this also meant that the old pangolin had no way of controlling this layer of metal. It howled and lowered its head, tunneling into the ground.

To the pangolin, traveling through the ground was faster than trying to tunnel through this mountain of metal.

When he saw the pangolin dig into the ground, Su Chen muttered, “Idiot!”

The shuttle changed direction again, heading off elsewhere.

The pangolin reemerged from the ground and raised its head, but found no trace of the Silver Moon Shuttle. It spat out a mouthful of blood in shock.

The blood splashed on its face before forming another eye.

“Ultimate Dao Eye!”

The old pangolin continued to expand the range of its vision without caring about the cost until it managed to spot the Silver Moon Shuttle.

“Bastard, do you really think that you can get away?” the old pangolin howled.

As it howled, it charged up to the peak of the mountain and roared to the sky, “Golden-Winged Clan, I, the Scarlet Heart’s loyal servant, summon you!”


Hissing noises could be heard coming from the sky as golden light began to shine down from above. It was the Golden-Winged Eagles that the old pangolin had called out for.

“A thief has stolen the Scarlet Heart’s treasures. I request of you, based on the vow you made with His Majesty thousands of years ago, to catch that thief and seize everything that he has taken. In return, I promise to return to you your freedom!”

A massive Golden-Winged Eagle flapped its wings and said, “You aren’t the Scarlet Heart. You don’t have the authority to order us around, and neither do you have the authority to make such a promise.”

“I’ll swear on my own life......”

“No, you aren’t swearing on your life. You’re swearing on your death. Do you think I don’t understand what has happened? You lost the Scarlet Heart’s treasures. To you, death is the best recompense you can offer to His Majesty. Your life is no longer your own, so what authority do you have to give us freedom? We have been lied to by the Scarlet Heart once already. It won’t happen again.” After speaking these words, the Golden-Winged Eagle King flapped its wings, taking its troops with it and flying away high into the sky.

“NO!” the pangolin howled in despair.

The old pangolin faced towards the east in despair and slowly sank to his knees. “Your Majesty, this old slave of yours has made a grave mistake and lost all the treasures within the palace. All I can do now is offer my life as an apology.”

As he spoke, his consciousness seemed to turn into wisps of air and wash away. It flew a long distance away, towards the Scarlet Heart who was currently in the Ferocious Race’s territory directing the Beast Wave. Then, the old pangolin collapsed, never to rise again.

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