Chapter 151: Danba’s Scheme

Chapter 151: Danba’s Scheme

Shi Mingfeng’s cries of happiness gave everyone quite the shock.

At that moment, Shi Mingfeng didn’t even try to keep things hidden. He pulled out the Origin Disk and found that a small red dot was flashing on the disk’s side, and it was currently traveling in a certain direction.

“It’s Su Chen!” Night Demon also realized what the dot signified and cried out, “My luck really is pretty good.”

An instant later, however, the red dot suddenly jumped to the other side of the disk before disappearing.

“How come it disappeared?” Everyone was stunned.

“He left the effective radius of the disk again,” Shi Mingfeng replied.

Su Chen had obviously just been in the transmission radius a few moments ago, but before Shi Mingfeng could even try to contact him, he had left the transmission radius. Most likely, he had merely brushed past the outskirts of the transmission radius.

“Do you know where he went?” Astin asked anxiously.

“That way,” Shi Mingfeng said as he pointed towards the west. That was precisely the direction that the red dot had disappeared in.

“The west? We ran from the central area to the south area, and now we’re heading west. What does that mean?” No one understood Su Chen’s movements.

“Don’t worry about these things for now. Let’s chase after them first and we can discuss things later when we catch up!” Astin said agitatedly.



Everyone began to yell.

At this point in time, there was no point in hesitating. Everyone began to march double-time in that direction.

A few people from the Resurrection Door purposefully allowed themselves to subtly fall behind.

Astin nodded to someone beside him, who pulled out an unassuming black stone and began writing on it. As he wrote, the words flashed quickly before disappearing, and the writer nonchalantly tossed it into a bush off to the side as soon as he was done and left it there.

An hour later, a group of Ferocious Race elites arrived on the scene, all mounted on Azure Wolves. These Azure Wolves weren’t as large as the Single-Horned Rhinoceroses, but they were much faster and much more vicious.

One of the soldiers, who was holding a shining disk, leapt off of the Azure Wolf before it had even come to a full stop and landed next to the black stone. He picked it up and placed it on his forehead, causing a streak of light to pour out from the stone into his forehead. The Azure Wolf-riding soldier’s consciousness trembled for a moment before he said, “We’ve discovered traces of Su Chen’s movements. He’s headed west.”

Upon hearing those words, the leader of the wolf-mounted squad shot a signal arrow high into the sky.

A distance away, a group of Ferocious Race soldiers was gathered, waiting for a signal.

When the Ferocious Race army’s commander saw the arrow fly into the sky, he raised his arm and motioned forwards. The army began to advance imposingly in the direction that the signal arrow had flown in.

At this moment, Shi Mingfeng and the others were totally unaware of what had just occurred.

They were merely chasing after Su Chen excitedly.

However, after chasing after him for three days straight, their excitement had disappeared altogether.

“Something’s seriously wrong here! We’ve been chasing him for three days, so why haven’t we caught up with him yet? Could he have made another turn?” someone asked.

“We just got word that the central region is currently under attack by the Beast Wave. Large numbers of Demonic Beasts crossed over the border and have already taken down ten or so cities,” Astin said.

“What?” Everyone present was stunned.

How had such an unexpected situation suddenly have developed in the central region of the Ferocious Race’s territory?

He Xu realized something and blurted out, “Could it have something to do with Su Chen?”

“That’s very possible.” Shi Mingfeng understood Su Chen far too well; with the tactics he was capable of employing, it was indeed possible for him to orchestrate something even as monumental as this.

“If that’s the case, then we definitely can’t head to the north.”

“Then what about the south?”

“We can’t go to the south either.” Astin shook his head. He didn’t explain further, but he knew that Danba’s men were currently waiting there. If the Heavenly Might Army did go south, they would run right into the Ferocious Race army’s hands.

“The north route is blocked and the south route can’t be taken, so we can only continue moving west. Damn, they’re an eight thousand man army; how are they traveling so fast?” Everyone believed that Su Chen was still with the Heavenly Might Battalion, which meant that Su Chen’s movements were the Heavenly Might Battalion’s movements. The speed of a large group just couldn’t compare to that of an individual’s, so when they considered Su Chen’s speed as the battalion’s, it seemed as if the Heavenly Might Battalion had an ungodly amount of speed.

Shi Mingfeng couldn’t answer that question, but based on the current situation it did seem like Su Chen was still heading west.

“If we go any further west, then we’ll reach the Beast Wave’s territory. What are they thinking, going so far west?” Astin asked apprehensively.

Shi Mingfeng’s eyes lit up. “The Beast Wave has just left their nest, so if they choose this moment to invade the Beast Wave’s territory......”

Everyone’s minds suddenly trembled as they thought of something.

Astin also realized what was going on. He said in shock, “Countering by making a move on the Beast Wave’s home, plundering all kinds of rare resources, and perhaps enraging the Beast Wave even further so that they destroy the Ferocious Race? And after all this, they might still even slaughter their way through and return to the human territory...... Holy crap, this Su Chen is really something!”

Even though Astin had never met Su Chen before, in that instant, all the credit of these elaborate and ambitious schemes had landed squarely on Su Chen’s head, even though there was nothing wrong in attributing these things to him.

The Beast Wave’s territory!

At this moment, everyone’s heart was stirred up.

Now was the best time to raid the Beast Wave’s territory since it was nearly empty. If the Heavenly Might Battalion could go in, why couldn’t they?

Braving dangers to find treasures ⁠— everyone present was invigorated by the prospect. Even Astin was moved and couldn’t help but wonder whether or not he should let Danba know. However, this idea disappeared as soon as it had come; he was very clear on how frightening Danba was. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep news of this concealed from Danba.

Soon after realizing Su Chen’s plans, everyone made up their minds to chase after him and enter the Beast Wave’s territory. Since the Heavenly Might Battalion dared to do so, then there was no reason for them not to do the same. Any disasters they were risking were similarly borne by the Heavenly Might Battalion, after all.

The plan was set in motion, and the group began to move out.

An hour later, Danba received the news.

“They’re going to the Beast Wave’s territory?” Danba was also caught off-guard by this.

He had always believed that, after their plan had failed at the Death Region, that the humans would choose to return through the Limestone Mountain Range. Instead, they had seemingly chosen to pass through the Beast Wave’s territory. However, given that a Beast Wave was currently underway and as a result, the Beast Wave’s territory was going to be sparsely populated, there was indeed some possibility of them returning even if that probability was somewhat small ⁠— only the Beast Wave’s border would be sparsely populated.

“Young Chieftain, what should we do?” Kubrick asked.

Danba tapped his finger rhythmically as he continued to contemplate in silence.

Bayan impatiently replied, “Do you even need to ask? We should chase after them! If the Heavenly Might Battalion can go, then so can we. We might even be able to wipe out a few beasts while we’re there.”

It was obvious that Bayan was also enticed by the prospect of seizing so many riches.

Even though he was kind of an idiot, at this moment the idiot’s suggestion was supported by all the generals inside the tent.

“Yes, we should continue the chase! Let’s stop the Heavenly Might Army in their tracks and make it impossible for them to advance or retreat.”

“Yes, let’s charge our way into the Beast Wave’s territory and demonstrate the might of the Ferocious Race army!”

A cacophony of cheers burst forth from the tent.

At that moment, Danba suddenly asked, “How’s the situation with the Beast Wave right now?”

Why was Danba suddenly asking about the Beast Wave at this moment?

Everyone was confused, but Kubrick still replied, “When we got news of the Beast Wave, it had just taken Muliu Castle. Right now, the wave should be attacking the Iron City. It probably won’t be long before they reach Hongula.”

Hongula was the endpoint of the Beast Wave’s invasion. After reaching that place, the Beast Wave would usually recede as the beasts returned to their own territory.

However, if the Heavenly Might Army were to attack the Beast Wave’s nest, then the Beast Wave might grow even larger. At that point in time, the Bloody Tribe wouldn’t be the only one to suffer losses.

The problem was that even if this was the case, the Gravel Lizard Tribe wouldn’t be affected.

The damage in the southern region had arisen due to the humans, while the damage in the central region had come from the Beast Wave. Because the Ferocious Race wasn’t used to being at peace, they would only ally with each other when facing a dire situation that threatened all of them. As such, the disasters befalling the central region right now didn’t move them through feelings of pity or sadness.

Despite the culture of the Ferocious Race, Danba still fell deep into thought.

It was as if there was a difficult problem troubling him.

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