Chapter 155: White Paper

Chapter 155: White Paper

The sudden appearance and disappearance of the mysterious hand gave Su Chen quite a shock.

An instant later, however, he angrily slammed the Mountain-Beheading Blade into the ground. “Open for me!”


A blast of wild energy penetrated into the ground and exploded, causing the ground to crack as chunks of earth flew everywhere. The flat ground had immediately turned into a devastated crater.

No matter what kind of existence you are, if you dare steal something from me, then you must die!

As the energy dispersed through the ground, a white streak shot out like a beam of light. It was exceptionally fast.

“Trying to run? Stay here for me instead!”

Su Chen slashed his blade through the air.

Thunder boomed and lightning crackled.

Lightning was the fastest existence on the entire Primordial Continent.

The wild lightning slammed into the white streak, causing sparks to fly off of its body. Its movements had finally been restricted as a result.

Su Chen closed in on it, killing intent written all over his face. “Die!”

The Mountain-Beheading Blade descended, and a violent wave of Origin Energy surged forward, concentrated to a chilling degree.

The white streak of light hurriedly stopped, giving Su Chen a chance to finally clearly identify this life-form as a bandaged humanoid figure. It looked like a mummy, but there were some key differences. The bandages on its body were made of paper, and there was only a void where a face should have been.

A white paper doll!

The Mountain-Beheading Blade was just about to slam into the white paper doll when the doll suddenly made a gesture, causing numerous rolls of white paper to flutter through the air like a long white ribbon. They wrapped around the Mountain-Beheading Blade, preventing it from continuing to fall down.

“Interesting,” Su Chen muttered to himself. “Rise!”

The Shadow Flames continued to grow more powerful

His flames had become much more powerful ever since he had absorbed the Demonic Lord’s fire Origin Substance. The white paper was burned to ashes immediately.

An instant later, however, a powerful wave of Origin Energy burst forth in response, forcing back the flames. The strange energy even burrowed its way into Su Chen’s body.

“Tsk!” Su Chen clicked his tongue with some annoyance.

The flames surged again as the Primordial Blood Incarnation transformed into its Shadow Flame version. The flames blazed brilliantly on its body and across the surface of the blade, exuding an aura that threatened to extinguish the whole earth. When faced with such a powerful aura, the white paper doll seemed to disintegrate under the pressure, and the sticky flames quickly ran across the white paper strips onto the white paper doll’s body.

The white paper doll shrieked loudly as a black energy began to seep out from its body, expanding into a vortex. Once again, Su Chen’s attack was stopped in its tracks.

Damn, yet another difficult opponent! Su Chen cursed in his mind. Blade Qi surged forth once again as streaks of flaming light rained down. The flames threatened to burn the world to the ground, as the wild lightning arced towards his opponent.

He was planning on using his blade to physically slash through this opponent.

The white paper doll seemed to be aware of what he was planning. It cried out piercingly as the white paper strips on its body unraveled and flew out, revealing a translucent ball of air underneath. The ball of air morphed and twisted until it took on the appearance of a human face. In the middle of this ball of air was Su Chen’s Stone Heart from before. The white strips of paper flying through the air glowed with a dark light, turning the nearby area into a kill zone. Within that area, any existence would be quickly destroyed.

Su Chen was the only exception!

He towered in midair.

Yang Opening Realm cultivators had no way of flying without cultivating some special flight Origin Skills, but Su Chen had managed to do it.

He was standing still in midair at the moment, his body glowing with faint streaks of light.

What kind of Origin Skill was that?

Thankfully, no one else was here; otherwise, they would be extremely shocked.

Su Chen, who had been steadfastly studying and improving himself, had an extremely solid foundation. As such, he could reach new breakthroughs at seemingly any point in time.

What he was doing right now was a technique he had picked up while cultivating the Immaculate Cultivation Technique and condensing his Origin Energy.

It wasn’t particularly profound, but it was more than sufficient enough to deal with the scene unfolding in front of him.

When faced with the white strips of paper flying everywhere, Su Chen merely chuckled as streaks of light extended out from his body like tentacles before they self-ignited, covered in raging flames.

The red and black light collided with each other.

Another contest of pure power took place.

Su Chen remained fearless.

It was still the same strategy and principle as his last battle. In the Beast Race’s territory, no one would be able to defeat Su Chen in an endurance contest unless their strength was way higher than his.

The white paper doll in front of him was the same.

Radiant light danced around Su Chen, and there wasn’t even much of an endurance contest to speak of. Soon enough, Su Chen took complete control of the battle.

He said in a low voice, “Sumeru Void!”

The countless lines of light simultaneously glowed brightly, and the surroundings seemed to freeze. The white paper doll’s strips of black light seemed to seize up as they lost their ability to move. At the same time, Su Chen’s Mountain-Beheading Blade slashed through the air again. This simple attack shone with boundless starlight, threatening to shatter anything in its path.

The ball of air within the white paper doll tried to contract and float backwards.

It finally felt fear and wanted to escape.

“Trying to run? You should stay here instead.” The Mountain-Beheading Blade blazed intensely as it continued to descend.

The ball of air shrieked again as it pulled back the white strips of paper. The strips of paper formed into a white shield, blocking the blade strike. However, the raging flames surging across the body of the blade still managed to burn some of the white paper into ashes.

Some of the white paper was destroyed, causing the white paper doll’s strength to decrease. At the start, it had been able to compete evenly against Su Chen, but as the battle had gone on, the paper on its body had steadily been worn away, causing its strength to decrease.

At this moment, Su Chen’s flames and lightning bore down on the white paper doll, who had lost a third of its body and all of its four limbs. Thankfully for it, its limbs were only an outward manifestation and didn’t actually have much practical purpose; even so, the white paper doll was being burnt to a crisp by Su Chen’s attacks.


Su Chen barked savagely as his blade descended.

The white paper doll shrieked piercingly, “Don’t hit me anymore! I give up!”

“Hm? You can talk?” Su Chen’s blade froze on top of the white paper doll’s head and stopped descending.

The white paper strips fell to the ground, revealing the cloud of air inside. It assumed the shape of a human face and opened its mouth to speak. “I’m willing to surrender to you. Please, spare my life, and I will swear loyalty to you.”

As it spoke, it spat out the Stone Heart, and a platter of black energy caught the heart and sent it over to Su Chen.

However, Su Chen didn’t seem too interested in it. He continued to stare intensely at the white paper doll. “Surrender? Interesting. This is my first time seeing something like you. What are you, exactly?”

The white paper doll said, “What am I? That’s a really profound question. Unfortunately, I cannot answer you, master. Ever since I gained consciousness, I have been like this. To me, this is the true substance of my life. In this world, there are all kinds of lifeforms with many different outward appearances. There should be many like me that seem incomprehensible.”

“I never promised to accept you,” Su Chen said indifferently. “I don’t think the loyalty of a lifeform I cannot understand has much value. If I leave you by my side, you might betray me in the future; I should probably just kill you right now and save myself some pain.”

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