Chapter 156: Plundering Relentlessly

Chapter 156: Plundering Relentlessly

Su Chen’s words badly scared the white paper doll. The ball of air began to emanate waves of energy, not to attack Su Chen but rather as an instinctive reaction when it felt a strong sense of fear.

It seemed like this lifeform had a powerful desire to live.

It loudly yelled, “Don’t kill me! You’re a human, so you need a guide! I can provide you with all kinds of information!”

“Now you’re talking.” Su Chen raised his eyebrows. “So what do you know?”

The white paper doll continued to yell, “I’ve lived here for eight hundred years. I’m very familiar with everything that goes on here. I can tell you anything that you could ever want to know.”

The light glowing from Su Chen’s blade faded a bit. “Just as you stated, I’m a human, and I’m trying to find all kinds of different rare resources...... regardless of whether or not I’m able to use them.”

The white paper doll replied, “Then you’ve come to the right person. I know of all the valuable things here and have tricks on how to get them.”

Su Chen sheathed his blade. “You aren’t able to safely harvest them, right?”

“Yes, Master. None of the abundant resources here are easily obtained even though the Beast Wave is in full force and the place is relatively deserted. The resources will always be appropriately defended. The only real effect of the beast wave is that you won’t have to worry about any outside interference.”

“That’s not unexpected,” Su Chen said indifferently.

He had never expected the resources to just be lying there for him to harvest. No treasures were ever that easy to obtain because tons of beasts would already be fighting over them wherever they existed.

If those treasures could last until now, then they must either be useless or heavily guarded.

This was the case for both the Tree Demon Heart and the Stone Heart.

To Su Chen, as long as there was no beast that was the size of a mountain that could threaten his life, then taking care of a few guards around his resources wasn’t a problem.

“So are you willing to let me live and serve you?” the white paper doll said with a charming smile. Even though this strange creature was half-illusory, it actually wasn’t too different from a human when it came to its desire to live.

“Yes, I am. But there’s still one problem — how will I know that you will be loyal to me?”

The white paper doll said with some difficulty, “I’m not qualified to be your opponent……”

Su Chen interrupted him, “That’s not a guarantee of loyalty. You could absolutely try to escape when I am facing a powerful opponent, or even try and backstab me. Hand over your will, now. If you try and use your words to slip out of this situation again, then I can only assume that you have no intentions of being loyal to me.”

The white paper doll helplessly retracted its arms back into its own cloud-like body and forcefully pulled out a chunk of itself, handing it over to Su Chen. “This is the source of my life force. With it, you will be able to control me, and I will have no way of resisting you.”

Su Chen glanced at the cloud of fog in his hands and then at the white paper doll before shaking his head and saying, “This still isn’t enough. I guess I’d better take it for myself.”

As he spoke, he gestured and ripped off another large chunk of cloudy fog from the white paper doll’s body.

The white paper doll howled in pain from its soul being torn apart, and it almost passed out.

It trembled as it bitterly cried out, “Master……”

“See, this time you sound a bit more sincere.” Su Chen condensed the clouds in his hands together and put it away. “Now, take me to where we should be going. Remember, take the most logical path. I’m not interested in wasting time.”

“Of course,” the white paper doll replied as it gritted its teeth, enduring the pain.

“Right, what is your name?”

“Master, I am called Death Shadow of a Youth,” the white paper doll replied.

“Death Shadow of a Youth? I’ll remember that. Let’s go,” Su Chen said lazily.

With the white paper doll leading the way, Su Chen’s traveling efficiency grew much higher. Since he could use the Silver Moon Shuttle to fly through the air at breakneck speeds, in just a single day he had visited six different locations, fought six times, and seized six different precious resources. Of those six resources, Su Chen had never even heard of three of them, clearly demonstrating their rarity.

Any one of these resources would cause a huge stir if they were to appear within the human realm, but now Su Chen was collecting them like plucking flowers as he strolled along.

As long as he could defeat the creatures guarding the resources, Su Chen didn’t let a single one get away.

Even if he ran into ones that he couldn’t defeat, it didn’t matter. As long as the gap in strength wasn’t too great, Su Chen would pretend to retreat and distract the target before having the white paper doll plunder the resources for him.

There were some creatures that didn’t fall for their ruse, but that didn’t matter either, as Su Chen could simply give up on that resource.

Given how many strange and unique resources there were here in the Beast Race’s territory, he could just go somewhere else to look for other ones if a particular place didn’t work out. There was no need to waste too much time in one place. Right now was prime raiding time, and spending too much time attacking was dumb, as picking all the low-hanging fruit was already more than he could carry.

Because he looted with this attitude, Su Chen’s journey was totally effortless, and he basically didn’t run into any problems at all. This was because he ignored targeting any opponent that was more powerful than a four Lotus Platform Light Shaking Realm cultivator, using the Silver Moon Shuttle’s speed to escape.

As they journeyed together, the white paper doll gradually began to have a better understanding Su Chen’s strength and didn’t even bother bringing Su Chen to certain places, only picking opponents that Su Chen could deal with.

Su Chen floated through the Beast Race’s territory like this for seven days in total, relying on the Silver Moon Shuttle’s speed to harvest all of the resources across the Beast Race’s territory, regardless of big or small.

However, even the most carefree life would run into a wall sooner or later.

On his eighth day in the Beast Race’s territory, Su Chen finally ran into that wall.

It was a spider demoness, the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider.

The upper half of its body was a beautiful maiden, while its lower half was that of a massive spider.

The spider wasn’t actually guarding any resources; it had just so happened to fall asleep near a stalk of Heavenly Sea Grass. When Su Chen had finished off the beast guarding the grass, the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider had woken up as well, its eyes glowing when it saw Su Chen.

Young Beauty Bloodshed Spiders liked humans a lot because they used them as mates.

As such, they hunted humans not to kill them but rather for breeding purposes.

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider was a high-tier Demonic Beast, meaning that its strength was at a level higher than that of a four Lotus Platform Light Shaking Realm cultivator. Even Su Chen didn’t dare openly fight against it, so all he could do was run as it relentlessly chased after him.

The Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider wasn’t very fast, but it could chase its target extremely well. Any target that it had set its eyes on would have a hard time escaping unless they were at least a few thousand kilometers away from the spider.

Su Chen still wanted to harvest a few more of the resources here, so running a few thousand kilometers away was not an option. As such, he could only allow the spider to chase him all over the place.

In the end, Su Chen was no longer able to peacefully collect his resources. Most of the time, he would be fighting with his target when the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider would appear suddenly and start chasing after him, its eight legs scuttling across the ground as it laughed and called out, “Big brother, come play with me.”[1. NOT sweet home Alabama — this is more akin to how calling someone “daddy” can have a seductive connotation.] Its voice caused Su Chen’s hair to stand on end. He could only pull out the Silver Moon Shuttle at that point and try to run.

And just like that, his harvesting efficiency had greatly decreased.

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