Chapter 172: Inviting Disaster (2)

Chapter 172: Inviting Disaster (2)

Su Chen entered the Demonic Emperor’s Palace and followed the old pangolin as they walked around. After taking a tortuous path, they finally arrived at a large hall.

There was a massive rhinoceros lying in front of the door to the hall. It was in deep sleep, its state belying its strength of a Demonic Lord Beast.

The old pangolin bowed to the rhinoceros. “Armored Enterprise requests entrance.”

The rhinoceros opened its eyes and glanced at the old pangolin. “Oh, so it’s old commander! Is there something you need?”

“His Majesty has sent a ton of treasures here from the front lines,” the old commander replied.

“Oh, ok. Go on ahead then!” As it spoke, it took a few steps to the side.

The doors creaked open, revealing a long black hallway.

“Follow my footsteps. Don’t take a single wrong step,” the old commander said to Su Chen.

“Yes, sir.”

The old commander walked down the long hall.

Su Chen carefully followed him, secretly keeping track of his movements. After some time, they finally crossed the long hallway and arrived at a secret storehouse filled to the brim with all kinds of strange and unique treasures.

The old pangolin laughed, “This long hallway has eighteen Origin Formations that are all extremely dangerous. If you take a single wrong step, even I won’t be able to save you. This is the key to keeping the treasure room secure. But once you’ve gotten past this restriction, you’ll be fine.”

Su Chen quietly cursed that old thing for being so slippery.

This hallway was fraught with danger, but the true guardian of the treasury was the massive face in the reception pavilion. If anyone thought that the treasury only had these two kinds of defenses, they would be sorely mistaken. Actually, even before entering the reception pavilion, there were already two other locations similarly packed with restrictive formations. Even the space within the treasury itself was not entirely safe. At the very least, Su Chen could sense that there were restrictions hidden beneath many of the treasures kept here.

These restrictions hadn’t been placed on every item. Some had them and some didn’t, and the placement seemed to follow no rhyme or reason.

Even so, there were more safeguards in place.

Su Chen then said, “Commander, His Majesty informed me that the Raven King’s feather is a uniquely precious treasure and needs to be placed under the highest protection.”

“Oh.” The old pangolin thought for a moment then said, “Turn around.”

Su Chen obeyed. The old pangolin went off to the corner. With a “clank” sound, the secret treasury’s wall opened, revealing a small storeroom off to the side.

The old pangolin then said, “You can put that here.”

“Yes, sir.” Su Chen respectfully walked over and put the Sky-Rending Feather down.

He didn’t leave immediately after putting it down. Instead, he began chanting a spell, causing the Flowing Light silver to begin to glow and fade.

The old pangolin curiously asked, “What are you doing?”

Even though he was a Demonic Lord Beast, he had been promoted by the Demonic Emperor and had served His Majesty for his whole life. He wasn’t unintelligent, but he lacked worldly experience. His life experience consisted of managing household affairs and dealing with all kinds of different situations. He was a complete novice when it came to profound spatial techniques.

Su Chen sincerely responded, “Flowing Light Silver has the ability to seal void fissures, so it’s exceptionally useful on the front lines. His Majesty wants me to bring the rest back to him.”

“Then what about the Sky-Rending Feather?” the old commander asked.

“I’ll leave behind a small amount that should be just enough to cover up the feather. As long as you don’t touch it during this period of time, it should be fine. His Majesty will deal with it once he returns,” Su Chen replied.

“So that’s how it is.” The old commander understood and didn’t press any further.

Su Chen continued to chant, retrieving a majority of the Flowing Light Silver. Only a small surface layer was left covering the feather. Su Chen added on a few more stabilizing inscriptions, then sighed with relief and said, “It’s done.”

Having done this, Su Chen left the storehouse along with the old commander in an orderly fashion, taking care not to misstep anywhere.

Upon leaving the storehouse, the old commander said to Su Chen, “Hunting Nightmare, you have had a long journey over here, and you were also responsible for guarding this treasure. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Why not stay here for a few days before leaving?”

Su Chen said with a straight face, “His Majesty is still waiting for me to return the Flowing Light Silver to him. I dare not tarry.”

“If that’s the case, then I won’t insist.”

Su Chen said goodbye to the old pangolin and went to go see Shi Mingfeng. Shi Mingfeng and Night Demon had already gone to the flower garden in the back to chat with the other Demonic Beasts.

Night Demon was in the midst of a story, grandly saying, “Before he could even react, I slashed out with my silver blade, killing that Ferocious Race soldier where he stood......”

One of the little demons listening in said with some curiosity, “Isn’t the Red Fox more well-known for its bewitching techniques and control of other individuals? Why did you slash out with a silver blade? And what is that silver blade? Don’t Red Foxes use their Blood Fox Claws?”

“Oh......” Night Demon was at a loss for words and looked to Shi Mingfeng.

Shi Mingfeng hurriedly said, “Even though the Red Fox is skilled in bewitching techniques, that’s only useful in a battle formation, not when swords and blades are flying everywhere and there isn’t an opportunity to bewitch anyone. After all, even if you were to bewitch one, someone else from the side would run up and hack at you. That’s why the Red Fox often relies on close-quarters combat as well. As for the silver blade...... That was obviously a Ferocious Race’s scimitar.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Everyone was enlightened.

“Yes, that’s how it was.” Night Demon clapped her hands and said, “After I stabbed that Ferocious Race soldier to death, three more Ferocious Race soldiers came at me at the same time. But what kind of beast is the Red Fox? I was able to slay them all in a single Horizon Illusory Moon blade stance.”

“Horizon Illusory Moon blade? What kind of blade technique is that?”

“That sounds like a human blade technique.”

“Why would a Red Fox know a human blade technique?”

The Demonic Beasts once again began to discuss amongst themselves.

“This......” Night Demon helplessly looked at Shi Mingfeng again.

Shi Mingfeng sighed. “You all know that foxes specialize in charm techniques. This charm technique works on the Ferocious Race, but it also works on humans. It can be used to enslave, but it can also be used to learn. The Red Fox is quite smart; one time, it managed to bewitch a human and learned a few Origin Skills from that human.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” All of the demons nodded again.

Night Demon continued, “We slaughtered our way through them, in no small part due to my heroic efforts. That’s why we were sent here along with Su Chen by His Majesty for this mission.”

“Who’s Su Chen?” one of the Demonic Beasts asked with curiosity.

“Ah!” Night Demon was stunned. “Did I say Su Chen?”

All of the Demonic Beasts nodded.

“You all must have heard wrong, right?”

All of the Demonic Beasts shook their heads.

Night Demon turned to look at Shi Mingfeng again.

Shi Mingfeng sighed. “It’s not Su Chen; it’s Shu Cheng. It wasn’t until arriving at the Ferocious Race’s territory that he realized that Shu Cheng means “surrender.” How could the Beast Race possibly surrender? That’s why Shu Cheng changed his name to Hunting Nightmare, meaning that he hunts these nightmarish targets. We are Hunting Nightmare’s old friends, which is why we call him by his former name.”

Night Demon sighed with relief, “Yes, yes, that’s what I meant, Old Shi……”

“Cough, cough!” Shi Mingfeng coughed violently.

Night Demon hurriedly continued, “Actually [1. Play on words. In Chinese, Old Shi (Lao Shi) and Actually (Lao Shi Shuo) sound quite similar.]…… I wanted to say that earlier as well, but Dark Hammer managed to explain it before I had a chance.”

Shi Mingfeng stared at her and felt like crying but no tears would come out. Miss, can you just stop talking?

Thankfully, Su Chen returned at this moment. “It seems like you guys are getting along quite well.”

Shi Mingfeng was extremely happy to see Su Chen and hurried over to him. “Thank goodness you’re back.”

“What, she’s getting herself in trouble again?” Su Chen asked.

Shi Mingfeng was about to cry. “Please, tell her to shut her mouth. Otherwise, we won’t be able to even think of leaving here alive anymore.”

He had yet to even finish his sentence when he heard Night Demon yell from far away, “Su Chen, you’re finally back?”

Su Chen?

Su Chen felt his vision go dark.

“It’s Shu Cheng! Can you be a little bit clearer with your pronunciation!?” Shi Mingfeng yelled back unhappily. “Also, sir Shu Cheng has already changed his name to Hunting Nightmare. Don’t use that ‘Surrender’ name anymore!”

He turned around to glance at Su Chen. “Now do you understand?”

Su Chen stared at Shi Mingfeng in shock before giving him a big thumbs up. “You’re something else!”

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