Chapter 158: Blue Ice Star

Chapter 158: Blue Ice Star

The blue smoke casually drifted towards the silver wave. Initially, it seemed as if it had no effect.

The instant the spider walked into the smoke, however, its expression immediately changed as it hissed sharply in pain. Its eight legs skittered to a stop as it tried to retreat. At the same time, the silver threads it had shot out seemed to crack slightly as they began to tear apart like silk threads.

It could be easily seen now that the blue smoke corroded its surroundings wherever it went; all the silver light it touched immediately turned faint, as if it were beginning to dissolve, like snow melting away.

This poison was actually able to even corrode energy itself.

If it could corrode energy, then that meant that barriers made from Origin Energy would be completely ineffective. This was part of the reason why this poison was so frightening; if you came into contact with it, there was no way to deal with it other than to forcefully endure it. Thankfully, even though the smoke’s corrosive ability was strong, its ability to kill was relatively weak, and the poison itself wasn’t particularly lethal. However, to the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider, who relied on Origin Energy to attack, it was an extremely frightening poison — one that Su Chen had specifically chosen to counter the spider’s particular attributes.

To its credit, the spider was quite decisive; it quickly chose to sever the silver strands from its body. Even though this would greatly increase its energy expenditure, that was much better than allowing the poison to enter its body.

Su Chen’s figure slowly appeared. He held a blue jade pipe in his hands, from which the blue smoke had previously come out from. The flute was originally a deep jade color, but the blue smoke had stained the entire flute blue.

Su Chen glanced at the white paper doll, which had been beaten like a stray dog, and lamented, “I ruined a Grade Five Origin Tool, the Water Jade Flute, to increase the surprise factor of this blue smoke. Unfortunately, it all came to naught, as I was forced to use it to save this idiot. What a pity, what a pity.”

The situation a moment ago had been so severe that if Su Chen had been just a bit slower in acting, the white paper doll might have died.

Helpless to do otherwise, Su Chen could only unleash the Blue Ice Star at that moment. Indeed, even though he was able to save the white paper doll, he had also revealed the Blue Ice Star in the process.

Given the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s agility, it would be impossible to use the Blue Ice Star on it again.

When it heard Su Chen’s regretful tone, the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s voice sank. “Brat, I didn’t expect you to be a Master Alchemist. Consider yourself lucky. Since you can refine something like this Blue Ice Star, then I will spare you.”

The spider retreated as it spoke, as it had no confidence in facing a frightening poison like the Blue Ice Star head-on.

“But did I say that I would spare you?” Su Chen remarked frigidly.

The Blue Ice Star’s greatest flaw was that it was relatively unstable. He had used up many precious ingredients to refine this poison, so wouldn’t it be a shame if all he had to gain from it was scaring an enemy away?

Since he had managed to refine it, he needed to use it.

A frosty expression appeared on the spider’s beautiful face. “You don’t really believe that a medicine concocted by a Master Alchemist is enough to let you ignore the massive gap between our cultivation bases, right?”

“You’re just a high-tier Demonic Beast. Anyways, I don’t think the gap is that big. At the very least, in my estimation the gap is much smaller than you think it is. A vial of Blue Ice Star is more than enough to compensate for the difference or even give me the edge.”

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider was so enraged by Su Chen’s words that it couldn’t hold back its laughs. “How arrogant! True, you would not have dared come into the Beast Race’s territory without courage. But if you want to die, then I will gladly oblige!”

It opened its mouth, and a streak of spider silk shot forth from its mouth.

This silk was much stronger than the streaks of light from before, and the silver luster coming off of its surface was even that much more brilliant.

“Die!” the spider hissed ferociously.

“That’s what I was about to say,” Su Chen taunted back with a slight smile.

Even as he smiled faintly, his aura suddenly began to rise rapidly as the Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared behind his back once again. At the same time, the Mountain-Beheading Blade began to expand as flames roared to life on its surface. Su Chen swung the blade immediately after reaching peak strength.

He held nothing back; this strike contained all of his strength gathered into one strike.

He had opened with a killing blow!

The blade cleaved through the air without restraint!

The blade surged forth with incredible force. It slammed into the silver thread, and the spider silk that the spider had been spitting out was immediately shattered by this blade strike. The blade’s momentum continued to advance, bearing down on the spider’s head.

“Hiss!” The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider hadn’t expected Su Chen to open with an all-out killing blow instantly.

Even as it was inwardly shocked, the amount of silk it spat out only increased.

It shot out yet another web of silver silk, but this one exuded a profound aura and formed a protective barrier in front of its head.

The rampaging energy from the lightning and flames dancing across the blade vaulted onto the silver web, causing each string to vibrate violently and screech shrilly, as if they were untuned piano strings that had piercing straight into someone’s heart.

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider howled with rage, “Human! Your arrogance knows no bounds!”

“This is only the beginning.”

Following Su Chen’s calm, callous response, the Mountain-Beheading Blade slashed through the air again.

The image of a white-clothed maiden appeared behind the spider’s back. As soon as it formed, the white-robed woman began bleeding from all the orifices of her face as she swung her head. A large amount of hair whipped forwards, latching onto Su Chen’s Mountain-Beheading Blade and preventing it from moving any further.

“Taste the might of my Chains of Grief!” the spider hissed.

“Taste the might of my Blue Ice Star,” Su Chen replied coldly.

Another wave of blue fog surged forth. There was a certain bewitching beauty to it, as if one was being enveloped by their lover.

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider acted as if it had seen something incredibly frightening and scrambled to retreat.

However, its Chains of Grief were firmly tying her to the Mountain-Beheading Blade, making it impossible for her to retreat — Su Chen had never planned on fighting it head-on, and his all-out attacks were only meant to tie his opponent up and restrict it.

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider howled with fear. Normally, as long as it was able to restrict its opponent, it could then absorb its opponent’s Origin Energy, then finally use it to attack the opponent’s body and mind.

Su Chen’s mind was incredibly powerful, so he wasn’t afraid of the opponent’s consciousness techniques. Even so, there was nothing he could do to resist the shocking draining abilities of the Chains of Grief.

However, the Blue Ice Star completely changed the situation.

The Blue Ice Star was the Chains of Grief’s kryptonite. Not only could it eat through all of the spider’s defensive abilities, but it could also nullify its most powerful ability. The Chains of Grief would only accelerate the spider’s downfall.

As the Blue Ice Star leisurely crept forwards, the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider howled in anguish again. Its chains all shattered as it used its eight legs to propel itself backwards. At the same time, a shield made of dark clouds enveloped it.

Unfortunately, the only thing this Origin Energy shield could do against the Blue Ice Star was to stall for time.

“So you made a decision without hesitating? Unfortunately, your biggest problem is that you were still too slow.” Su Chen casually pulled out the Raging Inferno Shuttle.

His days of being chased by this Demonic Beast had finally come to an end. Now, it was Su Chen’s turn to chase after his opponent.

Unlike the spider, Su Chen didn’t have the ability to track the scent of his target, but his speed was much faster than that of the spider. Since he started chasing, there was no way the spider could ever escape.

Not even if Su Chen was using the Raging Sun Shuttle.

The flaming red shuttle quickly appeared above the spider’s head. Ebullient flames gathered on the surface of the shuttle before they turned into a flaming phoenix and charged forwards. The phoenix slammed into the spider’s back, causing small flames to fly everywhere.

Even with the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s strong body, it felt a nearly unbearable pain when it was struck by the Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art. It shrieked, wanting to fight back, but when faced with the Blue Ice Star’s frightening power and the Raging Sun Shuttle’s iron-clad defenses, it could only continue trying to flee as it swallowed its rage.

“I’ve always wanted to try barbecued spider meat,” Su Chen said with a dark smile. “It seems like I’ll finally be able to fulfill that craving today.”

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