Chapter 167: Flowerless Door (2)

Chapter 167: Flowerless Door (2)

The Flowerless Door led to a sinister, evil place, and it represented the mysterious unknown.

No one knew why there was a Flowerless Door beneath the swamp, but as soon as the door opened, all of the evil creatures inside would be released.

This vortex spun, and the dark entrance expanded. A chilly, sinister aura began to creep out from the center of the vortex.

This dark energy was filled with a deathly aura. It wrapped around a few of the Ferocious Race soldiers in the front, and these powerful, resilient warriors shrieked as they were pulled in by the black vortex.

This frightening energy didn’t have any intentions of slowing down its expansion. As it continued to spread in all directions; anything it touched was sucked into the vortex. At this moment, the reason why Shi Mingfeng was standing on a faraway tree became evident — he had been trying to avoid this situation from the very beginning.

“Leave! Hurry and leave this place!” Bayan screamed. He had totally lost his warrior-like aura — even the fiercest warrior had no desire to challenge an existence they had absolutely no chance of defeating.

“You won’t be able to get away,” Shi Mingfeng sighed.

With a wave of his hand, large stone walls suddenly appeared, hemming the Ferocious Race army in. These walls weren’t merely made of stone; they also exuded a powerful pressure, making it extremely difficult to fly within the confines of the walls.

During their battle earlier, Shi Mingfeng had secretly completed his most important task — creating an Origin Formation centered around the Flowerless Door that would trap all of the Ferocious Race soldiers in place.

At the same time that the formation was activated, large waves of darkness began to expand, immersing the entire swamp in darkness.


Ferocious Race soldier after Ferocious Race soldier was pulled into the dark vortex.

Bayan charged forward relentlessly and began to frenziedly hack at the walls with his axe. “Open for me!”

The walls formed from the stones of the Uhayan Pool were extremely tough, almost as tough as the Flowing Gold Fort’s walls. However, Bayan was so powerful that the stone walls began to crack under his furious axe strikes, and rubble began to fall to the ground.

At that moment, tentacles manifested at the center of the darkness vortex and reached out, forming a thick, inescapable net in the air as they grabbed at Bayan.

Bayan yelled loudly and turned to hack at the tentacles. However, the tentacles were not cut by the axe; they instead coiled along the edge of the axe blade and continued advancing.

Just as they were about to wrap around Bayan, Kaska charged over and shoved him aside.

The tentacles wrapped around Kaska, tying him up securely.

“Young Master…... “ Kaska reached out with his hand as he spat out a mouthful of blood, as if he were trying to get Bayan to pull him out.

However, Bayan took a step back.


The tentacles of darkness fully devoured Kaska and pulled him into the vortex.

“You served your master faithfully,” Bayan muttered, then raised his axe again and continued to hack at the walls.


The wall finally broke down, leaving behind a massive hole in the center.

Bayan was extremely excited. Just as he was about to walk through the hole, however, he suddenly froze in place.

“Hurry, let’s go!” one of the nearby Ferocious Race warriors yelled loudly.

In response, Bayan suddenly shot into the sky.

He was flying back towards the center.

Bayan, who had just been trying as hard as he could to fly out of the vortex, had suddenly turned back around.

“No……!” Bayan howled loudly.

In response to his howl, tentacles began to snake out from the vortex again.

An exceptionally thick tentacle whipped through the air a few times as if it were trying to break into the heavens, then wrapped itself around Bayan.

Bayan struggled fiercely, trying to escape. “Let me go!”

However, his seemingly boundless strength and valor were completely useless against the grip of this fathomless creature.

A moment later, the tentacle retracted all the way back into the Flowerless Door.

With a whoosh, Bayan was sucked into the darkness vortex and disappeared as well.

Without Bayan, the rest of the Ferocious Race began to collapse. The tentacles danced through the air, and the rest of the Ferocious Race soldiers were quickly pulled in.

The battle ended, and the swamp returned to its former peaceful state.

“Whew. It’s all over now,” Shi Mingfeng sighed.

Damn! They had come to make trouble for Su Chen, so why had he become the main combatant?

Also, given how fierce the battle was, why had Su Chen not appeared yet? Where had he taken Night Demon and He Xu?

If Su Chen was still lazing around and refusing to appear, that would be too much, wouldn’t it?

Just as he was quietly complaining in his head, Shi Mingfeng suddenly heard the sound of someone knocking.

Shi Mingfeng froze.

The knocking was coming from the hole that Bayan had created.

Following the knocking sound, a resolute and self-confident voice spoke out. “Beautifully done. Su Chen is indeed Su Chen; I knew that he wouldn’t be that easy to defeat.”

“Who?” Shi Mingfeng’s expression sank.

“If you want to know who, won’t you be able to find out once you take this wall down?”

Shi Mingfeng harrumphed. Of course he would not destroy his own walls just because of a sentence from an opponent.

The person outside the walls sighed. “Since you aren’t willing to tear them down, then I can only help you with that. Do it.”

Immediately following this command, resounding booms could be heard echoing across the surface of the walls.

In an instant, countless heavy objects slammed into the sturdy walls, which began to crack and crumble. The booms seemed to reverberate right into Shi Mingfeng’s heart.

The walls formed from the Uhayan Pool very quickly became unable to bear the onslaught and crumbled.

As the smoke and dust settled, Shi Mingfeng found an endless army of Ferocious Race soldiers standing outside, watching him.

They wielded battle axes, fierce smiles on their faces.

Standing at the very front of the Ferocious Race army were a few commanders. They stood around a Ferocious Race commander in the very center. He wasn’t old, but he wore a deep red overcoat — something that only Ferocious Race individuals of the highest status had the right to wear.

“Danba?” Shi Mingfeng suddenly understood.

The only Ferocious Race member who could appear at this time and place was the man who had managed to trick the humans and forced the Heavenly Might Battalion into helplessly runing back and forth — the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s Young Chieftain, Danba.

Danba smiled slightly. “That’s correct. I am Danba.”

“Why are you here?” Shi Mingfeng was taken aback momentarily before he began to grasp the severity of the situation. “You’ve been following that group the whole time? You used your own men as bait?”

This kind of tactic was almost unheard of in all of their conflicts with the Ferocious Race.

To the warlike Ferocious Race, this kind of tactic was not seen as intelligent but rather as despicable and shady. If any Ferocious Race general dared to do something like that, they might incur the disdain and dissatisfaction of their subordinates.

However, Danba had done so, and there was no indication that his subordinates were unhappy with his choices.

Usually, this implied one of two things — either Danba’s status amongst the army was so incredibly high so that even betraying someone else was acceptable, or the Ferocious Race soldiers that had died weren’t too important to them.

Shi Mingfeng believed that both were possible.

He didn’t know what status Bayan had; if he did, his suspicions might have been greatly allayed.

Danba indifferently said, “I didn’t use my own men as bait. Bayan was stubborn and ignored my orders, and he moved out on his own accord. I sent out the main forces to try and save him, but unfortunately we were a step too late. Young Chieftain Bayan was killed by you and Su Chen, and I wasn’t able to save him in time. This is my mistake, and so I can only make it up by killing you and offering your heads to the Head Chieftain as an apology.”

“Young Chieftain?” Upon hearing this, Shi Mingfeng understood somewhat the situation.

Danba didn’t have any desire to speak further with Shi Mingfeng. He said calmly, “I’ve said all I should say. Su Chen, are you going to come out now?”

“I’ve been here the whole time,” Su Chen said, his voice floating over through the wind.

Danba glanced in the direction of the voice and found Su Chen standing on a nearby old tree. Beside him were He Xu and Night Demon.

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