Chapter 159: Engulfed

Chapter 159: Engulfed

A rare scene was taking place in the sky.

The powerful, vicious Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider was skittering away at top speed, while a Raging Sun Shuttle leisurely chased after it at the same pace.

From time to time, large flaming phoenixes would shoot out from the body of the shuttle and slam into the spider from behind.

As a high-tier Demonic Beast, the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s strength was not something that could be easily brushed aside. However, it was currently restricted by the Blue Ice Star’s potent toxicity, and as such, the spider could only passively take the attacks flung at it without retaliating. In the end, Su Chen sent Flaming Phoenix after Flaming Phoenix into the spider’s back, scorching it into an unrecognizable burnt mass.

“Still not dead?” Su Chen mumbled to himself.

It truly was worthy of being a high-tier Demonic Beast with strength equivalent to someone with four Lotus Platforms, truly a frightening level. Its lifeforce alone was incredibly tough, as proven by the fact that even thirty or so Flaming Phoenixes weren’t enough to kill it. Su Chen could only sigh with admiration at the beast’s powerful defenses and lifeforce.

Unfortunately, even the most powerful creature would be backed into a corner if all it could do was allow itself to be beaten into a sorry state.

Under Su Chen’s constant pursuit, the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s lifeforce had rapidly waned, and it was gradually losing its ability to hold on.

“Please, spare me!” it yelled loudly.

“I cannot think of a reason to spare you,” Su Chen said coldly.

“I am the Black Wind Lord’s woman. If you kill me, he will not let you go!”

“Black Wind Lord?” Su Chen was taken aback momentarily. “A Lord-class Demonic Beast?”

“It’s good that you know!”

A Lord-class Demonic Beast was about as strong as Spirit Burning Realm cultivator. Even with Su Chen’s strength and techniques, it was impossible for him to contend against an opponent like that.

However, Su Chen’s expression sank. “A Lord-class Demonic Beast is very frightening, but so what? Did you think that I would spare you for the sake of a Demonic Lord who’s not even here?”

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider shrieked, “He’s at Black Wind Peak. If you kill me, he definitely won’t spare your life!”

“So he’s at Black Wind Peak? Thanks for telling me. I’ll just avoid that place from now on,” Su Chen said as he formed yet another Flaming Phoenix.

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider finally realized that it had been tricked as the final phoenix slammed into its body, the molten flames spilling all over its body.

It howled as it burned, “If you dare kill me, the Black Wind Lord won’t let you get away alive! I will release my consciousness and scatter my will into the air and imbue the ground and every blade of grass and every tree leaf! The wind will carry it away and send it to the Black Wind Lord......”


The blade whizzed past the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s neck, lopping its head off its neck. An expression of disbelief was forever frozen on the spider’s face.

Su Chen indifferently sheathed his blade. “If you want to do it, then do it. Don’t waste your breath talking about it.”

He had never underestimated the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s strength, but he had entered the Beast Race’s territory to hunt for benefits. This risky journey required him to have the boldness and courage to stake his own life.

If he gave up just because someone threatened him, what would he be able to achieve?

If that Black Wind Lord was going to come for him, then so be it.

Even if he came...... couldn’t Su Chen just run away?

He had the Silver Moon Shuttle, so he didn’t fear anyone. On the other hand, killing a high-tier Demonic Beast had caused Su Chen’s combat prowess to increase. Unfortunately, this battle was an isolated slaughter, and there were no bystanders or spectators. Otherwise, if news of this were to reach the human territory, it would undoubtedly make great waves.

Su Chen ignored the dead spider’s threat and cut open its body.

A silver-colored Origin Crystal appeared in his hand.

“At least I made up for a bit of my expenditures,” Su Chen sighed.

The cost of refining the Blue Ice Star was simply too high, and even the core of a high-tier Demonic Beast wasn’t enough to cover its costs. However, since the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider had attempted to flee, he still had quite a bit of the Blue Ice Star leftover. In that sense, he had profited, but only if he were able to use up all of the remaining Blue Ice Star within a month due to its limited shelf life. Every day thereafter, the medicinal efficacy would decrease drastically.

Having taken care of this massive spider, Su Chen had finally dealt with the biggest problem plaguing him. He sighed with relief, then continued to search for more resources with the help of the white paper doll.

The Beast Race’s territory was unimaginably rich in resources. Su Chen was discovering all kinds of treasures that simply couldn’t be found in human territory. Even though most of them were guarded by high-level Demonic Beasts and Su Chen had no way of harvesting them, the resources guarded by the beasts that Su Chen could take on were more than enough to fill his hands.

Su Chen didn’t waste any time and got back on the road as quick as he could.

What he didn’t know was that, not long after he left, a gust of black wind blew in behind him.

The black wind paused at the corpse of the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider, circling in the air above it as it slowly assumed the form of a human.

Actually, it wasn’t really the form of a human, but rather a more ambiguous kind of bipedal lifeform. People liked to refer to these creatures as humanoid, but that was just to exalt humans further. Actually, most Demonic Beasts weren’t humanoid at all; they had merely chosen to walk on two feet to free their hands and develop more specialized abilities. This was also an example of convergent evolution reaching the same functionality.

For instance, the Demonic Beast here had a pair of hooves and a pair of curved horns on its head like a bull. However, it also had four arms, and every powerful stride it took caused the ground beneath its feet to quake.

The Black Wind Lord walked towards the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s corpse and sniffed it a few times. “The scent of a human…… how strange, how did a human appear here?”

His gaze narrowed as he stared intently at the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s corpse. Suddenly, he reached out an arm and made a grasping motion in midair.

The wind began to blow violently, forming a vortex in midair. Gradually, an illusory image of the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider appeared in the air.

She floated in the air, wailing and shrieking, “Avenge me…… Avenge me……”

“How many people killed you?” the Black Wind Lord asked calmly.

The wailing paused for a brief moment. “One…… person……”

“What cultivation base does he have?”

“Yang...... Opening...... Realm......”

Apart from the phrase “avenge me,” the specter’s replies were all spoken with broken, tortured breath.

“A Yang Opening Realm cultivator killed you?” The Black Wind creature’s expression finally changed.

“He...... used...... the...... Blue...... Ice..... Star...... and...... a...... shuttle......”

“No wonder. All of the techniques you use are based purely on Origin Energy, and the Blue Ice Star is your kryptonite. In addition, the flying shuttle would have been fast enough to keep up with you. But from the way you died, it seems like that human roasted you alive with flame-type Origin Skills, and your injuries from the Blue Ice Star weren’t actually that serious. You really are a weak and dumb woman; you didn’t even have the courage to fight him to the death, so the opponent was able to preserve some of his Blue Ice Star.” The Black Wind Lord was able to quickly piece together a complete picture of what had happened.

“Avenge me......”

“I will. I will bring you with me so that you can see personally how I kill him,” the Black Wind Lord replied. “But before then, I need you to go into my Continuity Prison and become a part of my strength.”

“NO!!!” the spider’s spectre howled in despair.

“You are going to disappear eventually anyways. Why would I waste your soul? Being with me for an eternity should be my woman’s highest desire,” the Black Wind Lord said as it raised its four arms. A black hole formed between its four palms, generating an extremely powerful gravitational pull. The spider’s spectre was immediately sucked in.

An anguished wail could be heard coming from the Black Wind Lord’s back. This wail didn’t actually have any physical substance, but it resounded continuously within the walls of his heart.

The Black Wind Lord replied, “Don’t be in such a hurry. I’ll have him join you shortly.”

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