Chapter 175: Spatial Fissure Kill

Chapter 175: Death by Spatial Fissure

Su Chen’s blade began to glow as specks of starlight appeared on its surface.

This was how Origin Energy manifested itself when it had been concentrated to its greatest extent. The twinkling flashes burst forth with astounding power, causing rays of starlight to shine out blindingly.

The starlight converged into a stream aimed at towards He Xu's forehead. He Xu's pupils dilated with extreme fear.

"Don't!" Shi Mingfeng yelled out.

He only had time to cry out once before a head was sent flying through the air.

A single blade strike!

Su Chen had managed to behead He Xu with a single blade strike.

However, Shi Mingfeng wasn't surprised at all, because that blade strike possessed power far beyond what an ordinary Yang Opening Realm cultivator should have been capable of unleashing. It had already reached the power level of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

It was quite normal for He Xu to be unable to withstand a single blow from someone at the Light Shaking Realm.

If there was anything to be surprised about, it was that Su Chen had managed to unleash a blade strike that strong.

But Shi Mingfeng wasn't even that surprised, given that Su Chen was the one wielding the blade. He had already managed to perform countless miracles; performing yet another one really wasn't that miraculous anymore, was it?

Shi Mingfeng watched as He Xu's corpse lifelessly slumped over.

Before He Xu's corpse even hit the ground, Su Chen had already snatched away the ring in He Xu's hand.


A thunderous howl echoed through the room.

It had come from the rhinoceros demon standing guard outside of the storehouse.

Even though He Xu hadn't had time to make any noise, Su Chen's blade strike had disturbed the air and generated significant Origin Energy fluctuations, which the Demonic Beast had picked up.

The howl was like an alarm, rapidly spreading through the entire palace.

Su Chen nonchalantly walked over to Shi Mingfeng. He reached out his hand and calmly said, "Yours."

Shi Mingfeng gulped as he handed over the Origin Ring in his hand to Su Chen. "I just wanted to see how you were going to deal with the situation. I never planned on betraying you," he explained.

In some sense, this explanation signified that Shi Mingfeng was bowing his head and asking for mercy.

A Light Shaking Realm cultivator was lowering his head to Su Chen, a Yang Opening Realm cultivator.

"I know," Su Chen replied faintly.

Night Demon and the white paper doll also handed over their Origin Rings to Su Chen.

The footsteps of a massive beast could be heard thundering right outside the hallway.

It was that rhinoceros demon.

Su Chen didn't waste any time. He headed right for the inner storehouse.

The Sky-Rending Feather's energy had been almost completely exhausted. The edges of the spatial fissures snaking through the air were beginning to tremble, indicating its growing instability.

Su Chen stepped forwards and walked through the spatial vortex.

Next, the white paper doll and Night Demon stepped through.

Just as Shi Mingfeng was also about to cross over from the void fissure, he suddenly saw Su Chen standing across from him, pointing at something below with his blade.

He was pointing at that Origin Formation Disk.

Shi Mingfeng stopped dead in his tracks.

He stared at Su Chen.

Su Chen said, "Do you know what will happen during spatial teleportation if the object anchoring the spatial node is suddenly destroyed?"

Shi Mingfeng opened his eyes wide in fear.

Su Chen said, "I don't know, but I want to find out. And not only do I want to see what happens to the pathway, but I also want to see what happens to any lifeforms still caught within the fissure at that moment."

Sweat beaded on Shi Mingfeng's forehead.

He began to regret grabbing Night Demon. He should have taken control of the exit instead!

How could he have forgotten about this?

The chance to strike it rich had blackened his heart, blurred his vision, and confused his mind.

He remained silent as he stared intensely at Su Chen.

The lumbering footsteps outside grew louder and louder, accompanying the sounds of Origin Formations being activated one by one. These were the restrictions installed in the hallways; the massive rhinoceros was completely ignoring these formations to get to the treasury faster.

Next, a massive boom sounded out. The rhinoceros was slamming its forehead into the main door.

Thankfully for them, this door was not a common door. It had been constructed from many precious metals and was reinforced by all kinds of Origin Formations.

But even a powerful door like this was starting to creak and groan under the onslaught of the rhinoceros’s charge. Eventually, the door began to crack.

It seemed like the door was going to break open at any moment.

Shi Mingfeng was beginning to panic. There was no way he was strong enough to handle that powerful beast.

He stared at Su Chen. "Su Chen...... I......"

“Do you know what it feels like to be betrayed now?” Su Chen asked.

Shi Mingfeng nodded seriously.

“Then remember the feelings and emotions that this moment has brought you. Never, ever make that kind of mistake again,” Su Chen said domineeringly.

His tone was measured. By the time he had finished speaking, the door to the treasury had already broken down. The frighteningly powerful rhinoceros charged in, howling madly. Powerful waves of Origin Energy emanated from its body, rolling over Shi Mingfeng like a wave.

Just as that blast of energy was about to swallow Shi Mingfeng up, Su Chen put his blade aside and stepped to the side. “Come out.”

Shi Mingfeng leapt in as quickly as he could. He jumped through the fissure and reappeared in the small forest.

He turned around quickly and found that Su Chen was still standing near the portal entrance.

“Hurry, close the spatial fissure!” Shi Mingfeng yelled panickedly.

If that rhinoceros was able to make it through, then everyone would be finished.

Su Chen calmly stared through the void passageway.

The rhinoceros howled and charged into the void fissure. The moment that it rushed in, Su Chen stabbed the Origin Formation Disk with his blade.


The Origin Formation Disk shattered, and the spatial vortex began to rapidly disappear.

The rhinoceros had just charged head-first into the spatial vortex and was still trapped inside.

At that moment, everyone watched as violent spatial energy began to slice through the area like an infinite array of small blades. The countless Origin Formations lining the hallway could do nothing to this frightening rhinoceros, but now there was nothing it could do when faced with these spatial razors. Its body was immediately sliced into tens of thousands of ribbons. Only its massive horned head had been able to make it through the vortex and land in front of Su Chen.


The rhinoceros was still howling even though only its head remained. An illusory image of a rhinoceros appeared, and under the control of this illusory image, the blood that had flown everywhere suddenly conglomerated into a singular mass and shot towards Su Chen like a fragment of iron.

Since the beast’s cultivation base had reached the Demonic Lord level, it wouldn’t die so easily. Even if all that remained was its head, it was still able to regenerate its body over time. Their consciousnesses were powerful enough to allow them to exert control over matter with just their minds. As long as their consciousness wasn’t eradicated, they could continue to live on indefinitely.

Of course, that was still a bit of an exaggeration; both Spirit Burning Realm cultivators and Demonic Lords were restricted by their consciousness levels. Even if they could regenerate themselves, it would come at the cost of a large amount of consciousness energy.

If the rhinoceros focused its entire consciousness energy on regenerating its physical body, it would be able to do so, but only once. However, it chose not to do so; instead, it used all of its consciousness energy to try and kill Su Chen.

No matter what, it needed to kill this bastard who had stolen His Majesty’s treasures.

The rhinoceros was extremely loyal, which was why it had been chosen to guard the storehouse.

Unfortunately, this threat was completely ineffective against Su Chen.

“Trying to use your consciousness energy to attack me? I’m stronger than you in that regard,” Su Chen stated calmly.

A powerful wave of consciousness energy exploded forth. The rhinoceros felt like it had encountered a king-level opponent.


It howled fiercely, mustering all its strength in a feeble attempt to try and resist.

However, the rhinoceros’s consciousness was weaker than Su Chen’s in the first place, and the fact that it no longer had a physical body anymore meant that it had no way of recovering its consciousness energy.

When faced with Su Chen’s all-out attack, the rhinoceros wailed as its consciousness turned into ash and dissipated into the wind.

A Demonic Lord had been finished off cleanly just like that. All that remained was a lord-class Origin Crystal, which landed neatly in Su Chen’s hand.

This crystal was extremely hard to obtain, but in comparison to what was in the Demonic Emperor’s treasury, it was far too ordinary.

Looting was always more profitable than working honestly.

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