Chapter 170: Scarlet Emperor Palace

Chapter 170: Scarlet Emperor Palace

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Five figures fell from the sky, crashing roughly onto a patch of grass.

“Aiya!” Night Demon yelled as she pushed Su Chen, who had fallen on her, off of her body. “Why was the exit in midair?”

She glanced up. The exit gate, which was floating in midair roughly thirty feet above them, was gradually fading out of existence. To Origin Qi Scholars, this kind of a height wasn’t anything crazy. However, traveling through the void was disorientating and it would throw a person’s ability to use Origin Energy out of whack. As a result, the five of them had experienced quite a hard fall.

Su Chen in particular had landed right on top of Night Demon, pressing her firmly beneath him.

Su Chen was more than able to get up immediately, but he wasn’t in much of a hurry given the pleasant softness beneath him. Now that the possibility of a harem had opened its doors, the pressure in his heart had greatly decreased.

An instant later, however, he was blasted aside by Night Demon. No matter how pure she was, she still knew how to defend herself.

After regaining their bearings, the group inspected their new surroundings. They had landed in a green, grassy field. Not far from here was a flower garden that contained all kinds of rare plants and herbs growing in it. Not only were the plants extremely beautiful, but they could also fetch quite the high price.

A bit further away was a palace.

The palace’s main construction material was a reddish stone that gave it an appearance as if it were covered in fresh blood.

Above the palace towered a tall stone column. From a distance, it looked like a massive sword stuck into the ground, and it had quite an oppressive aura.

“What is this place?” Shi Mingfeng and He Xu asked in surprise.

The white paper doll floated down through the air as it replied, “This is the Scarlet Emperor Palace.”

“Scarlet Emperor Palace?” Everyone was taken aback and didn’t understand.

Su Chen clarified, “The Scarlet Heart’s palace.”

“Scarlet Heart…... “ Shi Mingfeng mulled over the name for a moment before his expression drastically changed. He shrieked in a high-pitched voice, “You mean the Scarlet Demonic Emperor?”

“Shh!” Su Chen placed his finger on his lips as he motioned for them to quiet down. “Don’t yell.”

“Are you crazy? How could you bring us into its palace? This is a Demonic Emperor we’re talking about!” Shi Mingfeng said as he grabbed Su Chen by the collar.

Demonic Emperor!

What kind of an existence was that?

They were equivalent in strength to Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivators. Where did the title ‘Ultimate Emperor’ come from? Put plainly, it meant that they had reached a level where they could face off against Demonic Emperors.

The Azure Wolf Demonic Lord they had fought a while back had held an advantage even while fighting against twenty Light Shaking Realm Cultivators. Demonic Emperors were two tiers higher and the higher the tier, the larger the gap in strength. As such, an existence on the level of a Demonic Emperor could kill Shi Mingfeng in a single breath.

It would take a few hundred Light Shaking Realm cultivators to even be worthy of a Demonic Emperor’s notice.

Su Chen had actually chosen to escape and run into a Demonic Emperor’s palace. If he wasn’t trying to commit suicide, what was he doing?

“Don’t worry,” Su Chen said slowly. “The Scarlet Heart is not here right now.”

“Not in the palace? Where is it?” Shi Mingfeng was momentarily taken aback before he understood. “The Beast Wave?”

“Yes!” Su Chen nodded. “The Beast Wave was activated by it.”

The Beast Wave’s activation wasn’t an instinctive large gathering of Demonic Beasts. Higher-tiered existences were necessary to organize it. Most of the time, smaller Beast Waves were organized by Demonic Lords, medium-sized by Demonic Kings, and larger ones by Demonic Emperors. Any even larger ones would most likely have to have multiple Demonic Emperors organizing it.

Su Chen and the others had done their best to enrage the Beast Race, so this Beast Wave was a large one that had been activated by a Demonic Emperor.

This Demonic Emperor was the Scarlet Heart Demonic Emperor. Even though its name sounded gentle, it was extremely powerful. The beast’s true form was that of a badger that liked to feast on hearts, with an incredibly sinister and vicious disposition. It had cultivated for over three thousand years, but for a Demonic Emperor, that made it one of the younger ones.

It was known for its irascibility, bloodthirstiness, and savage temperament.

Even though Shi Mingfeng resided in Long Sang, he had heard of the Scarlet Heart before, so he almost pissed his pants when he heard that they had been teleported to that Demonic Emperor’s nest.

When he heard Su Chen’s reply, Shi Mingfeng agitatedly said, “Even if the Demonic Emperor itself is not present, there’s no way it didn’t leave behind any defenses! There’s no way we’re strong enough to overcome the defenses it’s put in place.”

“That’s right, so I wasn’t planning on forcing my way in in the first place.” As Su Chen spoke, his figure began to morph as he assumed the form of a tiger demon. He Xu chose to turn into a python. The white paper doll didn’t need to transform, as it naturally belonged to the Demonic Beast category in the first place. Actually, it had even made a bit of a name for itself here.

“Then what about me and Night Demon?” Shi Mingfeng grew anxious. After all, he couldn’t transform.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Aren’t I here?” Su Chen pulled out two more vials of medicine and handed them to Shi Mingfeng and Night Demon.

He had worked on concocting transformation potions in the past, so at this point concocting two vials was an easy matter.

He Xu’s expression was still a bit unhappy. “Don’t hand out too many. Otherwise my clan’s ability won’t be valuable anymore.”

“I know, I know. Don’t worry, old Shi’s is temporary. Only Night Demon’s is permanent,” Su Chen said to comfort He Xu.

Shi Mingfeng almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Was it really good to be so specialized?

Night Demon beamed and hugged Su Chen. “You’re such a good brother.”

As they spoke, the two of them gulped down the medicine and also morphed into Demonic Beasts. Night Demon cared about her appearance, so she turned into a wily red fox. Shi Mingfeng turned into a simple, large pangolin that was fairly nondescript.

Once the transformation was complete, Su Chen took the lead and headed off towards the palace.

Shi Mingfeng caught up to him and asked, “Brother Su, what are you hoping to gain by entering the palace?”

“Do you even need to ask? Of course I’m trying to get rich!” Su Chen answered straightforwardly. “The Scarlet Heart Demonic Emperor’s palace definitely has lots of good stuff. Looting its castle is definitely much more efficient than scavenging around in the outside world, and we can also enrage it a bit more and increase the duration and scale of the Beast Wave.”

Su Chen hadn’t forgotten his ultimate goal in coming to the Beast Race’s territory.

Naturally, plundering the Demonic Emperor’s palace was a great way to enrage his opponent.

“But that’s also much more dangerous. If the Demonic Emperor’s palace has any detection abilities, we’re finished,” Shi Mingfeng said anxiously.

“I know. That’s why I never originally planned on doing this. But alas, my luck is terrible, and a Demonic Lord seems to have set his sights on me,” Su Chen helplessly replied.

The dumbest thing the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider had done was to reveal the Black Wind Lord’s existence.

Su Chen would not be Su Chen if he hadn’t started making preparations for this as soon as he found out.

But being prepared could only do so much good. He just had no way of defeating a Demonic Lord, not even if he concocted a literal ton of medicine.

As such, he had thought extensively about this matter before eventually deciding to take the risk and come to this Demonic Emperor’s palace. Even if the Black Wind Lord knew where he was, there was no way it would dare charge in recklessly.

However, Su Chen hadn’t anticipated that Danba would personally appear along with a large army, so he had chosen to delay for as long as possible by exchanging words with them until the Black Wind Lord arrived. He had then handed over that guy to Danba to deal with and taken his leave.

Actually, Su Chen was just spouting a bunch of nonsense when he was talking to Danba about strengthening the Ferocious Race.

However, after he had finished speaking, Su Chen suddenly felt like what he had said was a legitimate opportunity he could afford to take.

Regardless of whether he had successfully pulled the wool over Danba’s eyes, Su Chen had managed to convince himself somehow. If the circumstances permitted it in the future, he really would start researching a way to increase the Ferocious Race’s strength.

Of course, his main task right now was to loot the Demonic Emperor’s palace.

Su Chen’s heart began to beat madly as he thought about what he was about to do.

This was a Demonic Emperor, after all — an existence many tiers higher than him, but now its home was about to be plundered by Su Chen. Anyone in his position would have been moved.

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